3 football fans charged for saying the word ‘Yid’

Football game 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Three people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after shouting the word “Yid” in public, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

The Yid chanting incidents occurred during Tottenham games.

The men were accused of using threatening, abusive or insulting words, the Scotland Yard said in a statement on Tuesday.

Gary Whybrow, 31, and Sam Parsons, 24, allegedly chanted the word Yid during the match.

Peter Ditchman, 52, was charged after saying the word Yid at a different match. Ditchman was also charged with possession of cocaine.

Yid is a term for a Jew, and it is often considered derogatory. Football fans link Tottenham to London’s Jewish community.

Scotland Yard warned that anyone chanting the word Yid during games will face charges.

Jewish man who was burned to death after being convicted of killing boy for blood cleared of wrongdoing

The plaque in honor of Raphael Levy 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A Jewish man was cleared of wrongdoing after being burned to death for killing a young boy for blood.

The city of Glatigny paid tribute on Sunday, to Raphael Levy, an innocent Jewish man, 344 years after his death sentence, which was carried out in 1670 in the city of Metz. He was convicted of murdering a boy in the village.

The 56-year-old cattle dealer was found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of 3-year-old Didier Lemoine.

On Sunday, officials stated that the Jewish man was executed for a crime he did not commit, during a public ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by over a hundred people, including descendants of Raphael Levy.

At that time, the city prohibited Jews from staying overnight.

A plaque was affixed in the center of the city, where Raphael Levy was executed.

Raphael Levy was accused of the murder after a woman testified that she saw him in the marketplace at the time the boy vanished.

The boy was found dead a month later. Residents accused Levy of killing the boy in order to use his blood for Jewish rituals.

Raphael Levy was sentenced to death and burned alive January 17, 1670 in Metz.

Man dressed in red jumpsuit shoots young man at Flatbush area train station

Church Avenue train station 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest and charge a man with aggravated assault after allegedly shooting a young man at a Flatbush area train station, according to police reports in new York.

Brooklyn Police said that the incident occurred on Monday afternoon, on Church Avenue.

Around 2:00 p.m., at the Q and B stops at Church Avenue, a 24-year-old man was shot, although a spokesperson for the New York Police Department said it is not known if the victim was shot inside a subway car or on the platform.

However, witnesses said they found some bullet casings outside the station.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene, gave the victim primary medical care and transported him to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.

Police described the suspect as a man wearing a red jumpsuit, who fled on foot down East 18th Street. Police officers searched the area throughout the afternoon. Trains were also diverted from the area as police conducted their investigation.

So far, no arrests have been made.

2-year-old girl chokes to death while drinking Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola drinks illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Parents of a little girl are shocked after their child choked to death while drinking a soft drink, according to hospital officials in Israel.

Magen David Adom said that Shira Levin, 2, of Safsufa, died on Monday, after choking on the drink.

Levin was drinking Coca-Cola from a cup and choked on it while drinking. Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived at the scene, gave the girl primary medical care and transported her to Ziv Hospital in Safed in critical condition. The girl later died at the hospital.

The girl left behind her grieving parents, Yuval Levin and Avigayil Levin. She also left behind her uncle, Chabad rabbi Meyer Massas.

Her funeral took place on Monday, in her home city of Safsufa.

HIV positive man secretly records himself having unprotected sex with more than 30 different men

The millionaire 
By: David Ross

A man was arrested after he had unprotected sex with as many as 30 men.

Police believe that he had sex with the men without letting them know that he was HIV positive.

The student and former wrestler at Lindenwood University, in St. Charles, Missouri, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV.

Michael Johnson , 22, was arrested after being accused of maliciously infecting his partners.

Detectives found video of 30 more men, who were having unprotected sex with Johnson, on his computer.

Police believe that Johnson met the men through Social media and that the sexual encounters took place in his dorm room.

The St. Charles Police Department also believes that his sexual partners did not know he has the virus or that their actions were being recorded.

Police are now appealing to anyone who had sex with Johnson, to contact St. Charles Detective Bureau at 636-949-3330.

Parents who were angry that their girls receive tattoos try to remove them with heated razor

Daniel Janney, Melissa Delp, and Alexander Edwards 
By: John Roberts

Many parents don’t want their children to get tattoos.

One mother, Melissa Delp, 32, of Rustburg, Virginia, was angry when her two 13-year-olds got tattoos.

She and her boyfriend Daniel Janney, 35, who is not the children’s father, attempted to remove the tattoos with a hot blade.

20-year-old Alexander Edwards was later arrested after he tattooed two girls without parental consent.

According to the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, the two 13-year-olds were left in the care of Edwards, when he had the bright idea of placing tattoos on the bodies of the girls without the permission of their parents.

Rather than having the tattoos removed by a professional, the mother and her boyfriend attempted to do so by using a hot blade.

Investigators said that their attempt to cover up the act only resulted in additional scarring.

Delp, Janney and Edwards, were jailed and charged with malicious wounding of a child and child abuse.

Edwards is facing additional charges of kidnapping.

Michael Mucklow, who owns a tattoo removal shop, has offered to have the girls’ tattoos removed safely.

Robber calls GameStop to pre-order goods he was about to steal

GameStop illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man called a store to order some electronics before robbing the store at gunpoint.

He asked the store clerk to have the items ready as he was on his way to work.

The game thief of Nashville, Tennessee, called ahead to make sure his booty would be ready and waiting for his arrival.

Police said that the suspect called the GameStop store near the Rivergate Mall, and ordered an Xbox One and some video games.

He accomplished this by telling the clerk that he was buying the items as a gift.

However, he said that he does not have much time as he was on his way to work, and needed the order ready for pick up on arrival.

Once he walked into the store, the thief pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the clerk before grabbing the bag of items, which he pre-ordered.

He also grabbed $600 from the cash register.

The suspect then forced the clerk to the ground before running out of the store.

Police described the suspect as a black male, 20 to 30-years-old, approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing about 225 pounds.

He was wearing all blue clothing, including a blue mask, white gloves and brown boots. He appeared to be unshaven.

Man seen on video stealing skateboard and escaping security by riding it out the door

By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man got away with his stolen loot despite being chased by a security guard.

Police are looking for a robber, who made his getaway on a stolen skateboard while holding a flat-screen TV.

The incident took place at a Target store in Clearwater, Florida.

The suspect entered the store a short time before closing at 11:00 p.m.

He grabbed a skateboard, and then he took a 32-inch television.

The thief placed the television under his arm and skated towards the exit of the store.

His first attempt to flee was thwarted by locked doors.

While heading to another exit, the man allegedly took out a knife when confronted by store personnel.

The thief eventually managed to get away from the store security guard by skateboarding out the door. The guard chased him on foot.

Police are looking for the thief. He is described as a white male in his 20s, about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds.

They also noted that his getaway vehicle was brown and had some orange on the wheels.

New app allows couple to see sex with each other’s eyes through Google Glass

Couple in bed 
By: Eva Fett

If you ever wondered how your partner sees sex, you can now experience it with a new application.

The Sex With Glass was recently revealed at a trade show in London, England. The Sex With Glass app allows Google Glass holders to see sex with the partner’s eyes.

Everything was designed to make sex a little better, the developers said.

"We asked ourselves 'How can we make sex more impressive with Google Glass?’ This is our answer,” they said.

The application can also provide a little help along the way as lovers can ask the Sex With Glass app for some suggestions on how to please their partner. All that needs to be done is say “glass give me ideas.”

When you're done you just say “glass pull out.”

The app will also record the session for five hours.

“You can now see sex in a completely different angle,” the developers added.

Mistress calls 911 to hotel so she can have sex with married police officer

Police car illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman was carrying on an affair with a married police officer.

She called 911, so he can respond to the hotel where they can have sex.

Officer Shaun Whiting of Ocoee, Florida, resigned after his supervisors discovered that he was having an extramarital affair during his service.

Whiting began having an affair with the married woman some time ago.

They began exchanging emails and talking on the phone, which then turned into a sexual relationship.

The woman called 911, and then hung up the phone.

The 911 dispatcher then sent Whiting to check out if someone was in distress at the hotel.

When the officer reached the hotel, the two had sex in the room.

According to a police report, the woman accompanied Whiting in the police car, which was approved by his superiors, who were not aware at the time what was going on between the two.

During the ride, the two went to a police station, where she performed a sex act on Whiting.

The incident came to light when the woman's husband found out about the affair and told his superiors about the situation. An investigation was launched.

Whiting resigned as soon as he was questioned about the incident.

The Police Department is planning to revoke his police certification.

If Whiting loses his law enforcement certification, he will never be able to work as a police officer in Florida again.

Millionaire offering $165,000 to rent girlfriend for a week to impress his mother

The millionaire 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A wealthy man who is unlucky in love, decided to pay for the perfect girl so he could go home to his family for one week.

The Chinese man is looking to rent a girlfriend for 1 million yuan ($165,200).

The man wants to take the girl home to his family in central China's Henan Province, for the Chinese New Year.

He posted his offer on Social media and it quickly went viral. The message was accompanied with a photo of the man behind piles of cash.

He offered to pay 20,000 yuan ($3,304) in advance.

After selecting his dream girl, he will take her home in a private jet.

He may be desperate, but that does not mean he will hire anyone.

The girl must be pretty, younger than 25-years-old, not more than 110 pounds and 5.5 feet or taller.

She must also be educated and she must have a degree.

He is offering 10 percent more to a woman who has a PHD, or if she is a virgin.

The post attracted national attention, with some users stating that it is a wonderful opportunity to earn a million yuan to work seven days. It would be the same salary as famous actors or singers receive.

Son breaks dishes after mother orders him to wash it in exchange for his phone charger

By: Shifra Unger

A man broke his mother’s dishes over a phone charger, according to Tennessee police.

Police were called to a residence in Murfreesboro, on Sunday, after a 23-year- old became indignant when his mother refused to return his cell phone charger until he finished washing the dishes.

The man vented his anger by breaking some of those dishes that he was ordered to wash.

After throwing around and damaging several items in the kitchen, his mother, who has had enough of him, called police.

The man told police that he and his 41-year-old mother, got into an argument about a phone charger and the dishes in the sink.

The mother confirmed that she would not give it to him until the dishes were done.

When asked about the damage to the kitchen, the man admitted to throwing a glass in the sink, breaking it, and slamming the door of the dishwasher, which caused minor damage, Officer Stuart Ogg said.

Police removed the man from the scene.
He could face charges of domestic violence.

Huge tiger seen falling in love with man by licking his face

Tiger illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A huge tiger befriended a man, and there are pictures to prove it.

The man said that he has formed an amazing friendship with the Bengal tiger.

The series of images that have been released last week showed Abdullah Sholeh extremely close with the 400 pound tiger in Malang, Indonesia.

One of the amazing images showed the female tiger named Mulan Jamila, licking the face of the 33-year-old man at the Islamic school, where the two are staying.

Sholeh grew up near the animal after becoming its full-time caregiver when it was donated to the religious institution when it was three-months-old.

Mulan is now six-years-old, three feet high and three feet long.

Sholeh still sleeps with his friend tiger, despite the metal bars that have been put in place to separate the pair.

2 drunk men claim their dog drove their van into a ditch

Dog driving illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

Two men were arrested and charged with public intoxication after they were found stuck in a ditch, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

At first, the two blamed their dog for the incident.

Tahlequah Police said that they arrested two men at a local vet clinic around 8:45 p.m., after receiving a report of a vehicle stuck in a ditch.

William McDonald, 65, and 42-year-old Steven Schofield, told police that they had stopped their Chrysler Town & Country minivan because they were tired.

McDonald was in the driver's seat and Schofield was a passenger in the van. The officer asked them how they got the minivan stuck in the ditch, and they said that the dog had been driving.

Both men were arrested at the scene, and the dog was taken to the Tahlequah Animal Shelter.

Schofield and McDonald face charges of public intoxication. They will be able to get their dog back.

Teen suffering from hiccups for two months straight

Sucking lemon illustration 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man is seeking out medical attention after suffering from hiccups from two months straight, according to doctors in the United Kingdom.

The 19-year-old who came down with a bad case of hiccups in November, said he suffered more than a million hiccups with no sign of stopping.

Chris McKernan of Tunbridge Wells, said he suffers about 25 hiccups per minute for a total of over 1.4 million hiccups since his ordeal began.

McKernan tried home remedies such as breathing into a bag, suck on a lemon and standing on his head, but nothing helped.

The world record for hiccups was established by Charles Osborne of the United States, who had hiccups from 1922 to 1990, and his hiccups amounted to an estimated 430 million.

Mother fatally stabs her children to drive out their evil spirits

Norell Harris and Zyana Harris 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested and charged with murder after she stabbed her children because she wanted to drive out their evil spirits, according to police reports in Maryland.

Montgomery County Police said that they arrested a woman who stabbed two of her children to death and injured two others while trying to drive out their demons.

Zakieya Avery, 28, was charged on Saturday with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

A second woman was also charged in the two deaths. Police believe that she is not related to the family, but lived in the same house of the victims.

The dead victims were identified as Norell Harris, 1, and Zyana Harris, 2. Their siblings, ages 5 and 8, were hospitalized.

A neighbor called police to report suspicious activity at the house after seeing a woman holding a knife.

Both women are being held without bail.

Drunk father throws his child off motel balcony because he was frustrated

Motel balcony illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A father threw his little child off from a motel balcony because he was frustrated, according to police reports in Florida.

Kissimmee Police said that they arrested a man on Tuesday, after being accused of attempted murder for allegedly throwing his 2-year-old off a motel balcony on the second floor.

The incident occurred at Budget Inn on East Vine Street just after 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Rescue workers were called on a report of a man and a child lying on the ground in the parking lot.

"I just pulled into the parking lot and I saw them lying there unconscious," a witness at the scene said.

41-year-old Juan Pablo Maradiaga threw the child off the 12-foot second-floor balcony. The man then jumped off the balcony as well.

When officers arrived, the boy was conscious and breathing, but his face was covered in blood. Maradiaga was severely bleeding from his leg. The suspect was drunk.

The child suffered numerous injuries. He was in critical but stable condition, and is expected to recover.

Maradiaga was flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

According to the initial investigation, the father called the child's mother to come and take care of him, and after she refused, the baby was thrown 25 feet forward before hitting the ground. Seconds later, Maradiaga leaned over the railing and jumped.

Court records show that he was investigated three times in 2010, for possible domestic violence.

88-year-old man shoots his sick wife inside Nevada hospital

Hospital illustration 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man was arrested and charged with attempted murder after shooting his hospitalized wife in the chest, according to police reports in Nevada.

Carson City Police said that a hospitalized woman was seriously injured after being shot by her husband.

William Dresser was arrested on Sunday, after shooting his wife in the chest at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. The woman was a patient in a room on the third floor when she was shot around 11:30 a.m.

The women’s were considered life threatening, and she was transferred to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno.

Dresser was booked into the Carson City Jail, after being accused of attempted murder. He was placed on suicide watch. His bail was set at $225,000.

Dresser recently bought the gun. He entered the room of his wife in the rehabilitation ward, where she was alone, and shot her in the chest.

Hospital security detained the man until police arrived.

The hospital was on lockdown for two hours following the shooting.

Dresser has no known prior criminal history.

2 dead after fight breaks out over broken toy train

Toy train illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Two adults are dead after a fight broke out over a toy train, according to police reports in Tennessee.

Smyrna Police said that an argument over a broken toy started a family fight that ended with two people dead on Thursday night.

Kayleigh DuPont, 28, called police from her cellphone, but she hung up before saying anything. Police sent officers to the location, and when officers arrived to the home, two dead bodies were found in an upstairs bathroom.

DuPont had been fatally shot by her future brother-in-law, who then committed suicide.

Police found a 2-year-old child, who was unharmed.

The family has been fighting for the past several weeks.

Police believe that Justin Bennett, 32, killed his future sister-in-law, because he was upset with DuPont for filing charges against his father, Timothy Bennett.

Timothy Bennett said that he and DuPont had a fight about a broken toy train.

DuPont obtained a restraining order against her future father-in-law.

The child was transferred to the custody of a family member.