Parents file lawsuit against teachers for luring their children into religious cult

Avon High School 
By: Anika Rao

Several parents filed a lawsuit against teachers after they allegedly lured their children into a religious cult that praises martyrdom, according to court documents filed in Connecticut.

According to the lawsuit, at least two women were left speaking a strange new language.

The incident began when three sisters, who were attending the Avon High School, were indoctrinated without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Two of the girls, now 22 and 19 years old, experienced sudden and severe personality changes.

The cult praises martyrdom and celebrates death, causing the older sisters experience suicidal ideation and fantasies of martyrdom. The parents said that three teachers and a counselor were predators, who acted on behalf of the cult.

The two older daughters have cut off communication with the rest of their family and friends, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and changes in school policy.

Court in Turkey issues arrest warrants for 4 top Israeli military commanders including Gabi Ashkenazi

Gabi Ashkenazi 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A court in Turkey issued arrests warrants for several top Israeli military commanders.

On Monday, four former Israeli military commanders, who are on trial in absentia for the murder of nine citizens on a Gaza bound ship, were ordered to be under arrest.

The decision came after months of negotiations between Turkey and Israel to end a diplomatic crisis that broke out after the Israeli commando raid on the Mavi Marmara. The court ordered the arrest of former Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, former Navy Commander Eliezer Marom, former Air Force Commander Amos Yadlin, and former head of Air Force intelligence Avishay Levi.

The charges in the indictment include inciting murder through cruelty or torture, and inciting injury with firearms. The court also said that it will ask Interpol to issue red notices for the arrest of the four former military officials.

Israel and Turkey were close allies before the raid on the Gaza bound ship. Last year, Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkey for the raid.

Man killed by SUV while riding his brand new bike in Flatbush

Scene of the incident 
By: Aarav Sen

A man is dead after being hit by an SUV while riding his bike in Flatbush, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the man died on Monday in a collision with the SUV while driving his brand new bike.

The incident happened when 36-year-old Dheyshawn Artope, left his job as manager of a Radio Shack, and was riding along Clarendon Road, when he was hit. His mother said he had bought the bike because his uncle had one and he wanted to follow in his footsteps.

His grieving mother said that he was a perfect son and a perfect father. Artope left behind two children, a 13 year old and a 17 year old about to start college.

The driver of the SUV, which was heading north on Kings Highway, remained at the scene and passed the field sobriety tests. “It was an unfortunate accident,” a police spokesperson said.

Leading Hong Kong business people say that the best hidden treasures are in Israel

Hong Kong business leader in Israel 
By: Anav Silverman

A group of Hong Kong business leaders said that the best hidden treasures are in Israel, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

For the group of 34 Hong Kong business people, investors and entrepreneurs, a visit to Israel last week, proved to be an eye-opening experience.

The group was on a mission led by Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), a department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government that seeks foreign direct investment and expansion in Hong Kong.

“In Hong Kong, many know Israel for its holy sites, and not for its technology,” said Teresa Poon, manager of innovation and technology at InvestHK.

“The idea is to showcase Hong Kong to Israeli companies. Hong Kong is a launching pad for businesses and startups with its well-established financial system and close connections with Mainland China,” said Charles Ng, the Associate Director of Investment Promotion for InvestHK.

“We’ll roll out the red carpet and welcome new investors. Young Israelis are very passionate and we want our young generation in Hong Kong to learn from this passion. It’s the first time that Invest Hong Kong has brought such a large business delegation to Israel,” added Simon Galpin, the Director-General of investment promotion at InvestHK in an interview with the Tazpit News Agency.

“We have been gradually building up in Israel, and we believe that there is a lot more room for Israeli companies in Hong Kong, especially in high-tech and start-up. We are looking for collaborative opportunities as well,” Galpin stated.

“The Israeli tech companies are very impressive,” Poon told the Tazpit News Agency. “We would love to have something like Teva in Hong Kong for example.”

Israel is Hong Kong’s second largest trading partner in the Middle East, and Hong Kong is Israel’s fifth largest trading partner in Asia.

Over 80 Israeli companies do business in Hong Kong, including Nice Systems, Rad Vision, Orbotech, Zim Integrated Shipping, along with other telecom, finance, diamond and cosmetic companies. Leading import items from Israel include diamonds, pearls, semi-precious stones, precious gems, optical products and telecommunications equipment.

Israeli companies also supply Hong Kong with a variety of semiconductors, electronic valves and tubes, and parts and accessories for office machines and computers.

This was Poon’s second visit to Israel, following a visit with her church group last year. For most of the members in the Hong Kong delegation, it was their first trip to the Jewish state.

Daniel Lee, a professor at the University of Hong Kong and the head of the biotechnology department in Hong Kong Science Park, was greatly impressed by his first trip to Israel including his visit to the Haifa Technion.

“The best hidden treasures are here,” Lee told the Tazpit News Agency. “Israelis have amazing innovative minds. You have 12 Nobel laureates! The mentality in Israel is different than in China – Israelis are more rebellious. There is creativity here. Another thing that stood out to me was the way Israelis cherish this small piece of land. They show great appreciation for it,” Lee pointed out.

Woman sues McDonald’s after biting into ‘foreign object’ hidden inside her breakfast

Burrito illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman is suing restaurant giant McDonald's, after allegedly biting into a “foreign object” that was hidden inside her breakfast, according to court documents filed in Michigan.

56-year-old Susan Delph said that she suffered serious injuries, after biting into the burrito.

The incident began when Delph went to the McDonald’s located at 1535 South Main Street in Chelsea, and ordered breakfast. “She bit hard into a foreign object, causing serious injury to the mouth and jaw,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit lists charges of negligence, breach of warranty and violation of consumer and food laws. Delph is suffering constant pain, discomfort, disability, emotional distress, mental anguish and inability to perform many of the activities that she was able to perform before the incident, she claims in her lawsuit.

She also requires extensive medical care and treatment. Delph is seeking damages in excess of $25,000.

New Zealand parliament member seen on video picking his ear and eating wax

John Banks picking his ear 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A New Zealand member of parliament was recorded on video picking his ear and eating the wax during a trial, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

Now, the New Zealand television station TV3, has been banned from recording the trial of John Banks, after being accused of violating media guidelines by recording the MP pulling something from his ear and eating it.

The video showed how Banks used his finger to collect some ear wax and then putting it in his mouth. Justice Edwin Wylie called the senior management of the television station to court on Monday afternoon, saying that the clip was inappropriate.

An attorney for TV3 admitted that the video was recorded in poor judgment. The attorney apologized to the court and Banks.

Banks is facing charges after knowingly presenting false electoral returns in his failed bid for mayor of Auckland.

Baby girl born with extra head growing on her stomach (video)

The girl with an extra head attached to her stomach 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A beautiful baby girl was born with an extra head attached to her stomach, doctors in India said.

Now, a surgeon said that he will attempt to remove the extra head from the girl.

22-year-old Amlekha Bairva, gave birth to the girl last month in a hospital run by the government. She was later transferred to the JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur.

The unnamed girl weighs four pounds and eight ounces. The head of her twin sister, who was not fully developed, is connected to baby's stomach.

The baby is under medical observation while physicians hope to remove the extra head. “In these cases surgery is usually successful,” Dr. Chetan Sharma, a pediatric surgeon at the JK Lone Hospital, said.

“She is a healthy child with a normal heartbeat. She has no other internal or external complexities. We’re confident that the operation will succeed and the girl we lead a normal life without future complications,” the surgeon added.

Bairva and her husband Ramji Lal, 29, who also has a 5-year-old son, said that he could not afford ultrasounds during pregnancy and they knew nothing of the complications. The hospital has confirmed that they will not charge the family for the cost of the surgery.

New extra large parking spaces built exclusively for women

The female parking spaces 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) New extra large parking spaces were built in South Korea, to be used exclusively by women.

Officials in Seoul, have introduced the larger parking spaces for lady drivers this week.

The new parking spaces are marked with pink paint and a mini skirt to indicate that the spaces should be occupied by female drivers. This is part of a $95 million initiative to make the city friendly to women.

These women friendly parking spaces are closer to the entrances and elevators just as handicap parking spaces. That's not all, the city also installed stiletto friendly floors around those parking spaces so that the women won’t slip.

The female parking spaces are longer and wider. They measure 8 feet instead of the standard 7 feet.

It is still unclear if men who park in those areas, will incur a fine. As part of the effort to make the city more women friendly, about 7,000 new toilets for women will also be installed.

3 tenants kill their landlord’s son after being served with an eviction notice

Street in Lagos illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man is dead after serving an eviction notice to his father’s tenants, police in Nigeria said.

A court in Lagos, has remanded into custody the tenants, two men and a woman, after being charged with the murder.

Prosecutors told the court that Funke Awolere, 45, Omotayo Oyekunle, 31, and Christopher Nwosu, 33, all of Lagos, murdered their landlord’s son after being served with the eviction notice. They were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder.

According to police, the defendants pounced on the victim, and threw his body on the road where he was crushed by a moving car. The incident occurred outside their home located at 3 Fasenge Street.

Earlier this month, a tenant was arrested for rape and murder after luring a little girl into the woods, where he raped and killed her, police in Nigeria said. Ohekelem Police said that 18-year-old Franklin Njoku, who rented a room in a house belonging to Eze, lured Eze’s four-year-old daughter into the woods where he murdered her.

The little girl was found hanging on a palm tree near the family home. An autopsy report stated that 4-year-old Gloria, was raped and strangled.

According to the initial police investigation, when Njoku rented the room from the Eze family he became close to all family members, including the little girl. However, Njoku showed a special interest in the four-year-old girl and he gave her gifts. The parents did not suspect that something was wrong.

After luring the girl to the woods, Njoku raped the girl and strangled her. To cover his tracks, Njoku tied a rope around her neck and hanged her on the tree branch.

When questioned, the suspect admitted to the crime saying that he was pushed to do so by Satan. He was charged with rape and murder.

Artist cooks and eats his own rib saying it tastes like sheep

Alexander Selvik Wengshoel 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

An artist did the unthinkable and ate his own rib.

The conceptual artist of Norway, boiled his hip bone and ate it with a little potato.

He washed down his meal with a glass of wine. According to the artist, the meat tasted like sheep.

25-year-old Alexander Selvik Wengshoel, made ​​his surprising statement at an art exhibition. The hip bone was shown as part of the exhibition, as well as a video of the operation to remove it.

Wengshoel said that he spent a year persuading his doctors to let him record the hip replacement surgery. “I just wanted to use it in my art. I did not know at that time that I would boil and eat it,” he said.

He took a bite and it tasted pretty good. “I made ​​dinner while my girlfriend was at work, and I just decided to have this really nice time with myself and my hip bone,” Wengshoel said.

Wengshoel was born with a deformed hip and endured years in a wheelchair or on crutches. He went through a series of failed operations, until he decided on hip replacement surgery.

Man shoots at three teens because they refused to have sex with him

Gun illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on charges of attempted assault after shooting at several women who refused to have sex with him, police in California said.

Stockton Police said that 21-year-old Keith Binder, is being accused of firing his gun at the three women.

The women, who are estimated to be between 18 and 19 years old, had gone to the house of the suspect on Friday night. After the suspect and his friends asked them for sex, the women said that they were not interested.

The suspect ordered the teens to leave the house. When the women began to leave, several shots were fired, but none of the women were injured.

The women fled and called the police. A security guard at the building also heard the shots and called the police independently.

Eight shell casings were found at the crime scene. The two other men at the scene were identified by the nicknames, "Little D," and “Little Eggy.”

Panic breaks out at school after 6 students released thousands of crickets

Crickets illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) School children began running in panic after several students released thousands of crickets as a prank, school officials in Pennsylvania said.

According to the initial investigation of the incident, several students have participated in the prank at the Chartiers Valley High School in Bridgeville.

“The crickets were released in our high school. The students responsible for this were identified, and they are subject to our code of conduct,” School District spokesperson Kara Droney said. Students said that several thousand crickets were released in the school by six students.

A security camera caught in the school caught the prank on video. School officials and teachers were seen collecting the insects.

In March, a family was left traumatized after hundreds of deadly spiders popped out from a bunch of bananas. 31-year-old Jamie Roberts, said that his family fled in panic after realizing that their fruit was infested with a spider nest containing hundreds of bugs.

Roberts suffers from a fear of spiders, and his wife Crystal, 30, called pest controllers, who advised them to leave their home in Hednesford, Staffs, United Kingdom, immediately. The couple, along with their two children, Georgina, 7, and Joshua, 5, left their home and stayed away for three days until their home was declared bug free.

The species of spiders have not been officially identified, but the family believes they were the world's most venomous Brazilian Wandering Spider. The incident began after they bought bananas from their local shop and placed them in a fruit bowl on the windowsill in the kitchen. Several days later, the window curtain was covered in spiders.

The bunch of bananas were purchased at a OneStop store near their home. The family is now waiting for pest controllers to confirm if the spiders were of the deadly species.

Teenage boy messes with the wrong girl when he exposed himself to police chief's daughter

Police officer 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy exposed himself to an underage girl.

The girl called her father for help, and a team of police officers swarmed the location and arrested the teen.

The incident took place about 5:30 p.m., when the teenage boy of Maumelle, Arkansas, drove around in a car and spotted the underage girl.

The 16-year-old boy then began using foul language before exposing himself in front of the young girl. Unknowns to the teenage boy, the girl is the daughter of Maumelle Police Chief Sam Williams, who took immediate action, and had his team of officers go out and search for the perverted teen.

The 16 year old was arrested on charges of indecent exposure, harassment and possession of drug paraphernalia after officers found drugs while searching his vehicle.

Police did not release the suspect's name as he is still a minor. He was released the custody of his parents.

Transgender woman placed in solitary confinement after police are unsure if she is male or female

Guiying’s mugshot 
By: Anika Rao

A transgender person was arrested after she was accused of theft.

However, police were unsure where to place her as she was dressed as a woman and had some female body parts and some male body parts.

When police arrested the transgender pole dancer of Changsha, China, they faced a dilemma as to where to detain the prisoner.

In the end, they settled the dilemma by putting her in a cell by herself and appointed a female psychologist and female medical personnel. They provided her similar treatment to other female inmates.

The suspect, who was identified as Guiying, is in her 30s. She fell in love with pole dancing when she was still a man.

While pursuing her passion she decided to transition into a woman. A few years ago, she began the sex change surgery.

However, the operation led to a lot of complications and post surgical problems requiring expensive medical procedures. Having spent all her money, Guiying turned to stealing to pay for the treatment, which led to her arrest.

Woman, 41, hospitalized after being beaten with baseball bat by her 21-year-old bodybuilder boyfriend

Lucas Artis 
By: Aarav Sen

A man was dating a much older woman, who seemed to be acting as his sugar mom.

When the woman asked the young man for help to pay a meal he snapped and beat her up.

Now, the bodybuilder has been jailed for the brutal attack on his partner.

Lucas Artis, 21, was arrested after he attacked his girlfriend after she asked to help pay for their anniversary dinner.

The girlfriend, 41 year-old Tina Gillian, was in her bedroom when the two got into an argument over money. That is when Artis began beating the woman with a baseball bat, breaking her elbow and finger, and giving her a black eye and bruises all over her body.

Artis told police he had “flipped” and described the incident as “a flash of anger.”

Defense attorney Nadim Bashir said that before the incident there had been no previous indication of violence, and that the relationship had its ups and downs.

Artis pleaded guilty to one count of causing injury with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Judge Jonathan Rose sentenced Artis to six years and eight months in prison.

Boys, 4, prank parents by saying a snake swallowed a child who was hiding

Paballo Singini 
By: Aarav Sen

Parents of a small village were in panic after learning that a snake ate a young child.

Nobody realized that this was actually part of prank set up by very young children.

4-year-old Paballo Singini, terrorized villagers in Ledig, North West, South Africa, after persuading his classmates to say that a snake swallowed him.

Singini’s classmate agreed to play along and told school officials and their parents that a snake swallowed their classmate while he was playing at the river.

Meanwhile, Singini hid at his house. Soon, the frightened parents were at the school asking about the safety of their children.

While the tension was high and people were in panic, Singini was resting at home. When questioned as to where and how the incident took place, the young boys finally admitted that it was all a prank.

His mother, Kelebogile Singini, said that her son was naughty and she believed that he was behind the prank.

Days before the incident took place, Singini told his mother that he was licked by a snake. “He is very intelligent and creative,” Kelebogile Singini said.

“Who knows, he might even become a comedian or a writer, judging by the way he acts,” his mother added.

Couple’s kinky sex session ends when key to handcuffs get stuck inside her privates

Jason and Michelle with the x-ray 
By: Devansh Dutt

A kinky sex session ended when a man hid keys in the woman’s privates.

The couple of Canada, was on vacation when they had kinky sex, which involved handcuffs.

The couple, who were identified only as Jason and Michelle, were in Van Nuys, California, when they decided to role play during sex. Michelle dressed up as a beautiful princess and Jason dressed in a dragon costume.

During the course of the role play, the keys to the handcuffs were placed inside her vagina.

When Jason attempted to retrieve it he was unable to do so. The key was stuck inside her uterus, forcing her to seek medical help.

When a doctor examined Michelle through an ultrasound he found that the key was in her cervix, but there was one big problem, the woman had an IUD, a contraceptive device implanted in the uterus, and the key was entangled in the nylon string that is used to remove the IUD.

The doctor was concerned that removing the key will pull the IUD out of its place. Doctors were eventually able to remove the device. Now the couple is able to laugh about the incident.

Woman files for divorce after husband refuses to have sex leaving her a virgin 6 years after marriage

Divorce illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman asked a judge for a divorce from her high school sweetheart after her refused to have sex.

The frustrated woman in Jiaxing, China, who is still a virgin after six years of marriage, filed for divorce this week.

Wei and Xiao Ling, were classmates in high school, and always liked each other. When they graduated from college the lovebirds decided to get married.

Wei Ling worked at his family’s business and the couple seemed to be headed for a happy future together.

However, things did not work well. Xiao Ling told the judge that Wei deliberately avoided his wife by staying out late and only came into the room after Xiao Ling had fallen asleep, which means that the couple never consummated their marriage of six years.

Xiao Ling, believing that her husband was suffering from some kind of psychological problem, tried to make him see a doctor, but he refused.

Xiao Ling got medical proof that she was still a virgin and used that as evidence in court. With all her proof in hand, the judge granted a divorce.

In another incident, a woman told her boyfriend that she was pregnant with their twins. She later claimed that she was forced to have an abortion. After some investigating, the man learned that his “girlfriend” was actually a man.

Former school principal, 80, sentenced to jail for raping students 36 years ago

Jail cell illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

An old man was jailed after he was accused of raping students many years ago.

The rape took place 36 years ago, when the victims were in elementary school.

Three victims, who are all grown, came forward and spoke about the pain, loneliness and isolation they felt all these years.

Former school principal Trevor Crocker of Melbourne, Australia, pleaded guilty to four charges of indecent assault.

Before sentencing, judge Johanna Metcalf said that Crocker's conduct was a gross breach of trust, which had a lasting and damaging effect on his victims.

Crocker, who retired in 1997, is a married man and a father of four, taught for more than 42 years at 17 schools during his a career. He later became school principal before he finally retired.

This is not the first time that Crocker was arrested for sexual assault. In 2005, he was arrested on 6 counts of sexual assault for incidents that took place in 1975. At that time, he was given a suspended sentence and served no jail time.

Now, judge Metcalf ordered him to serve four months in prison with an additional 24 month suspended sentence.

Man has surgery to remove headphone wire from his penis (video)

Nurse holding headphones removed from penis 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A man went to the doctor with pain in his privates.

The man told doctors that he is suffering from a urinary tract infection.

However, when doctors took x-rays they were stunned at what they saw. Doctors found a headphones cable inside the man’s penis.

The 32-year-old man underwent surgery in Shenzhen, China, after inserting the headphones cable into the urethra and it got stuck inside his body. He claims that it was not done as a sexual thing.

The patient, identified as Luo, went to the hospital in Shuguang, seeking medical treatment for a urinary tract infection, but initially he did not tell doctors about the headphones cable that had been inserted in himself as self treatment.

Xu Chang, who works at the hospital, said that Luo had been suffering numerous urinary tract infections, but was unable to pay for the doctors.

A friend recommended that he use a catheter to relieve himself. At first, he used tubing that he found at a construction site.

However, when he no longer had the tubing, he decided to use the headphones wire instead, but something went terribly wrong and it got lost inside his urethra.

Doctors were able to remove the headphones during a 20 minutes surgery. Sadly, doctor’s informed Luo that his self treatment method was a bad idea as it may lead to cancer.