Health Ministry warns that Moscow vodka can kill you

Moscow vodka 
By: Aarav Sen

The Israel Health Ministry has warned consumers not to drink Moscow vodka after it had detected toxic levels of methanol in the beverage.

Greish Deutsch, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry, said that said that the vodka contains methanol above human safety levels.

The amount of methanol found in the drink was 367 times above the safety level.

The bottle of vodka is sold in glass bottles of 200 ml with a sticker containing a picture of the Kremlin. The alcohol is produced in Beit Shemesh, and is sold throughout the country.

Deutsch also said that according to information received from the Health Ministry, methanol is highly toxic to the central nervous system and can cause permanent blindness and death. The Health Ministry is currently testing other brands of alcohol being sold to the Israeli consumers.

More than 2,000 people eat Shabbat dinner together in Tel Aviv to set Guinness World Record

The record breaking Shabbat dinner 
By: Anika Rao

More than 2,000 people ate a Shabbat dinner together in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, to set a Guinness World Record.

On Friday evening, 2,226 gathered at Hangar 11, to set the Guinness World Record for the largest Shabbat dinner.

Religious, secular, young and old people, attended the momentous event despite the heat. Several politicians gave speeches and judges of Guinness flew in from London to officiate the event.

Dozens of volunteers zipped through the aisles of tables decorated with Shabbat candles, as each dish came with its own generous serving of braided challah.

Before the start of the diner, organized by White City Shabbat, Chief Rabbi Meir Lau asked everyone to pray for the three Yeshiva students, who were kidnapped from the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion, the night before.

A candle lighting ceremony was also held, in addition to prayers and a short concert by a live band. In order to ensure the official title of Guinness, the dinner had to meet a strict set of criterias, as well as comply with the Orthodox Jewish law.

Those present at the historic event consumed 600 bottles of wine, 74 bottles of vodka, 1,800 pieces of chicken, 1,000 pieces of meat, and over 250 vegetarian options. Notable attendees included Professor Alan Dershowitz, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, and former ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren.

Robbers break into elderly Jewish couple's home and steal valuables while threatening them with hammer

Man holding hammer illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

Several armed robbers broke into an elderly Jewish couple’s home and threatened them with a hammer, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

According to the initial police investigation, one of the suspects held the hammer over the heads of the couple, who are both about 65 years old, while the other suspects stole valuables. The incident unfolded on Wednesday at 4:00 a.m., in their home located in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The suspects told the woman that she would be hacked to death if she did not hand over her jewelry and credit cards. After gathering the valuables the thieves fled from the scene in a white car.

Rescue workers treated the husband for shock at the scene. Police launched an investigation, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Earlier this month, two women were arrested, charged and convicted of theft after being accused of breaking into a Jewish nursing home and stealing from the elderly, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

London Police said that the two women sneaked into the nursing home and stole cash and credit cards from vulnerable pensioners.

The two thieves were identified as Deborah Arthur, and Fortunata Paczkowska. The two managed to break into the Ajex House, also known as the Association of Jewish Ex-servicemen and Women, located in the Stamford Hill neighborhood.

Once inside, they spoke with several Jewish residents and tried to enter their apartments. A 79-year-old male resident let them into the apartment, and once inside they stole cash and credit cards.

Police said that the Shomrim Patrol of London, located the two suspects. The two pleaded guilty to theft.

They were sentenced at the Snaresbrook Crown Court. Arthur, 43, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and Paczkowska, 30, was sentenced to five years in prison.

3 men stabbed outside Flatbush party hall during violent fight

Scene of the incident 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A violent fight spiraled out of control when three men were stabbed outside a Flatbush party hall, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the three men were stabbed early on Saturday morning.

The men, aged between 19 and 24, were involved in a fight at 2:00 a.m., inside the Afrika House Banquet Hall located on Bedford Avenue. The men were stabbed with a machete.

One of the men had neck injuries and is still hospitalized, and is said to be in stable condition, police said. The other two were treated and discharged.

Police have not arrested anyone in connection with the stabbings and said that the three men who were wounded, have been uncooperative.

Jewish circumcisers using military bandage to stop bleeding in 10 minutes

Gauze illustration 
By: Anika Rao

Jewish circumcisers in the United Kingdom, are now using a military bandage that stops bleeding within ten minutes, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

The technology that was developed for the U.S. military is being used to halve the healing time of circumcision to two or three days.

The bandage is soaked with kaolin, a blood clotting agent derived from clay. The bandage is applied immediately after circumcision and all bleeding stops within 10 minutes, eliminating the need for more bandages.

The bandage was originally created for bleeding soldiers on the battlefield. Dr. David Hibbert helped introduce the bandage in the United Kingdom.

About half of the registered circumcisers are now using the bandage after a trial period of 18 months. Babies who are not treated with this bandage, recover in approximately a week.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Hamas terrorists kidnapped 3 yeshiva students

Israeli soldiers searching for three kidnapped yeshiva students 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that Hamas terrorists were behind the abduction of three yeshiva students of the West Bank, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

On Saturday, Netanyahu gave his first official statement on the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens near the Hebron area that took place on Thursday.

“I can’t share everything we know, but I can say: Our boys were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. That is clear and there is no doubt about that,” Netanyahu said.

“We are in the midst of a widespread operation to locate and bring back the three young students. I spoke with their parents, and I told them that we are doing everything possible and more to bring back their boys, who are also our boys,” Netanyahu added.

The kidnapped boys are Gilad Shaar, 16, of Talmon, Naftali Frenkel, 16, of Nof Ayalon near Modi’in, and Elad Yifrach, 19, of Elad, near Petah Tikva. The three were kidnapped as they were hitching a ride home from the Yeshiva High School in Gush Etzion region of Judea where they study, on Thursday.

“The parents showed admirable restraint and strength of spirit. During these hours, the heart of the nation is with the teens and their families,” Netanyahu said.

Gilad Shaar’s grandfather, Shmuel, spoke on Saturday night, saying that the weekend had been one of the most difficult that his family had to endure. “I want to say that we learned this Shabbat what we never knew before. It was a very difficult weekend. The uncertainty of everything. However, we see just how much the state is doing to find our boys. The knowledge that we live in Israel is what comforts me,” Gilad’s grandfather told said.

“Gilad is a great kid. He’s been busy studying for end of school-year exams,” he added.

A massive rescue operation was launched in the Hebron area with 2,000 Israeli troops. The elite brigade of paratroopers and an infantry battalion also joined the search.

Waffle House cook charged with murder after killing customer during argument

Quintavius ​​Martin 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A Waffle House employee was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing a customer during an argument, police in Georgia said.

25-year-old Quintavius ​​Martin, who works as a chef at the Waffle House, is accused of shooting and killing a customer during an argument on Friday morning.

Martin has been charged with murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. He is being held in the Fulton County Jail without bail.

The shooting occurred around 4:30 a.m., in the 24-hour location located on Fulton Industrial Boulevard at Shirley Drive. According to the initial police investigation, a verbal altercation occurred between Martin and a customer.

At some point, the suspect pulled a gun and shot the customer.

That male customer was declared dead at the scene. The victim was identified as 33-year-old Adrian Mosley of Atlanta.

According to a witness who was eating at the Waffle House, two men and a woman entered the restaurant. The woman got into it first with the security guard and she was told that they had to leave the property.

She left, but the other two guys stayed. The cook refused to serve them because they were acting disorderly.

The two men got into it with the cook and the victim threatened the cook. “Come out and I'll shoot you up,” the victim told the cook according to the witness.

That's when the suspect shot the victim.

Man earns money by photoshopping politicians into nude photos and blackmailing them for money

Couple illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A man made a good living by photoshopping rich people into photos of nude women.

The man, who is a farmer in China, was identified as Li of Hunan Province.

He was found guilty of extorting politicians and business people out of thousands of dollars. He has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and was fined 500,000 yuan (about $73,000).

Li embarked on his dubious business by investing in a laptop, printers and bank cards. He then bought pornographic photographs off the Internet for about $320 - and photoshopped officials and business people on the photos through a photo editing program.

Li then sent these photos along with a threatening letter to more than 200 people. He threatened to make the photos public unless they paid a certain amount of money.

Unfortunately, many people placed the money into one of his 20 bank accounts.

Before his arrest, Li had managed to pocket $73,000 out of the $157,000 he demanded, according to court documents.

Many officials yielded to the blackmail for the sake of their public image and to avoid problems or false embarrassment.

Teacher pleads guilty to raping student, 10, after falsely telling her family she won an award

Hydar Tomar  
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A perverted teacher was arrested, charged and convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl.

The former teacher of New York, is facing 14 years in prison after he admitted to raping one of his fifth grade student.

Prosecutors said that 41-year-old Anthony Criscuolo, was a teacher in a public school in the Bronx, when he fooled the victim’s family into allowing him to be with the girl alone in his car.

Criscuolo told the girl’s family that she won an award and that he will be taking her to the awards ceremony at school.

Instead of going to the ceremony, he attacked the girl in a parking lot and raped her.

The next day, Criscuolo sent a text message to the victim, apologizing for being too rough and asked how it felt for her.

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, said that Criscuolo had accepted the plea bargain in order to “not further traumatize his young victim.”

The child’s family however, did want to confront the rapist for what he did to their beloved daughter and granddaughter.

The terms of the plea agreement means that Criscuolo loses his teaching license and he has to register as a sex offender.

He could be sentenced to 14 years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

Donkey strangles owner’s 4-year-old son while playing

Donkey illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A 4-year-old boy was strangled by his parents’ donkey.

The boy of Nyanga, Zimbabwe, was strangled while playing with the family donkey that was tied to a tree outside his parents' farm.

Tadiwa Moyo of Madziwa, was happily playing with the pet as it was tied to the tree. The child was out of his parents’ sight when the bizarre incident took place.

Authorities believe that the animal attempted to escape the boy’s advances. While the donkey was running around the tree the boy became entangled in its rope.

The donkey finally managed to break free from the tree, dragging the boy for a few meters. The boy’s 30-year-old mother, Tambudzai Machemedze, who was cooking in her home at the time of the incident, later discovered the lifeless body of her son still attached to the rope while the donkey was nowhere to be found.

Police were called to the scene. Manicaland Police spokesperson Enock Chishiri, confirmed the incident and urged parents to regularly monitor their children when they are playing alone to avoid such accidents.

Man steals 600 girl gym uniforms from 50 different high schools in order to wear them

The stolen uniforms 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A man with a girl gym uniform fetish, was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly stealing hundreds of high school girl gym uniforms, police in Japan said.

Mihama Police said that the 53-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday, for stealing the gym uniforms from fifty different schools.

Koichi Hirose, an employee of the Wakayama National College of Technology, is believed to have stolen the six hundred uniforms. He also stole cheerleading and volleyball uniforms.

Hirose told police that he stole the 600 uniforms over the past year. “I stole the uniforms to wear them,” he told investors during questioning.

He did not say why he needed six hundred uniforms. In May, a woman was left dumbfounded after she came home and saw that a strange man was in her house, wearing her clothes.

The victim told police in the United Kingdom, that she was surprised to find John Maguire inside her home late at night, wearing two of her tops.

Later, she discovered that the Maguire also stole her underwear. Last week, 18 -year-old Maguire was sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to pay the victim 250 pounds ($425) compensation.

The victim was also granted a restraining order, forbidding Maguire from having any contact with the woman for two years. According to the police report, the victim described how she had returned from a night out to find that the door was locked from the inside.

After banging for 10 minutes on the door, John Maguire opened the door. The woman could not believe her eyes. She was in total shock, seeing him wearing her clothes.

Maguire also placed most of her underwear on a bed and some on the floor. His boxers were laying on a windowsill and he had plundered through the closets and drawers, trying on a few dresses and sleepwear.

Maguire apologized for his actions and said that he was very drunk. Maguire asked a judge to place a gag order on the case, but his request was denied.

Business person caught killing tigers and eating their reproductive organs for dinner

Tiger illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A business person was arrested, charged and convicted of killing tigers and eating them for dinner, police in China said.

Xu of Guangxi, has pleaded guilty to charges of killing and eating at least three tigers.

Prosecutors told a court that Xu had a weird fetish of eating the animals reproductive organs and drinking their blood. Xu, a real estate developer, and several accomplices made three trips to the neighboring province of Guangdong, where they purchased three live tigers.

The Tigers were smuggled into the country. Another 14 defendants, including a smuggler, were prosecuted along with Xu.

Animal rights groups said that tiger bone is valued as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine to treat joint pain, while tiger skins are considered a status symbol. There are fewer than 50 wild tigers in China.

Officials have said that there are about 6,000 tigers in captivity in breeding facilities across the country.

62-year-old grandfather swallowed alive by crocodile while enjoying boat ride with his family

Crocodile illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A family was horrified to see a crocodile swallowing their beloved grandfather alive, police in Australia said.

The incident unfolded at the Kakadu National Park, during a trip on Saturday.

The victim, identified as 62-year-old Bill Scott, was described as a hard working family man and loved by his grandchildren. According to the initial police investigation, Scott was standing on the back of his boat when he was attacked and dragged into the water by the saltwater crocodile.

“It all happened very fast. The attack was over in seconds,” family members said. The remains of Scott, were found in one of two crocodiles shot dead by police officers in the Northern Territory.

At the time of the attack, Scott's wife, son and daughter-in-law were forced to drive an hour to seek help, due to lack of phone reception in the area. Police said that were shocked to hear that Scott had been caught by the crocodile while on board the boat, a location that is generally considered safe.

However, tourists are warned to beware of crocodiles anywhere in Kakadu, as an attack is always possible. Cooinda is a popular tourist area in the heart of Kakadu National Park, a world heritage site.

Barber slashes his customer’s throat with razor for throwing away beer can

Scene of the incident 
By: Devansh Dutt

A barber was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly slashing the throat of his customer, police in the United Kingdom said.

44-year-old Lloyd Dobrodumow of Newcastle, was accused of assaulting Robert Charles Smith, at his barber shop after an argument broke out over a can of beer.

Dobrodumow runs the shop called “The Demon Barber.” The name is taken from the story of Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, a fictional character who killed his customers by slashing their throats with a razor.

The victim was left with injuries to his nerves, muscles and glands. Witnesses described seeing the victim staggering from the barber shop clutching his throat, and saw blood stains on the ground.

Police have confirmed that the victim was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary with neck injuries, and remains in the hospital in stable condition. The suspect was remanded in custody for at least two weeks.

Dobrodumow has been charged with wounding with intent to commit serious injury.

Married woman kills her mother after she confessed to sleeping with son-in-law

Susan and Christopher Edwards 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A married woman killed her mother after she confessed to sleeping with her son-in-law, a court in the United Kingdom heard.

The mother also told her daughter that she was an unwanted child.

56-year-old Susan Edwards and her 57-year-old husband Christopher, are accused of killing her parents and burying their bodies in the backyard of their home in Mansfield. She told the Nottingham Crown Court that she entered a room in her parents' house after hearing a loud noise.

She said that her father was laying on the floor and her mother was standing with a gun in her hand. Her mother, Patricia Wycherley, threw the gun on a bed and taunted Susan Edwards.

Susan Edwards described how her mother told her that she was an unwanted child and that she and her husband have both wanted her to have an abortion. “I asked her to please stop saying these things. She did not. She went on and on,” Susan said.

Suddenly, her mother told her that she had slept with her husband, Christopher. That is when Susan Edwards grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger several times, killing her mother and father.

Later, she wrapped the gun and bullets in a towel, put it in two plastic bags and dumped it in an empty garbage can. Susan and her husband buried the bodies in the backyard.

Man sues hospital for failing to spot his fractured penis that caused him to lose an inch from his male organ

Man in underpants illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man said in a lawsuit that his life was ruined because his male organ is now an inch smaller, according to court documents filed in Canada.

The Montreal man is suing the hospital for $150,000 - claiming negligence after the botched surgery led to the collapse of his marriage.

He is seeking compensation from the Le Gardeur hospital for allegedly misdiagnosing a fracture he suffered during a sexual adventure. According to the lawsuit, a nurse at the hospital did not physically examined his penis before sending him home.

A specialist later discovered that his penis was fractured. The man said that he could not have sex with his wife for weeks.

The surgery to treat his penis left a permanent scar and reduced its length by about an inch. His wife dumped him.

Pastor arrested after raping married woman during spiritual cleansing at river

Woman at a river illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A pastor was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly raping a woman during a spiritual cleansing ritual, police in Nigeria said.

Edo State Police said that they arrested Samson Odeyemi, after being accused of raping the married woman at a river on Wednesday.

Police told the court that the pastor took the victim to the river for spiritual cleansing after she complained of spiritual attacks. When the two arrived at the river, Pastor Odeyemi asked the victim to remove her clothes, but she refused.

The pastor forcefully removed her clothes and raped her. When she came home, the woman told her husband what happened.

The woman’s husband called the police, who arrested Odeyemi. Odeyemi pleaded not guilty to one count of rape.

Grandmother falls in love and is having baby with 26-year-old grandson

Pearl Carter and grandson Phil Bailey 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman shocked her family and the world when she announced that she was having a baby with her grandson.

72-year-old Pearl Carter of Indiana, revealed that she fell in love with her biological grandson and the two are sexually active.

Now, she and her 26-year-old grandson Phil Bailey, are going to be proud parents to a baby. Carter said that she has never been happier after beginning the incestuous relationship.

Grandma used her pension to pay a surrogate mother so they can have a child together.

Bailey is the son of Carter's daughter Lynette Bailey, who is deceased. He was put up for adoption after he was born when his mother was 18 years old.

The young man attempted to track down him mother. However, when he learned that she was no longer alive, he reconnected with his grandmother and they quickly fell in love.

“From the first moment I saw him, I knew I would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship. For the first time in years, I felt sexually alive,” Carter said.

It was during their second week together after dinner and wine, that Pearl made her move. “I called Phil into my room, we sat on the bed, leaned over and kissed,” she added.

Carter admitted that she expected to be rejected, but he kissed her back and the two were inseparable ever since.

The couple paid $54,000 to the surrogate mother and for buying a donor egg to inseminate with his sperm. 30-year-old Roxanne Campbell, agreed to be the surrogate after she saw how much the two are in love.

“I make no apologies and I believe God has given me a second chance,” Carter said.

Woman shows off her huge chest and tiny waist

Penny Brown 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman is drawing a lot of attention with her extremely big breasts and her tiny waist.

25-year-old Penny Brown, is determined to get an hourglass figure that matches a voluptuous cartoon character.

Brown already had two breasts jobs, which took her to an H and then an O cup size. Her waist shrunk from size 38 to 23 inches. She accomplished this by wearing a rib crushing corset for up to 23 hours a day.

The corset is so tight that Penny cannot eat a proper meal while wearing it. She had to turn her food into liquids so that she can swallow it because her stomach was so restricted.

Bending, sitting and laying down was also a struggle.
Driving is very uncomfortable and any form of exercise is totally off limits, Brown explained.

Brown’s husband said that he likes his wife’s unique shape and he allows her to continue with her obsession for an hourglass figure.

Now, she is preparing for his third breasts job and expects to double the size of her already huge breasts.

Sex starved woman accidentally solicits sex from police officer at library

Brittany Macintyre 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A woman is in trouble after she solicited people for sex at a library.

20-year-old Brittany Macintyre of New Hampshire, was arrested for offering men at the library to have sex in exchange for money.

Police in Tewksbury, received a call that there was a woman working as a prostitute inside the city library.

An undercover officer went to see for himself.

As soon as he entered the library, Macintyre approached him with a notepad and pen, and the two began passing notes to each other.

According to police, Macintyre offered to perform a sexual act on the police officer in exchange for $60. That is when she was arrested on charges of prostitution. Police said she was also wanted on drug charges.

Man locks girlfriend out of hotel room so he can rape her 8-month-old daughter

Julio Iturralde 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after her raped and hurt a baby.

27-year-old Julio Iturralde of Albuquerque, New Mexico,
is accused of locking his girlfriend out of their hotel room before raping her 8-month-old daughter.

The couple was staying at a hotel in Los Lunas, when the mother of the child, 25-year-old Jasmin Davis, ran out to get some items from the car. When she tried to go back into the hotel room she found that the door was locked and heard the baby crying inside.

After several minutes, Iturralde opened the door. The mother saw the blood in the diaper of her baby.

She told police that she wanted to get her baby to a hospital, but Iturralde refused to let her leave the room and began smoking meth.

The next morning, Davis finally took her baby to the hospital. According to the complaint, Davis told the hospital staff that her baby had been injured by a child she babysat the day before.

Medical staff called the police after Davis confessed about the incident that occurred at the hotel. Iturralde was arrested and charged with criminal penetration of a child, false imprisonment and child abuse. He is being held behind bars without bail.

Witnesses at the hotel told police that they spoke with Davis the night the child was raped, and that she did not try to get help for her 8-month-old daughter. Davis was arrested on suspicion of child abuse, tampering with evidence and conspiracy.

The baby is still in the hospital, where doctors are trying reconstruct her internal organs. The baby is in the custody of Children, Youth and Families.

Cheating on spouse helps lose weight study shows

Skinny woman illustration 
By: Anika Rao

Cheating on one's spouse is not ethical, but may have a benefit for overweight people.

A new study showed that cheating caused people to lose weight.

The reported that Craig Johnson, professor of psychology at the University of Birmingham, found that participating in an extra-marital affairs helped people lose weight as cheating puts a tremendous amount of pressure on an individual.

“Telling lies, avoiding confrontation and sneaking around the spouse is stressful,” he said. Stress can cause a chain of chemical reactions in the body.

The heartbeat surges and so does the breathing pace. The blood pressure and serotonin level rises, resulting in calories being burned faster than normal.

Time to eat is reduced, while the person tries to conceal the extramarital relationship. All this takes its toll on the cheating spouse, resulting in weight loss.

For those who participated in the study, half of the men lost about 6 pounds while 62% of the women lost about 22 pounds.