Hot-looking woman offers man sex in exchange for killing her fiance

John Schellpfeffer and Jessica Strom 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A woman was looking for someone to kill her fiance, and she offered sex as part of the reward.

The Wisconsin woman has been accused of masterminding the murder of her boyfriend.

According to the Wausau Police Department, Jessica Strom, 22 offered to pay $1,000 along with sexual favors to have her fiance killed. Strom contact a former classmate with whom she went to criminal justice classes, and asked him to kill her fiance John Schellpfeffer.

The classmate, who is now a licensed pilot, met his friend and she asked him to use a firearm in the murder, saying: “you just open the door, no time to respond, that's all. Waow,” she said.

Strom told her friend that she had been planning the murder for two years. Her reason for the murder was because Schellpfeffer “controlled and did other bad things to her and to others.

The pilot refused to participate in the murder. Strom advised him to think about it and ordered him not to contact the police. Despite her warning to the pilot he did exactly that.

Detectives asked the pilot to set up a fake meeting pretending to be interested to kill her fiance. Strom met with the informant at a cafe, where she provided her friend with a diagram of her fiance's Law Office.

She told the friend to “blow his brains out.”

The two agreed to the $1,000 plus sex as payment for the hit. Police raided her home shortly thereafter and Strom was arrested for conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

New York man, 26, sexually assaults his dog before beating it with a baseball bat

Don't molest animal sign 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man is facing charges after abusing his dog.

Steven Errante, 26, of Dix Hills, New York, has been accused of sexually assaulting the family dog ​​before beating it with a baseball bat.

According to Suffolk County prosecutors, Errante was initially arrested when police received a tip that the family dog suffered serious injuries.

Officers arrived at the scene to find the dog suffering from fractures to the head and face. The dog also suffered a broken leg and trauma to its body.

The dog was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment, but its injuries were too severe and the dog was euthanized a few days later. During an interview with police, Errante admitted to beating the dog with a baseball bat.

However, officers did not disclose the reason for the beating. Additional charges have been filed against Errante after veterinarians discovered that the dog had been sexually assaulted before the beating.

Errante now faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, second-degree assault and sexual misconduct. He remains held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Woman gets pregnant by her best friend’s husband just to prove he is a cheater

Pregnant woman illustration  
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman claims that she slept with her friend’s husband just to prove that he constantly cheats on her.

The woman tried telling her childhood friend Aisha, that her good-looking and rich husband was cheating on her when she was out of town for business.

The 42-year-old woman of Abuja, Nigeria, who is single, said that she found her friend’s husband with three other women on different occasions. However, her friend refused to believe her.

That is when she decided to prove it by sleeping with her friend’s husband. The evil woman set a trap for her friend’s husband and he fell for it.

One night, while Aisha was out of town, she went over to her house and told Aisha’s husband that her car broke down. He offered to drive her home, but the woman begged him to allow her to sleep over at their home, and he agreed.

During her stay, the woman seduced her friend’s husband and the two had sex on the couch. The 42-year-old woman got pregnant that night.

The man begged her to have an abortion, but she refused, saying that at her age, this might be her last chance to have a baby.

“Now, with the pregnancy, I can show my friend that her husband is a good for nothing man and a cheat too,” the friend who wished to stay anonymous said.

Boy, 7, molested after parents leave him in the care of sex offender

John Frederic Sabbaghrabaiotti 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man was arrested after he agreed to care for a 7-year-old boy and molested him while doing so.

John Frederic Sabbaghrabaiotti, 45, of North Carolina,
has been charged with sexually assaulting a 7 year old left in his care, according to court documents.

Sabbaghrabaiotti is already a registered sex offender for molesting a child in the past. He was charged with sexual offense against a child, taking indecent liberties with a child and sex offender-employment violation, according to the arrest warrant.

Sabbaghrabaiotti offered to care for the child despite being a registered sex offender. The law prohibits any registered sex offender to work in any place where a minor is present.

They cannot do activities and have any responsibilities that include minors. The ban also covers self-employment and applies even if they person does not get paid.

For his previous sex crime, Sabbaghrabaiotti was convicted of two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child, according to state corrections records. He served four years and eight months in prison and was released in July 2011.

Sabbaghrabaiotti was taken to the Forsyth County Jail. His with bail was set at $800,000.

Scorned woman publicly congratulates her cheating husband and his pregnant mistress

Timeshia Brown’s advertisement 
By: Devansh Dutt

A scorned woman used her sense of humor to get back at her cheating husband.

Timeshia Brown got revenge of her cheating husband and his mistress by publicizing their cheating ways in a local newspaper.

While many women choose to forgive their spouses for cheating, this unfaithful husband got his lover pregnant. Bringing a child into the picture makes things much more complicated.

Brown brought laughs to people with her sweet revenge, when she placed a classified advertisement in a local paper in Sabine County, Texas.

The advertisement read: “I would like to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown. They are expecting a baby. Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out. Always, Patrick's wife, Timeshia Brown.”

An image of the advertisement was uploaded to Reddit by kavien, who said that he found the image after it was shared on Facebook.

New Yorkers freak out after finding goat’s head in Prospect Park

Goat illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

Several people who were enjoying their day out at the Prospect Park in Brooklyn, were freaked out when they discovered a goat’s head, park officials in New York said.

Park workers said that park goers discovered the animal head on Monday.

The head of the goat was marked with the number 93 on its ear, park officials said. Employees removed the head from the scene and notified the police.

This is the second time in four years, that this has happened in Prospect Park, but similar findings are surprisingly common in national parks. The dead animals are probably the remains of rituals, but nobody really knows for sure.

“It is illegal to kill or harm animals in parks. If you see this activity in parks, please call police to report the crime and the location of the incident. Also call police if you find any animal remains. You can also call the City of New York at 311,” the Parks Department said in a statement.

Flatbush area man beats his 94-year-old mother with a cane to near death because she wanted to die

Cane illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A Flatbush area man was arrested and charged with attempted murder after beating his elderly mother to near death with her cane, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the 64-year-old man said that his 94-year-old mother told him that she wanted to die.

The incident happened in the woman’s apartment on Monday, police said. Mark Farrell attacked his mother, Dorothy, as she slept on a couch at 1814 Burnett Street at 6:30 a.m.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene, treated the woman, who suffered from fractures to her head, face and ribs. Later, she was transported by ambulance to Kings County Hospital, where she was in critical condition on Monday night.

Mark Farrell was booked into jail and charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and assault. He will be brought before a judge for a bail hearing later today.

New app will alert Israelis on their smartphones when missiles strike

Iron Dome firing rocket at incoming missile illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

Israeli residents will soon be able to get alerts on their smartphones when missiles strike, the Israeli defense ministry said.

The app called iOREF, was created by the Home Front Command division of the Israeli military.

The app is scheduled to be released for the general public later this year. App users will receive notifications on their smartphones of the nearest missile protected areas.

The app will be able to give customized information based on GPS technology. Users will also be able to receive videos, photos and text messages through the app, the head of the Home Front Command said in a statement.

The app will also be available on desktop computers, as officials want the information to reach as many users as possible.

Two armed robbers beat Williamsburg area man with hammer and steal $200

Hammer illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A man was hospitalized after being beaten with a hammer and robbed, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that two suspects beat a resident of the Whitman Houses, which is located in the Williamsburg area, with a hammer at his home and took $200 in cash, a cell phone and a wallet.

The 50-year-old victim told police that he was in his apartment on North Portland Avenue, between Park Avenue and Auburn Place at 7:05 p.m., when he heard a knock at the door. When he answered the door, the two men stormed his apartment.

The suspects began beating the victim and hit him with a hammer, while screaming: "Where is the money?" The suspects then grabbed the goods and fled from the house, police said.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. Police began searching for the suspects, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Israeli soldiers fire missiles at two Syrian terrorists

Israeli soldiers at the Israel-Syrian border illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

The Israeli military said that it neutralized two terrorists, who were planting bombs along the Syrian-Israeli border in the Golan Heights.

The soldiers fired artillery shells at the two men early Wednesday morning.

The Israeli military identified the men as terrorists affiliated with Hezbollah. Hezbollah operatives are now fighting in Syria, to bolster the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The men were neutralized by the bombing, according to the Israeli army, but there was no immediate word on their condition.

Last October, two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were hospitalized after being injured from mortar shells, which were fired from Syria into Israel, according to a statement released by military officials. In response, Israel fired into Syria on Wednesday, after mortar rounds fell on an army post in the Golan Heights, wounding Israeli soldiers, the military also said.

Two shells hit the border post, located in the northern Golan, slightly injuring the troops, it said. Initial reports suggest that the shells were not fired intentionally, but were the result of intense fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels near the northern border, a military spokesperson said.

"The return fire was directed at the source of fire," the spokesperson said.

The two soldiers were treated at the scene by Magen David Adom paramedics, and were later taken to a local hospital for further treatment.

Israeli horseback-riding team makes history and is heading towards 2016 Olympics

Danielle Goldstein 
By: Aryeh Savir

An Israeli horseback-riding team has recently made history, and is well on their way to reaching the 2016 Olympic games, which will be held in Rio, Brazil, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Israeli Equestrian Team made history this past Friday, when they competed in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup.

It was the first time that an Israeli team has ever participated in an international equestrian competition. Athough the Canadian team walked away with the hefty $75,000 prize, the Israeli team felt like champions having established Israel’s competitive status in equestrian sports.

Backed by T.E.A.M. Israel (The Equine Athletics Mission), the Israeli show jumping team, consisting of riders Danielle Goldstein, Elad Yaniv and Joshua Tabor, made its historic debut at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, Florida. T.E.A.M. Israel CEO Kate Levy served as their chef d’equipe (team captain).

“This Nations Cup team is a much-anticipated and incredibly positive step in the right direction for the Israeli Equestrian Team, T.E.A.M. Israel, and every equestrian and horse-enthusiast in Israel. We are so proud to be the first team to ever raise the flag for Israel, and we consider it a victory to have made it this far,” said Levy, “Competing as a team at this level is no longer just a dream, and we hope to inspire more Israeli riders to join us in creating depth in our equestrian sports for generations to come.”

In an environment where most horses and riders have competed together regularly in the past, two members of the Israeli team, Yaniv and Tabor, had the distinct disadvantage of riding their mounts for the first time. “It was a little daunting competing at this level where everyone knows that it would be better to establish a relationship with the horses, but we were willing to risk it all to be part of this event and begin charting our path to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio,” added Levy.

Danielle Goldstein, the third member of the Israeli team, has been hard at work this season competing at WEF with her mount, Carisma. In 2010, U.S.-born Goldstein became a dual citizen of the United States and Israel so that she could represent Israel in competitions. This past summer, the award-winning show jumper competed under the Israeli flag at the European Championships in Denmark and coached the Israeli show jumping team to a gold medal finish at the 2013 Maccabiah Games.

It is so exciting to see this vision come to life and have Israel so well represented on the international stage. Having a team at the Nations Cup is just the first step to raising awareness and gathering momentum for T.E.A.M. Israel’s larger mission of developing a robust equestrian culture in our small but powerful country,” said Deborah Schultz, an Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of T.E.A.M. Israel.

T.E.A.M Israel, a non-profit organization dedicated to positively impacting Israeli society, and garnering national pride and international respect for the State of Israel through the development of a robust equestrian culture, hopes to continue their forward progression into a Nations Cup summer tour in the United States to help promote their cause and attract Israeli riders to join the effort, expand their team and build the equestrian culture in Israel.

T.E.A.M. Israel works towards the establishment of state-of-the-art equestrian centers to train the next generation of Israeli riders, a framework for increased, high level equestrian education, and a world-class equestrian team that will compete worldwide under the Israeli flag.

Israeli Navy raids and seizes Iranian weapons ship at sea

Military ship illustration 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli Navy has successfully raided and seized an Iranian weapons ship intended to deliver weapons to terrorists, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Early this morning Israeli Naval Commandos boarded a cargo ship carrying weapons off the coast of Sudan in the Red Sea, preventing an attempt to smuggle an Iranian shipment of advanced weaponry intended for terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip.

The ship was flying a Panama flag, but is thought to be Iranian. The shipment of weapons originated in Syria, from where it was flown to Iran, and from there the weapons were shipped out to Sudan. Its final destination was destined to the Gaza Strip.

The weapons were disguised as sacks of cement. The IDF has indicated that the shipment is clearly an Iranian operation. The ship initially tried evasive maneuvers by sailing towards Iraq. Due to the combination of in-depth intelligence and enhanced operational capabilities the operation was a success.

The ship was carrying long range missiles, including M-302 missiles which have a 200 KM range, and numerous other advanced weapons.

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz personally commanded the operation together with Naval Commander Ram Rotenberg. An IDF spokesman announced that the military personnel and crew members were all in good shape and that the ship is now on its way to Eilat.

IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner stated: “The IDF will continue to operate against the Iranian attempts to arm regional terrorist organizations, who intend to continuously ignite our borders. We will continue to employ all the necessary means in order to prevent the armament of terrorist organizations and will combat the Iranian smuggling attempts that threaten the security and sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

Father of 4 dies suddenly just 3 weeks after canceling his life insurance

Insurance policy illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A family is in shock after the death of their father and husband, who died suddenly.

John Perricone, 29, of Chicago, Illinois, worked hard and struggled to make ends meet.

He was very happy when his parents gave him money so he and his family can join other family members on a cruise. Perricone, 29, and his family, enjoyed a vacation to Mexico last month, when he began having trouble breathing.

Perricone visited the ship's doctor after feeling ill, but the father of four young children began to convulse before dying suddenly.

Now, the family of the 29 year old, who worked at Home Depot, are waiting to hear what caused his sudden death during the cruise with his wife and four children.

Perricone, who was studying for an accounting degree at night school, was the sole breadwinner of the family as his wife Brittany, cared for his children, all under seven years old.

Sadly, while the family was struggling to pay bills, Perricone had canceled their life insurance, believing that there was little that could go wrong while he was only 29-years-old. Only three weeks later, he was gone, leaving his family to depend on donations from good Samaritans.

Dog shot while chasing armed robbers out of house saving its owner’s family

Hurt dog illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A family is very grateful to their dogs that saved their lives by chasing away armed robbers.

One dog named Charlie, was reunited with its owners in California, after undergoing surgery.

The incident began when two armed robbers broke into the family's Los Angeles home. However, they did not get far, as the owner’s 3 dogs began chasing them.

The dogs chased the would-be-thieves down the street. While doing do so, Charlie was shot 4 times. Its owner said that if the dog would not have taken the bullet it might have hit one of the children.

The dog’s legs were injured and one leg needed to be amputated. The family did not have to money for the dog’s surgery.

A fund was set up to raise the necessary funds from good Samaritans. They managed to raise $8,000 for an operation that required $4,000. The rest of the money was given to the veterinarian for the care of dogs whose owners cannot afford it.

The family said that the dog seems to be happy despite the trauma of the incident last weekend. It is now limping on three legs perfectly fine, licking and kissing its family once again.

See heartwarming dance by two sisters one of whom has cerebral palsy

Grace and Quincy Latkovski 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Two young girl's stole the hearts of many people with their sisterly love and an amazing dance.

The sisters of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, are gaining international attention with their dance routine that includes a disabled girl and her wheelchair.

Grace Latkovski, 9, uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis. She is a brave little girl, who has the love and support of her older sister, Quincy Latkovski, 11.

Despite her disabilities, Grace Latkovski dances with her older sister. The disability did not stop her and her sister from competing in the Jamfest Super Nationals.

In fact, both Quincy and Gracie incorporate wheelchairs as part of their dance. The routine began with both sisters sitting in wheelchairs looking at each other from opposite sides. Then they used Grace Latkovski’s wheelchair as part of the act.

This years Jamfest Super Nationals was bigger than ever with 300 teams and more than 4,000 dancers performing.
However, there was not a dry eye in the house when the sisters showed off their unique performance.

Even though Gracie is not be able to move her legs, it doesn't keep her from going out there and using the talent she has. Especially with the love of family and her adoring fans.

Baby seen on video crying every time news anchor Brian Williams comes on TV

Jude McGuire crying after seeing Brian Williams 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) It seems like this baby is terrified of television news anchor Brian Williams, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The father of the child said he does now know why the 10 month old is afraid of Williams.

Whatever it is, there's something about NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams that terrorizes the baby, Jude McGuire. The child's father, Jordan McGuire, published a video of his child crying on YouTube, which has since gone viral.

He named the video: "My 10-month-old son hates Brian Williams." "This is a video of our son. We hate to do it, but anytime Brian Williams comes on TV he starts screaming until we shut it down," McGuire wrote in the video’s description.

To prove it, McGuire began recording his son Jude, while President Barack Obama and NBC reporter Chuck Todd where on the TV screen. The baby watched silently until Williams came back on the screen.

Dog seen on video riding motorcycle down city street

Dog driving a motorcycle 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A cute dog was seen riding a motorcycle like a pro down a city street, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

According to the video, it seems that man's best friend may have finally figured out how to drive a motorcycle.

The video below, which was initially uploaded on LiveLeak, shows a dog operating the motorcycle on the streets of Medellin, Colombia, without a helmet. However, before you try this stunt with your dog, it would be appropriate to dress it with protective gear.

The video of this stunt went viral on the Internet.

Last January, a hungry dog decided to have some hot fresh chicken nuggets, according to video uploaded to the Internet. The owner of the dog said that it looks like the chicken nuggets are not safe from Lucy the beagle, even when they are stored inside a hot toaster oven.

The owner of Lucy, Rob Scheinerman, decided to install a video camera in the kitchen of the family home in order to see what the little puppy is up to when it was left alone.

On this particular day, the beagle has shown that it has some pretty good problem solving skills, as it moved furniture so it can get to the chicken nuggets that were inside the toaster oven on the kitchen counter.

Man beats his daughter to death because she misbehaved

Slap in the face illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man is on the run from the law after being accused of beating his daughter to death because she misbehaved, police in Nigeria said.

Ogun State Police said it has placed Bisi Onigogo, on their wanted list for allegedly beating his daughter, Yemi, to death.

According to the initial police investigation, Onigogo was upset about the misconduct of his daughter when he decided to beat her. The father fled from the city after realizing that his daughter was dead.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect, but so far, he has evaded arrest.

Earlier this month, a man told police that he beat two women to death with a hammer because he believed they were witches, police in New York said. Carlos Alberto Amarillo, 44, called 911 early on Wednesday, and reported that two women were murdered.

"I killed them because they are witches," Amarillo told the 911 dispatcher. "I want the police to kill me. I killed with a hammer," he also said. When police arrived at the house, Amarillo was holding a Bible.

Police found the body of his girlfriend, Estrella Castaneda, 56, face up on a bed with a pillow over her face. The rubber of a hammer was found next to her body. On the floor in a back room, police found the victim's daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25, with head injuries, and a hammer was next to her body.

The 7-year-old daughter of Lina Castaneda was found unharmed in bed in her mother's room. Amarillo said he believed the victims were witches, were doing voodoo and they cast spells on him.

Amarillo was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and one count of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Landlords cut their tenants with razor blade because they decided to move

Razor blade illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A couple was arrested and charged with assault after cutting their tenants because they decided to move, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they arrested Tokunbo and Damilola Adebari, on Tuesday, after they were accused of the vicious assault against their tenants.

The couple of 3 Araromi Street, was charged with three counts of assault, affray and disorderly conduct before the Yaba Magistrate’s Court. According to police, an argument broke out between the couple and their tenants, Wemimo Ogbere and his wife Abosede.

The tenants were in the process of placing their belongings in front of the house with the intention of moving when they fight broke out. The couple used a razor blade to cut the faces and torsos of the victims.

A prosecutor told the court that the couple has a history of violence against their tenants. The suspects denied the allegations made against them and pleaded not guilty.

They both face up to three years behind bars if convicted. They were booked into jail and released on bail.

Man caught on video slicing coconut on his wife’s neck using large sword

Coconut being sliced on woman’s neck 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman constantly puts her life on the line by allowing her husband to slice coconut on her neck using a large sword, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The husband of India, earns a living by smashing coconut on his wife’s body.

While most of us will think twice before resorting to this kind of daredevil stunts, for the couple in Andhra Pradesh, it is just life as normal. Bhramaramba Budati allows her husband to crush and cut them on her body.

Shankar Budati, Bhramaramba’s husband, routinely slices coconut on his wife’s neck and stomach in front of many onlookers. However, the stunts do not end with coconut.

The couple also performs other daredevil stunts, including smashing tiles and lights, and breaking ice blocks. Of course, all items are broken on Bhramaramba’s body.

The couple said that they perform some stunts along with their young children, and that their dream is to begin performing abroad.

Man kidnapped and has his private parts removed after threatening his friend

Tied up man illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A man is dead after he threatened his friend, police in Nigeria said.

Kogu State Police said that the incident began when 22-year-old Mohammed Farouk, had an argument with his friend, who was identified as Ijogbon, and promised to deal with him.

However, before Farouk could do anything, Ijogbon arranged the kidnapping and torture of Farouk after which he was beheaded, had his private parts removed and buried in a forest. Police said that argument broke out at a bakery where the victim and his friend worked.

Police launched an investigation into the murder, and so far, they have managed to arrest two suspects who were involved in the killing. However, Ijogbon is still at large.

The two suspects told police that Ijogbon hired them to kill Farouk, and that Ijogbon had since fled the city. Police exhumed the victim’s body and send it for an autopsy.

New app allows you to find the nearest toilet

Airpnp experience 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Are you scrambling to find the nearest toilet only to not make it in time? Now there is an app for that.

“Airpnp” is a new application that will connect toilet owners with those in need of a toilet while stranded outdoors and away from their home or office.

When there aren't enough bathrooms nearby for the amount of people in any given location Airpnp is there to save the day. Airpnp gives residences and businesses the opportunity to rent out their bathrooms to people in their immediate location who need to use it.

This currently happens through a mobile optimized web app. Users are able to rate their pee experience afterwards so others can see how each restroom stacks up.

“Pee all you can pee with Airpnp,” the company wrote on its website.

Crash report: What to expect when your car is totaled

Crashed car illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

Of the 25 million car accidents that are reported to insurance companies every year, a vehicle is totaled in about one-fifth of them, according to analysis by AOL Autos.

Sometimes you can tell a car is a total loss just by looking at it, but not always. "Totaled" doesn't necessarily mean the vehicle will never see the road again, either—in fact, sometimes no one would ever be able to tell a totaled car had been in a wreck.

What Does Totaled Mean?

An insurance company will deem a car totaled (or a total loss) when the amount in damages exceeds a certain percentage of the vehicle's cash value. The percentage varies from state to state but is generally around 70-80 percent. The actual cash value is determined by the vehicle's year, model and make, along with the mileage and added features.

A car can be deemed a total loss even if the damages do not exceed the cash value threshold. This happens when a vehicle can't be restored to a safe operating condition, a common occurrence for cars that sustain flood damage.

An older car involved in a minor fender-bender could be deemed totaled as well, even if you're able to drive it away from the scene. That's because the cost of body work on a vehicle from, say, the early 1990s with 150,000-plus miles on it will far exceed its $1,000 to $1,500 cash value.

Your Options

Once a vehicle is deemed a total loss, the insurance company will owe you a check for the amount of the vehicle's actual cash value, minus any deductibles. If both parties cannot come to a consensus as to the vehicle's value, you can agree to hire an independent appraiser.

If the other driver is at fault, and you disagree with the value their insurance company gives, file a claim via your own provider. Your insurance company should then pursue the other driver's company for reimbursement.

Once your insurance company cuts you a check, the totaled vehicle becomes their property, unless you request to keep it. This essentially means you are purchasing the vehicle back from the insurer for its salvage value.

Salvage value varies by state and insurer, but typically it's about 75 percent of the vehicle's market value. In other words, if you decide to keep your 1992 Ford Escort with a $1,500 actual value, the insurer will give you the vehicle and the $325 difference in salvage vs. actual value.

If there is a deductible involved, you may end up paying the difference to keep the vehicle. You'll then need to obtain a salvage title for the vehicle in order to legally drive it.


When a vehicle is totaled, often a serious injury is involved as well. Thus a larger payout to cover medical expenses could come in the form of a structured settlement. The terms usually can be negotiated, so you can keep your car without subtracting the salvage value.

The remaining settlement would be disbursed via monthly payments for a set period of time. Of course, you may be able to sell all or part of your future structured settlement payments to a company like J.G. Wentworth for a lump sum of cash now.

Again, the above depends on the state where you live and your insurer. Contact your state's motor vehicle division or your insurance company for information more specific to you.