Asda slammed after their flag resembles KKK costume

Man wearing the KKK type Asda flag 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

The British supermarket chain Asda is being criticized after their flag resembles the Klu Klux Klan costume.

However, Asda has defended selling the flag that has been compared to the white supremacist costume.

The St. George’s flag sports the word England along with a white hood and visor. The flag unleashed a storm on social media sites when it went on sale ahead of the World Cup in Brazil.

A company spokesperson said that they opted for a hoodie to protect game enthusiasts from the rain. “We want customers to cheer on the team without getting wet,” the spokesperson said.

Despite all the criticism the flag was still available on Asda’s web site. “Support England in the World Cup with this flag,” the company wrote.

“It's just a brand with a hood, nothing more and nothing less,” the spokesperson concluded.

Students extremely upset after school forced more modest clothes upon them

The altered photo 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) Students at a high school in Utah, are very angry after the school administration is forcing them to appear more modest in photos.

The female students want to know why their yearbook photos were photoshopped without their consent to appear modest.

The administrators said the that students were aware of the dress code, and a warning was sent to the students that the photos may be edited. Some students are upset because they said it seems that the decisions to modify the photos were inconsistent.

Many girls wore the same type of dress, but some were photoshopped and some were not. The School Superintendent admitted that they erred by not applying the same rules to all students.

The Wasatch County School District released the following statement. We learned that a few Wasatch High School students are upset because their photos had been edited before being placed in the 2014 yearbook.

Last fall when yearbook photos were taken, a large sign (4 feet by 5 feet) was placed where students could see it before having their photo taken. The sign told students that school dress standards would be enforced.

Tank tops, low cut tops, inappropriate slogans on shirts, etc. would not be allowed. If a student violated this policy, the sign told them explicitly that the photos may be edited to correct the violation. The sign was plainly visible to all students who were having their photos taken.

When the yearbook comes out in the spring, students are always excited to see their pictures and are concerned with how they look in the yearbook, so it is understandable that students in violation of the dress code could forget that they received warnings about inappropriate dress.

However, there is no question that all students were advised that photos may be edited if the student’s dress did not follow the dress code.

However, in the application of these graphic corrections, the high school yearbook staff did make some errors, and were not consistent in how they were applied to student photos. The school apologizes for that inconsistency.

Wasatch High School and Wasatch County School District are evaluating the practice of photo editing of pictures as it now stands and will make a determination on further use of the practice.

Bensonhurst man arrested for keeping a pet alligator in children’s pool

Alligator illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A Bensonhurst man was arrested on charges of improper precaution of a wild animal after allegedly keeping an alligator as a pet in his home, police in New York said.

Brooklyn prosecutors said that the suspect is facing fines and possible jail time for keep the 3-foot long alligator at his home.

Victor Alexandria said that his alligator is more than a pet. His name is Dino, and it is 3 years old.

Alexandria claims that the alligator was his friend because he believe that all animals are his friend. He took care of the animal since it fit in the palm of his hand.

He also said that children hold it all the time and it never bit anyone. Alexandria sometimes kept the animal in a children’s pool behind his house, which is located on Bay 40th Street.

The suspect is not taking the matter seriously as a judge laughed him all the way out of the courtroom. However, prosecutors said that the case is moving forward.

Alexandria faces a $500 fine and up to a year in jail if convicted of the charges. The alligator was taken to an animal shelter.

Thug fatally shoots 37-year-old man during argument in Crown Heights

The suspect fleeing from the scene 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest and charge a man with murder after allegedly killing a man during an argument in Crown Heights, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the thug was seen on video fleeing from the scene in which the 37-year-old man was shot dead.

The incident unfolded on Thursday afternoon. Police identified the victim as Todd Wilks.

He was found unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds on Albany Avenue. Paramedics who arrived at the scene, transferred him to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police released a security surveillance video that showed the suspect fleeing from the scene. In May, police are looking to arrest a man on charges of attempted assault after shooting at several women who refused to have sex with him, police in California said.

Stockton Police said that 21-year-old Keith Binder, is being accused of firing his gun at the three women.

The women, who are estimated to be between 18 and 19 years old, had gone to the house of the suspect on Friday night. After the suspect and his friends asked them for sex, the women said that they were not interested.

The suspect ordered the teens to leave the house. When the women began to leave, several shots were fired, but none of the women were injured.

The women fled and called the police. A security guard at the building also heard the shots and called the police independently.

Eight shell casings were found at the crime scene. The two other men at the scene were identified by the nicknames, "Little D," and “Little Eggy.”

Bank account of Jewish organization in Crimea looted

Cash illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A Jewish organization in Crimea, announced that their bank account was looted by unidentified subjects.

37,500 hryvnias ($3,150) disappeared from the bank account of the Jewish religious organization held at Privatbank, Anatoli Guendine, the leader of the Ner Tamid community of Reform Judaism, said.

“The 37,500 hryvnias were looted,” Guendine said after receiving a text message indicating that the account balance of Ner Tamid plummeted to zero.

“It seems that Igor Kolomoiski, a Ukrainian oligarch who is CEO of Privatbank and president of the European Jewish Union, needs funds to create a new army intended to protect and fight against the terrorists or against those who do not want to submit to his laws. Which laws of the Torah allow a Jew to steal money from a Jewish religious organization?” Guendine ranted in a statement released on Thursday, by the Russian Jewish Congress.

A spokesperson for Privatbank said that he had no information about the disappearance of the Ner Tamid funds.

Gunmen shoot elderly ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman during home invasion in Beverly Hills

Scene of the incident 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) An elderly ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman was hospitalized after being shot during a home invasion, police in California said.

Beverly Hills Police said that they are still searching for the three masked suspects, who shot the woman on Friday night.

The incident unfolded at the home located at 420 Doheny Road. At 8:30 p.m., the elderly couple, about 80 years old, answered their front door.

That is when the three men forced themselves inside. One of the men had a gun. The couple was identified as Samuel and Diana Hirt.

The gunmen tied up the couple and Diana was shot in the leg. Her injury is not considered life-threatening. The woman was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

A local rabbi said that he and other members of his congregation had been to the house of the victim for a prayer service, and left only a half hour before the incident. “They are a very nice family. They always invite people on Friday and Saturday for dinner. Anyone who comes from outside the city, they invite them to their house,” a close friend of the Hirts said.

Man arrested for murdering 4 people including 2 Israelis at Brussels Jewish Museum

Mehdi Nemmouche 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A young man was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum, police in Belgium said.

Brussels Police said that they arrested 29-year-old, Mehdi Nemmouche of Roubaix, France, on Friday, in Marseille.

Police also found in his possession a pistol and a Kalashnikov assault rifle, matching those weapons used in the attack. Nemmouche has links to jihadists in Syria. Nemmouche visited Syria last year.

The Israeli victims, Mira and Emmanuel Riva, both 50, are former Israeli government employees. The four victims were hit by bullets in the face and neck.

Videos of the attack showed the gunman wearing a cap and sunglasses, standing at the entrance to the museum with an automatic rifle. The museum, which is located in the city center, was closed while investigators continue their investigation.

Captured terrorist reveals Hamas behind surge in terror on Temple Mount

Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Tuama 
By: Aryeh Savir

A terrorist who was detained last month, revealed that Hamas is behind the recent upsurge in terror activity on the Temple Mount, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Israel Security Agency announced last week, that they arrested a senior Hamas terrorist.

Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Tuama was captured as he tried to enter Israel from Jordan, via the Allenby Border Cross. Tuama was born in 1951, and is a married father of 8 children.

Originally from Tul Karem, he has been residing in Saudi Arabia since the 1970s. He joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1983, and joined Hamas as early as 1987, when the terror organization was established.

He admitted to being a member of the Hamas General Shura Council headed by Khaled Mashal since 2008. The General Shura Council is Hamas' supreme leadership entity that shapes the organization’s overall policy, including its military strategy.

Tuama disclosed eye-opening insights to the organization's methods of operation, financing and connections to other organizations. He stipulated that Hamas is directly involved in the recent escalation of violence on the Temple Mount, and is funding it.

In recent months, there has been a sharp increase in violence activity perpetrated by Muslims on the Temple Mount. In some cases, Israeli police had to close the Mount to Jewish visitors as a result of the extreme hostility.

Tuama stated that Hamas is behind the projects of the Islamic Movement Institution, “Omara al Aqsa,” which acts to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount using an array of hundreds of activists who stay on the Temple Mount compound day and night. This institution was administratively closed in late 2013 by the Israel Security Agency and Israeli police.

Tuama further revealed that Hamas is using the Islamic Movement in Israel, as a front organization to promote its goals and activity in Jerusalem. He stated that Hamas is using the Islamic Movement in Israel for the transfer of funds to many projects in Jerusalem. For example, Hamas transfers funding to the Islamic Movement's learning initiative on the Temple Mount, under the cover of religious studies. These youths stay day and night on the Mount only to be constantly present and prevent the arrival of Jews to the holy site.

Hamas pays these youths a salary of 4000 to 5000 shekels ($1,285) per month. Tuama said that Hamas does not expose its links with the Islamic Movement and its members to avoid complications with the Israeli authorities. In his assessment, there are clandestine links between Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement, and Hamas leadership. Salah is an Israeli citizen.

Tuama revealed Hamas' sources of funds and their transfer to Israel. He was in charge of the audit committee in Hamas' central leadership and said that until recently Hamas' main source of funding was Iran.

In the past year, Iran has cut off Hamas' funding and that has created an economic crisis for them. At the same time, Hamas operates a series of civilian companies in charge of creating equity for the movement. Most of these companies are located in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and deal especially with real estate.

Tuama provided information on the Palestinian Business Forum (PBF), another dominant entity that Hamas is using to promote its economic interests. The Forum was founded by Hamas members and many of the Forum's members are Hamas activists or identified with Hamas. PBF serves Hamas in public and information-related aspects as well.

Tuama likewise divulged information on a series of international entities, which are part of Hamas’ global funding array, such as entities in Saudi Arabia that receive donations from all over the world.

Finally, relating to recent political development in the Palestinian Authority, Tuama said that Hamas signed the reconciliation agreement with the PA due to various constraints, and the signing does not reflect an ideological change. In this context, Tuama said that Hamas understands that in order to influence the PA policy, it has to be a PLO member since this is the body that determines the policy.

Tuama's file was transferred to the Military Prosecution Service and he was indicted last week.

Deer seen on video walking down the aisles looking at items in antique store before heading over to cafe

Deer in antique shop 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Several deer were seen looking at items in an antique store before heading over to a nearby cafe, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

Police in Livingston, Texas, said that two deer caused a raucous after they jumped into two adjoining shops on Thursday morning.

The Livingston Police Department received a call about the disturbance at the businesses located in the 400 block of North Washington Avenue around 4:00 a.m. The deer gained access to the antique shop by jumping through a window.

Debbie Cooper, who is the owner of Downtown Treasures, said that the deer entered the store through the window and left a trail of blood throughout the store. When police arrived, they saw two deer at Downtown Treasures.

One deer ran out the front door while officers were there, went next door and entered the Whistle Stop Cafe. Police spent about an hour trying to corner the animal in the bathroom of the store.

Both shops were closed for the day, as the owners cleaned up the mess the deer left behind.

Police officer shoots at teens after watching them making out in car

Couple kissing illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was suspended after shooting at teens who were making out in a car, police in Oklahoma said.

The shooting incident unfolded over the weekend on the campus of the Eliot Elementary School near 36th Street and South Peoria Avenue in Tulsa.

The two teens were probably doing something they should not have been doing in the parking lot, according to police. The officer was in his car and started asking questions, but the driver did not want to answer.

He tried to flee. That is when the officer shot at the car. The car’s back left tire was hit.

The two children were not at the scene when police arrived at the scene on Sunday, but detectives were able to find and talk to one of them about the incident. The 17-year-old student told investigators that he just wanted to leave from the scene.

The officer said that he felt threatened by this movement and fired the shot. The school district said that the children had no right to be on their property.

Teen beats his parents to death because they took away his iPad

Vincent Parker 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A teen boy was arrested, charged and convicted of murder after he beat his parents to death because they took away his iPad, prosecutors in Virginia said.

Prosecutors told a court that 16-year-old Vincent Parker of Norfolk, savagely beat his parents Wayne and Carol to death.

Parker, who was his parents’ only child, slipped away from school to carry out the killings. “I just became angry,” Parker told the court when he pleaded guilty.

Vincent Parker told investigators that he sprayed his mother with tear gas, stabbed her in the eye and hit her in the face with a baseball bat until she stopped breathing. When his father came home Parker hit him with an iron bar and stabbed him several times.

Wayne Parker was able to call the police and say that his son attacked him before he died. Parker pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder after a psychological evaluation found him to be both healthy and intelligent.

He was charged as an adult.

“I want the judge to sentence him to some counseling,” the boy’s grandfather said. “I told him to ask God to forgive him for what he did. I forgave him,” the grandfather added.

Woman wants to kill her sister with knife because she refused to buy beer

Amber Michelle Orman 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman threatened to kill her sister with a knife after she refused to buy beer, police in Florida said.

Ocoee Police said that they arrested the 29-year-old woman on Sunday, after being accused of threatening her sister with the kitchen knife for refusing to get beer.

Amber Michelle Orman faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse. According to a police report, officers arrived at Orman’s apartment located on Old Winter Garden Road, to find her screaming and threatening her sister.

After separating the two, the sister told police that Orman had asked for a ride to the store to pick up beer. When she refused Orman said that she was going to get a knife and stab her to death.

She went to the kitchen, armed herself with a large knife and started swinging it in the air. When the victim’s nephew called police to report the attack, Orman began pulling his hair in an attempt to take the phone away.

Orman claims that her sister attacked her first for no reason and she grabbed the knife to defend herself. She was arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail.

Great grandmother seen on video riding Segway in celebration of her 100th birthday

Sylvia Frankton riding a Segway 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A 100-year-old woman was seen having fun on a Segway to celebrate her birthday, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

Sylvia Frankton, a great grandmother, celebrated her birthday with friends and family.

The 100-year-old woman of the United Kingdom, jumped on board the battery-powered vehicle while her children and grandchildren cheered her on. Relatives of Frankton rented the vehicle, which operates under the weight of leaning forward, so that the younger members of the family can have some fun.

However, the old woman decided to give it a try. She hopped on the Segway and drove off. Frankton of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, said that she never saw a Segway before.

“I just wanted to ride it as soon as I saw it. I have difficulty walking these days, but getting around on the Segway was easy. I wish I can have one,” she said.

“At first, I tried to drive it like a car, but once I got the hang of it I loved the speed,” she added.

Dog poo forces plane with hundreds of passengers to make emergency landing

Dog that caused emergency landing 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Dog poo caused a plane with hundreds of passengers to make an emergency landing, a spokesperson for U.S. Airways said.

The U.S. Airways flight has been forced to make an emergency landing after a guide dog relieved himself in the aisle on Friday.

Andrew Christie, the spokesperson for the airline, said that the flight from Los Angeles, California, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, made ​​an unscheduled stop in Kansas City, Missouri. A cleaning crew came to the rescue, but the travel time for the passengers doubled to more than 14 hours.

The flight continued after the mess was cleaned up by U.S. Airways personnel. The passenger and the guide dog were booked on another flight.

Christie said the incident was a "rare and unfortunate situation." According to passengers the dog defecated in the aisle at least three times, and passengers began feeling physically ill.

2 teen sisters found hanged on mango tree and gang raped

Scene of the incident 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Anger is growing after police in India, are doing nothing to locate those behind the gang rape of two girls, who used an outdoor field as a bathroom.

Two police officers and a third man are suspected of gang raping and murdering the two teen sisters before their bodies were found hanging from a mango tree.

The discovery of the two bodies renewed public outrage about sexual violence in the country. Residents of Katra, found the bodies hours after the girls, aged 14 and 15, disappeared from the fields that they used as a toilet because their house had no bathroom.

Hundreds of people spent Wednesday, in silent protest over the police inaction in the case. Residents were recorded sitting under the bodies of the hanging girls, preventing police from removing them until the suspects are caught.

Police claim that they have arrested three suspects and are looking for four more men who allegedly participated in the crime. Autopsies confirmed that the girls were raped and strangled before being hanged.

The chief of the police in Katra, has been suspended for ignoring a complaint that was filed after the girls went missing.

3 kids under 9 years old steal their mother’s car and crash it into street lamp

Scene of the incident 
By: Hydar Tomar

A car was wrecked after being driven by three little children into a street lamp, police in the United Kingdom said.

Norfolk Police said that the three children, all under the age of 9, stole their mother's car and crashed it.

The children, who are believed to be around eight, six, and one years old, took the keys while their mother slept. They got into the car around 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

One child took the wheel as the other two sat in the back. The car almost hit a parked vehicle across an intersection before jumping a curb and crashing into the light pole.

Police responded to the scene in Wymondham, Norfolk. The children were not injured, but the car suffered damage.

Police said that the mother was sleeping when it all happened. The mother of the children was later seen at the door of her home and appeared to be crying.

Police launched an investigation into the incident, and so far, no charges have been filed.

Heroic teacher dies while saving his suicidal student after pulling him out of window

The teacher Zhu 
By: Hydar Tomar

A teacher gave his life while saving his suicidal student.

Citizens in the Anhui Province, China, paid respect to a heroic teacher, who sacrificed his own life to save his student.

37-year-old Zhu, taught at the Jinji Middle School in Tianchang. He became aware of a missing female student, who left a mysterious letter addressed to him.

In the letter, she wrote that she decided to stop going to school and run away from home. The teacher became concerned about his student so he decided to search for her.

Later that evening, he finally found her at another student’s home. The girl was suicidal and the teacher spoke to her and calmed her down.

However, the girl suddenly ran towards and open window and began climbing out. Zhu immediately ran after her and tried to grab her. As he got a hold of her he was pulled along and the two plummeted from the three story window to the ground.

As they fell, Zhu managed to hold on tightly to the girl and he somehow managed to turn, so the girl was on top of him. He acted as a cushion for the girl and she survived the fall, while he died.

So far, it was not established whether the student and teacher had a special relationship, but since the heartbreaking story made headlines people have been speculating that their was something more going on between the two.

Mother beaten to death in McDonald's after refusing to give her cellphone number to men

One of the killers 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A woman was killed after refusing to give her phone number to a group of men.

The woman was brutally beaten to death by six people at a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan, China's eastern province of Shandong.

According to the Zhaoyuan Police, the cold blooded killers belong to a cult called the “All-powerful spirit.” They have been collecting phone numbers from women in order to recruit new members.

The victim, who was identified as Miss Wu, is in her 20s and has children. While she was having dinner at McDonald's, she was approached by one of the suspects, named Zhang, who asked for her phone number.

After she refused to hand over her number, an argument broke out followed by a fight. Zhang and three members of his family along with two other gang members kicked Wu in the head while she was on the ground before taking an iron bar and hitting her on the head until it broke.

When people attempted to intervene and save the woman the attackers warned that anyone who gets involved will also be killed.

Police arrived and arrested the killers. They all confessed to the crime. One of the attackers is a minor and cannot be charged as an adult. The rest of the cult members were charged with intentional homicide.

Teacher arrested after groping two students and having sex with another in school

Jacob Jaurique insert 
By: Anika Rao

A teacher was arrested and charged after having sex with a student in a classroom.

Parents are angry after hearing that the teacher had inappropriate contact with students in school.

The New Mexico State Police have taken 28-year-old Jacob Jaurique, into police custody after he was charged with criminal contact with teenage girls.

Jaurique taught metal and welding class at Grants High School. He was also an assistant coach on the wrestling team.

The incident came to light after a student filed a complaint with police saying she was inappropriately touched by Jaurique.

When police began investigating, they discovered that the school employee groped at least two 17-year-old students and had sex with another student.

During questioning, Jaurique allegedly admitted to having sex with the student in the metal workshop classroom.

He was arrested without incident in Milan, New Mexico. Jaurique was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor and criminal sexual penetration of a minor.

Man arrested after neighbor sees him kissing his stepdaughter inappropriately

Josue Garcia 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he was seen kissing his stepdaughter.

The incident began when the family’s apartment door was left open and someone saw the man kissing his wife’s daughter.

According to the criminal complaint, 20-year-old Josue Garcia of New Mexico, was seen kissing his 12-year-old stepdaughter inappropriately.

The neighbor who witnessed the act, called police and Garcia was questioned. According to the police in Albuquerque, Garcia admitted to touching and kissing the girl.

He allegedly also texted the girl saying “age is nothing but a number.” He was subsequently arrested.

At his initial hearing the judge ordered him to stay away from the residence and have no contact with the victim. He was also ordered to stay away from his neighbors, who were mentioned in the complaint.

Garcia was charged with criminal sexual contact of a minor. His bond was set at $10,000 cash.

Prison cook licks food and deliberately spills ice on the floor before giving it to officers

Yolanda Arguello 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A woman is in trouble after she was caught licking food before serving it to officers.

59-year-old Yolanda Arguello, was arrested and suspended from her job as the cook at the South Valley New Mexico Women's Recovery Academy in Albuquerque.

The cook was accused of serving contaminated cheese and ice to state employees. Other employees saw her licking pieces of cheese before placing it on sandwiches, which she served to probation and parole officers.

The 59-year-old woman allegedly told coworkers that “she will show them who was special and better than others.”

Coworkers allegedly told investigators that Arguello also placed ice cubes on the floor and then served it to officers in iced tea. On other occasions, she licked the ice cubes before placing it in their drinks.

Arguello has been charged with three counts of assaulting a peace officer. She was also banned from going to the facility while her case is ongoing.

Shopping mall offers new bra in exchange for 9 eggs

Bra being exchanged for eggs 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Women received a deal of a lifetime when they were offered to bring eggs in exchange for bras.

A shopping mall in Xi'an, China, conducted a weird promotion to raise awareness for breast cancer.

This promotion definitely got women talking, and it brought many women to the mall. During the promotion, women got a bra for 9 eggs. No money was exchanged.

9 eggs reportedly sells for around 6 yuan, (about 96 cents) so that probably makes it the cheapest bras available on the market.

“The event was held to raise awareness about issues related to women’s health, and to tell women that underwear has a price, but health is priceless,” one of the event organizers said.

Many women showed up for the event to support the cause and to get a cheap bra. Almost 1,000 eggs were exchanged for bras during the event.

The eggs will be sold for 10 yuan ($1.60), which represents a significant markup over their initial price, and all proceeds of the sales will go to women suffering from breast cancer.

Man jailed after he would not stop masturbating while rolling in cow manure as part of weird fetish

David Truscott 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A farmer and his family are relieved after a man who used their farm to pleasure himself, was jailed.

The family of the United Kingdom, were harassed by the man for about eight years, before he was finally sentenced to five years in prison.

The man repeatedly threatened to kill the family when he was asked to stop using the farm in West Cornwall, to satisfy his weird fetish.

43-year-old David Truscott, developed a fetish for cow manure. He enjoyed rolling in the manure without clothes, while masturbating.

Truscott became obsessed with Woodbury House Farm, and for the past eight years, he gave the family a hard time. When they tried to prevent the use of their land, he threatened to burn the farm owner Clive Roth, his wife Jackie, and their kids.

The hate campaign began in 2004, when Truscott was caught running without clothes in cow manure. When the farmers tried to stop him from removing the manure, he became furious.

In revenge, he burned a tractor shed and hay. The family called police and Truscott was arrested. During the years, the harassment and vandalism continued, and Truscott was imprisoned in 2005, 2009, and 2011, each time for a few weeks.

The court heard how the man’s threats to kill the family was having a devastating effect on the Roth family. The judge sentenced Truscott to 5 years in prison.

Men break into university dorms and rape 20 students at gunpoint

The Benue State University 
By: Anika Rao

Armed men broke into a university campus and rapped 20 girls.

The gunmen, who are suspected to be members of a cult, unleashed terror on the students of the Benue State University in Makurdi, Nigeria.

They broke into the bedrooms of the women in various private housing projects located near the campus. 20 female students were raped at gunpoint during the invasion.

The incident began about 10:00 p.m., when the men stormed into the women’s rooms and beat girls before raping them and taking their valuables.

Seven students were hurt and needed medical treatment.

The latest incident was the third in one month. Earlier this month, a college student was raped by a group of four young men when she returned home about 9:00 p.m.

In addition, about three weeks ago, a student has been shot at by unknown gunmen on campus before stealing her iPad, phones and cash.

College students marched in protest to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charity Angya. The deputy foreign minister promised to beef up security.