Israelis release their own digital currency ‘Isracoin’ to rival Bitcoin

By: Aarav Sen

Israelis will soon be able receive free digital currency from Isracoin, the Isracoin association said in a statement.

The six developers of Isracoin, are all associated with the social protests that took place in Israel in the summer of 2011.

They also have close ties to the open source community in the country. They have mined 10 percent of the total amount of planned Isracoins, 480 million out of 4.8 billion, which will be distributed in several phases.

“The first phase of the plan includes the distribution of 500 Isracoins to all companies adopting it as a payment method, up to 50,000 companies. This will happen a month before the second phase, in order to prepare as many companies as possible for the day that the general public receives the virtual currency,” the developers said on their website.

In the second phase, the company will give coins to every Israeli citizen up to a maximum of 2.85 million people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen on video baking Passover matzah at Hasidic matzah bakery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu baking matzah 
By: Anav Silverman

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was seen on video baking Passover matzah at a Hasidic matzah bakery, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Netanyahu took the time to bake some Passover matzah when he visited the matzah bakery in Kfar Chabad ahead of the upcoming Passover holiday.

Local Chabad leaders and rabbis briefed Prime Minister Netanyahu on the preparations being made to hold Passover seders in approximately 250 Chabad houses throughout Israel as well as approximately 3,000 Chabad houses across the world.

They also gave him a tour of the matzah factory and instructed him on how to properly bake the matzah. The Israeli prime minister noted: “At home, I have eaten Chabad-made matzah for years. Today, for the first time, I am also preparing it myself. I will get to eat the matzah that I have baked this coming Passover and that's quite moving for me.”

Chabad leaders told Netanyahu that eating the matzah - the traditional unleavened bread eaten on Passover - expresses the belief that the Jewish People can withstand any pressure and asked that he continue to stand up for the freedom of the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, citing the Passover Haggadah added: “In every generation enemies rise up to destroy us, but God saves us from them. The haggadah mentions four sons – wise, wicked, simple and the one who does not know how to ask – but each one has a Jewish spark.”

He also added that he was looking forward to the Passover holiday, which begins on Monday night, April 14.

“I am very excited. I wish the entire Jewish People a Happy Passover.”

New cemetery opens for lesbians only

Cemetery illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

Lesbian women can now stay segregated after they die by being buried in the new lesbian only cemetery.

The new burial area exclusively for lesbians is set to be opened at a historic cemetery in Berlin, Germany, this week.

An area of 400 square meters (4,300 square feet) of the Lutheran Georgen Parochial cemetery, which was established in 1814 in the center of Berlin, will be reserved as a cemetery for a maximum of 80 lesbian.

The group behind the lesbian cemetery said that the space was established as a place where lesbians can live together in the afterlife. The group was given use of the area for 30 years in exchange for cleaning and gardening the cemetery.

In Germany, the custom is to have renewable leases burial plots instead of buying. Neighboring parts of the Lutheran cemetery, which is located near Alexanderplatz, is currently not being used. Old and toppled headstones are covered by weeds.

A spokesperson for the Lutheran Church of Berlin, said that the agreement with the group of women comes as part of the efforts to revitalize the cemetery grounds through cooperation with other groups.

Man threatens to cut his neighbor’s balls off because he stole his underwear

Man's underpants illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A man was arrested and charged with harassment after he threatened to cut his neighbor’s balls off, police in Washington said.

Puyallup Police said that they arrested 51-year-old Daniel Urton on Thursday, after he threatened his neighbor with an ax because he accused him of stealing his underwear.

According to an indictment filed with the Superior Court of Pierce County, the victim was outside his home around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, when Urton shouted across the yard to him, asking if he had the keys to the car.

When the victim told him that he did not know what he was talking about, Urton pulled out an ax and started walking toward the victim. The victim asked Urton what he was doing, and Urton replied: “I’m going to kill you. I will cut your balls off.”

The victim ran inside his house and called 911, telling the police dispatcher that he felt threatened and thought Urton will hurt him with the ax. When police officers arrived, they saw Urton walking on the street with a woman who turned out to be his sister.

They arrested Urton, who told officers that he had two knives on him. Urton also told officers that the victim had his car keys, was stealing his underwear and had secret cameras hidden inside his house.

Urton admitted to walking toward the victim's home with an ax. When he was asked why, he reiterated: “I was going to cut off his balls.”

Urton's sister, who was visibly shaken and crying, said that he had just threatened to beat her if she did not let him use her phone. She also told police that her brother is not a bad person when he takes his lithium.

Drunk man who drove to police station to use restroom gets arrested

Drunk man illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A dumb drunk was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after he drove to a police station so he can use a restroom, police in Michigan said.

Pittsfield Township Police said that they arrested the 66-year-old man when he arrived at the police station on Sunday afternoon.

In a statement released Sunday night, police said that the man entered the Department of Public Safety in Pittsfield Township, which is located on Michigan Avenue near Platt Road, at 6:30 p.m. and said that he was looking for a bathroom.

A firefighter was the first person to make contact with the man and noticed that he seemed to be intoxicated. Police determined that the man drove to the building and parked his vehicle in the parking lot.

Police officers in the building were called and conducted sobriety tests on the man. He failed the tests and was then subjected to a breathalyzer.

Police said that the man’s blood alcohol content level was above the legal limit of 0.08. The man was taken to the Washtenaw County Jail, where he was held until he sobered up.

The man was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Millionaire spared jail despite raping his 3-year-old daughter because he is too rich to be in prison

Robert H. Richards IV 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A rich man avoided jail despite being convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter, according to court proceedings in Delaware.

A judge sentenced the wealthy du Pont heir to probation this week, because “he will not fare well in prison.”

The rape case against Robert H. Richards IV, became public this month after his former wife reportedly filed a claim for damages for abusing her daughter. According to the lawsuit, Richards raped his daughter when she was only 3 years old.

The girl told her grandmother about the abuse, and Richards pleaded guilty to one count of fourth-degree rape. The complaint also alleged that Richards abused his young son.

Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden said that Richards needed treatment instead of imprisonment. Richards had faced up to 15 years in prison.

Richards, a great-grandson of Irenee du Pont, is unemployed and supported by a trust fund.

Bomber accidentally blows himself up after forgetting about daylight savings time

The car on fire 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A man who prepared a time bomb, suffered serious injuries after it exploded an hour early because he forgot about daylight savings time, police in Ireland.

Dublin Police said that they are looking for the bomber after the powerful device blew up in his face.

The injured man fled the scene of the explosion on Sunday night, after the device blew up earlier than planned. Police said that the bomb blew up in the attacker’s face because he forgot to take into account the recent change to daylight savings time.

Neighbors reported hearing a large explosion around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, near the Meath Hospital. The man was seen staggering from the scene and getting into a taxi at the junction of New Street and Clanbrassil Street.

The bomb was placed inside a Volvo SUV, which was completely destroyed in the blast, while a house next to the vehicle had its doors and windows blown off. The army bomb squad was called to the scene by police.

The car owner has a business in the area and has no criminal record.

Man kills his brother because he tried to stop him from sleeping with their sister

Couple making out illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A man is dead after he tried to stop his brother from sleeping with his sister, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that Uche Ikoh is wanted for allegedly killing his brother.

According to the initial police investigation, the suspect struck the victim with a bat because he was standing in his way of having an affair with their younger sister. Police said that after the incident, the suspect fled from the scene and went into hiding.

A police spokesperson said that investigators are on his trail and he will be arrested within a few days. The suspect’s sister told police that her brother constantly harassed her for sex. One day, she decided to tell her older brother about it.

The older brother confronted his younger brother about the situation. The suspect became angry that his older brother is standing in his way and he decided to kill him.

Man wins lottery jackpot day after his wife died of a heart attack

Timothy McDaniel (left) holding his check 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A man’s luck turned around just a day after his wife died of a heart attack, the California Lottery said in a statement.

Dinner is suddenly more delicious for Timothy McDaniel after the Marysville man joked it will be steak and lobster six days a week.

Who can blame McDaniel for wanting a menu upgrade after winning $500 per week for 25 years on a $1 California Lucky for Life Scratchers ticket? That comes out to a grand total of $650,000.

“I didn’t expect to win. I bought three Scratchers, a $5, a $2 and a $1. I saw it said ‘LIFE’ on there so I showed my nephew. I was like, ‘Paulie, what does it say?’ He said, ‘I don’t know Uncle Tim. What’s it say?’ We were like no that ain’t real. That ain’t right. However then he read it again and I said, ‘That’s real! We won. Yahoo!’” McDaniel recalled with a laugh.

The 55 year old decided he will be taking the cash option, so he’s due to receive a lump sum amount of $375,000 before taxes. That’s a little more – actually a lot more than the $200 McDaniel said he’s won in the past. “Since I got my taxes this year, I don’t know why I’ve been playing a little more than usual. I just got lucky I guess.”

It couldn’t be coming at a better time either. McDaniel said his wife tragically passed away of a heart attack last Saturday. He won the lottery the following evening. “I think she just kind of sent me this money so I could continue taking care of the kids,” he said.

McDaniel hopes to buy a house, a new truck and put the rest in the bank. “Everything happens for a reason and this is the break I needed. I’m going to keep on working and living my life the same I always have. The only difference is I have a big family and now if anybody needs anything, I can help them out,” he said.

9-year-old girl hospitalized after drinking alcohol in NekNominate dare

Child holding alcohol illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A 9-year-old girl is the youngest and latest victim of the NekNominate drinking game.

The child’s mother, Michelle Scully, 32, of County Durham, United Kingdom, called an ambulance after realizing something was not right with her daughter.

Scully saw her daughter, Rhiannon Scully, riding her electric scooter “all over the place” with “eyes rolling into the back of her head.” The girl was playing with two of her friends when the incident occurred.

Mrs. Scully learned that her daughter and her two friends, ages 8 and 11, took alcohol from her cabinet and they dared her daughter to drink it after watching some NekNominate videos on Facebook.

The girls went into the family’s home where they mixed vodka, whisky and orange juice and encouraged the girl to drink it.

The act was recorded on a mobile phone, but was deleted soon after. The families of the other two girls involved claimed they had no knowledge of the incident.

Rhiannon Scully was taken to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. Police confirmed that they questioned all the girls involved and decided that no charges will be filed. However, the mother reached out to Facebook, and asked them to remove the NekNominate videos as they are very dangerous.

Three people have already died while doing the NekNominate drinking game.

Suicidal man trying to jump from bridge inadvertently saves another man from drowning

Twitter post from the rescuers 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man is lucky to be alive after being rescued by workers who came to save a suicidal man.

The man threatening to jump from the Thames Bridge in London, inadvertently saved the stranger from drowning.

The lifeboat crew was called about 11:00 p.m., and were ready to catch the man if he chose to jump. Meanwhile, police officers spoke with the distressed man and finally persuaded him to come down.

As a group of onlookers watched the incident unfold, one
passerby pointing at the river. Volunteers with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, spotted the head of a person bobbing in the water, not far from the bridge.

Rescue workers were able to get to the man before he drowned. “He was struggling to keep his face out of the water. He seemed alert and spoke to the crew,” Tower RNLI crew member Toni Scarr said.

“The man was not sure who he was or how he came to be in the river,” Scarr said. Back at the lifeguard station, a waiting ambulance crew found the man suffering from hypothermia.

The crew was grateful that they were able to save not one but two lives that night.

Man gets 30 years prison for forcing teens into prostitution after promising them a rich lifestyle

Prostitute illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Paul Edward Bell is every parent’s nightmare.

Bell lured girls from high schools in California, and then forced them into prostitution.

Bell was accused of being the ringleader of the Lynwood gang, that lured young girls with the promise of giving them a lavish lifestyle. Bell became their pimp.

Bell pleaded guilty to charges of sex trafficking. Federal authorities said he held seven teenage girls captive after promising them a good life.

Bell was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for sex trafficking. Bell used other female prostitutes to recruit girls between the ages of 15 and 17, from high schools in Riverside and Moreno Valley, authorities said.

The girls worked as prostitutes in Compton, and lived in motels on Long Beach Boulevard. If they have not made enough money or deliver the money as expected, they were verbally and physically abused, prosecutors said.

Bell put a gun to the head of one girl and locked two girls inside his apartment. He hit the girls with his fists, a stick and a shoe. He also pepper sprayed a girl in the face, prosecutors wrote.

“The physical and mental abuse, and anguish suffered by the victims at the hands of the defendant, will have a profound effect on the victims and their families,” prosecutors said.

A federal grand jury indicted Bell and seven others, all of whom have already pleaded guilty. FBI agents said that Bell was the ringleader.

Mummified woman, 66, found sitting on sofa in front of working television

Working television illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A woman was found dead on her sofa in front of her television.

Police believe that the 66-year-old German woman, died more than six months before she was found in her apartment.

The woman was found sitting on her sofa. Interestingly enough, the woman’s television was still on. Authorities said that the woman in the town of Oberursel, near Frankfurt, died of natural causes.

She was in her nightgown watching television on the couch. There was a program guide next to the woman, which was more than 6 months old.

The lights in the room were still on and her body was described in a report as being partially mummified. Neighbors called police when they realized that the woman’s mailbox was overflowing.

Officers broke down the door and found the dead woman on her couch. Chief Inspector Ulrich Demmer of the Hesse police department, was surprised that no one noticed for months that the woman was not around.

“Unfortunately, societal and demographic changes mean that such cases are increasing,” he said.

Teacher caught in hotel room with her student

Hotel room 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Parents of Oklahoma, are very angry that a teacher took their son to a hotel room to have sex.

The English teacher at the Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, was caught in the hotel room with her student.

However, the boy’s parents, Shasta and Adam Belty, were devastated when the charges of sex abuse were dropped against the teacher because the age of consent is 16.

The parents believe that the teacher, 27-year-old Erin Kathleen Queen, took advantage of their 17-year-old son.

The teacher did however, plead guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was given just three years probation, a $600 fine and was banned from teaching.

The mother said that she never allowed her son to be out of the house late at night. However, one night, he asked to sleepover at a friend’s house and his mother agreed.

Shasta Belty admits that she should have called the other kid’s mother before agreeing to allow her son to sleep over.

That night, the teen met his 27-year-old teacher at the Candlewood Suites hotel. The incident came to light after the worried parents were unable to reach their son on his cellphone.

When he finally picked up the phone, the teen reluctantly told his mother that he was at the hotel with his English teacher. Police were called and the teacher was arrested at the hotel.

Woman rescued after falling into well while having sex in a park

Couple in park illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman was left red-faced after firefighters had to rescue her from a well.

Firefighters in Spain, were called to rescue a half-naked 21-year-old woman, on Friday.

The woman was suffering from shock and hypothermia after falling into a 49 foot (15 meter) deep well while having sex.

The Ciudad Real woman had been having sex with a man when the cover of the well became loose. The woman fell into the hole near the Playa Park, a popular park among local youth.

The park is frequented by couples for romantic relationships and outdoor drinking parties. The couple found a quiet spot ontop of the water well and had sex.

It is believed that the couple had inadvertently loosened the boards covering the well while making love, and they had been too distracted to notice the impending danger.

Instead of trying to rescue the woman, her partner pulled up his pants and fled. Emergency services received an anonymous call, which was believed to come from the man, informing them about the woman in the well.

Firefighters found the woman soaked and without underwear. She was rescued and taken to the Ciudad Real General Hospital to be treated for symptoms of hypothermia. She was discharged at 10:00 a.m. the next morning.

Firefighters issued a public statement on Friday, calling on young people in the area to be careful when they party as there are a number of covered well shafts.

Cop seen running without clothes after being caught in bed with another man’s wife

Couple in bed illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

It was an embarrassing moment for a senior police officer as he was forced to run on street without his clothes.

The senior police officer of Madyangove, Chivi, Zimbabwe, was allegedly caught red-handed having sex with a married woman.

Moyo Mercury was cheating with the police officer when her husband came home without prior notice.

Elias Mautsi got home at 11:00 p.m., and caught the two in the act. His wife however, helped her boyfriend by beating her husband in order to allow her lover to escape.

Mautsi grabbed the man’s clothes to use as evidence in court. The wife struggled with her husband to get the officer’s clothes back.

Meanwhile, the officer fled into the street naked. The couple will appear in court before Judge Francisco Mapfumo, as the husband is seeking damages for adultery.

Man seen on video punching woman during road rage

Share the road sign 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A man was charged with battery after he punched a woman in the face in front of other people.

The man became angry when the woman cut him off at a McDonald’s drive-through window.

68-year-old Howard Carl Wilson of Winter Haven, Florida, was in his truck at a McDonald’s drive-through when another car cut in front of him.

Annoyed by what happened, Wilson got out of his car and began shouting insults and racial slurs at the woman.

Brittani Thomas opened the door to ask Wilson what was wrong. She tried several times to close the door during their exchange, but was blocked by Wilson, who then punched her.

Unbeknownst to him the entire incident along with his license plate number was caught on video by another person, who was also waiting at the McDonald’s drive-through lane. He was later arrested and charged with simple assault.