Black Ben Gurion Airport cleaner returns lost wallet stuffed with $8,000

Tazilo Balazio receives certificate 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A traveler is overjoyed after a black Ben Gurion Airport cleaner returned his lost wallet that contained thousands of dollars, Israeli airport officials said.

One day this week, while cleaning the airport, worker Tazilo Balazio, a new immigrant from Ethiopia, found a wallet that contained $8,000.

Balazio decided to do the noble thing and return the large amount of money to its grateful owner. His kind act was not overlooked.

On Wednesday, he was granted an official certificate of appreciation for his honesty. Among those attending the ceremony were Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz and Ben Gurion Airport Director Shmuel Zakai.

Balazio was also awarded 1,000 shekels ($286) in vouchers.

Super luxury Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria hotel owned by Reichmann family opens

Waldorf Astoria 
By: Anav Silverman

(Scroll down for video) A super luxury Jerusalem, Israel, hotel finally opened its doors after years of construction, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

After seven years of construction and an investment of $150 million, the only internationally branded luxury hotel in Jerusalem, Waldorf Astoria, has officially opened for business right before the Passover holiday.

Welcoming its first international guests who reserved rooms for the April opening on Thursday, the Waldorf Astoria has once again returned to its historical role of serving as a landmark destination for tourists.

Formerly known as the Palace Hotel, which originally opened in 1929, the current hotel has sparkling crystal chandeliers that cost over $2 million, Italian-made furniture and rugs, and hundreds of glass mezuzahs made in the Czech Republic.

“This is Israel's biggest and longest restoration project,” said Guy Klaiman, the General Manager of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, who has been working for 25 years at the Hilton enterprise.

“We had to work to keep the original 1920's facade intact as we built up the hotel,” explained Klaiman in an exclusive media tour that Tazpit News Agency took part in. "If the original facade were to have been damaged at any point during the construction of the hotel, the project would have been over," said Klaiman. "We had to be very careful not to damage the original wall."

The Palace Hotel was open for five years in the 1930s before the building was used for government offices. Construction for the Palace Hotel began in 1928 and the grand project was initiated by the Supreme Muslim Council.

The contract for building was signed between the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini and three contractors, an Arab contractor, Sami Awad, and two Jewish contractors, Baruch Katinka and Tuvia Dunia. Hailed back then as Jerusalem's most luxurious hotel, the building was designed by Turkish architect Nahas Bey.

The 10-floor Waldorf Astoria with 226 rooms, is owned by the Reichmann family of Toronto, Canada. The Reichmanns formed IPC Jerusalem Ltd. to acquire development rights for the property and signed a contract six years ago with the Hilton Hotel Corporation (HHC) to manage the hotel.

Internationally-known Turkish designer who planned the Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul, Sinan Kafadar, designed the interior of the Waldorf Astoria while Israel's Feigin Architects was responsible for the outside design. The Jerusalem hotel features Greco-Roman, Gothic and Ottoman architecture as well as Oriental design inside to match the outside exterior.

“Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem’s opening is a notable moment for tourism in this ancient city that prides itself on warm hospitality,” said General Manager Guy Klaiman. "The hotel caters to the personal needs of its visitors, first via e-mail exchange and then throughout the stay of the visitor."

Ready for the Passover holiday, chefs from France, Russia and Italy, have created a unique menu in the Waldorf Astoria's kosher kitchens. "I am very satisfied with our Passover menu as well as the delicious cuisine for the holiday," said Claud Ben Simon, the chief pastry chef who made aliyah to Israel from France and was originally a pastry chef at the Max Brenner.

Klaiman explained that the new hotel has provided 300 new jobs to Israeli locals. "We had 10,000 job applications, and out of that number we hired 300 staff members," he said.

The grand hotel offers spacious and luxurious accommodations targeted towards a wealthy clientele. Rooms range between $490 to $700 per night. The most expensive accommodation is $1,400 for a night.

“Together with my multi-lingual international team of seasoned professionals, we look forward to offering guests True Waldorf Service including personal concierges while making a meaningful contribution to the country’s tourism map," concluded Klaiman.

Israel Air Force welcomes Lockheed Martin’s Super Hercules military aircraft forming Samson Squadron

Samson plane 
By: Anav Silverman

The Israeli military welcomed the addition of a new powerful military aircraft, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The new “Samson” Squadron, a military transport plane purchased from the United States, was inaugurated into the Israel Air Force (IAF) today in the Nevatim airbase near Be’er Sheva. The modern aircraft, with a range of flight of nearly 4,000 km, will greatly strengthen the IAF aircraft fleet.

Known abroad as the “Super Hercules,” or C-130J-30, the IAF purchase of the Samson from Lockheed Martin, will replace the IAF’s aging Hercules C-130/H transport models.

Some of the Hercules aircraft have been in use by Israel for more than 40 years. The Lockheed Martin-made planes played a significant role in the Yom Kippur War as well as the Entebbe Operation to free hostages in 1976 and Operation Solomon to airlift Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1991.

The current “Samson” aircraft is able to fly at faster speeds, higher altitudes and carry more weight. It allows for an improved carrying capacity, holding 94 paratroopers instead of the 64 paratroopers that the former version carried, and their equipment. Alternatively, the cargo hold can accommodate four military SUV’s instead of three, or transport 128 soldiers, according to the IAF website.

“The more cargo a plane is able to take, the fewer trips that are necessary to accumulate power on the battlefield,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Uri on the IAF website.

In addition, Israeli-made computer systems will be added to the plane, providing it with exclusive capabilities and making it stand out from other Hercules planes around the world.

According to the IAF, the new plane will work closely with ground forces. “The plane will mostly work with ground forces and to their benefit. It will transport forces, rescue them and know how to execute transport, and supply missions for them with a degree of efficiency and safety,” said Lieutenant Colonel Uri on the IAF website.

Once the “Samson” undergoes test flights, the air crews of the IAF’s Elephants squadron will begin training on it, integrating the plane into the IAF aircraft fleet.

“For several months now, the future pilots of these massive planes have been training in flight simulators in the U.S. and Italy, in order to familiarize themselves with its technological and operational innovations,” said Colonel A, the deputy commander of the IDF unit in charge of the “Samson” in a report on the official IDF blog.

The Hebrew name for the plane, Shimshon, is named after the biblical hero, Samson, the counterpart to its foreign name Hercules.

Workers seen bathing in milk at cheese factory

Workers bathing in milk at the factory 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A cheese factory was ordered to shut down after workers posted photos of themselves bathing in tub milk at work.

The incident took place at a cheese factory in Russia.

One day, the workers were bored and they decided to bathe in milk at the cheese factory. On Friday, officials launched a criminal investigation on breach of hygiene at the cheese factory after workers posted the photos of themselves bathing in the milk with no clothes on.

The Research Committee announced it was investigating the factory in the Siberian city of Omsk, for food production that could cause damage to people’s health after photographs of smiling workers bathing in the foaming milk emerged.

The scandal erupted after a factory posted the photos on a social networking site with the caption: “Actually our work is very boring.” The photos went viral on the Internet prompting outrage from many people.

If charged and found guilty of producing food that is unsafe for human consumption, factory managers could be jailed for up to two years.

Student seen driving junked car with no doors, bonnet and lights

Sam Wilson 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A student who also works as a pizza delivery man, was seen driving a junk car.

25-year-old Sam Wilson of the United Kingdom, was caught by police driving a Peugeot 306 with no doors, no hood, no lights and no grill.

Wilson allegedly drove the car in this condition for about three miles while using his arms to indicate his turns.

When officers pulled him over, Wilson told them he was taking the car to a junkyard and that he had removed much of the body to sell as spare parts so he can make some money.

Wilson, an electrical engineering student, said that the junkyard only offered him £150 ($251), so he thought if he sold all other parts he can get more money.

“I would not have driven it if I did not think it was safe,” Wilson explained.

Nottinghamshire Police described the vehicle as a “skeleton of a car.”

The father of two children of Nottingham, was fined £110 (about $185) after being convicted of dangerous driving. He also got three points on his driver’s license.

Angelina Jolie look alike walks free after repeatedly raping a taxi driver

Angelina Jolie look alike Luminita Perijoc 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A taxi driver said that he is being mocked by many people after he was raped by a woman.

Nicolae Stan, 35, is upset that his rapist walked out of court a free woman.

Luminita Perijoc, 31, of Tulcea, Romania, made headlines for her strong resemblance of Angelina Jolie, after she raped the man at knifepoint.

Now, Perijoc walked free because she was on strong medication at the time of the incident. The woman had been high on painkillers at the time after undergoing surgery.

The woman was originally sentenced to 5 years in prison, but an appeals court suspended that sentence after experts testified that her actions may have been due the fact that she was on medication.

The incident began, when Perijoc hired a taxi driver to pick up a package from her apartment to deliver to another location.

When the driver arrived at the door, she grabbed him, dragged him inside and demanded sex.

The married father of three, refused to have sex with her. That’s when she pulled out a knife and forced him to strip naked, according to court proceedings.

The woman raped him two times while stabbing him for resisting. Mr. Stan finally managed to escape and called for help. He was hospitalized with six stab wounds.

The woman first told police that she was actually the victim.

Neighbors stop man from raping his own mother

Stop rape signs illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man was beaten by his neighbors after he tried to rape his own mother.

The man seems to be getting himself into bad situations.

The 25-year-old man was arrested last month, after he was accused of killing his dog in anger. Now, the man of South Africa, was arrested for trying to rape his mother.

Residents said they heard the mother screaming for help in the middle of the night on Saturday.

When they went to see what was going on, the woman came out of her house with no clothes while screaming.

She ran to a neighbor's house, and when she was safe, the mother told her neighbors what had happened.

While the woman explained that her son tried to rape her, and that he was drunk, the son came into the neighbor's home and began hitting her.

Neighbors began beating the son and held him down until police arrived.

Captain Thulani Zwane confirmed that the son is being investigated for attempted rape.

Woman in thong trashes McDonald’s after workers refuses to have sex with her (video)

McDonald’s illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A woman wanted more than just food when she went to a McDonald’s in Florida.

Sandra Suarez, 41, offered an employee at the fast food restaurant in Pinellas Park, oral sex in the parking lot.

When the man rejected her advances she flipped out.

Suarez then removed her clothes and left nothing on but a thong. Then, she went on a rampage and destroyed the restaurant.

She pushed registers off the counter, empted a cabinet with supplies and threw sodas to the floor. She then began sipping soft serve ice cream directly from the machine.

Suarez was arrested and was taken to Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg, where doctors reportedly concluded that drugs and alcohol were not to blame for her erratic behavior.

The 41-year-old mother of two, was charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest. She was released after posting $7,000 bail. Suarez blames the incident on her bipolar disorder.

Company creates women's dress that becomes see through when feeling turned on (video)

The see through dress 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Soon, you will be able to know when your girlfriend gets turned on.

Intimacy 2.0, is a racy dress, and not because the way it looks.

This dress, which comes in black or white, has a hidden secret. The dress is equipped with a device that monitors the wearer's heart rate.

When it detects a faster heart beat, the plastic parts of the dress become see through. The dress was created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde of Studio Roosegaarde.

“Intimacy 2.0 is a fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology,” Roosegaarde said. Unfortunately, the dress will not be for sale for the public anytime soon.

Man murders his 2-year-old son because he cried for food

Crying boy illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man was arrested and charged with murder after he killed his little son because he begged for food, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that the incident began when the 2-year-old boy cried for some food while the father was preparing to leave the house for a day job.

The father was identified as Oni Mama. He and his son Deji, lived alone at 5 Fashola Street. The child’s mother left town to marry another man.

According to the initial police investigation, Mama became frustrated and decided to beat child to death. He then placed the remains in a bag and buried it at an undisclosed location.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident, called the police. However, when police arrived the man was nowhere to be found.

One neighbor told police that Mama hit the child on a regular basis. A police spokesperson said that officers are still looking for the suspect.

Dwarf travels 18 hours to have sex with child only to meet a police officer

Christopher Lanning 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A dwarf began an online relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

The two decided to meet, and the man drove 18 hours to Florida.

He did not stop for nature calls, but rather used bottles to relieve himself. When officer stopped him his vehicle reeked of human waste.

Christopher Lanning, 40, drove from Kansas to Longwood, Florida, to meet with the 13-year-old girl.

However, when he finally reached a gas station next to the girl’s school, Lanning was confronted by police officers who arrested him.

At that point, Lanning was informed that all along he was speaking with an undercover officer rather than with an underage girl.

Lanning, who is 4 foot 10 inches tall, was arrested on charges including traveling to meet a child for sex and transmitting obscene material to a minor. His bail was set at $15,300 and he was ordered not to use the Internet.

Man locks his wife in shed after she celebrates his mother’s death

Shed illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman was very happy when her mother-in-law died.

The woman showed no respect or sympathy to her husband over the loss of his mother.

Instead, she began dancing around while singing “ding dong the witch is dead,” referring to her mother-in-law.

Andrew Salmon, 42, of England, was very disturbed by his wife Beverley’s actions, so he packed her belongings, put it out of the house and refused to let her back inside.

When she tried to enter through the back door, he pushed her into their shed and locked her inside. The man later told a court that he locked her inside to “piss her off.”

The mother of two, Beverley Salmon, 42, managed to escape through a window and let herself into their home in Truro, Cornwall.

A Truro judge heard how she ran upstairs and started throwing her husband's clothes out the window.

Salmon later told police he was depressed and unhappy with the way his wife of 19 years, treated his mother’s death.

He was arrested for locking his wife into the shed. However, he was not jailed. The judge ordered him to perform community service for 24 months.

He was also ordered to take part in a building better relationships program.

The couple, who has two children, 9 and 11 years old, have since split.

Man cuts off his two fingers and places it in children’s park to collect insurance

Fingers illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A man is in trouble after he cut off his own two fingers and placed it in a children’s park.

An off duty police officer of Spain, was walking in the park when he spotted two human fingers, a butcher knife and a cutting board.

Mossos d'Esquadra Police in the Catalan city of Girona, were called to the scene for what initially seemed to be a brutal attack or a case of torture.

The discovery later led the police to uncover a massive insurance scam. They soon discovered that a man had been admitted to a nearby hospital a day earlier, with two missing fingers.

During an interview with police, the man said that his fingers were cut off in his house in a cooking accident.

Police confirmed that the fingers that were found in the park belonged to the man. However, doctors were unable to reconnect the fingers because too much time has elapsed.

Investigators began questioning the man as to how the two fingers and the amputation kit ended up in the middle of a children's play area and not in the kitchen as the man’s statement has suggested.

They discovered that the man had six accident policies with different insurance companies. The man had already injured his other hand and received money from one of the insurance companies.

The suspect, who has no prior criminal record, was arrested and charged with insurance fraud.

New York City subway riders seen on video freaking out after large rat appears

The rat on a New York train 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) New York City residents have a reputation of being tough.

However, when a rat appeared, about 50 passengers just freaked out.

The incident that was caught on video, occurred on a Brooklyn bound A train on Monday morning. Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader, who uploaded one of the videos to YouTube, said that he saw grown men jumping on their seats in fear.

The rat appeared when the train arrived at the Fulton Street station. Someone began screaming “rat on the train!” But by the time everyone realized what was happening, the doors closed and the train entered the underground tunnel.

The passengers remained stuck with the rat until the next stop. Most Straphangers in the video can be seen jumping on their seats, while others just lifted their legs.

Almost everyone with a phone, began recording the bizarre incident. While there was a lot of yelling, there are also plenty of laughs and smiles.

Man posing as government contractor jailed after running up large hotel bill

Peak Hotel 
By: Anika Rao

A man ran up a large hotel bill and refused to pay after posing as a government contractor, police in Nigeria said.

Ilorin Police said that the incident occurred at the Peak Hotel.

The owner of the hotel, Ayotunde Raphael, said that the suspect was introduced to him by the manager of the AZ Hotel. The suspect said that he was an engineer with the Holland Construction Company, based in Lagos, which was overseeing the reconstruction of the local roads.

The suspect was accused of lodging at the hotel for six days, accumulating a bill of N37,150 ($250). The suspect was identified as Adekunle Adetunji, 40.

A judge has found the man guilty of theft and he has been sentenced to four years in prison. Prosecutors said that the defendant was also charged with three counts of false impersonation, forgery and fraud.

Topless woman seen on video wrestling with security guard at large mall after being caught shoplifting

Heather Lynn Hall 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman was caught on video wrestling with a security guard, who attempted to detain her for shoplifting, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.
The bizarre incident between the topless woman and the security guard occurred inside the Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“Stop fighting me,” the security guard was heard telling the woman. “I have asthma,” the woman shouted back.
“I do not care,” the security guard replied.

After several minutes of fighting, an Oklahoma City police officer arrived at the scene. According to the police report, the woman, Heather Lynn Hall, had entered the clothing store Buckle, and tried to steal merchandise by hiding it in a Dillard’s shopping bag.

The topless woman has kicked the security guard several times, and he had the right to defend himself, police said.

Hall has a history of theft. The woman told police that she blames her shoplifting on her drug problem, and said that people need to understand that she has a mental illness.

3 women beaten with hammer while sleeping at London hotel

The Cumberland hotel 
By: Aarav Sen

Three women lived through a nightmare when they were suddenly beaten with a hammer at a London hotel, police in the United Kingdom said.

London police officers who are investigating the hammer attack on the three female tourists, announced that they have arrested four people.

The women, all from the United Arab Emirates, were attacked in the four star Cumberland hotel located near Oxford Street. One victim, Khalood Al Muhairi, 36, is fighting for her life.

She is said to be in an induced coma. Her sisters, Fatimah Al Muhairi, 31, and 34-year-old Ohoud Al Muhairi are recovering at a London hospital.

Three men aged 56, 34, and 32, of north London, were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, and a 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen goods.

Man arrested for drugging and raping doorman

Doorman illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man was arrested and charged with rape after allegedly raping a doorman, prosecutors in Nigeria said.

Lagos Police said that the victim woke up and felt pain in his backside.

When he pulled down his pants he realized that he was raped. 38-year-old Sali Malu of 31 Peace Estate, Ipaja, was charged with sodomy. He also faces a charge of breach of the peace.

Malu pleaded not guilty to charges of raping his fellow doorman. The violation allegedly occurred at the home of the accused.

According to the police investigation, the incident began when the victim went to the suspect’s home in order to charge his cellphone. The defendant gave him some food that was laced with drugs.

After eating the food, the victim fell asleep only to wake up to the reality that he had been raped. Malu was brought before the Lagos Magistrate’s Court for a bail hearing, and his bail was set at N500,000 ($3,070).

Mother cuts off her son’s fingers because her husband told her to help her son with homework

Kitchen knife illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A child was rushed to a hospital after his mother cut off his fingers, police in China said.

Now, the woman has been arrested after she allegedly tried to cut off her son's hand with a meat cleaver in a furious row with her husband at the family home in Shanghai.

Mingmei Sun, 34, was upset that her husband had not come home early to help the children with their homework, leaving her to do it instead, police said.

A furious row erupted, and her husband Tu, 36, walked away and locked himself in a bedroom. Frustrated and angry that her husband was ignoring her, she grabbed her eight-year-old son, Mingming, who had been crying in the corner while his parents argued, and pulled a butcher knife.

She put the child's hand on the kitchen table and apparently tried to cut it. She managed to cut three of his fingers before the child got away.

The father, who ran out of the room after hearing his son screaming, took him to the nearest hospital, where doctors tried to reattach his fingers. “Hopefully, the child will make a full recovery, but we will not know until a few days after the operation,” a doctor at the hospital said.

Police said the woman has been arrested and is currently in custody.