3 al-Qaeda terrorist arrested after planning to blow up the International Conference Center in Jerusalem

International Conference Center in Jerusalem 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) Israel’s security agency arrested three terrorists after they were planning to blow up the International Conference Center, also known as ICC, in Jerusalem, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

The Shabak, also known as Israel's Security Agency, announced today that it has uncovered a World Jihad plot to execute several devastating terror attacks in the Jerusalem vicinity and an attack against the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Three terrorists, Iad Abu Sara (24) from Jerusalem, Rubin Abu Nijma (30) of Shechem and Ala Anam (22) of Jenin were recruited and directed by Al-Qaeda elements in Gaza, specifically by an operative with the alias Arebe A-Shaham. The three did not know about one another. They communicated via the Internet.

One of the planned attacks was against a bus in Jerusalem. The plan was to shoot the tires of the bus, and then shoot the passengers at close range, finally killing the rescue teams who came to provide medical support.

One of them agreed to help execute a suicide bombing in the highly populated Benyanei Hauma buildings in Jerusalem. The attack was to be carried out by foreign terrorists using fake Russian identities and disguised as tourists.

One of them was to depart for Syria, via Turkey, for advanced explosives training. Over the years we worked on several terror attacks, but never implemented any of them.

One of them planned to kidnap an IDF soldier and attack the A-Tur neighborhood in Jerusalem. In his interrogation he revealed how he obtained weapons and how he learned the use of explosives on the Internet.

A Shabak spokesman stated that the planning was cut short. "These patterns are identical to Al-Qaeda operations. Al-Qaeda has established an initial infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, which includes hundreds of members. It can still be stopped."

The spokesman further pointed out that the Internet has become a basis from which terror cells can be directed and terror attacks can be planned and executed.

Man forces girlfriend to strip in public to embarrass her after parents refuse his marriage proposal

The man with his girlfriend 
By: John Roberts

A man was furious when his girlfriend’s parents would not allow him to marry their daughter.

The man was identified as 32-year-old Lin, a construction worker in Sanya, China.

He took his girlfriend hostage on a rooftop after her parents refused to approve the marriage.

Hundreds of armed police officers and onlookers, watched as the man stripped down to his underwear.

He then ordered his girlfriend to remove her clothing so she would be embarrassed in front of the neighbors.

Lin held a meat cleaver at his 29-year-old girlfriend and announced that he was going to kill her.

Police officers surrounded the roof and tried to get the man to come down.

The boyfriend demanded a getaway car for him and his girlfriend. Police gave in to his demand and had a taxi waiting for the couple.

Lin allowed his girlfriend to get dressed and he put on his pants.

He then came down from the roof, still holding on to his terrified partner.

As he made his way toward the taxi, an officer grabbed him, and tackled him to the ground.

Still topless, he was handcuffed in front of hundreds of stunned spectators and he was taken into police custody.

The man now faces a lengthy prison sentence.

Women in bikinis seen washing cars in freezing weather

Bikini car wash illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

Women are lining up to get a job at a bikini car wash, while men are lining up to get their cars washed just to see the women in action.

Race car driver Fang Zhao-ze from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, opened a car wash where girls wash cars in bikinis, even when it is cold outside.

Zhao-ze said that he gets about 20 applicants a day for the job.

He chooses the women by their breast size and looks.

The women who work for him, must be at least 5 feet 4 inches tall, and their bra cup size must be at least size D.

The women work for 6 hours a day, six days a week.

Zhao-ze pays his employees more than other car wash shops do.

He pays the women $1,988 per month, while other car wash shops pay $860 a month.

Even though the pay is good, many women still say they would not stand in the cold for hours in a bikini for a few extra dollars.

Prankster seen on video walking into bank wearing ski mask before security guards jump into action

Ski mask wearing prankster wrestled to the ground 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A prankster thought it would be funny to walk into different banks in California, wearing a ski mask.

He was followed by a cameraman, who recorded the reactions of bank tellers and security guards.

The man entered each bank wearing a ski mask, and asked to open a savings account.

He was not successful in doing so. In most banks, he was stopped by security and escorted out of the building.

The prankster tried to explain that he was wearing the mask because he has an embarrassing rash on his face.

However, the security guards would not hear of it, and refused to allow him back inside the bank. Some security guards called police, but the prankster fled before police could arrive.

At one bank, a security guard grabbed the ski mask wearing man and wrestled him to the ground, obviously believing it was a bank robber.

Son moves paralyzed father into his dorm room to get an education while caring for his father

Guo Shijun with his father 
By: Sarah Weiss

A young man has warmed the hearts of many with his act of kindness towards his father.

The young Chinese man has shown incredible love for his paralyzed father by take him to his college dorm room.

Guo Shijun, 20, grew up poor and he wanted to get an education so he can make a decent living.

However, he was caring for his father who became paralyzed in a work related accident.

Most people would understand if Shijun would give up his dream of a college education.

However, Shijun was determined to reach his goals.

After he was accepted into a university, Shijun persuaded the administration to allow him to bring his father to sleep in the dorm so that he can continue to care for him.

Shijun came from a poor family and had a difficult childhood because his mother became mentally disabled when he was young after a battle with meningitis.

He had to care for his mother, and despite this responsibility, he managed to get good grades in school.

His hard work load worsened when his father was injured at work.

His father fell 15 meters from a bridge while working in the city of Liuan, in the Anhui province, in the center of China.

The accident left his father paralyzed from the waist down.

Shijun's grandparents took over the task of caring for his mother, but could not take care of his father.

He took his father to live with him in the college dorm so that he can check up on him between classes and during lunch.

What an amazing son.

Grandfather crashes into home of daughter’s neighbor because they were too noisy

Car crashed into house illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A woman was fed up with her neighbor’s constant noise and banging on the walls, so she called her father to help.

Paul Kingsman, 52, of Tansor Garth, Peterborough, England, decided to teach the neighbors a lesson and drove his Jeep into their home.

The neighbor, Charlene Vernall, who is pregnant with her fourth child, was surprised when Kingsman warned her to get out of her house.

The grandfather warned Vernall that she had three minutes to leave before plowing his vehicle into the front wall of her house.

The court heard that Vernall had earlier reported Kingsman's daughter, Sophie, to the RSPCA after she left her dog in the snow without food.

Sophie Kingsman, 23, told the court that Vernall held parties until 5:00 a.m., which kept Sophie and her child up all night.

Sophie Kingsman also said that she reported her neighbor’s behavior to the police and the housing association, but said nothing was done to solve the noise problem.

On the day in question, Sophie called her father while shopping.

Mr. Kingsman pleaded guilty to criminal damage and dangerous driving. However, he pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment.

Kingsman caused about $23,000 in damages when he maliciously crashed into the home.

The 52-year-old said he thought the family would be forced to leave the property if he caused it to be unsafe, but insisted that he did not mean to completely destroy the home.

Terrifying moment as toddler seen on video walking on window ledge of 8-story building

The toddler 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Toddlers need supervision every second of the day, or they may get seriously hurt or even die.

In a video posted to YouTube, a toddler is seen playing on the ledge of a window.

In the heart stopping video, the baby was recorded walking at the edge of the window ledge, on the eighth floor of an apartment building.

The shocking video showed the toddler teetering dangerously close to the edge of the building. At one point, his feet were hanging over the edge.

For about three minutes, the child is seen crawling in and out of the house through the open window, without an adult in sight.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending, as the child was not hurt.

An adult saw the toddler on the ledge, grabbed the child to safety inside the house.

The video has since gone viral on YouTube.

Mother of two loses both of her teenage sons to gun violence 19 days apart

Dinyal New 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman lost her only two children to gun violence.

Dinyal New, 41, of California, is mourning the loss of her two children.

The two brothers were shot dead in unrelated incidents just 19 days apart.

The mother said that she did not have the strength to positively identify her children after their deaths, instead, a relative had to do it for her.

New’s youngest son, Lee Weathersby, was only 13-years-old when he was shot dead as he walked home from the Boys and Girls Club of Oakland.

Nineteen days later, her eldest son, Lamar Broussard, 19, died when the car he and a friend were in, was sprayed with bullets.

"I'm still numb about Lee’s death,” the broken hearted mother said.

“I do not know if my heart has enough space to handle the death of Lamar. This is like a dream right now," she added.

Police are investigating the deaths of both children, and so far, they seem to be unrelated.

Boy, 8, who saved cousins, 4, and 6, from fire, dies while trying to save disabled uncle

Tyler Doohan 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A young boy is called a hero for saving the lives of his two young cousins.

Sadly, he died in the fire while trying to save his wheelchair bound uncle.

8-year-old Tyler Doohan, was spending the night with his grandfather in New York, when a fire broke out in their trailer.

John Helfer of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said that nine people were sleeping in the single-wide mobile home in the town of Penfield, when the fire started around 4:45 a.m. on Monday.

Doohan was the first one to see the flames, and he woke up his younger cousins, who are 4 and 6-years-old.

He got the two young children out of the house safely.

He then ran to help his grandfather and disabled uncle out of the house.

However, they all got trapped and were unable to escape.

The inferno claimed the life of the 8-year-old, his grandfather, Louis Beach, 57, and his uncle, Steven Smith, 57, who is an amputee.

The family’s dog also perished in the blaze.

Serial rapist, 71, tells police he rapes girls to prolong his life

Alhaji Ganiyu 
By: Eva Fett

A man who admitted to raping young girls, told police he does so in order to prolong his life, according to police reports in Nigeria.

71-year-old Alhaji Ganiyu was arrested after being accused of raping a 7-year-old girl.

Ganiyu, who is a hunter and a security guard, lured the girl to his one-room apartment with cookie. The victim's mother called police after discovering the crime.

Ganiyu admitted the crime saying that all he wanted is to live longer, adding that he regretted his actions.

"I slept with the girls to extend my stay on earth. That's all I need to extend my stay. I was not doing it for a ritual or for money as people say. Anyway, I regret my actions," Ganiyu told police.

Woman nearly drowns after boyfriend proposed to her underwater (video)

Anthony Taylor and Stephanie Walker 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman nearly died after her boyfriend proposed to her underwater, according to several scuba diving instructors in Turkey.

Anthony Taylor wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. While scuba diving with Stephanie Walker underwater, he popped the question, but it almost ended tragically, when she nearly drowned.

Luckily, the instructors were on hand to help the woman recover, and when she had recovered her composure, she accepted the proposal.

Taylor, 27, and Walker, 26, of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, were on holiday in the Turkish resort of Marmaris when he decided to propose.

Taylor decided to propose underwater because he wanted it to be an unforgettable romantic gesture.

After she accepted the proposal, the newly engaged couple returned to shore, where they were greeted by a crowd of supporters.

Two brothers stab each other over a can of Pepsi

Cans of Pepsi illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

Two brothers were left with stab wounds after stabbing each other over a can of Pepsi, according to police reports in New Jersey.

Jersey City Police arrived to an apartment on Fremont Street at 10:46 p.m., where they found one of the brothers, 50, with a laceration and lump on the left side of the head, and multiple small puncture wounds to the chest, neck and upper abdomen. He was taken to a local hospital in stable condition.

His brother, Michael Charles, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The crime scene was covered in blood, a police officer who responded to the scene said.

One of the brothers told officers that he was watching a game with his brother and his mother, when his brother went to grab the last can of Pepsi.

At that point, the 50-year-old and his brother were under the influence of alcohol.

When the 50-year-old asked his brother not to take the last can of Pepsi, his brother told him: "go f*** yourself," and then grabbed a pipe and hit him in the head.

The brother stabbed him several times in the chest with a small knife. The man told police that he grabbed the knife and fought back, stabbing his brother in the arm.

The brother of the man fled and police searched the area but did not find him.

Teen kicked out on street half naked after boyfriend caught him having sex with his girlfriend

Man jogging illustration 
By: John Roberts

A man told police that the reason he was half naked was because a thief stole his clothes. However, that was simply not the case, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Uniontown Police said that Keith Metts, 19, was only partially dressed and barefoot, after he was kicked out from a house at 2:46 a.m. on Sunday.

A man chased Metts into the street because Metts was found with the man's girlfriend.

Metts ran to a nearby house, where he knocked on the door and shouted for help.

That resident told police that when she opened the front door, Metts said he was jumped by four unknown men, who stole his clothes.

The resident gave Metts a blanket and a jacket to keep warm.

Metts initially told officers that he was walking when four unknown men in dark clothing threw him to the ground, assaulted him and took his hat, shoes, shirt, pants, watch and necklace.

An ambulance was called when Metts began to vomit.

Later, a woman told officers that Metts had been in her house, and another man had driven him out. The woman told officers that the clothing and jewelry were in a room on the second floor.

"Metts was having sex with the woman," police said. “The woman’s boyfriend came home and kicked Metts out of the house," police added.

Metts later admitted to police that he wasn’t robbed.

33-year-old drunk woman drives into jail property with car missing one tire

Car without tires illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman was arrested and charged with drunk driving after arriving to jail in a car while drunk, according to police reports in Florida.

Gainesville Police said that a 33-year-old woman did them a favor by driving her badly damaged car that was missing a tire, onto the property of the Alachua County Jail.

Brielle Irene Watkins was charged with driving under the influence after prison officials realized that she was showing signs of intoxication and called police on Monday.

Her vehicle was involved in an accident before she arrived to prison, according to a police report.

Tests showed that Watkins had a blood alcohol content level of 0.222 and 0.215, both nearly three times the limit at which someone in Florida is considered drunk.

Man shoots himself after being involved in road rage incident

Handgun illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was hospitalized after he shot himself in the foot during a road rage incident, according to police reports in Florida.

Orlando Police said that Richard Coles, was taken to a local hospital with gunshot wound to his leg.

"He was taken to the local hospital, and he refused to press charges. He is no longer cooperating with investigators," sheriff's spokesperson Jeff Williamson said.

The details are still few, but Coles, 36, told Orlando Police that he had been driving towards Orlando, when another motorist brandished a pistol.

Feeling threatened, the man grabbed his own gun and it accidentally fired. The bullet hit one of his legs, causing a non-life threatening wound.

Police searched for witnesses to the incident, but so far, they were unable to locate any.

Road rage incidents resulting in injuries remain relatively rare, with 13 reported last year, in Central Florida.

Woman terrified to sleep in her own bed after being bitten by spider

Black widow spider illustration 
By: David Ross

A middle aged woman is refusing to sleep in her own bed after she was bitten by a nasty spider, according to hospital officials in the United Kingdom.

Alison Blackburn, 49, was in so much pain after suffering from a spider bite on her foot, she was taken to a hospital where doctors drained poison from her body.

Blackburn is terrified to sleep in her own bed, where she was bitten by the spider. She could not locate the spider that bit her, and she is afraid that the spider will bite her again.

The woman woke up at 4:00 a.m. earlier this month, complaining of a sharp pain in her stomach.

Her partner, Gary Pelatt, noticed that her foot was red, and within hours, her foot and ankle became very swollen.

"I kept going from hot to cold. I was shaking, and I was in a lot of pain," Blackburn said.

When the swelling became worse, she was rushed to a hospital where doctors gave her antibiotics. She developed a rash with swelling, and it was decided that the foot needs to be drained from the venom.

Now, she is afraid to go back to bed.

Shoppers riot after 99 pence store suddenly ends their 50 percent off sale

99p store location illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A popular 99 pence ($1.50) store was under siege after management suddenly ended their 50 percent off sale while shoppers were waiting to pay for items at the checkout, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

Wrexham Police said that they were forced to calm the angry buyers, who staged a violent protest, after the 99 pence shop suddenly ended their sale price.

The crowd refused to leave the store when the managers said that everything is returning to the regular price.

Hundreds of shoppers flocked to the outlet in Wrexham, North Wales, after signs went up in the window advertising that everything inside was only 50 pence.

Many buyers were seen leaving the store full of cleaning products, toilet paper, chips and drinks.

One couple was seen leaving the store with a staggering 560 items.

Within hours, some shelves were stripped bare and managers were forced to call the police for crowd control.

A witness described the situation as "chaos" and said shoppers were acting like “vultures.”

The stampede began on Monday morning, as word spread quickly through the city.

"I ​​was there for almost two hours waiting to get to the cash register. Then, the manager took the signs off the window. People were absolutely furious and so the police were called. Tempers were flaring and people were screaming,” one shopper at the scene said.

A spokesperson for the store said that the sale was pulled when management realized that the store location was not closing.

"We are really sorry the way it was handled. We should have closed the doors and let everyone out with their items,” Tony Brown, COO of 99p Stores, said.