Elderly London Hasidic man beaten in Borough Park after leaving grandchild’s wedding

McDonald Avenue illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A Hasidic British man who was visiting Borough Park to take part in his grandchild’s wedding, was seriously injured after he was beaten in an anti-Semitic attack, police in New York said.

The 65-year-old grandfather, was attacked by two men after he left the wedding hall.

The incident occurred on McDonald Avenue near 18th Avenue. Relatives of the man said that he was hit on the head and fell to the ground, severely injuring his face.

The man was taken to Maimonides Medical center by the Hatzolah volunteer ambulance service. Police believe the incident may be linked to a series of attacks referred to as the “knockout game,” in which Jews are deliberately targeted.

Councilman David Greenfield condemned the attack. The New York Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime. However, no arrests have been made.

Rambam Hospital seen on video conducting emergency drill in new underground medical center

Rambam underground hospital 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) A video was released showing an emergency drill being conducting in the new underground medical center of Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

A large scale drill was conducted at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa.

The primary objective of the drill was to test the operations and preparedness of the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital, scheduled to open in the next couple of months.

The 2,000-bed Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital (FUEH) is the largest of its kind in the world, designed to protect the patients of Northern Israel in times of war.

The concept behind this integrated parking lot - underground hospital, was conceived after the Second Lebanon War, during which the hospital came under direct rocket fire. Lessons learned from that experience led to the design and construction of the underground hospital to assure the safety of Rambam’s patients and personnel.

Another drive to construct such a facility emanates from the understanding that the next war will necessitate medical care under direct fire. With recent history in mind, part of this exercise included a simulation of Rambam Hospital under a missile attack—an all too realistic scenario.

The drill included the transfer of one large department and a few medical units from the hospital’s main building to the FUEH, which extends three floors underground. The logistic exercise included operating of systems and the deployment of necessary equipment.

Once set up, hospital staff practiced the transfer of hospital beds and equipment to designated locations on each of the floors of the underground hospital, including the transfer of complex intensive care, dialysis, and surgical equipment. During an unexpected emergency the FUEH will have to receive hundreds of oncology and gynecology patients, dozens of dialysis patients, and hundreds of other patients in need of medical services—not to mention the wounded coming in from the battlefield or the civilians wounded in the rocket attacks.

This exercise is a small part of the massive logistical operations practiced at Rambam in preparation for times of crisis conducted with the assistance of other agencies, including the Home Front Command (HFC), the Ministry of Health, Magen David Adom (MDA), and the Haifa Municipality.

“In 2006, we had to face impossible challenges when the hospital came under missile attack, while at the same time tending to the wounded among civilians and soldiers,” Prof. Rafi Beyar, Director and one of the initiators of Rambam’s underground hospital, explained.

“We decided to take our fate into our own hands. Eight years later, a structure built with careful planning to benefit patients in the region is nearing completion. I hope we never have to use this facility, but if the day comes—we'll be ready for any scenario,” he said.

Considered an essential strategic facility serving all of Northern Israel, the underground emergency unit serves as a parking lot at peace times. The underground hospital can accommodate 2,000 beds plus the full complement of hospital staff, numbering in the thousands. The bottom two levels of the facility are fully fortified against conventional and unconventional warfare. The hospital can be cut off from the outside world for 72 hours and has its own independent electric and water supply.

Construction of this massive facility required excavating below sea level, resulting in flooding. For 36 months, groundwater was pumped back into the sea by over 100 pumps, at a rate of 12,000 cubic meters per hours. With drainage complete, the framework was built using 7,500 tons of steel. The foundations were laid and the structure took shape using 80,000 cubic meters of concrete.

The cost of this endeavor is estimated at 420 million shekels ($120 million). The late Sammy Offer provided the initial funding, approximately 80 million shekels. Another 160 million shekels were provided by government agencies, and another 110 million shekels were taken in loans. Another 20 million shekels is needed to complete the facility, including equipment.

How to bounce back from financial troubles

By: Aarav Sen

No one is immune to a financial crisis.

This type of instability can be caused by a wide range of factors, and individuals often don't have control over whether or not they are affected.

Job loss, divorce, natural disasters, accidents, economic downturn, theft and other horrors can turn a once-comfortable financial situation into a fiscal nightmare. Many times this results in a severely damaged credit score for those individuals involved.

As Freddie Mac notes, credit repair is not an overnight fix - it's something that takes months, even years to achieve. But with time and diligence, anyone can take their bleak financial situation and turn it around. Here are four strategies to help you bounce back.

Pay Your Bills On Time Every Month

Paying your bills is one of the easiest ways to build back your credit score over time. Not paying bills on time is also one of the quickest ways to damage your score, so prompt bill payment should be a high priority. According to MyFICO.com, payment history accounts for 35 percent of your overall score, more than any other scoring category.

If you do have bills you don't think you can pay on time, contact the creditor directly to see if a payment plan or other arrangement can be made. They can usually make accommodations. Whatever you do, don't simply ignore these bills - that's the quickest way to land a negative mark on your credit history.

Minimize Your Debt

The amount of debt you carry has a huge impact on your credit score. Even worse, the bills created by this debt increase your monthly expenses and put greater strain on your finances. When you're looking to improve your finances, the best thing you can do is pay off debt.

Get back on track with monthly payments, make extra payments when possible, and reduce the amount of loans you're paying back. Avoid only paying the minimum required, as those will keep you just ahead of interest charges. Even if new obligations arise, seek out ways to address these issues without digging a deeper financial hole.

For example, if you need a new car but you are leery of taking on another auto loan, seek out a leasing option that you can use only until you gain greater financial stability. CancelAnytimeLease.com offers car leasing options that don't require a credit check or any required time commitment.

That way, you can use the leased vehicle as long as you are rebuilding your financial situation, and once you're ready for a new car you can make an easy transition.

Examine Your Credit Report

Financial strife will inevitably lead to an increase in action on your credit report. While this information may be accurate, you will need to obtain a free copy of your credit report and check for any errors that may be causing undue damage to your report. As ConsumerFinance notes, any errors can be easily disputed with the credit reporting bureau, and if you are able to successfully make your case the revisions could produce significant improvements in your score virtually overnight.

Create a Financial Plan

Once you have stabilized your financial situation, it's vital to have a plan of action moving forward. With effective financial planning in place, you can save money over time and build up a nest egg that will protect you if and when financial crisis strikes in the future.

As Divorce360 notes, a good financial plan will compare all of the expenses you face to your income. With these numbers in mind, you can set a daily budget and create flexibility that allows you to put a little money away every month - even if the savings are modest.

Son saves his mother’s home from quick moving fire by dousing it with soup

Soup illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

The quick thinking action of a man saved an elderly woman’s home, firefighters in Hawaii said.

Honolulu firefighters said that on Saturday morning, a short circuit in the laundry room of the home belonging to 70-year-old Joy Gardner, started a fire that nearly engulfed the house.

Fortunately, the sound of the fire awoke 41-year-old Reuben Prensky, Gardner's son, who was visiting from Canada. Prensky ran to the kitchen, grabbed a pot of miso soup and threw it into the fire.

His quick thinking slowed the fire down long enough for him to be able to grab a water house and extinguish the fire completely. Firefighters noted that if the fire lasted just a few seconds longer it would have destroyed the entire house.

Gardner is thankful that her son came to visit her at a time when she needed him the most, as she could have died in the fire if she was home alone. The fire caused just $10,000 in damages, while the property is worth $200,000.

6-year-old girl traumatized after finding couple having sex in drug store ladies room

Christopher Mahurin 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A couple’s sex session was interrupted when a little girl had to use the drug store bathroom, police in Florida said.

Police said that they arrested the man who was having sex in the women’s bathroom at a local Walgreens.

It was Saturday night, when Christopher Mahurin and Jenna Lynn Frey were having sex in the bathroom of the Walgreens, which is located on Havendale Boulevard. As the couple was doing it, a 6-year-old girl entered the bathroom while her father was waiting outside.
Upon seeing the girl, Mahurin decided to leave the bathroom completely naked. The 24-year-old allegedly pushed the girl to the door and she started yelling, prompting her father to come in.

Police officers said that they arrived at the scene, just as Mahurin and Frey were getting into their car. The couple initially denied the allegations, but police said that Frey later admitted that they were having sex in the bathroom.

Mahurin, who has a handful of earlier arrests in Polk County, was jailed on several charges, including lewd and lascivious exhibition, and indecent exposure. He was released Sunday on $4,000 bond.

Man arrested after climbing up tree naked because it is his home

Michael Howard Long 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested, charged and convicted of public lewdness after climbing a tree naked, police in Alabama said.

Arab Police said that they arrested the man on Saturday morning, after being called to the man’s home by a concerned neighbor.

Police and firefighters said that they worked for an hour to get the man, who was high on drugs, to come down from the tree. When he finally did, 40-year-old Michael Howard Long was arrested and charged with public lewdness and disorderly conduct. He was booked into the Arab City Jail.

Long was near the top of the 40-foot tall tree when police arrived. Authorities said that they used a bucket truck to cut some branches in an attempt to reach the man. After an hour of negotiations, Long decided to make the trip safely to the ground.

Long told officers that he was cleaning the tree in order to prepare it as his new home. Long faced a judge on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to a charge of public lewdness. The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed and he was released from prison.

Man caught breaking into home to steal little girl’s underwear (video)

Manual Rodriguez 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with theft after he allegedly stole underpants belonging to a little girl, police in Florida said.

A Golden Gate family said that their nightmare began when they heard a big boom sound.

Janet Gonzalez said that her husband gathered all the children and they armed themselves with baseball bats.
They looked around the house to locate the thief after they saw that their screen door was damaged and their belongings were in the yards.

The family couldn't locate the thief. Later, they decided to check the bathroom. Gonzalez said she opened the door and was horrified to see Manual Rodriguez.

She quickly locked the door and the entire family held the door shut until police arrived. When police arrived they saw that the 21-year-old suspect did not have any weapons. However, he had little girls’ underwear in his pocket, which he took out from the laundry basket.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with burglary and petit theft.

Mother charged with murder after starving her 13-year-old son to death

Jessica Jensen 
By: Aarav Sen

A woman was arrested and charged with murder after her young son died of starvation, police in North Dakota said.

Jessica Jensen was charged with murder after the Medical Examiner ruled that her 13-year-old son died of chronic hunger due to an untreated illness called youthful appetite disorder.

The Medical Examiner listed his death as a homicide. Police said that Jensen of Kenmare, told investigators that her son had a problem and with his growth and they have not seen a doctor for several years.

Doctors said that the boy weighed only twenty one pounds when he died.

Jensen was also accused of negligence, for failing to properly care for her two other children. Her two other children, 7 and 14 years old, were placed with family members.

Jensen could face life in prison without parole if convicted. She was booked into the Ward County Jail in Minot. Her bail was set at $250,000.

Man robs shoe store day after completing 15 year prison sentence for robbing the same shoe store

Christopher Miller 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Despite serving a fifteen year prison sentence, one man has not learned his lesson, police in New Jersey said.

The day after Christopher Miller finished a 15 year prison sentence for shoplifting from a Stride Rite store in Toms River, he committed an identical crime at the same store.

Miller, 40, was released on Friday, from South Woods State Prison, after serving 15 years for robbing the Stride Rite on Hooper Avenue. On Saturday, Miller took a bus from Atlantic City to Toms River, returned to the same store and committed a second robbery.

Miller entered the store and found two store employees, a 17-year-old boy and a 43-year-old woman. He demanded cash, but he became agitated with their slow response.

He helped himself to the cash register and removed about $400 in cash. Miller also demanded the woman’s car keys, but the woman refused to comply.

A frustrated Miller took cellphones and fled on foot. The employees managed to alert the police, who responded immediately. Moments later, Miller was arrested, and police found the phones and the money.

In 1999, Miller was sentenced to 15 years in prison for three armed robberies in Toms River and Brick, as well as theft, criminal restraint and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes. Miller was booked into the Ocean County Jail and is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Woman beats DJ at party for playing stupid music

DJ illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman who became angry at a DJ because he was playing stupid music, decided to beat him, police in Wisconsin said.

Madison Police said that they are looking to arrest the woman who beat the DJ at a party.

The incident happened at a birthday party on Sunday morning. The DJ at the party, which was held at the Brocach Irish Pub on 7 West Main Street, told police that the woman started screaming about his song selections.

Partygoers were able to pull her away, but she broke free and fled from the scene.

Police said that the 32-year-old DJ was hit several times in the head and received a scratch on his face. His laptop, headphones and microphone were shattered, thrown around and broken.

Witnesses told police that the 34-year-old woman picked up a glass and threw it at the head of the DJ. He ducked down and it hit a window, sending pieces of glass everywhere, police said.

The DJ said that he was not sure why the woman became so angry with him.

Strippers angry after police held them in locker rooms and took revealing photos of them

Stripclub illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) Strippers in California, are fighting back after police officers took photos of them without their consent.

25 exotic dancers in a strip club in San Diego, filed a lawsuit against police officers, who forced them to stay in the strip club against their will while taking revealing pictures of their bodies and their tattoos.

Ten police officers raided the San Diego Cheetah gentlemen's clubs in Kearny Mesa, to check if the women had work permits.

The officers ordered the women to go into the locker rooms and held the women for one hour against their wills. Officers photographed the women. Some were in their bikinis while others were reportedly nude. They also took many photos of their tattoos.

The police department said that random checks are perfectly legal and that officers did nothing wrong.

Father granted order of protection against 9-year-old boy

Judge's gavel illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) In a unique case, a man asked a judge for an order of protection against a 9-year-old boy.

The judge granted the father’s request and gave him a temporary protection order.

The incident began when Stephen Feudner’s son came home from school and told his father that he was bullied at school.

The 9-year-old bully allegedly punched Feudner’s son in the face. The father went to the school and discussed the situation with school officials.

However, the school officials were not helpful. So in order to protect his son and keep him safe at school, the father went to court and asked the judge for an order of protection against the bully.

Feudner then went back to the school and asked for the full name and address of the 9-year-old boy, who bullied his son. However, the school refused to release that information.

The father had 5 days to serve the order of protection before it became void, but without the child’s information he couldn’t serve it.

The father will ask the court to order the school to hand over the child’s information so he can protect his child.
Feudner hopes that his actions will help other parents better protect their children from being victims of bullies.

Man persuades pregnant wife to wear handcuffs during sex then kills her for insurance money

Isaac Aguigui 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man faces life in prison after killing his pregnant wife during sex.

Isaac Aguigui, 22, was fed up with his rocky relationship and decoded to end it by killing his wife.

Aguigui, who was a soldier, confessed that he killed his pregnant wife after persuading her to have kinky sex while wearing handcuffs.

His wife, Sgt. Deirdre Aguigui, 24, who was also in the army, agreed to have kinky sex. While wearing the handcuffs, Isaac Aguigui placed a plastic bag over her head and choked her to death.

He faces an automatic life sentence if a military judge will convict him of murdering his wife and unborn child.

Isaac Aguigui received $500,000 in life insurance and benefit payments from the Army after his wife was found dead in their apartment at the southeast Georgia army post.

Prosecutors said that Isaac Aguigui allegedly used the money to buy guns and bomb components for an anti-government militia group, F.E.A.R. (Forever Enduring Always Ready), which he started by recruiting other disgruntled soldiers.

Mother of 5 manages to flee after being kidnapped and sold as sex slave

Woman in bed illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman is happy to be back home with her husband and children.

The 37-year-old woman of Springs, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, who is a mother of 5 children, was walking to the store to get some household items on Sunday morning.

While walking, a car suddenly stopped in front of her. A man jumped out of the car, pointed a gun at the woman and ordered her to get into the car.

The woman begged the man to allow her to go back home to her kids, but he refused. The man parked in front of a club for about one hour.

The woman was later sold to a buyer as a sex slave. The mother of 5 was taken into a house where she saw three more women. One of the women was heavily pregnant.

“One woman told me that her boyfriend had bought me and now I had to make him back that money,” the victim told police. The desperate mother waited for an opportunity to escape.

When two customers came to the house and the door was left open, the mother ran for her life. One of the women ran after her and shouted for her to come back. The victim begged a street vendor for help and police were called. A Gauteng police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale, said that officers went to the house where the woman was kept and arrested three people, two women and a man.

“We have opened cases of kidnapping, trafficking and possession of drugs against the suspects,” Mogale said.

Teacher, 43, arrested after being caught sitting on 15-year-old student’s lap in classroom

Friendly couple at school illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Students told authorities that they saw a teacher being spanked by a 15-year-old student.

The teacher was also seen sitting on the student’s lap, while the two acted too friendly.

When officials confronted the student, he admitted that his teacher performed oral sex on him. The student said that he knew the teacher since the sixth grade.

Corrie Anne Long, 43, of Texas, was arrested. Now, the middle school teacher faces felony charges for allegedly having an ongoing sexual relationship with her 15-year-old male students.

The school, which is located in a suburb of Houston, released a statement saying that the teacher has been removed from her position at the school as soon as the allegations against her were made.

Long was placed on administrative leave and is not permitted on campus while authorities are investigating the accusations. Her bail was set at $30,000.

Man steals Bentley but returns it after crashing the car

Bentley illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A man found a Bentley unattended at a parking lot and drove off with it.

However, a few days later, he crashed the car and no longer had use for it, so he returned it.

The 25-year-old man was arrested in Shanghai, China, when he returned the stolen Bentley after crashing it during a joyride.

The suspect, who was identified as Liu, allegedly stole the car when he saw it unattended at a store parking lot.

Liu allegedly broke the trunk of the car looking for a set of keys. When he found a spare set of keys he jumped into the front seat and drove to his home in the province of Zhejiang.

A few days later however, Liu’s joyride was ended when he accidentally crashed the car. He told his friend what happened. He also told his friend that the car was stolen.

The friend persuaded him to do the right thing and return the car. Liu drove the Bentley back into the city and parked it where he stole it.

He also left a note and compensation to the owner. Upon leaving the parking area, he was immediately arrested by the police.

Teacher arrested after having sex with students at Waffle House and in classroom

Waffle House illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A teacher is in trouble after using her classroom for sex.

The math teacher is accused of having sex with a few students.

In one incident, the teacher allegedly had a threesome with students in her classroom. On a different occasion, the teacher took her student to the Waffle House, where she engaged in sexual activity with the student.

Lori Carmichael Quigley, 41, was a high school teacher in Georgia, but rather than sticking to her math class, she gave her teenage students hands on sex education.

Quigley was arrested at her home in Brunswick, on three counts of sexual assault by a person with supervisory discipline authority, according to the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office.

She was granted a $50,000 bond, and was ordered to stay away from children. The teacher is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with anyone under 18 years old.

Man gets 7 months jail for biting his parents after they withheld visitation with his cat

Cat illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A man was accused of biting his parents after they would not allow him to see his cat.

Yevgeniy Bolshakov, 26, of Daly City, California, has pleaded guilty to assault for biting his parents and threatening to burn their house down when he was told he could not see the family cat.

Bolshakov was sentenced to seven months in jail and placed on three years probation. The incident happened when he came home and asked about the cat that had recently undergone surgery. He was denied access to the cat.

His parents told Bolshakov that the cat was recovering and that he could not see the pet, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said. Bolshakov became angry and bit his 64-year-old father in the arm, tearing off a piece of flesh, the prosecutor said.

Bolshakov also bit his father twice in the shoulder and once in the chin. When his mother tried to intervene, Bolshakov hit her in the head and bit her on the hand, Wagstaffe said.

Police were called and they arrested him. As he was being led away, he threatened to kill his parents and burn down the apartment.

Bolshakov was ordered to undergo counseling and is forbidden to have contact with his parents as part of his plea deal.