New app to help people find burial place of their loved ones throughout Israel

Jewish cemetery illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) People often complain of the frustrating experience of finding the tombstone of their loved ones among thousands of headstones in cemeteries across Israel.

Now, thanks to a new app, all gravestones in Israel will be documented.

The Ministry of Religious Services has announced that it is working on the new smartphone application that will help those looking for graves of their loved ones. While documenting Israeli graves has already started by the social networking services company MyHeritage, the Israeli ministry said it will take another few months to complete.

The MyHeritage project began in early March. It began with digitizing Israeli graves in the Segula cemetery in Petah Tikva. The initiative is part of a global effort to preserve Jewish cemeteries.

An estimated 35,000 people die each year in Israel, but the country's population, currently about 8 million, is growing at a rate of about 1.9 percent annually. Additionally, many Jews from around the world chose to be buried in Israel.

Israeli soldiers kill 2 terrorists at Syrian border while trying to break security fence

Border fence illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Two Syrian terrorists were killed after they were caught by the Israeli military trying to break through a security fence, the Israeli military said in a statement.

The incident occurred on Friday night.

As the suspects approached the area around the fence, they were spotted by IDF soldiers, who then opened fire. Israeli army sources reported that the two were hit, and they died on the spot.

“The IDF will continue to defend the border area and prevent attacks,” a spokesperson for the IDF said in statement. The army also announced that it has changed its rules of engagement orders for soldiers patrolling the area.

Soldiers were given the green light to shoot anyone approaching the border fence.

Israel’s unemployment rate drops to record low of 4.9% in February

Workers wanted ad section illustration 
By: Anav Silverman

Israel’s unemployment rate continued to plummet this year and now stands at a record low, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Israel's unemployment rate has dropped to a record low in February 2014, down to 4.9 percent compared to 5.4 percent in January for people aged 25 to 64.

According to a seasonally adjusted study released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) last week, over 3.5 million people out of 8.1 million people are employed in Israel. The study found that 216,000 people were unemployed in February, approximately 3,000 fewer than in January.

Among males aged 25 to 64, the employment rate rose to 81.1 percent and among females aged 25 to 64, the employment rate rose to 71 percent.

The CBS survey found that unemployment also declined for those people aged 15 and over, from 5.9 percent in January to 5.8 percent in February. The employment rate for that age group rose to 60.5 percent in February.

Four out five people (aged 25 to 64) are currently employed, with participation in the labor force rising to a record high of 80 percent in February, according to CBS data.

In addition, the CBS survey found that among employed men, 87 percent work full time and 13 percent work part time. Among employed women, 67 percent work full time and 33 percent work part time.

The number of employed people who usually work full time (35 hours or more per week), increased by 0.8 percent compared with January - an increase of 21,000.

Israel's unemployment rates have been trending down in the past two years, a source in the Central Bureau of Statistics told Tazpit News Agency.

Judge orders man to pay former girlfriend for taking her virginity

Cash illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A judge ordered a man to pay a woman for taking her virginity and then refusing to marry her.

Judge Marehwanazvo Gofa of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, made the landmark ruling and ordered the man to pay the woman.

Matthew Simango, was being sued by his former fiancee who claimed that she allowed him to take her virginity after he started paying her tuition and he proposed to her.

However, he later reneged on his promise to marry her. In court, he was ordered to pay $1,800 for the seduction and breach of promise.

The jilted woman had initially asked for $5,000 in damages, saying that she had only consented to the sexual demands of Simango after he agreed to finance her studies and to marry her.

In his defense, Simango claimed that he proposed to her and intended to marry her, but he refused to marry the woman when he discovered that she was not a virgin.

However, she denied the allegations saying she had passed a virginity test at her church before her sexual encounter with Simango.

Teacher talks dirty to her student while officers listen to their conversation

Kristina McMillan Kelly 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A substitute teacher is in trouble after asking her student to sleep with her.

However, rather than meeting with the teacher the student reported her to school officials. Police were called.

During an investigation, officers learned that Kristina McMillan Kelly, 41, of Mobile, Alabama, had inappropriate sexual contact with at least three students aged between 14 and 15.

Denton Middle School officials called one victim’s mother and asked her to come to the school. They informed the mother that her child was not in trouble, but they needed her at the school.

The woman was then taken to the Child Advocacy Center. There, she was informed that the teacher had arranged to sleep with her son later that day.

Police wanted the boy to help them get an arrest warrant for the 41-year-old certified substitute teacher. At the Child Advocacy Center, the victim called his teacher and the two discussed their meeting.

They spoke about what they were going to do sexually when they meet and about her sexual encounter with other students.

The teacher was unaware that police were listening in on the conversation and they heard it all. Kelly was arrested on several charges including rape and sodomy.

Man cuts off his hand when doctors refused to treat him only to discover that it still hurts

Arm illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man who was in lot of pain after a motorcycle accident, decided to remove his hand.

Mark Goddard, 44, a father of one of Devon, England, was in pain for the past 16 years after he was injured in a motorcycle accident.

He asked doctors to amputate his hand, but his request was denied by Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) because his hand was still functioning.

Goddard was fed up with his suffering so he built his own guillotine device. He designed the device so that he can operate it with his right hand in order to cut off his left hand.

The man said that he build the device when his wife Samantha was not around to stop him.

Once he has amputated his arm, Goddard placed his amputated hand into a bin and burned it so it cannot be reattached.

He then called an ambulance and was taken to a hospital. However, Goddard was horrified when his hand started hurting again.

Doctors informed him that in order to get rid of the pain he will need surgery to remove his arm from his elbow.

Goddard told his doctors that if they will not schedule the surgery within a short period of time then he will do it himself.

Goddard was ordered to go through a psychiatric evaluation and was found to be rational.

New app helps you avoid your former boyfriends or girlfriends by tracking them

Split app in action 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A new application will help people avoid uncomfortable situations by keeping track of former boyfriends or girlfriends.

The app named Split, uses location technology to track those deemed undesirable.

It issues an alert when they get too close for comfort. The smartphone app even tells you the name of the person you want to avoid, and suggests an escape route.

The application, which is likely to be welcomed by former lovers and stalkers alike, uses social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to track people. “The idea was born during a frustrating night when I met my former girlfriend in a bar,” Udi, one of the founders of Split, said.

“After a few awkward minutes, I quickly gathered my friends and left for another pub down the street. However, when I arrived, I ran into another ex. We all have people in our lives that we prefer not to find by chance,” Udi added.

“It is not just about disliking the person, it is more about not hurting ourselves and them, and to avoid those awkward and embarrassing situations,” Udi continued.

Man arrested after sending a picture of his privates along with job application to female employee

Man wearing underpants illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A man was charged with obscene display after he sent a picture of his privates to a female employee along with his job application, police in Texas said.

Dallas Police said that they charged the man, who sent a resume, job application and the picture of his privates to a local company.

The man didn't get a job, but he did get cited. Ironically, the man was applying for a position at Texas Workforce Solutions, a company dedicated to preparing clients for the workplace.

When the 25-years-old female employee received the application she immediately called the police. Police launched an investigation during which they discovered that the application was sent to the company by a personal email address.

Police tracked down the owner of the email address and issued him a ticket for “obscene display or distribution,” which is a class C misdemeanor. The man is still reportedly unemployed.

Teen’s face gets burned the day after being voted finalist in beauty queen contest

Beauty contest illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A teenager was looking forward to accomplishing her dream of winning a beauty queen contest.

However, all her dreams were shattered when her face caught on fire while she was out with her friends.

Lucy Morgan, 18, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, was burned when a can of flammable liquid exploded as she and a group of friends sat around a campfire.

The teen beauty queen was left with burns on 25 percent of her body and her face. Despite the terrible accident, Morgan hopes that she can still win the title of Miss Leeds.

Morgan was rushed to the Pinderfields Hospital burn unit, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where her burns were bandaged.

Despite the scars and red marks on her face, body, hands and legs, Morgan has decided she wants to stay in the competition.

In a series of Facebook messages, the teenager showed her extensive facial scarring and the healing process.

Morgan has undergone three skin graft operations in which skin was taken from her leg and was used to repair her hands.

Although she is not completely healed, the teenager decided to stay in the competition. “People think you need to be perfect to be a beauty queen, but I am still going to do it anyway,” she said.

Morgan came in third in last year’s beauty contest, and has remained friends with the winner, Olivia Craven, who is supporting the teen’s bid to win Miss Lucy Leeds.

Dog with just 2 legs seen on video dancing during his first time at the beach

Duncan Lou Who at the beach 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A two-legged dog was overjoyed after being taken to the beach for the first time, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

On the video, the dog can bee seen running through the sandy beach with a big smile.

The dog, named Duncan Lou Who, was recorded with a GoPro camera operated by Panda Paws Rescue personnel of Vancouver, Washington. Duncan Lou Who was born with deformed back legs and they had to be amputated.

While the dog has a wheelchair, it prefers to jump around on its two front legs. Panda Paws Rescue said that at the time of the amputation many have said that the dog should be killed. However, this video showed that they were wrong.

Last December, a clever dog was seen on video correctly identifying numerous toys after being trained by several scientists, according to video uploaded to the Internet. It is more than just a smart dog, as Chaser knows the names of over 1,000 items, according to the scientists who have trained the dog.

The scientists said that Chaser knows the names of all his 1,022 toys, and can classify the toys according to their function or form. They said that humans only learn to do this when they are about three years old.

The dog Einstein has been part of a seven-year study in the United States. University academics said that they first taught Chaser the names of more than 800 cloth animals, 116 balls, 26 Frisbees and 100 plastic toys. Then, the dog was taught numerous commands.

Other dogs are also able to learn words and commands, but not at such a high level. In 2004, Rico of Germany, was found to have a vocabulary of about 200 words, while Betsy of Austria, understood 340 words.

Muslim cleric caught while performing ritual slaughter on young girl to cleanse her of evil spirits

Girl praying illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A girl is lucky to be alive after a Muslim cleric was caught performing a ritual slaughter, police in Nigeria said.

Oyo State Police said that 37-year-old Isah Salaudeen, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after allegedly cutting 11-year-old Chiwendu Nkwocha.

According to witnesses at the scene, Salaudeen began cutting the girl's throat with a knife and was in the process of getting a machete to finish her off. Nkwocha however, managed to escape.

Nkwocha, who resides at 11 Ogundimu Street, Lagos State, was brought to Salaudeen by her boyfriend, Bola, earlier this year so he could exorcise her evil spirits. Since then, Nkwocha underwent spiritual cleansing with herbs and holy water.

On the day of the attempted murder, Nkwocha said that the cleric covered her head with a cloth. Suddenly, she began feeling sharp pain in her throat so she got up and ran.

Nkwocha was transported to University College Hospital in Ibadan. Salaudeen was arrested. During questioning, he told police that the evil spirits of the girl forced him to try to kill Nkwocha.

Salaudeen also admitted to having sex with the young girl because she turned him on. The suspect will be brought before a magistrate’s court judge for a bail hearing, while charges are still pending.

Teenagers arrested after raping 13-year-old girl and dumping her at side of a road

Side of a road illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A community was left shaken after two teenage boys raped a girl and abandoned her.

The incident occurred when a group of boys were walking at the side of the road where they found the 13-year-old girl crawling on the floor.

The victim was without clothes and bleeding. The group took her home, and then she was rushed to a hospital in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Two 17-year-old boys were arrested and charged. The victim’s 20-year-old sister said that the victim was fighting for her life at Witbank Hospital after being stabbed more than 20 times in the stomach, face and eyes.

The sister of the victim said that one of the suspects lured her sister from her home to nearby bushes, where she was stabbed and raped.

The victim knew the suspect. When the teens were done with raping the girl, they allegedly wanted to kill her. After being stabbed the teen lost consciousness.

The teens dragged the 13 year old to a river, and dumped her there. Police said that they might have believed that she was dead.

However, she later regained consciousness and crawled away, without clothes, to seek help. The teens were arrested and angry residents destroyed their belongings.

Lost tourist beaten and stripped by locals after being mistaken for a terrorist

Group of tourists illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A tourist walked into a rocky situation after getting lost during his vacation, police in India said.

The incident occurred when the Nigerian national who was on his way to Allahabad, ended up in Allapalli.

Clinton Osemwegi Igbinosun told police that he was chased and beaten by an angry mob in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after being mistaken for a terrorist. The victim suffered serious injuries, lost all his clothes and fell into a sewer while running for his life through the streets of the village.

When Igbinosun was rescued by police he was laying naked on narrow side street. Igbinosun was visiting India with a tourist visa.

According to the initial police investigation, Igbinosun asked locals to show him the public bus to Allahabad. However, due to his heavy African accent, people thought he asked for the bus to Allapalli.

When Igbinosun arrived to Allapalli he realized that he arrived to the wrong city, and began asking locals to show him to a hotel. That is when the locals became suspicious that the black man is actually a terrorist disguised as a tourist, and they began to beat him.

Igbinosun was transported to a local hospital where he is recovering from his injuries.

Man seen on video eating his hat after losing bet

Hat Eater eating his hat 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A man did the unthinkable and ate his hat after losing a bet he made with his friend, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The U.S. man will probably choose his words more carefully in the future after he was forced to eat his own hat.

The man, who has only been identified as the "Hat Eater," published a long 46-minute video to Reddit on Wednesday. It showed how he cut a cotton cap to pieces before slowly eating it with a Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich and washing it down with apple juice.

The man seemed to struggle while swallowing the material, as he coughed and choked throughout the uncomfortable ordeal. “Apparently I'm the only one in the world that did not know that the body does not digest cotton,” he said on the video.

Hat Eater had bet that the value of the digital currency Bitcoin, will never fall below $1,000. Unfortunately, it did. Hat Eater said that he ate the entire hat over a four day period.

Nurse arrested for killing 3 patients at hospital

Stepping Hill Hospital 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A nurse is facing three murder charges after allegedly killing three hospital patients, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, the nurse has appeared in court for trial in the murder of three patients at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Victorino Chua, 48, did not say much during a three-minute hearing at the Manchester Magistrate’s Court. He was told that he faces a total of 34 charges for the murders of Tracey Arden, 44, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and Derek Weaver, 83.

These three patients and 18 others were deliberately poisoned with contaminated products at the Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. Chua was arrested and charged after a lengthy investigation by police.

According to the police investigation, the patients all suffered from low blood sugar levels. Investigators later discovered that several bags of saline had been manipulated.

Girl, 6, drives her mother’s truck into utility pole

Truck crashed into police illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A mother was shocked to find that her daughter drove her truck into a utility pole.

Thankfully, young Jaylee Valdez was not injured but was shaken up.

The curious 6-year-old girl had spoken about driving her mother’s car, but never showed interest in driving the truck. However, one day, when her mother left her alone in the truck, she “drove it.”

Mireya Valdez of Ogden, Utah, put her daughter in the truck and then went inside the house to get her nephew. While she was inside, the mother suddenly heard her daughter screaming for help from the car.

Valdez ran outside, but did not find her truck where she had parked it. The child shifted the gear into reverse and got the truck rolling 100 feet down a hill until it hit a retention line holding a utility pole in place.

The mother ran after the truck, and then managed to get her daughter to safety.

2-year-old girl seen on video walking her horse Cinnamon

Emma Dunn with her horse Cinnamon 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) It is hard to believe that she is just 2 years old.

The little girl showed how she can walk her horse just like a grown up, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

Emma might still be a little child, but she is already well on her way to being the world's cutest cowgirl. The video, which was first posted on Facebook by her proud dad Justin Dunn, showed Emma walking the full-size horse.

Emma and the horse named Cinnamon, seem to be best friends while she dutifully leads it along a snowy road in Justin's ranch in Colorado. Justin trains horses and teaches horse riding to children and people with disabilities.

Justin decided to start early with his own daughter. “These two had and still have a special bond. Cinnamon Girl loves her Emma,” Justin Dunn said.

U.S. woman forced into prostitution by lover she met on the Internet in South Africa

Anna Kreller 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman thought she found the perfect man after hooking up with him on the Internet.

The man flew to the United States, to take the 19-year-old woman to South Africa, after promising to marry her.

However, once in South Africa, the man kept her as a sex slave and forced her into prostitution.

The woman, who has been identified as Anna Kreller, is now 26 years old. She told police that 7 years ago she was tricked into coming to South Africa by a man from Cape Town who she met on the Internet.

According to reports, a witness saw a man being aggressive towards Kreller. The man, who identified himself as Leon, rescued the woman from the man.

Leon said that he saw the couple and the man being aggressive towards the woman. “I drove around the block, and when I came back and stopped, the man ran away. I asked the woman if everything was OK,” Loan said.

The woman told him that when she arrived to South Africa, the man took her passport and assaulted her. He then forced into a life of prostitution.

Kreller is being held at the police station as she had entered the country illegally. “She has no papers and therefore she is an illegal immigrant,” officials said.

However, police have not yet decided if she will be charged with a crime. They are still investigating the circumstances of her stay in the country.

Woman sexually assaulted girls while her attorney boyfriend watched

Edward T. Farmer and Catrina McQuiston 
By: Hydar Tomar

A lawyer will have a chance to represent himself in a courtroom after he was arrested on sex abuse charges.

The attorney of Clarksville, Tennessee, was indicted by a grand jury and was accused of committing sexual offenses against two minors.

Edward T. Farmer, 55, was arrested along with his former girlfriend, Catrina McQuiston, 28. They were charged with soliciting sex for money from two minors amongst other charges.

Authorities alleged that McQuiston sexually assaulted two girls while her boyfriend watched and told her what he wanted to see her do to the victims.

District Attorney General John Carney requested TBI open an investigation into the matter, according to a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation news release.

Farmer was charged with aggravated exploitation of a minor, conspiracy to commit aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, solicitation of a minor, criminal responsibility for aggravated rape and attempted tampering with evidence.

McQuiston was charged with especially aggravated exploitation of a minor, conspiracy to commit especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and aggravated statutory rape.

McQuiston was transported to the Robertson County Jail and her bond was set at $10,000. Farmer was released on his own recognizance.