Young Jewish boy beaten by neo-Nazis for wearing Jewish skullcap

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man walking in the street illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A young Jewish boy was beaten by a group of neo-Nazis for wearing his skullcap on a street in Hungary, the victim wrote on Facebook.

The incident happened when the young Jewish boy met with his friends in Budapest, not far from a local synagogue.

He was attacked by a gang of neo-Nazis because he wore his skullcap, he told friends on Facebook. The boy told his friends that was beaten on the head and suffered a broken nose.

He said that he is still in shock that such a thing happened to him in a free country. His family decided not to remain silent and is publicizing the story.

The boy said that he will continue to wear his skullcap in public. In January, a Hebrew teacher was severely beaten while he was walking home from evening prayers in an anti-Semitic attack, according to a statement released by the World Jewish Congress.

The Israeli born teacher in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev was beaten, in what local Jewish leaders said was an anti-Semitic incident. World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer called the beating "a vicious act that should not go unpunished," and said that the World Jewish Congress was closely following the situation.

A group of at least four thugs beat Professor Hillel Wertheimer on Saturday night, after following him home from synagogue services. The head of the Vaad of Ukraine, said that three of the four men beat and kicked Wertheimer in the lobby of his house.

A neighbor came down to investigate after hearing Wertheimer shouting for help. The teacher was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

4-year-old Far Rockaway siblings die after one of them played with lighter and set their house on fire

Scene of the fire 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) Two little children are dead after one of them played with a lighter and set their Far Rockaway home on fire, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the 4-year-old siblings died Sunday, in the fast moving fire.

The fire started in the basement of the house, which is located on Bay 30th Street. Police and firefighters who arrived at the scene, pulled the children out of the burning house.

They were pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Investigators said that the children died from smoke inhalation. The boy and the girl have been identified as Jai'Launi Tinglin and Ayini Tinglin.

Another 4-year-old girl, the twin of Jai'Launi, along with an aunt, 55, the 63-year-old grandfather, were also inside the home at the time. They were taken to a hospital, and are said to be in stable condition.

One firefighter suffered a minor injury and was treated at a hospital. Investigators said that there were no smoke detectors in the home.

Chisel used to build the 2,000-year-old Western Wall found

The chisel 
By: Aryeh Savir

A chisel that builders of the 2,000-year-old Western Wall used was found by Israeli archaeologists, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) has made an extraordinary archaeological finding. It has uncovered a Second Temple Era iron chisel, which may have served the builders of the Second Temple.

Archaeologist Eli Shukrun, who heads the dig at the bottom of the Temple Mount near the Western Wall, stated that the discovery was very exciting. "It is a 15 centimeter long ancient chisel. For the first time, after two thousand years, we are in the possession of a work tool used by the builders who built the Western Wall,” Shukrun said.

The IAA stated the chisel had been uncovered a year ago, but was still waiting for the final research on the subject to be completed before making an official announcement.

The Second Temple was the center of Jewish worship during its period. Built by the Jews returning from the Babylonian exile and renovated and expanded by King Herod, it stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem between 516 BCE and 70 CE. It replaced the First Temple, which was destroyed in 586 BCE, when the Jews of the Kingdom of Judah went into exile.

Company selling beer flavored lollipops

Woman with Lollyphile tattoo 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

If you are in the mood for a beer but you don’t want to get drunk you can now have a beer flavored lollipop.

The Lollyphile candy company has introduced three new lollipop flavors that could really hit the spot on a hot summer day.

Besides beer flavored lollipops the company also offers wine flavored lollipops. “We did our best to stay true to each flavor,” Lollyphile owner Jason Darling said.

The company stated on its website that they are a San Francisco born & Austin raised candy company with a sweet tooth and a short attention span.

“We’re having fun experimenting with new flavors and watching the reactions of our friends when they try out our creations for the first time. We started way back in 2007. One thing led to another, and we ended up getting picked up by a few candy boutiques and building a website, which got way more business than we’d ever expected it would,” the company stated on its website.

“We believe that candy can be every bit as much a gastronomical adventure as a fancy dinner, and we want to see just how far we can go. We want to make you remember exactly why you threw fits when your parents wouldn’t buy you candy, and then we’d like to gently remind you that you’re perfectly able to buy your own candy now,” the company continued.

Father turns fugitive son in to police live on television

Sheriff Alex Hodge, Michael Phillips, and his father 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Police officers set up a massive hunt to search for a man who escaped from jail.

Sheriff Alex Hodge of Mississippi, went live on television to speak about the search for fugitive Michael Phillips, 27,
who had escaped from prison.

Hodge explained that the man escaped while on gardening duty at the Jones County adult detention center.

During the interview the father of Phillips drove up to the officer with his fugitive son in the car. The father and son came out of the car and the son apologized to the officer for escaping from prison.

The officer thanked the suspect and his father for doing the right thing. Just two hours after the search began, Phillips was back in police custody.

Phillips was originally arrested during a traffic stop for possession of beer in a dry county, and for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

He may now face an additional charge for escaping from prison.

Special needs boy, 8, arrested and charged after running away from school

Police car 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) An 8-year-old boy was placed in back of a police car after he ran away from school.

The child, Edward Hart of Michigan, was not under arrest at the time and was supposed to be taken back to the school by the officer.

However, as the child with special needs was alone in the officer’s car, he allegedly broke a camera in the squad car and told the officer to “shut up.”

These actions caused the child to be taken into police custody.

Now, the child’s family is angry and are demanding answers as to why the boy was riding in the police car without a school official supervising him.

Hart attends the Hillside Learning and Behavior Center in Allegan, where he is known to have anger issues.

One day, he ran away from school, as he did in the past. His teachers and principal chased after him.

Police were called to help, and according to the police report, school staff asked the officer to drive the child back to school and that is when the trouble began.

The 8 year old faces charges of malicious destruction of police property, resisting and obstructing.

Bear seen on video walking down street with large white jar on its head

The jar stuck on bear’s head 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A bear was seen walking down a Canadian street with a large white jar stuck on its head, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

Passersby alerted the police after they saw the bear walking in Sudbury, Ontario, with the large white jar stuck on its head.

The bear walked down the street and even stumbled upon a police patrol car. The police called the Ministry of Natural Resources, and they sent officers to sedate the bear and remove the bottle from its head.

The jar became stuck after the bear tried to get the last bits out of the bird seed container. This was not the first time a bear was seen with a jar stuck on the head.

In June, a bear that had its head stuck in a plastic bottle for eleven days, finally got its head freed by concerned residents in Pennsylvania. Four residents of central Pennsylvania, said that they used only a rope and a flashlight during a wild chase to rescue a young bear, whose head had been stuck in the plastic bottle for at least 11 days.

The frightened but powerful bear fell into a pool at least twice during the rescue attempt. However, the group finally removed the bottle and set the animal free.

"I thought, 'Nobody is going to believe this,’" Morgan Laskowski, 22, a bartender at the Jamison City Hotel, said. Area residents first saw the 100 pound bear with its head in a red bottle in the beginning of the month. The animal was attracted to the bottle as it once contained cooking oil.

"It put its head inside, and had a problem," Mike Jurbala, 68, who helped the bear, said. "He would have died within a couple of days," he added.

Jurbala saw the bear Thursday night, as he left the bar at Jamison City Hotel. He called Jeff Hubler, a local employee of the State Gaming Commission, who had been one of those trying to help the bear.

The two were joined by Laskowski and her mother, and bar owner Jody Boyle, to follow the bear through the darkness. "You knew where it was because you could hear it banging on things," Jurbala said.

They cornered the bear in the backyard of a residence, where it ended up falling into a pool a couple of times. Finally, the animal was in a position that they could remove the bottle.

"You would think that the bear would be weak, because it did not eat or drink for a week, but it was strong," Boyle said. Hubler said people should keep the lids on bottles of food they throw away.

Woman caught dealing drugs inside her hospital Intensive Care Unit room

Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with selling drugs after allegedly selling drugs inside her hospital room, police in Pennsylvania said.

Greensburg City Police said that the woman of Youngwood, was arrested for selling drugs at the Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital.

Besides being a patient at the hospital she was also selling heroin. A spokesperson for the hospital said that employees at the Intensive Care Unit saw numerous visitors coming and going, spending just a moment or two with the 38-year-old patient before leaving.

Employees alerted hospital security, who turned the matter over to the police. Police said that it did not take long to see what was really going on.

Police seized more than 350 bags of heroin with an estimated value of about $3,800. They also found drug paraphernalia in the room, along with $1,400 in cash and several cellphones.

Medical company slapped with lawsuit after doctor said he would like to shoot gun up rectum of unconscious patient

Operating room illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A medical company was slapped with a lawsuit after a patient recorded a doctor saying that she would like to shoot a gun up his rectum, according to court proceedings in Virginia.

According to the lawsuit, doctors joked at the expense of the unconscious patient during a colonoscopy.

One doctor even said that she wanted to fire a gun up his rectum, the man, whose cellphone captured the audio of the talking doctors, said.

The man, only identified as D.B., is suing Safe Sedation LLC and Safe Sedation Management, for defamation and emotional distress. D. B. claims that Tiffany Ingham and Soloman Shah, who were not named as defendants, mocked him after the second anesthesia kicked in.

D. B. said that he had inadvertently left his cellphone in the room and it recorded the entire session. Soloman Shah said that a certain student doctor and Tiffany Ingham, can eat him for lunch.

Tiffany Ingham agreed that the plaintiff would be eaten alive and jokingly discussed firing a gun up his rectum. A medical assistant also touched the plaintiff's penis even though it was not part of the medical procedure.

“Plaintiff has suffered distress, including embarrassment, loss of sleep, and mental anguish as a direct and proximate result of the conduct,” the lawsuit states. He is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages for defamation, infliction of emotional distress and illegally disclosing health records.

Elderly man seen on video being run over by train and walking away unharmed

Man being run over by a train 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man is lucky to be alive after being run over by a speeding train, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The video that was uploaded to YouTube, has since gone viral.

In the video below, you can see the moment the pensioner miraculously survived being hit by the train. The incident began when the impatient 77-year-old man was walking down the street, but was stopped by a railroad crossing barrier.

The old man waited for about 20 seconds before proceeding to walking across the train tracks. When he was about half way through, the train slammed into him, launching his shoe into the air.

Amazingly, the man survived the ordeal. He was seen getting up and continuing on his way.

Kidnapped boy set free after annoying his kidnapper by singing

The suspect 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A little boy managed to free himself by singing after being kidnapped, police in Georgia said.

Willie Myrick was kidnapped outside his home in Atlanta, and was held in a car for three hours.

According to the initial police investigation, the boy had been lured into the vehicle with the promise of cash, before being taken by a man who is now being questioned by police.

Luckily, his ordeal was cut short because he refused to stop singing a popular religious song. The boy sang “Every Praise” over and over again, until the driver of the car became annoyed and kicked him out.

“He opened the door and threw me out. He told me not to tell anyone,” the 10-year-old boy told police.

Man kills his newlywed wife to collect $1 million insurance policy

Michel Escoto 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested, charged and convicted of killing his newlywed wife in order to collect a $1 million life insurance policy, prosecutors in Florida said.

Michel Escoto was married to 21-year-old Wendy Trapaga for only four days before beating and strangling her, a court was told.

Escoto first tried to poison her drink during their honeymoon in order to make her death look like an accident. However, Trapaga refused to drink the beverage because it tasted bad.

He tried to choke her several days later in a Jacuzzi at the Executive Airport Motel in Miami, but could not get her to stay underwater. Later that night, he beat her to death with an iron rod.

The jury found the 42-year-old man guilty of first-degree murder and he faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.

Teachers caught on video beating special needs children at school

Teacher hitting student 
By: Devansh Dutt

Parents are extremely angry after a video was released showing how several teachers beat their special needs students at school.

The abuse was recorded by a teacher who wished to remain anonymous.

She said that she installed the hidden camera in her classroom at Harper Archer Middle School of Atlanta, Georgia, after the principal and the school district refused to investigate her concerns about how two employees were treating the children in their care.

The local school officials are lazy, watching television and listening to music instead of helping the children, she said. The abuse was allowed to continue because the children are unable to talk.

“They cannot speak, write or tell anyone what is happening to them. However, it's hard to argue with a video. In it, you can see a teacher hitting one of the students and then putting him in a headlock,” she said.

Police charged Alger Coleman with battery and child cruelty. Keisha Smith was not charged. However, she was reassigned.

Man sends 1,130 ducklings to boss’ home over wage dispute

Duckling invade boss’ home 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A business owner was horrified when 1,130 baby ducks invaded his home.

He was even more surprised to learn that he was being charged for the adorable creatures.

It all began over a dispute the worker had with his boss in Sichuan, China.

60-year-old Chiu Xiang, began working for a company three years ago, but decided to quit. Before leaving, he asked for the wages still owed to him.

Xiang believed he was owed RMB 3,000 (about $480), but his boss, Hung Bin, argued that he did not owe him anything.

They argued back and forth for a while, but when they were not getting anywhere Xiang came up with an unusual revenge plot against his former boss.

He contacted a farmer named Chen, and ordered 1,130 ducklings to be delivered the house of his boss, telling them they will be paid upon delivery.

When the special delivery arrived, Bin’s home was completely overrun by small ducklings, but the plot thickened when Chen demanded payment from Bin.

A confused Bin refused to pay. Xiang, who ordered the ducklings, also refused to pay the money he owed for the delivery and insisted that Chen get the money from his former employer.

Chen, realizing that he was in the center of a sick prank, was understandably upset over the nonsense and he was worried about the safety of the ducklings, so he called the police.

Chen collected the ducklings and Xiang was told that he needed to pay for the delivery and for the ducklings that were lost while running free in his former boss’ home.

As for the dispute with his boss, the two men were told to take the matter to court.

Woman takes her sister’s place at wedding after her sister did not show up

Bride and groom illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A woman agreed to put on her sister’s wedding gown and walk down the aisle instead of her sister.

It was a weird situation for the bride-to-be, her sister, the groom and everyone who attended to the wedding.

The incident happened when the bride, Yanbo Xiong, 25, was stranded thousands of miles away in her hometown of Sichuan Province, China.

She did not have enough money to make it to her own wedding ceremony in Shenzhen.

Everything was paid for and the couple was unable to get a refund, so the groom, Liu Wei, 30, persuaded his future sister-in-law to put on her sister’s wedding dress, go through the motions of a wedding, and celebrate with him so that their money does not go to waste.

When the guests arrived they learned that the real bride was absent since she was unable to get a ticket to Shenzhen.

Although Xiong’s sister was reluctant at first, she eventually agreed to be the “sit in bride” and everyone had a nice dinner.

The real bride and her lover rescheduled their big day and they tied the knot in front of about 300 guests.

Woman arrested after prostituting to pay off lover’s loan only to be dumped by her man

Prostitute illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A woman’s life is in shambles after she tried helping a man with whom she was in love.

The woman of China, thought she was helping her boyfriend so that they can have a better future together.

However, the woman was arrested, dumped by the man and left with a huge debt.

It began when the two college students met and fell in love.

25-year-old Xiao Ying went to Henan University, where she majored in fashion. During college, she met a man named Zhan Kui, who majored in music.

After graduating, Ying wanted to support her boyfriend's dreams of having a music career of his own. So she took out a loan of RMB 140,000 (about $22,000) in her name so that he can buy musical instruments.

When Kui’s musical career did not go well, he abandoned Ying and went back to his hometown. While at home, he married another woman, which left Ying broken hearted and with a huge debt.

Distressed about how to pay off the loan, a close friend told Ying about a “part-time job” in Nanjing, where she could earn up to RMB 20,000 (about $3,000) per month.

The job entailed being an escort and prostitute through a company. Ying was hesitant at first, but since she had no other way of paying off the debt, she started working as a prostitute.

Things did not go very well for her, as she was soon caught and arrested during a drug raid in Nanjing.

Woman pushes her baby onto train tracks during fight with baby’s father (video)

Train tracks illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A woman was seen pushing her 2-month-old baby onto train tracks and leaving him there.

The incident took place in the Leninsky district in Russia.

The shocking video, which was captured on security surveillance cameras, showed Valentina Belousov, 29, pushing her baby, who was strapped inside his stroller, onto the train tracks.

Authorities said that the incident occurred during a heated argument between the woman and her baby’s father.

Security surveillance cameras further showed the stroller rolling onto the edge of the platform while the child's parents do nothing to stop the stroller from falling onto the tracks.

Thankfully, the 2 month old was not hurt in the incident. Witnesses called police and the baby was taken away from his mother.

The baby is being cared for in a hospital until officials find an appropriate home for the child.

Belousov told police that she did not want to hurt her baby and that she will do whatever it takes to get him back.

She said that she snapped, but it took this incident to make her realize that she needs help.

Meanwhile, a social worker visited Belousov’s home, and found that the home was dirty and unsuitable for a child.

Man mutilates his wife’s private parts after accusing her of cheating

The suspect being arrested 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man was arrested after mutilating his wife’s private parts as punishment for her cheating.

The 33-year-old man of Hammanskraal, South Africa, cut off the private parts of his 29-year-old wife.
The man, who was suspecting that his wife was cheating on him, called two of his wife’s close friends and told them what he had done.

One of the friends immediately called the victim’s neighbor to come over and help her.

Neighbor Mmaphefo Sebidi, 35, said that the husband did not run away when people arrived to his house, and he admitted to what he has done.

Some residents, mostly women, began assaulting the husband and threw bricks at him.

Paramedics soon arrived and took the woman to a hospital. When police arrived, they had to rescue the man from the angry residents, who were beating him.

The suspect was escorted to a police van after additional officers were called to the scene. The husband was also taken to the hospital for treatment before being arrested.

The suspect has been charged with attempted murder and is in police custody, according to police Lieutenant Sarah Lesabane.

Woman, 89, decides to move to a new apartment rather than quitting smoking

Woman smoking illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman decided that she would rather get used to a new apartment than quitting smoking.

The 89-year-old woman is preparing to leave the home where she lived for the past 10 years after the landlord made her home a smoke free zone.

When Beulah Toombs of Ohio, moved into her home, the building had no rules against smoking. However, last year, the homeowner made the entire building a smoke free zone.

Since Toombs of Milford, refused to give up smoking she was given a 30 day eviction notice.

Toombs said that she gave up smoking when she had her five children because at that time, her doctor told her that it was not good for the children.

However, now, at 89, she knows it is her right to do whatever she wants in the privacy of her own home and she can smoke if she so desires.

Toombs found a new apartment, which is somewhat smoke free, but has a room dedicated as a smoking area.

The woman’s children are unhappy that their mother was forced to move, saying that it is difficult for a woman her age to relocate. However, Toombs wants to exercise her right to continue smoking, so she chose to move.