Clashes break out between Hamas and PA employees at ATMs as new unity government forgot to pay salaries of Hamas

Withdrawing cash from ATM 
By: Anav Silverman

Clashes erupted between Palestinian Authority and Hamas employees after the new unity government forgot to pay the salaries of Hamas employees, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

On Thursday, the violent clashes broke out between Hamas and Palestinian Authority employees at ATMs in Gaza.

Unlike their PA colleagues, disappointed Hamas employees had discovered that they were not paid salaries from the new unity administration, which was officially inaugurated on Monday, Reuters reported.

Hamas public employees, who have not been paid in weeks, were hoping that the unity government under the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation pact would reinstate their incomes. A spokesperson for the unity government stated that a committee had yet to vet the Hamas employees before they could be added to the payroll of the new leadership.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority has been paying some 70,000 public employees in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas terror organization violently overtook the coastal enclave in 2007, forcing Fatah out. Hamas has 40,000 civil servants and security personnel on its payroll.

Gaza banks were subsequently closed on Thursday, to prevent further fighting according to a Gaza Interior spokesperson.

“You call this reconciliation? We should all eat or no one does!” Shouted one employee of the former Hamas-run government, Reuters reported.

“Why is it our fault? Go ask your Hamas leaders who signed the deal – why prevent us from feeding our families?” retorted a PA civil servant.

Ma’an News Agency further reported that the PA employees in Gaza, had been prevented from withdrawing salaries by Hamas officers.

“Thugs and gangsters of Hamas are preventing civil servants from withdrawing their salaries. They are firing gunshots, beating citizens and smashing ATMs,” Adnan Dmeiri, the spokesperson for PA security forces told Ma’an.

According to the report, one Hamas officer told a PA employee waiting at an ATM in central Gaza that “no one can receive a salary before we receive our salaries.”

The Hamas government has faced a cash shortage since Egypt closed the Hamas border smuggling tunnels. The two rival parties are attempting to resolve the crisis, as Palestinian officials hope that the payroll of the former Hamas government will be met with international donor funds given to the PA.

9 arrested for shooting Jewish mayor of Kharkiv in Ukraine

Gennady Kernes 
By: Anika Rao

Nine people were arrested on charges of assault in connection with the assassination attempt of a Jewish mayor in Ukraine, police in Ukraine said.

Police said that the nine suspects are part of gang that is responsible for several violent attacks across the country including the shooting of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes.

“Police in Kharkiv and Kiev, arrested the nine members suspected of murdering a business person and physician. The detainees are also suspected of being involved in the murder attempt of Gennady Kernes,” Anatoly Dmitriev, chief of police in the Kharkiv region, said during a press conference on Tuesday.

Dmitriev said that the detainees planned the assassination of senior officials of agencies responsible for enforcing the law. Gennady Kernes was shot as he was doing his morning exercise. He is currently recovering at an Israeli hospital.

As we reported earlier, the Jewish mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine, is fighting for his life after being shot in an unprovoked attack. Police said that the incident occurred on Monday.

The unidentified gunmen shot him in the back as he went swimming.

Gennady Kernes, 54, underwent emergency surgery at a hospital, his office said in a statement. “Doctors are fighting to save his life,” Kernes’ spokeswoman Tatiana Gruzinsyaka said.

Before the recent unrest in Ukraine, Kernes had supported closer relations with Moscow. However, since the change of government in Kiev, Kernes had become more patriotic. The mayor recently stated that Kharkiv should remain part of Ukraine.

Largest water company in the United Kingdom begins using Israeli water technology to save on electricity

Mapal Green Energy system in action 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) The largest supplier of water in the United Kingdom announced that it will begin using Israeli technology in order to cut down on electricity usage, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

United Utilities, which is the largest listed water company supplying around 7 million homes in the North West of England, is the latest water utility to discover the merits of floating fine bubble aeration technology, developed and marketed by Israel's Mapal Green Energy.

Announcing the installation of Mapal Green Energy’s Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA) system at its Horwich sludge plant, United Utilities said that it is upgrading its current installation with new equipment, which is expected to be significantly more energy efficient.

The current plant holds two biological reactors with a capacity of 3900 liters per hour. The existing installation of fixed mechanical aerators will be replaced with 16 floating fine bubble units. Surface aeration treats sewage using air and a biological floc composed of bacteria and protozoa.

Initial forecasts suggests that Mapal's FFBA system is expected to deliver the same or improved process performance at up to 40 percent less power than is currently used, saving a possible 308 MWh of electricity per year.

Dale Walker, Senior Area Engineering Manager of United Utilities, commented: “The system will provide a number of benefits in addition to attractive power savings and may provide a financially viable lower cost solution compared to traditional FBDA installations for small to medium sized surface aeration plants. The system can be retrofitted to existing plants and installed without requiring major shutdowns of the existing plant. The equipment is also readily accessible for maintenance purposes.”

The UU project team has worked closely with Mapal Green Energy’s engineers over the last few months, to finalize the design and secure funding. The system is due to go live in August. The water firm will work with Mapal to maximize the benefits from the new plant.

Horwich will be the largest FFBA installation in the United Kingdom. Mapal said that the FFBA units have been extensively tested. The supplier is confident that the technology will deliver important energy savings and easier maintenance. The installation has no moving parts in the wastewater processing tank.

With over 35 installations worldwide, Mapal's floating fine bubble aeration (FFBA) system has proven itself to meet and improve stringent sewage quality parameters including the reduction of organic components and Ammonia.

It has achieved major cost savings, as well as delivered proven performance.

Police chief refuses to arrest drug dealer after police chase and began dating her instead

Hilary Hooper and Lucas Mace 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A police chief was arrested after sleeping with a drug dealer rather than arresting her.

38-year-old Lucas Mace of Glouster, Ohio, was suspended from his job as police chief in the small village.

Mace is accused of hiding the suspected drug dealer Hilary Hooper, so police could not arrest her.

Mace first met the 23-year-old Hooper, after she led police on a chase, and her vehicle crashed into a parked car and fence.

When she was finally stopped, Hooper was allegedly intoxicated on heroin and had outstanding warrants, but instead of arresting her Mace had sex with her.

Mace is also accused of helping Hooper change a tire while on duty. He informed Hooper about the warrants and told her to leave town.

Prosecutors said that the duo even had sex in a police cruiser and they have body fluids as evidence to prove it.

Mace has been suspended from his job without pay and was charged with 12 counts, for “a shameful pattern of wrongdoing,” Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said. Hooper meanwhile, pleaded not guilty to possession of heroin.

Family Dollar store manager seen on video spraying Febreze on shoplifters

Employee facing off with shoplifters 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Several shoplifters chose the wrong store when they were in the mood for some free stuff, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The video showed the altercation that unfolded in the parking lot of a shopping center in Saginaw, Michigan.

The one minute and 47 second long video that was recorded by a bystander, showed a pair of employees from Family Dollar, facing off with the shoplifters, who were already in their car ready to flee from the scene. The male worker with Febreze in one hand approached the car full of people.

At first, the employee was calm, but the confrontation quickly escalates into a shouting match with threats of violence. The employee sprayed Febreze into the passenger window.

It did not seem as if anyone was hurt, but one woman was seen rubbing her eyes saying: “I cannot see.” “Please know that the safety and security of our customers and team members is our first priority, and we are taking the situation seriously,” a spokesperson for Family Dollar said.

Saginaw Police said that they have no record of the incident.

Family and friends along with bride seen on video falling into lake during photo shoot

Friends, groom and bride falling into a lake 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A festive wedding ceremony turned wet as the bride along with the guests fell into a lake during a photo shoot, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The incident unfolded at the wedding of Dan and Jackie Anderson, who were posing with their bridesmaids and groomsmen on a pier in Crosslake, Minnesota.

Suddenly, they sank chest deep into the water when the pier gave way under them. Three of the bridesmaids managed to scramble to safety before falling, but the rest of the wedding party stood in towels to dry their clothes.

Despite the setback, the wedding ceremony continued 10 minutes later. The dramatic fall was captured on video by Megan Fritze.

“I volunteered to record this wedding. Thankfully, they were the coolest couple in the world! The wedding day swim went well. All were safe besides cellphones, and all were smiling! Thank God for good people like Jackie and Dan Anderson,” the woman who uploaded the video said.

21-year-old man arrested for hijacking car with a potato peeler

Potato peelers illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly hijacking a car with a potato peeler, police in the United Kingdom said.

Prosecutors told the Londonderry Magistrate’s Court that the 21-year-old of Derry, was charged with using a potato peeler to hijack the car.

Derek Creswell of Strand Road, caused grievous bodily harm with intent and illegally possessed the potato peeler. The incident unfolded in Bond Hill, in the Waterside area of ​​the city.

The suspect is a convicted criminal who was released on probation. His bail was set at 500 pounds ($850).

As part of his bail conditions, he must stay at his house. Creswell was also ordered to stay away from the Bond Hill area and not contact the vehicle owner.

Woman calls police to report that her ice cream came with just a few chocolate sprinkles (video)

Ice cream illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A woman became agitated when she bought an ice cream that contained just a few chocolate sprinkles.

The furious woman of the United Kingdom, called police to moan about her ice cream.

West Midlands Police said that they usually receive more than 1,500 calls a day. Of these, about 10 to 20 percent are not police matters and about 50 percent are not emergencies.

Last year, a man called police to complain about the appearance of a prostitute after meeting her outside a hotel. The caller said that he wanted to report her for violating the Sale of Goods Act.

Another caller asked for help from police after forgetting the password for Facebook. A third person asked police to teach him how to dial the non-emergency number 101.

The woman who called police to complain about her ice cream, was not arrested, but police warned her not to call about a non emergency.

11-year-old boy arrested after stabbing 20 students with a diabetes pen

Scene of the incident 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A young boy was arrested on charges of assault after stabbing about 20 students with a diabetes pen, police in the United Kingdom said.

Wolverhampton Police said that the 11-year-old boy has been arrested after 20 schoolchildren were stabbed with the needle forcing them to receive injections against hepatitis.

The incident unfolded in the Moreton Community School, after reports that the young man had attacked classmates on Monday afternoon. The injured children were taken to a hospital for hepatitis vaccines and blood tests after being pricked.

Police said that none of the students had been seriously injured. Police were alerted to the incident after receiving a number of calls from concerned parents.

One mother, whose 12-year-old son was struck with diabetes pen, which acts as a device to test blood sugar, said: “It is worrying and surprising to be told what happened. I had to sit in the hospital for four hours while my son had a blood test and an injection against hepatitis B. When we left the waiting room was full of other students.”

The boy was arrested and later released to the custody of his parents. The Moreton Community School serves more than 700 children aged between 11 and 18.

86-year-old man fatally shoots himself in doctor’s toilet because wife was very sick

Scene of the incident 
By: Devansh Dutt

An elderly man committed suicide after learning that his wife was very sick, police in the United Kingdom said.

Surrey Police said that 86-year-old Brian Poingdestre, turned a gun on himself because his wife was in critical condition in the hospital.

The shooting incident unfolded at the Station Road Surgery in Frimley. A person close to the victim said that Poingdestre was lonely because his wife Barbara was in the hospital.

An investigator said that the death was not being treated as suspicious.

“Police officers and other emergency services rushed to the scene after receiving reports shortly before 11:00 a.m., about a firearm that had been discharged in the building. The victim was found with a gunshot wound in the toilet. The man was pronounced dead at the scene,” a police spokesperson said.

“He was a nice man and was quite worried when his wife went to the hospital. He never said much. He loved his wife,” a neighbor of the victim said.

Barbara Poingdestre fell in her home about two months ago, injuring her head. She had been in the Farnham Park Hospital since.

Pastor arrested for burning 10-year-old girl with hot spoon

Hot spoon illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A pastor was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly burning a young girl with a hot spoon, police in Nigeria said.

Bayelsa State Police said that the Deputy General Supervisor of Heart Beat of God Bible Church, Pastor Fine Oru, attacked and burned the face of her 10-year-old niece with the hot spoon.

The 46-year-old pastor was charged with conspiracy and assault against Grace Opion. The victim was handed over to the state Welfare Authority.

Oru, who was appointed as a pastor 16 years ago, told police that she left her 1-year-old grandson in the care of the girl when she went to a funeral. While the 10-year-old girl was watching the 1-year-old boy she burned his face, Oru claimed.

She burned her niece in retaliation for burning her grandson.

“On Saturday morning I noticed that my grandson's face was burned. He said that the girl burned him. When I asked the girl what happened she told me that she used the spoon to slap him as she was cooking,” Oru told investigators.

“I told the girl not to move while I put a hot spoon to her face, but she didn’t listen and moved. That it why her entire face got burned,” Oru concluded.

24-year-old woman dies after walking into spinning airplane propeller (video)

Sarah Rhoads 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A young woman is dead after walking into a working plane propeller at the site of a skydiving business, rescue workers in Ohio said.

Rescue workers in Middletown, said that 24-year-old Sarah Rhoads, died on Tuesday, from severe head injuries suffered when she walked into a moving airplane propeller at the skydiving business where she worked.

She died in a hospital in Dayton. She was the office manager for three years at Start Skydiving.

The business operated near Middletown Regional Airport. The owner of the business, John Hart, said that it's the first time the company has had an accident of this type.

He said that it can be hard to notice quick-spinning propeller blades. Hart also said that Rhoads was like family and called the crash the worst nightmare of his life.

Man hospitalized after being caught raping his brother-in-law’s dog

Dog illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man was beaten by community members after he was caught raping a dog.

The 40-year-old man said that he received a call from a neighbor saying that there was strange noises coming from the house.

The homeowner ran to his home in Mtubatuba, South Africa, to find his 32-year-old brother-in-law raping his dog.

“I walked into my house and saw my dog ​​getting raped, but my brother-in-law was so busy doing it that he did not even notice me, " the dog owner said.

He then quietly went out of the house and called his neighbors. Angry neighbors grabbed the man and beat him up to teach him a lesson.

“Today he’s raping the dog, tomorrow he’ll try to rape our children and elderly women,” said a neighbor.

Police arrived in time to save the man from the angry residents. He was taken to a hospital under police supervision where he was treated for a broken arm.

Police spokesperson Captain Thulani Zwane, said that the suspect appeared in the KwaMsane Magistrate’s Court, and faces one count of bestiality.

The dog's owner said that he is very angry about the actions of his brother-in-law. “This female bull terrier was given to me by my late brother when he was a puppy,” the dog’s owner said.

The defendant allegedly confessed to the crime, saying he was drunk and promised to never to do it again. He also stated that it was the first and last time.

Man pulls gun on neighbor after refusing to take advice on how to teach girl to ride bike

Gary Drake insert 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A man became angry when his neighbor refused to take his advice.

61-year-old Gary Drake of Minnesota, is facing charges of assault and making terroristic threats after he allegedly pointed a gun at his neighbor because he was not happy with the way they father was teaching his daughter to ride her bike.

The victim was teaching his daughter to ride her bike near his home in Rosemount, when Drake began giving advice on the correct way to teach the 7-year-old girl.

The victim did not appreciate the advice. That is when Drake allegedly told the father not be on the street. The victim then told Drake that he did not own the street and continued teaching his daughter to ride her bike.

Drake allegedly got angry and went to his house to get a shot gun. He pointed it at the victim and threatened to kill him.

Drake's wife was able to drag him back inside the house, according to police. Soon after, Drake returned outside and told the victim: “I'll kill you.”

After his arrest, Drake allegedly admitted to pointing the gun at the victim, and also allegedly told police that he had been drinking.

Pretty blond British man undergoes 10 surgeries to look Asian

Xiahn Nishi before and after surgery 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A man was unhappy with his blond hair and blue eyes, and underwent many surgeries to change it.

The man became obsessed with the Korean culture, and spent several thousand dollars to look Asian.

When he was 19 years old, the man who was originally known as Max, began his quest for surgery to change his appearance.

Now, at 25 years old, the man changed his name Xiahn Nishi, and had undergone 10 plastic surgeries to look Asian.

Nishi, who is from Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, became obsessed with the Asian culture after a year of studying in South Korea.

He reportedly spent more than $3,000 to look like an Asian born man. Nishi had surgery to reshape his eyes, and is wearing brown contact lenses to cover his blue eyes.

He also dyed his blond hair brown to accentuate his Asian appearance.

Teacher held on $1 million bond after intentionally infecting teenage male student with HIV

Derrick Nesby 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A teacher is accused of having sex with a male student despite being HIV positive.

The teacher was arrested and is being held on $1 million bail after infecting the student with HIV.

37-year-old Derrick Nesby, was a high school teacher and a track coach in Louisiana, when he was accused of having sex with the 16-year-old male student.

Nesby taught at the H.L. Bourgeois High School, for about one year when the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office was notified about the relationship between the teacher and student.

Nesby never disclosed the HIV positive status to his student, and unfortunately infected the victim. He was charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and intentional exposure of the AIDS virus. Nesby, However denied any wrongdoing.

Man sexually assaults his mother-in-law, 64, until she bleeds to death

Mohammed Yassin Yusef and Amoe Seline Stevens 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A woman tried to help her mother by allowing her to live with her family.

However, that decision turned out to be deadly.

Now, the woman’s husband of the United Kingdom, has been convicted of murdering his mother-in-law after sexually assaulting her to death.

Mohammed Yassin Yusef, 32, attacked his mother-in-law, Amoe Seline Stevens, at his home in north London, when he was alone with her.

Stevens, 64, had previously suffered a stroke, leaving her mobility and speech severely impaired. Yusef locked himself in the bedroom with his mother-in-law and sexually assaulted her.

When the woman’s caregiver came the home, Yusef fled from her room. However, the caregiver observed that Yusuf’s hands and shirt were covered in blood.

When the caregiver entered the bedroom she found Stevens bleeding and slumped into her recliner. Stevens was taken to a hospital, but she died hours later after multiple internal injuries, and Yusuf was accused of her murder.

Detectives believe that Yusuf had assaulted his mother-in-law on multiple occasions, but because of her disability she was unable to tell her family members.

In a statement from the family, Stevens said that they were devastated by the death of their beloved Amoe.

Yusuf will be sentenced on a later date.

Florida judge and defense attorney get into fistfight during court hearing (video)

The courtroom during the argument 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A judge and an attorney got into a fistfight after the judge threatened the attorney and said: “I’ll beat your a**.”

Judge John Murphy, a retired military officer, took a leave of absence after a video of his violent outbreak was made public.

The judge allegedly lost his temper and punched Andrew Weinstock, who is an assistant public defender, in a courtroom fight on Monday.

It began with a verbal confrontation that was caught on video. The judge was heard threatening the attorney before asking him to step out of the courtroom so they can fight.

“If I had a rock, I would throw it at you right now,” Judge Murphy said. “Stop pissing me off. Just sit down.” he added.

When Weinstock refused to sit down, Judge Murphy told him: “If you want to fight, let's go out and I'll just beat your a**.”

To the surprise of everyone in the courtroom Weinstock replied: “Let's go right now,” and he walked towards the judge’s desk.

The two men left the courtroom and things got ugly. The judge allegedly grabbed the attorney by the collar and began punching him in the head.

Deputies had to intervene to break up the fight. Judge Murphy then returned to the courtroom where he was received by a loud applause from the courtroom audience, who heard the altercation taking place just outside of the door.

Weinstock decided not to press charges, and was assigned to another courtroom, but the incident was reported to the Bar Association of Florida and Judge Murphy has taken a leave of absence.

He also agreed to seek anger management counseling.

Gym teacher, 39, sleeps with student then throws fit when he refuses to take her to prom

Joy Morsi 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested after she threw a fit in school.

The teacher, who is married, was carrying on an inappropriate relationship with at least two students.

39-year-old Joy Morsi of Queens, New York, was arrested after she was accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with the 16-year-old student.

Morsi was a gym teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood, and her husband is said to be a science teacher at the same school.

Prosecutors said that the romance began when Morsi offered to help the student, who was 16 at the time, lose weight. She soon began sending the teen inappropriate photos of herself.

The court heard that the two began having sex, and during their seven week inappropriate relationship the teacher sexually assaulted the teen 20 to 30 times in school and in her car.

The sex abuse came to light when Morsi learned that the student chose to take a girl to the prom. That is when according to prosecutors, Morsi got jealous and mad. She threw a fit, prompting another student to alert authorities.

Morsi faces charges of third-degree rape, third-degree criminal sexual act and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Her husband was in court for the hearing. One day after paying her bail, another student came forward with sex abuse allegations against Morsi, and she was arrested again.