Bar customers freak out after drunk man walks in with tiger

Tiger illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man was arrested after taking his tiger to a bar.

People at the bar were terrified when the man entered with his tiger, police in Illinois said.

Walking a tiger on the streets of Chicago, is against the law. John Basile, 56, walked into the Uncle Richie's bar, which is located on Ninth Street with his wild animal, sending customers fleeing.

Basile had his animal in public with only a leash but without a muzzle, according to a criminal complaint filed on Monday, in the Will County court.

Basile has many wild animals as he is the owner of the Big Run Wolf Ranch, in Lockport. Basile, was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of a dangerous animal.

The tiger "endangered the safety" of a woman at the bar, according to the complaint. Basile told police that he was unaware that it was against the law to walk with a tiger in the city.

The Big Run Wolf website lists the tiger as the "new addition" to their ranch. The Siberian tiger was named Shere Khan.

The ranch is home to eight wolves, a black bear, a cougar, a skunk, a woodchuck, three coyotes, porcupines and two horses.

Sex offender impregnates 14-year-old girl hours after being released from jail for the same offense

Stephen Lobb 
By: Anika Rao

A man was jailed after being accused of having sex with young girls against their will.

However, rather than learning a lesson, the man went back to raping girls as soon as he was released from jail.

Stephen Lobb, 20, of the United Kingdom, is accused of impregnating his victim despite having been jailed for making another under age girl pregnant. Lobb previously spent eight weeks at the Young Offenders’ Institution for having sex and impregnating a child under 16 years old.

Lobb of Plymouth, was found guilty of having sex and impregnating the 14-year-old girl the day after he left jail. When the girl became pregnant Lobb allegedly forced her to “get rid of it,” and warned her not tell her mother about him.

He then left the victim for another girl, who was only a few months older. After the girls told adults about their relationship with Lobb, he was arrested again.

At first, he told police that both girls were lying. However, he later pleaded guilty at the Exeter Crown Court to four counts of sexual activity with children.

Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, sentenced him to three and a half years in prison.

Football player arrested after he was proven to be the father of 14-year-old girl’s child

Football illustration  
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A football player was arrested after police determined that he impregnated a 14-year-old girl.

Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, 17, was a star linebacker at Fort Pierce Central High School.

He was looking forward to a bright future when he recently signed a contract to play football with the University of Louisville. However, this may all come to an end after he was arrested on sexual abuse related charges.

A girl came forward to police and claimed that Rhaheed-Muhammad, touched her inappropriately since the age of 12. At 14 years old, she became pregnant with his baby.

The girl decided to have an abortion. Authorities tested the fetus and determined with a probability of 99.99 percent that he was the father of the child.

Rhaheed-Muhammad was arrested on a felony charge of lewd lascivious behavior. Robert Watson, the attorney for Rhaheed Muhammad, said that details of his client's case should not have been made public because he is still a minor.

Church bans woman from wearing underwear during services

Church illustration  
By: Devansh Dutt

A pastor has caused controversy after ordering women to stop wearing underwear when entering his church.

The church, “Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church” in Dandora Phase 2, Nairobi, Kenya, said that wearing underwear was “ungodly.”

All women were reportedly informed not to wear bras and panties to church. Church pastor Reverend Njohi said that when people go to church, they must be free in body and spirit in order to receive Jesus.

Rev Njohi also allegedly warned the congregation of serious consequences for those who do not follow the new rule. Another pastor made headlines for asking his followers to worship in the nude.

As we reported earlier, Pastor Allen Parker wants all of his congregants to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Parker decided to lead his congregation the way God brought us all into the world, in the nude.

Members of the small congregation in Virginia, worship in any way they feel comfortable, but most members choose to be in some state of undress.

Pastor Parker said that his church members are there to find inner peace, and that begins with self acceptance.

"There is no feeling that you have to be better than others, physically," Parker said.

"We are human beings, we all have scars, we have what we have. It is about learning to love and accept that," he added.

Newborn baby seen on video refusing to let go of his mother as nurses try to take him

Newborn babies at a hospital illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A precious newborn baby’s first moments in this world has melted the hearts of many people.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube, showed the baby's first moments of life, clinging to his mother's face and stroking her cheek.

When a nurse tried to take the baby from the mother, he began crying, and he stroked his mother’s face. He then laid his tiny face next to his mother’s face and was content.

However, as soon as the nurse tried again to take him, he began wailing again, reaching for his mother. As soon as the nurses put him close to his mother, the newborn was quite.

Some people pointed out that it seems like the baby wanted to be nursed. However, since the baby was reportedly delivered by Caesarean section she was not able to do so until a procedure was done.

The video has gone viral. Little is known about the mother and baby, but the voice in the background of the video seems to speak Spanish or Portuguese.

Girl kills herself after being accused of stealing chocolate before surveillance video proved her innocence

Chocolate illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A family was left heartbroken after their daughter committed suicide over false allegations.

Qiniso Mqadi,16, of South Africa, committed suicide a day after she was accused of shoplifting at the KwaMashu Shopping Centre, north of Durban.

The girl’s aunt, Bonisiwe Mqadi, 32, said that her niece came home crying and humiliated after she was accused of stealing a bar of chocolate. "She came home traumatized. She said that the guards treated her like a thief,” Mqadi said.

“She was humiliated when security guards yelled at her in front of staff and customers,” she added.

The next day, the family went to work, leaving the girl behind so she can get ready for school. However, when her mother Stella came home, she found her daughter's body hanging in the bathroom.

Her mother also found a suicide note in which she wrote that she loved her parents and would miss them. She also made reference to the store which shamed her.

The victim’s family went to the store and demanded to see the surveillance cameras. The family claimed that they saw footage of the girl placing a bar of chocolate in her shopping cart.

“They just assumed that she wanted to steal it,” Stella Mqadi said. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

A spokesperson for the store said they were still in the process of investigating the matter. The spokesperson also said that the security guards interrogated the girl after they believed that she was trying to hide the chocolate bar in her clothes.

Parrot leads police to suspect who murdered its owner

Parrot illustration  
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman was killed during a robbery gone wrong.

Police in India, were looking for clues as to who killed the woman.

After a week, they finally got a break in the case, and were able to arrest a suspect, thanks the woman’s parrot named Hercules. Neelam Sharma, 45, and her dog of Uttar Pradesh, were killed when two people broke into their home and stole her valuables.

Her husband, Vijay Sharma, found her murdered at their residence. The husband said that he noticed their parrot was acting strangely every time his nephew Ashutosh, visited his home after the murder.

“This raised my suspicions and I informed the police,” Sharma said. Officers checked Ashutosh’s phone records before taking him into custody for questioning.

During the interrogation, Ashutosh allegedly confessed to the crime and told police that he had an accomplice. He told police that they entered the house with the intention of taking cash and other valuables.

However, his aunt was home at the time. Ashutosh also told police that he was scared that his aunt would recognize him, so he stabbed her to death. He then stabbed the dog because it would not stop barking.

He obviously had no idea that the parrot was watching him closely and eventually led police to his arrest.

Two dogs take owner’s truck on joyride driving it into river

Dogs illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Two dogs were rescued by police and firefighters after taking their owner’s truck on a joyride.

Emergency workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, responded to calls about a truck that drove into a river. To their surprise, they found two dogs but no human inside.

According to first responders, the two dogs named Roscoe and Luna, took their owner’s vehicle for a joyride on Tuesday, but they ended up in the Arkansas River.

Tulsa Police Department spokesperson Jill Robertson said that the Labrador and border collie were in the truck unattended for about 15 minutes, while the man went inside his home around 6:00 p.m.

The dogs somehow managed to put the truck into gear causing it to roll down three blocks. Robertson said that two local boys on skateboards spotted the rolling truck and tried to catch up with it, but to no avail as the vehicle gathered speed quickly.

The truck crashed in the river. When the dog owner, Scott, finally came out of his house and did not see his truck he thought it was towed.

However, he soon learned of the joyride. Roscoe and Luna, escaped the accident unharmed, but the truck was damaged.

Monkey steals camera from tourist and takes selfie

Monkey illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Monkeys attract lots of visitors, and their clever antics make everyone smile.

Young and old enjoy being around monkeys, and one man decided to record himself feeding monkeys.

During a visit to the Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Indonesia, a man, who goes by the name of Mochilao.TV on Youtube, began feeding the monkeys. Rather than going for the treat, the monkey grabbed his $400 camera. “I had the bright idea to shoot with my GoPro camera.

Suddenly, many monkeys came close to me and within seconds, my camera was stolen by the little monkey,” Mochilao.TV said.

The monkey took the camera into the forest, set the camera down and poked his face in front of the camera, taking a selfie. The man was heard on video telling people that the monkey took his camera.

Surprisingly, the monkey managed to open the GoPro protective case and remove the battery. After a few minutes, a sweet woman who works in the temple, ​managed to persuade the Monkey to trade the camera for some fruits.

“I lost the battery, but I got this awesome and unexpected video,” Mochilao.TV said.

Police stop man, 20, and find his mother locked in trunk of car

Car trunk illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after police discovered his mother locked in his car trunk, according to police in South Carolina.

The incident began when police were tipped off to a car that was involved in a kidnapping.

Police found the car that was driven by 20-year-old Regelio Lopez. When police searched the car and opened the trunk, they found a woman inside. Lopez was arrested after State Police, who had been looking for his Cadillac, saw him at a rest stop along Interstate 95 in Orangeburg County.

At the time, police were unsure who the woman was. However, she was later identified as the kidnapper’s mother. Authorities said that Lopez had kidnapped his mother in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and had driven south.

Lopez's mother was conscious when police found her. After evaluating her, paramedics said that she did not have any life-threatening injuries.

Lopez is being held at the Orangeburg County Detention Center and will be extradited back to Virginia, to face charges. So far, it is not known why Lopez abducted his mother.

Woman asks former husband to infect her with HIV hoping it would force him to stay with her

Woman in wheelchair illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman asked her former husband for unprotected sex despite knowing that he is HIV positive.

Now, the woman of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was infected with HIV after having unprotected sex with her former husband.

The man claims that his former wife demanded unprotected sex as a way to strengthen their relationship after being apart for 28 years. The couple had five children together before separating in 1986.

The woman reportedly ignored the pleas of her children and family members not to rekindle her relationship with her HIV infected lover. The woman was infected with HIV, before her former husband decided to go back with his current wife, who is also HIV positive.

Her former husband and his second wife also attacked her, accusing her of disturbing their relationship. The woman was dragged to court by her former husband, who wanted some of the property, which the two bought after reconciling.

The heartbroken woman told the court that her former husband and his wife assaulted her, chased her away from the house and accused her of being a nuisance.