Woman unable to close her eyes after botched plastic surgery (video)

Marilyn Leisz 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman is traumatized after a botched plastic surgery left her unable to close her eyes, a court in New Jersey has heard.

Marilyn Leisz sued Dr. Paul Parker, a cosmetic surgeon in Paramus. The jury awarded her $115,000 - an amount Leisz called "a joke." She expects at least $500,000 and is not happy with the award.

Since the surgery, Leisz cannot fully close her eyes. She uses steroid drops and creams to lubricate her eyes, and uses a mask on her face at night to prevent scratching of the cornea. Leisz is also at risk for glaucoma and potentially going blind because of overexposure of the eyes.

The woman has tried to reverse the botched surgery with more surgery, but all efforts were unsuccessful. Her life has changed dramatically. She is unable to swim, garden, play tennis and do other things normal people can do.

Man drugs and rapes his wife in front of her mother two days after giving birth

Date rape drug illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A woman accused her husband of drugging and raping her after she refused to have sex, a court in Nigeria has heard.

30-year-old Glory Ojuala of Lagos State, who married her husband 15 years ago, sued her husband for a divorce in court, claiming sexual assault.

The sexual assault occurred after the husband offered Glory a soft drink that was laced with drugs.

Glory, a mother of three, said that two days after she gave birth, her husband demanded to have sex in full view of her mother.

She told the court that she refused because she was still recovering from the pains of childbirth and was also breastfeeding.

After drinking the soda, she passed out and woke up three days later in a hospital.

The woman said that her husband admitted to putting her to sleep and having sex with her.

The woman also told the court that her husband doesn’t care about the children.

Her husband Alex, denied all the charges made against him and said that he took care of his family, but things went sour when he and his wife started having misunderstandings.

Woman shoots her boyfriend because he didn't answer her phone calls

Stun gun illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman was arrested and charged with assault after shooting her boyfriend because he didn’t answer her phone calls, police in Florida said.

Fort Walton Beach Police said that a local woman used a stun gun to punish her boyfriend.

The 28-year-old had been arguing with her ​​boyfriend about his refusal to answer her phone calls when she pulled the stun gun and zapped him.

She continued to stun the victim as he was trying to get away from her. The woman was charged with misdemeanor battery.

A deputy from the sheriff's office said that he saw redness on the body of man after the incident, and the woman admitted to shooting the victim.

The couple is expecting a child together.

Drunk man with one leg slashes tires after being refused a beer

Man with prosthetic leg 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man was arrested and charged with vandalism after slashing the tires of several cars because he was denied a beer, police in Massachusetts said.

The man slashed the tires on seven vehicles in the parking lot of a pub located on Route 9 on Sunday.

Todd W. Fike, 46, of Framingham, was arrested on Tuesday night.

The man was described as standing 6 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 300 to 350 pounds, with short pants that revealed a prosthetic leg. He was driving a vehicle resembling an ice cream truck.

Witnesses said that the man walked into Owen O'Leary’s Restaurant & Pub around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, and was refused a drink by a bartender because he looked drunk. Fike went outside and began slashing the tires of the cars.

Fike has been charged with seven felony counts of malicious destruction of property, driving to endanger and disorderly conduct.

Woman cheats death after jumping onto moving train and falling onto tracks while arguing with man

Woman lying on train tracks illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A woman is lucky to be alive after she jumped on to a moving freight train and fell between the cars, according to a video uploaded to YouTube.

According to reports, the Australian woman was having an argument with a man at a train platform.

As a freight train approached, the New South Wales woman suddenly jumped onto a flat surface of the train.

However, she slipped through a gap and fell on to the train tracks.

The man was seen pacing nervously, fearing the worst.

After the train drove off, the woman laid motionless, but after a few heart stopping moments, she began moving.

She was taken to a hospital for observation and was discharged that same day.

Drunk woman seen on video riding horse into supermarket as part of new internet craze called NekNomination

Woman drinking on horse in Tesco 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A new and dangerous craze is emerging on social media sites, and it is called NekNomination.

NekNomination involves recording yourself drinking an entire bottle of hard liquor in one sitting, and sharing the feat on social media with the hashtag #neknominate.

One woman took the craze to a whole new level when she went into a Tesco supermarket while sitting on a horse and drinking hard liquor.

The woman was seen riding the horse through the store's fruit and vegetable aisles and downing her drink.

When security guards tried to get the woman to leave, she told them to join the online craze.

The NekNomination craze has been cited in the deaths of two teenagers during the weekend, in Ireland.

19-year-old Jonny Byrne of Carlow, Ireland, died when he fell into a river while trying to perform a NekNomination stunt.

Ross Cummins, 22, who was a DJ In Dublin, also died after reportedly playing “NekNomination.”

Woman seen eating make-up at beauty supply store

Makeup store display 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A woman was seen going into a beauty supply store and tasting make-up before buying them.

The 22-year-old woman explained that she is addicted to eating make-up and she buys the beauty products as food.

Brittoni, of Toledo, Ohio, said that she knows that tasting the make-up and then putting it back on the shelf for someone else to buy is wrong, but her addiction is getting the better of her.

“I know that it is wrong, but I don’t want to buy something I won't eat or wear,” she said.

Brittoni’s addiction began when she was 6-years-old. She found her mother’s colorful make-up and decided to taste it because it looked so hood.

Later, she was diagnosed with a heart condition, and doctors believe that it could have been caused by the chemicals in the products she has been eating.

Her fiance, Josh, and other family members, who have learned of her addiction, are pushing her to get help.

Man delivers empty pizza boxes to unsuspecting customers and takes their money

Pizza delivery illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

Restaurant owners in the United kingdom, are at a loss after is going around and impersonating their delivery men.

Customers have been scammed out of money after ordering food from local restaurants and receiving boxes without their food inside.

Restaurant owners believe that the thief waits in their shop until an order comes in. He listens to the phone order being placed.

About 20 minutes later, he goes to the customer’s home to deliver empty boxes and takes their money.

Hollie Belton, 27, called the Verona's Pizzeria in Cleethorpes, England. After she paid £12 for her order of two large chicken kebabs, she received an empty pizza box.

The woman explained that in the past, when the restaurant ran out of boxes, they delivered her kebabs in a pizza box, so she did not think much of it.

However, after she paid the “delivery man,” he ran off with the money and she was left without food.

When Belton called the restaurant, staff members were surprised, as her order was still in the store waiting to be delivered.

They offered the woman her food at no cost.

The Mariners takeaway owner said that his customers were also victims of this scam.

"We had a man here last week, who came into the shop acting strangely,” Mariners takeaway owner Carlos Keser said.

Now, Keser installed good surveillance cameras in his restaurant so he can catch the thief if he strikes again.

Woman ordered to pay £0.00 parking fine or face court

Woman shows her £0.00 ticket 
By: Hydar Tomar

A British woman was surprised to find that she was issued a ticket even though she paid at the meter.

Josh Woodley, 40, received the fine in Abbey Wood, South East London, despite having paid £3.80 (about $6.20) for her parking spot via text.

When Woodley opened the ticket she was shocked to find a fine in the amount of £0.00.

She thought it must have been a mistake and ignored it.

However, two weeks later she received a letter in the mail, demanding that she pay the fee.

The letter from Bexley Council stated that she must pay her £0.00 fine within 28 days or face court fines.

"There's a part of me that wanted to send them a check for £0.00 but I did not want to waste a stamp," Woodley said.

A council spokesman said that the two notices were issued by mistake and the "fine" has been canceled.

Female Arab Israeli soldier declares ‘I came to serve my country and my home’

Monaliza Abdo 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A female Arab Israeli soldier proudly proclaimed that she enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces in order to serve her country and her home, IDF Blog reported.

Monaliza Abdo is an Arab, Christian, Israeli, and a brave defender of Jews and minorities alike. She wasn’t required to enlist in the Israeli army, but her determination to protect Israel motivated her to volunteer.

As a fighter on Israel’s southern border, she rose through the ranks to become a commander, teaching soldiers how to combat terrorism and other threats. Just over a month ago, she honorably completed three years of service – one more than the required number for Israeli women.

We had the chance to join Monaliza on the day of her release from the IDF. In this video, she speaks to us entirely in Arabic, explaining her commitment to serve the State of Israel and protect all of its citizens.

“I keep the country of Israel safe, not only for the Jews but for the Arabs too,” she said. “I came [to the IDF] to serve my country and my home.”

John Kerry seen on video offering Jews new Western Wall close to a beach

John Kerry look alike 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) In a spoof video meant to mock U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Israelis were offered a new Western Wall built close to a beach, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

The video was released in order to point out how little Kerry understands Israeli settlements and important Jewish holy sites.

At one point during the video, the Kerry look alike downplays the importance of the Western Wall, which is one of the holiest sites in the old city of Jerusalem.

"Dividing Jerusalem is not an easy thing to do. We must realize that Jerusalem is sacred to all regions, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Klingons and Hobbits," Kerry said.

"However, what I say is, why do we fight over an old wall? Let me build you a new brand wall, one that is close to a beach," Kerry said.

Kerry also drove around the West Bank and poked fun at the security situation.

Coney Island school teacher accused of sexting relationship with Department of Education special investigator

Texting illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A Department of Education special investigator and a New York school teacher are in trouble after carrying on with a sexting relationship, the Department of Education said in a statement.

Now, the Department of Education special investigator has resigned and he has been banned from future employment with the department.

The department also said that the teacher should be fired.

Lawrence Scott, 40, had been sexting with Natalya Sokolson, 44, a teacher at PS 329 in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

The investigation was launched after Sokolson filed a complaint against Scott. Scott had been investigating Sokolson after receiving reports about her abuse of students.

Sokolson said she exchanged text messages almost daily, and the messages also included pictures and videos of herself showing intimate areas of her body. She said that she never engaged in a sexual relationship, but Scott met with her ​​alone in a room at the school, where he put his hand on her thigh and pushed against her from behind.

Sokolson recorded the meeting and provided the video to investigators.

Scott ended the relationship when his wife saw one of the messages sent by Sokolson.

Dozens of Palestinians seen on video stoning Israeli soldiers

Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli soldiers 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Israeli soldiers showed extreme restraint after coming under a stoning attack by a group of Palestinian rioters, a video uploaded to the Internet by Channel 2 News showed.

As seen in the video below, Palestinians threw stones and homemade grenades at IDF troops during a riot last week, while soldiers were left fighting off the stones with their bare hands.

The video also showed the difficult position of the soldiers when coming under these types of attacks. This particular incident occurred outside the Jalazone refugee camp near Ramallah.

The stone throwing lasted for three hours, and several soldiers were left with moderate injuries. One of the rioters, who threw a homemade grenade at the soldiers, was shot, and as a result, he suffered serious injuries.

Another Palestinian seriously was seriously injured and eleven others were slightly injured.

What are the chances of a Jewish athlete winning a medal at Sochi?

Sochi Olympics logo 
By: Ari Schwartz

Jews are known for being good at many things, (search Jewish Nobel prize winners) but sports isn’t one of them. However how accurate is this stigma?

Jews have been competing in the Olympics since the first games in 1896, and have won medals at every summer Olympics (The Nazis in 1936 and the Palestinian terrorists in 1972 couldn’t stop us).

Some of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time are Jewish. Dara Torres who won 12 Olympic medals and Mark Spitz (arguably the greatest Jewish athlete of all time) won 11 Olympic medals.

As a matter of fact, Jews have won 342 Olympic medals. However what about the winter Olympics? Out of the 342 medals, only 17 came in the winter games. (I know what you’re thinking. The winter Olympics didn’t start till 1924 and has fewer events than the summer games, therefore fewer medals. Nevertheless you get my point).

So what are the chances of a Jew winning a medal in Sochi? There are three Jewish athletes with realistic chances of winning our 18th winter medal.

American figure skater Charlie White might be our greatest hope. The six time US national champion is the only Jew competing in Sochi who has already won an Olympic medal. White, who will compete in the pairs event, won a silver medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Canadian figure skater, Dylan Moskovitch will also compete in the pairs event. Moskovitch won the Canadian national championship in 2011 and has high hopes for Sochi.

At just 19 years old, Jason Brown will be one of the youngest athletes competing. The American figure skater will compete in the singles event. Brown won a silver medal at the 2014 US championship in Boston.

You’re probably asking yourself, what about Israel, the country that the majority of Jews on Earth call home? Israel will be sending 5 athletes to Sochi.

Despite Israel’s controversial decision to hold higher standards than the International Olympic Committee, (several Israeli athletes met the international Olympic committee’s standards but did not meet the Israeli Olympic committee’s standards, and therefore did not qualify for the Olympics) Israel does not have realistic chances of winning a medal.

So why is there such a large margin between Jewish accomplishments at the summer Olympics and at the winter Olympics? Perhaps Jews tend to live in warmer climates? That doesn’t seem to stop the Jamaican bobsled team, who will be competing this year for the 6th time.

If Israel and Jews want to become a dominant force at the winter Olympics it’ll take a lot of hard work and determination. Maybe some day, instead of hearing the Swiss yell “Eins! Zwei! Drei!” At the top of the bobsled track, or the Jamaicans yelling “Feel the rhythm! Feel the Rhyme!” (Search cool runnings), we will hear the Israeli bobsled team yelling “Shalosh, Arba Ve!!”

Giraffe seen on video escaping zoo to go restaurant hopping

Giraffe in restaurant 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A smart giraffe escaped an animal sanctuary and zoo, and went restaurant hopping, a video uploaded to YouTube by tourists showed.

Several tourists in South Africa, said that they could not believe their eyes when Perdy, a 20-foot high giraffe, casually walked through restaurants in an animal sanctuary.

The incident occurred at the Lion Park in Johannesburg.

The giraffe was seen pausing and sniffing food inside a container. However, it seemed that the animal already ate dinner as it did not stop for a bite to eat or drink.

The lucky tourists can be heard talking about how nobody back home would believe their story. Fortunately, a smart visitor decided to record the whole incident on video to show the friends and family back home that the story was not fiction.

“How can you explain this to someone?” A woman is heard asking a fellow diner.

New York sanitation worker punished after city installs hidden camera in truck

Sanitation workers illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A father of three was left without a job over $20.

The sanitation worker was fired from his job and forced to pay a $1,500 fine for accepting a $20 tip to move heavy trash.

56-year-old Lenworth Dixon had worked for the New York City Department of Sanitation for the past 24 years.

He earned a salary of $73,000 per year.

One day, while doing his job, Dixon received $20 from a resident as a gesture of appreciation for removing heavy furniture outside their home in Queens.

Public officials are not allowed to accept any form of money or gifts.

Harry Nespoli, president of the Sanitation Workers Union, said that Dixon’s actions may have been exposed by a hidden camera.

The city installed hidden cameras on the trucks for the purpose of catching workers who take money in exchange for their work.

U.S. veteran faces prison time after GPS accidentally took him into Canada while carrying his gun

By: Anika Rao

A wrong turn on the road, left a U.S. military veteran in a lot of legal trouble.

Louis DiNatale, 46, and his wife were on their way to Vermont, when they made a wrong turn.

DiNatale said a faulty GPS made ​​him take a wrong turn, and before he knew it, he was near the border between New York and Canada.

Since he could no longer turn back, DiNatale and his wife were forced to drive into Canada, in order to go back into the United States.

The couple spoke with a Canadian customs agents. Dinatale told the agent that he made a wrong turn and did not want to enter Canada.

Then, the agent asked if he owned a gun, and Dinatale said he did.

When the agent asked asked if he had a gun in the car, DiNatale said: “No.”

However, he forgot that he had placed his wife’s .380 gun in the center console of the car.

When the border agent searched the car, he found the gun and DiNatale was arrested.

He was charged for attempting to smuggle a loaded firearm into the country and lying about.

He spent four days in jail before being released on $5,000 bail. If convicted, he faces up to three years in prison.

Florida police officer seen on video dragging woman like a dog

Woman in handcuffs illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A Florida police officer has caused a stir after he was seen on video dragging a woman across a parking lot floor.

The office received a letter reprimanding him for his actions, but no disciplinary action was taken against the Tampa police officer.

An internal affairs investigation revealed that officer Scott Van Treese had arrested Sonja Mimmenger, 36, for cocaine possession and burglary.

She resisted arrest, so the officer placed her in “total appendage restraint position" to restrict her arms and legs so she cannot hurt herself.

Once they reached the Hillsborough County Jail, the officer was seen pulling Mimmenger out of the squad car and placing her face down on the floor.

Mimmenger removed the restraints from her legs so she can walk. However, the woman refused to walk on her own.

That’s when Officer Van Treese dragged Mimmenger, whose hands were in handcuffs behind her back, to the police station.

Mimmenger, who has 78 previous encounters with the police, including 40 arrests and 15 convictions, pleaded guilty two weeks later to a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. She was sentenced to time served.

Pastor fatally beaten and burned after being accused of murdering 6-year-old girl

Pastor illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A pastor is dead after an angry group of youngsters beat and burned him because he murdered a little girl, police in Nigeria said.

The youngsters of Katsina State, killed 50-year-old Dike Ocha for allegedly killing six-year-old Fatima Yusuf.

The youngsters also burned down the church and the pastor’s home.

Fatima had been reported missing four days before the pastor was attacked. The little girl’s body was later found near the residence of the pastor.

The body was found mutilated, with her intimate parts removed.

Police said that after being beaten, the pastor was rescued and taken to a hospital, but the suspects followed him to the hospital where he was killed and his body was set on fire.

According to the initial investigation, police believe that the pastor was framed by the youngsters in order to have an excuse to kill him.

Man seen on video being thrown out window of double decker bus and falling to the ground

Double decker bus illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man was left paralyzed after he was thrown out the window of a double decker bus in London, England, the victim's sister said in a statement.

Now, shocking video has emerged, showing the moment a man was paralyzed from the waist down after being ejected from the upper window of the double decker bus.

Video of the incident was captured by a camera on a bus behind the double-decker from which the man fell from.

The sister of the victim said that her brother was paralyzed as a result of the fall, which broke his back.

The sister of the man, identified as Gillian, said that her brother’s spinal cord was damaged, and doctors do not know if he will ever be able to walk again.

The video showed the moment the man crashed through the bus window and landed on the ground. The suspect also jumped from the bus and fled from the scene.

The suspect was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault. However, he was found not guilty.