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Motorist terrorizes two young women on highway by pretending to be a police officer (video)

By Mason White 11:12 AM December 31, 2014
The scene of the incident 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Two women were driven into a panic by a fellow motorist who pretended to be a police officer.

Cell phone video captured a frightening road rage encounter in California, between two women and a female driver, who identified herself as a sheriff’s deputy.

Two women were traveling along Interstate 80 in Auburn on Saturday, when the driver of a van began to drift between lanes and driving recklessly at high speed.

Delanie Strykul recorded the woman with a cell phone camera. The video showed 50-year-old Deirdre Orozco, driving erratically before she stopped and ran over to the car of the two women and ordered them to open their window.

Orozco showed the women an identification card and claimed to be a police officer. She was standing at the passenger side window and was screaming as the terrified women called the police, the video showed.

The ID card said “Visiting Angels,” which is a home for senior citizens, and did not indicate that she was an officer. The women drove off.

Orozco then tried to run the women off the road before they met with an officer.

When an officer of the California Highway Patrol came to their aid, Orozco got out of her car and attempted to get to the women, but the officer ordered her to get back inside her vehicle.

Orozco was arrested on charges of reckless driving, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. She was being held on $50,000 bail.