Mother arrested after leaving her 3-month-old daughter alone in a park with bottles of vodka

Baby carriage illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman was arrested on charges of child neglect after her baby was found at a public park with bottles of alcohol, Israel Police said.

The Rishon Lezion Police Department said that passersby found the three-month-old girl in the park located on Eli Cohen Street.

When they couldn't find the child’s mother or father they called the police. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found the baby laying in a carriage with multiple bottles of vodka and some glasses.

The police officers took the child to the police station. Half an hour later the baby's father came to the station to file a missing persons report.

The police told him that they found the girl alone at the park. The father quickly blamed his drunk wife for leaving the baby unattended.

Police arrested the mother on charges of child neglect.

Two women jailed for breaking into Jewish nursing home and stealing cash and credit cards from the elderly

Fortunata Paczkowska (left) and Deborah Arthur 
By: Anika Rao

Two women were arrested, charged and convicted of theft after being accused of breaking into a Jewish nursing home and stealing from the elderly, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

London Police said that the two women sneaked into the nursing home and stole cash and credit cards from vulnerable pensioners.

The two thieves were identified as Deborah Arthur, and Fortunata Paczkowska. The two managed to break into the Ajex House, also known as the Association of Jewish Ex-servicemen and Women, located in the Stamford Hill neighborhood.

Once inside, they spoke with several Jewish residents and tried to enter their apartments. A 79-year-old male resident let them into the apartment, and once inside they stole cash and credit cards.

Police said that the Shomrim Patrol of London, located the two suspects. The two pleaded guilty to theft.

They were sentenced at the Snaresbrook Crown Court. Arthur, 43, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and Paczkowska, 30, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Israel elects Reuven Rivlin as the country's 10th president

Reuven Rivlin voting for president 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) Israel has voted to appoint Reuven Rivlin as the next president, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Rivlin was elected today by the Knesset as Israel's 10th president. One after the other, 119 Members of Knesset cast their confidential ballot for one of the five candidates.

No one candidate received the required 61 votes, and so a second round between Rivlin who came in first, and Sheetrit, who came in second, was required. After a second round of voting Rivlin was announced by Knesset Spokesman Edelstein as the winner with 63 votes. The left wing parties rallied around MK Sheetrit at the last moment, but Rivlin still gained the support of the majority.

Reuvin (Rubi) Rivlin was born in Jerusalem on September 9th, 1939. He is married to Nechama and has four children. He is a scion of a rabbinical family, a descendant of Vilna Gaon students, the son of Yosef Yoel Rivlin and a member of the known Jerusalemite Rivlin family.

Rivlin served as a Major in the IDF. He holds an LL.B. from Hebrew U in Jerusalem and practiced law.

Rivlin has been a politician since 1988, serving as a Member of Knesset for the Likud party. He has been most noted for his role as Speaker of the Knesset from 1988 to 1993. Rivlin has further served as Minister of Communications during the 15th Knesset. Before joining the Knesset, he served as a Member of the Jerusalem Municipal Council.

Rivlin has been a presidential candidate in the past. He ran in 2007 for President as the Likud candidate. He withdrew after the first round of voting when it became clear that Shimon Peres had broad support to inevitably win in a run-off.

He has been a vegetarian since the late 1960's. Rivlin is well-known Beitar Jerusalem soccer fan, ever since he first saw a game in 1946, when he was 7 years old.

Artwork of Israeli autistic children put on display at U.N. headquarters

One of the art works 
By: Anav Silverman

The artwork of Israeli autistic children were recently put on display at the U.N. headquarters in New York, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

In honor of the World Autism Awareness Day, the artwork of Israeli children with autism is being showcased in a unique exhibition called "Speaking Colors.”

The exhibition opening took place on Tuesday, with the attendance of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

The event is taking place just weeks after the United Nations had chosen ALUT, the Israeli Society for Autistic Children, to receive Special Consultative Status at the U.N. Economic and Social Council.

ALUT is an Israeli NGO established in 1974, by parents of autistic children, which serves the needs of autistic children and their families through a variety of educational, residential, vocational and leisure-time programs. The organization works to advance the rights of people with autism as well as to improve the services available to them and their families.

ALUT's programs include rehabilitation nursery schools, family and occupational centers, residential living homes and summer and holiday camps.

"The Israeli mission at the U.N. advances a variety of social issues, which concern the international community as a whole," said the Israeli ambassador to the U.N., Ron Prosor.

"We are proud to advance year after year, international awareness on the issues of disabilities and specifically autism. ALUT is doing outstanding work in the U.N., and we are proud of this blessed cooperation, which presents to the United Nations a unique aspect of Israel," added Ambassador Prosor.

The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations in the U.N. that recommended ALUT to receive the Special Consultative Status, is comprised of 19 member countries including Turkey, Russia, China, India, Belgium, Israel, Morocco, and the United States. The U.N. member countries recommended the acceptance of ALUT without any objections.

The Special Consultative Status at the U.N. enables organizations to strengthen their impact on the international community by having access to U.N. committees. Organizations with the status have the chance to spread their message to U.N. Member States and receive permanent and independent representation at U.N. debates.

ALUT'S Director General, Einat Cassuto-Shefi, stated that "it is very important that the treatment of autism is on the table at the United Nations. It is a great honor to be chosen as a U.N. advisory organization on an issue that worries millions of families around the world."

In 2007, the United Nations declared April 2 to be World Autism Day, to devote a day of awareness of autism, a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication skills as well as restrictive and repetitive behavior.

Restaurant forces waitress to return $1,000 tip she received from good Samaritan

Waffle House illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A waitress, who is a single mother, is upset after she was ordered to return a big tip to a customer.

The Waffle House waitress, who received a $1,000 tip, said that she was forced to return the money to her customer.

Shaina Brown worked the night shift at the Waffle House in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the past seven years. One night at 3:00 a.m., while working a customer told her: “I'm going to bless you tonight.”

The customer told the woman to add $1,500 to his credit card payment and instructing Brown to take $1,000 for herself and to give $500 to a woman at a nearby table.

The local businessman confirmed that he gave the women a big tip. However, Brown, a single mother of two, was not allowed to keep the tip and it was refunded to the businessman's credit card.

A Waffle House spokesperson said that it is standard procedure to return large tips to customers.

They asked people who want to give large tips, to do so in cash or check, in order to avoid issues stemming from customers disputing their credit card charges for the large tip.

The businessman said that he plans to send Brown a check for the $1,000 that she was forced to return to him.

Woman hires hitman to kill her own son in fight over her much younger boyfriend

Toyboy t-shirt illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A woman was annoyed when her son got involved in her relationship with a much younger man.

The woman of Soweto, South Africa, decided to get rid of the problem by having her son killed.

The tension began when money was taken from the mother’s home, and the son suggested that the young boyfriend was responsible for taking the money.

However, the mother blamed her son for taking the money. An argument broke out and the 37-year-old son forced his mother to choose between her family and her toyboy. She quickly made a decision.

The 62-year-old mother allegedly hired a hitman to have her son killed, and then devised a plan to blame her son’s 27-year-old girlfriend for the murder.

The hitman went to the woman’s other son and told him about his mother’s plans. The brother called a family meeting to discuss the situation.

“He told us that he was paid to kill my boyfriend and to make it look as if I had shot my boyfriend in anger,” the 27-year-old woman said.

“We made a plan to trap my boyfriend’s mother so she would have to tell the world about her evil plans,” she added.

The family recorded the conversation between the hitman and their mother. The hitman told her that he had already killed her son and put his body in a trash can.

He said that he wanted a black chicken to clean himself and a few beers to celebrate. He also wanted to discuss the final payment for the job.

The happy woman invited him to her home. She then got the shock of her life when the hitman walked in with her children including the son, whom he was supposed to kill.

After the family meeting, the children decided to hand their mother over to the police. She was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Two women attack gay club goers with bleach in homophobic attack

The two women 
By: Anika Rao

Three gay men were attacked with bleach by two angry women who hate homosexuals, police in the United Kingdom said.

London Police said that the two women have surrendered to police after the three men were sprayed with bleach outside the nightclub in Vauxhall on Saturday night.

One victim, who is 23 years old, may lose his eyesight as a result of the attack, doctors have warned. Police said that the two women have not been charged with a crime.

The 23-year-old club goer, who has been told by doctors that he might lose his eyesight, said that he and a friend, 21 years old, spoke with the three suspects believed to be from East Europe, outside the club, after having been denied entry because it was past closing time.

He said that the two women discovered that he and his friend were gay, and began shouting homophobic slurs before he and his friend were sprayed in the face with bleach. A third man was also attacked shortly after.

Girl, 15, lured by friend to abandoned hut where she was raped by 38 men

Some of the suspects being arrested 
By: Hydar Tomar

A girl was working as an accomplice for lowlife rapists, who took turns raping a teenage girl.

The victim, a 15-year-old girl, was raped by up to 38 men in an abandoned hut that is known to be used as a drug haven.

The horrific assault took place in the northern state of Kelantan, Malaysia. The victim met with her 17-year-old friend before being lured to the empty hut. The 17-year-old girl worked as an accomplice to the alleged rapists.

The men were accused of taking turns raping the teenager for several hours. When the victim was finally freed she reported the incident to police.

Police have arrested at least 13 people, including a father and his two sons. They are facing charges of gang rape, according to an official.

Police are still looking for the other suspects and they believe that there may have been up to 38 men involved.

Nearly 3,000 rapes were reported to police in Asia in 2012, of which 52 percent involved girls aged 16 or below, according to police statistics.

Man arrested after beating his brother with marijuana plants

Rodney Brown 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man was arrested on charges of assault after he allegedly beat his brother with marijuana plants, which they were growing at their home, police in Florida said.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office said that 31-year-old Rodney Brown, assaulted his 33-year-old brother Jackie Brown, in the face with several marijuana plants that were taken from the patio of his residence.

When officers responded to the scene after receiving a call about the assault, they searched the house and found 10 marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia. According to the initial police investigation, after an argument broke out, Brown uprooted several marijuana plants of different lengths and then used the hard parts to assault his brother.

The suspect was charged with domestic assault, marijuana cultivation, possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. In January, a man of Jersey City, New Jersey, was stabbed several times by his brother after a fight broke out over a can of Pepsi.

Police arrived at the apartment of the brothers on Fremont Street at 10:46 p.m., and found one of the brothers, 50, with a laceration and lump on the left side of the head. He also suffered multiple small puncture wounds to the chest, neck and upper abdomen.

His brother, Michael Charles, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a weapon. Police said that the fight broke of over the last can of Pepsi.

Hilton Hotels chef arrested for stealing oil and eggs

Hilton in Abuja 
By: Aarav Sen

A Hilton Hotels chef was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly stealing food from the kitchen, police in Nigeria said.

26-year-old Wenike Wisdom of Abuja, was accused of taking seven bottles of milk for his personal use.

He is also accused of taking oil and eggs. Wisdom was charged with three counts of burglary, theft and robbery.

Daniel Mensuk, a security officer at the Transcorp Hilton in Maitama, reported the chef to police. He said that his team observed the suspect enter a bar, and left with seven bottles of milk, three tuna rolls, three Kiwis, oil and eggs.

He said that the defendant fled from the scene before police arrived. If convicted, the defendant faces up to five years in prison or a fine.

Wisdom was booked into jail and is being held in lieu of N100,000 ($615) bail.

Toddler scene on video smoking cigarette on street while onlookers cheer him on

Little child smoking 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A disturbing video has emerged showing a toddler smoking on a public street while onlookers cheered him on, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The video that was recorded in China, showed the child, about 2 years old, smoking the cigarette while onlookers laughed.

A woman, who was identified as the mother of the child, is heard yelling. However, she did not take away the cigarette.

Not one adult at the scene bothered to remove the cigarette from the child. People flooded YouTube with angry comments.

“The world has gone completely crazy,” John Jenkins wrote. “Poor kid. He is going to have some health problems when he's older,” Nigel Donley wrote.

Drunk teacher kidnaps 3 students at knifepoint and orders them to drive him to restaurant

John Edward Maust 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested on charges of kidnapping after allegedly kidnapping three students at knifepoint and ordering them to drive him to a restaurant, police in California said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that the 34-year-old high school teacher abducted the three children on Saturday night.

The incident began when John Edward Maust, approached the three children, who were in the area of Genesha Avenue and East Mariposa Street. The students told police that they stopped for Maust, because he was a teacher at their school and he appeared to be drunk.

Maust asked for a ride and they agreed. At some point, Maust started saying things that caused them to fear for their safety.

They exited the vehicle. Maust ordered them back inside and said that he wanted to go to a Jack in the Box. The three students got back into the car.

Maust pulled out a knife and threatened them. During the kidnapping, one of the victims managed to call police.

When the teacher heard a police helicopter flying overhead he ordered the driver to stop. The teacher then got out of the car and fled from the scene.

Later, the suspect entered a sheriff station and surrendered without incident. Maust was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal threats.

He was booked into prison and is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Man murders registered sex offender for sexually abusing his daughter

Jay Maynor (left) and Raymond Earl Brooks 
By: Anika Rao

A registered sex offender is dead after being shot by the father of the girl he molested, police in Alabama said.

The Cullman County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested 41-year-old Jay Maynor, after being accused of fatally shooting 59-year-old Raymond Earl Brooks, who is a registered sex offender.

Brooks was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse, in a case involving the 8-year-old daughter of Maynor. Brooks was allegedly shot several times by Maynor, who was riding on a motorcycle.

Maynor is accused of opening fire outside the Berlin Plaza Quick Stop when he saw a man who has been dating his daughter. The victim ran into the store and hid.

After that would be victim was able to elude the shooter, the suspect left and went to the residence of Raymond Earl Brooks. Court documents show that Maynor was a witness against Brooks in a case of sexual abuse.

Police said the girl was eight-years-old at the time. Brooks pleaded guilty to sexual abuse and initially was sentenced to five years in prison.

Later, his sentence was changed to probation. Brooks was also ordered to pay $2,946 in restitution.

In addition to the murder charge, Maynor was also charged with attempted murder and shooting into an occupied building.

Teens arrested after renting $12 million vacation home and $240,000 sports car

Mohannad Halaweh and the car 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A teenager who tried to live the high life, was arrested by California police, while driving a $240,000 sports car.

19-year-old Mohannad Halaweh, was arrested Wednesday, on suspicion of driving a stolen sports car that is worth $240,000 - according to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office.

Police officers stopped Halaweh, a former basketball star at Analy High School, while he was driving the orange 2012 McLaren. He was arrested at about 6:45 p.m., in Santa Rosa.

Detectives said that Halaweh had used a stolen credit cards to rent the McLaren for $13,000 from a company in San Jose. He also spent $27,000 to rent a $12 million vacation home in Glen Ellen.

Halaweh was taken to the Sonoma County Jail, where he was booked on suspicion of possession of stolen property and credit card fraud. His bail was set at $100,000.

His passenger, Nhimia Kahsay, 19, of Santa Rosa, was also arrested on an outstanding fraud warrant. Kahsay’s bail has been set at $60,000.

Halaweh reportedly had a previous brush with the law. In March, he was arrested in Berkeley, on suspicion of using a fake credit card to try to buy 14 iPhones and two laptops at an Apple Store.

Married school principal commits suicide after being caught with young girl in dark room

Gun illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A school principal is dead after being accused of sexually assaulting a young girl, police in California said.

Hanford Police said that the elementary school principal fatally shot himself as police were ready to search his house a week after he was seen in his office with a fifth grader, with the lights off.

At 7:30 a.m. on Friday, police arrived to serve Lance Clement, with a search warrant when they heard a gunshot. When the officers rushed the front door, his wife told them that her 42-year-old husband, who has children, shot himself dead.

Clement was the principal at the Orange Center Elementary School for four years. He had been under investigation for a week, after a school employee saw him in his office with the girl, police said.

The employee called the sheriff's office to tell them about the incident. However, investigators had spoken with Clement and the child, and they determined that nothing inappropriate happened.

Investigators also questioned about twenty students, who said that the principal regularly invited girls of the fifth grade into his office. The interviews produced evidence of sexual assault or lewd acts with a minor.

Clement had given various gifts to the girls. After the interviews, police obtained a search warrant for his house after they found the hard drive missing from his school computer.

Police will continue with the investigation despite his death because the parents of the children need to know what really happened at school. The investigation could also establish whether a child needs counseling.

Clement has worked with children all his life.

Car crashes into tree as two women and man were having threesome while driving (video)

Car crash illustration  
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Having sex in a car is never a good idea, but doing so while driving can be deadly.

It was a humiliating moment for three people after they were forced to call emergency workers while they were not fully clothed.

The two women and one man, were having sex in a car when one of them accidentally knocked the handbrake off, causing the car to crash into a tree.

The accident occurred in Wenzhou, China, on Wednesday morning. After the car accident, the trio was trapped in the car and had to call the police for help.

Witnesses helped the man and two women get out of the car. However, the second woman, who had no clothes on, was trapped inside the wrecked car.

Rescue workers covered the woman while they worked on freeing her from the wreckage. She suffered two broken legs, but is in stable condition.

The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment. The man managed to grab his pants before accompanying her in the ambulance to the hospital.

Man threatens to abort pregnant girlfriend’s baby with coat hanger as he kicked her in the stomach

Daniel Lovick insert 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man became violent when learned that his girlfriend was pregnant.

The man was determined to have her abort the baby.

However, when she refused to have an abortion he took matters into his own hands.

Daniel Lovick, 27, of Hull, United Kingdom, was jailed after he beat and kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach in an attempt to abort her baby.

However, when that did not terminate the pregnancy he threatened to pull the baby out of her stomach with a coat hanger. He also pushed her down the stairs of their apartment and pulled her hair.

Lovick, who has a history of violence against women, was a friend of the victim’s brother. The two actually started their relationship when she visited him in prison. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment after the violent attack.

Lovick, who had 19 prior convictions for 34 offenses, admitted to assault causing bodily harm and criminal damage. He was charged and convicted of the crime and was sentenced to jail.

He was ordered to serve two years and three months in prison.

Woman caught without clothes while sexually assaulting three boys aged between 7 and 10

Anne Elizabeth Doubler 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man was horrified when he walked in on his girlfriend, who was without clothes and with three young boys.

30-year-old Anne Elizabeth Doubler of South Dakota, was arrested and banned from having contact with the victims.

Police were called after Doubler’s boyfriend walked into their Sioux Falls home with their 4-year-old son, and found her without clothes.

Three young boys were also at the home. When the boys, two of whom are 7 and one is 10 years old, saw the boyfriend they fled from the house.

Police later questioned the boys as well, and Doubler allegedly admitted to having sexual contact with the boys.

The boys are not related to Doubler, but they live in apartments nearby, police said. Two of the three victims are brothers.

Police are still working to identify if there are other victims. Judge John Schlimgen set her bail at $50,000 cash only.

Doubler will be allowed to have supervised visitation with her own 4-year-old son.

Father walks free after hitting teacher with baseball bat for texting his daughter

Baseball bat illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A teacher who was carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a young student, was beaten by her father.

The father of Perry Hall, Maryland, was angry with the teacher after seeing a string of text messages between the 42-year-old male teacher and his daughter.

The family of the 15-year-old girl said that the texts seemed inappropriate for a teacher-student relationship. However, things took a turn for the worse when the teacher showed up at the family's house to speak with the teen.

“The girl's father told the teacher to leave, but the teacher refused,” police said in a press release. “The father of the girl then hit the teacher with a baseball bat,” the police report also stated.

Authorities were called and after reviewing the evidence they did not consider the texts between the teacher and the student to be a sexual relationship. He was not charged with a crime.

The teacher who suffered minor injuries, did not want to press charges against the father of his student for the beating.

According to the police, the father could have filed charges against the teacher for trespassing and the teacher could have filed charges against the father for assault. However, nobody was arrested during the incident.

Man who sued prostitute for refund ordered to pay her even more money

Money changing hands 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man was left disappointed after a judge dismissed his lawsuit and ordered him to pay additional fees to a prostitute.

The man of New Zealand, who was identified as Mr. N., sued the prostitute in court, arguing that he had not received a satisfactory job when he hired her for a sexual favor.

The court heard that Mr. N. hired a private investigator to locate Ms. M. after meeting with her in February. The two had an argument that night and ended their time together before he was able to receive the services he believed he was entitled to.

He claimed that the prostitute was guilty of breach of contract, violation of privacy, harassment, mental distress, humiliation and defamation.

Mr. N. was asking for money including the $120 he paid for services not rendered to him. He also wanted money for a cellphone he lost at that time.

In court, Mr. N. said that the experience was very disturbing because he had hired the woman to provide him with pleasure, but it turned out the opposite.

However, he lost his case. In fact, in addition to paying his own legal fees, the judge also ordered him had to pay the woman’s legal fees.

During sentencing, New Zealand High Court Justice Woodhouse, said that the lawsuit was a “sinister use of the court's processes.” The judge also noted that prostitution laws in the country allow women to refuse contact with the man if she so chooses to do so.