Jewish students beaten and stabbed in library in an unprovoked attack (video)

Muslims attacking Jews at Bring Back Our Boys rally 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A group of Muslims ganged up on Jewish teens at a library, and beat and stabbed them in an anti-Semitic attack, police in France said.

The rise in anti-Semitic attacks is growing by the day.

In recent weeks, armed men approached a synagogue in Paris, and threatened the guards with AK-47 assault rifles before escaping. In another incident, a Jewish teenager was attacked with a stun gun in the center of Paris.

The latest incident occurred on Monday, when a group of 20 thugs saw Jewish students wearing yarmulkes at the local library in the capital city of Paris, and assaulted them.

The assailants, described as Muslims, surrounded the library and beat the Jewish students until they were bloody. The Jewish students fled from the scene, and in the process two students were stabbed.

Security personnel at the library called the police, who were able to arrest several of the attackers.

Elderly Brooklyn woman seen on video swiping handbags from diners at several local restaurants

Hannah Harris 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman was arrested on charges of theft after being seen on video stealing handbags from diners, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the 68-year-old woman has been accused of grabbing purses off the backs of chairs in restaurants.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday night, and is charged with one count of possession of stolen property and two counts of grand larceny.

Hannah Harris of Boerum Hill, is suspected of stealing a purse at Mullanes Grill, located on Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene, and another handbag at Tea Lounge of Park Slope, according to police.

She may also be related to robberies in other restaurants. A surveillance video showed the suspect walking into Mullanes Grill, swiping a bag from a chair where a woman was sitting with a child on her lap.

Then she calmly walked out of the restaurant.

3-year-old Palestinian girl killed after terrorist missile explodes in her house

Gaza rocket causes damage to house illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A young Palestinian girl is dead and three others were injured after a terrorist missile landed on their home, rescue workers in the Gaza Strip said.

The rocket fired by Palestinian militants into Israel, exploded in the northern Gaza Strip early on Wednesday, killing the 3-year-old.

It was unclear whether the rocket missed its target, or if the Iron Dome rocket system intercepted it, causing it to explode on Palestinian territory. The Israeli military said Gaza militants fired a total of five rockets into Israel on Tuesday night.

Two missiles were shot down by the Iron Dome, one fell in an open area and two landed inside Gaza. The Israeli army responded early on Wednesday, with a series of air strikes across Gaza, saying it struck five hidden rocket launchers and weapons manufacturing sites.

The area has seen an increase in violence in the past two weeks. There have been almost daily rocket attacks from Gaza, prompting Israeli air strikes in retaliation.

83-year-old man attacked in an anti-Semitic attack while participating in Bring Back Our Boys rally in Germany

Bring Back Our Boys car sticker 
By: Hydar Tomar

Jews in Germany, are shocked after an elderly man was assaulted in an unprovoked attack while participating in a Bring Back Our Boys rally.

The President of the Jewish Central Council, Dieter Graumann, said that he was shocked about the attack that occurred in Hamburg, on Friday.

During the rally, the 83-year-old participant was pushed by a counter-demonstrator to the ground and badly injured. Paramedics treated him at the scene, and transported him to a nearby hospital.

When the daughter of the injured man tried to help, she was also kicked by the counter-demonstrator. The counter-demonstrators belonged to the group ATTAC.

“The fact is that here in Germany there is such pure hatred of Israel, that it often culminates in assaults. This is frightening and extremely worrying. We wish the injured man a speedy recovery and trust that the authorities will quickly identify the perpetrator and hold him accountable,” Graumann said.

Flatbush taxi driver orders his family to kill relatives of his daughter’s lover

Mohammed Ajmal Choudhry 
By: Aarav Sen

A man became extremely angry that his daughter ran away with her lover instead of starting a family with her cousin, prosecutors in New York said.

Brooklyn prosecutors said that the taxi driver will go on trial this week, for allegedly conspiring to kill the family of his daughter's lover.

According to prosecutors, 61-year-old Mohammed Ajmal Choudhry, originally from Pakistan, told his relatives to kill the family of Shujat Abbas. Abbas is the boyfriend of his married daughter.

Choudhry forced his daughter, Amina Ajmal, to marry her cousin, Abrar Ahmed Babar. However, Amina fell in love with Shujat Abbas, and ran off with him.

Choudhry subsequently threatened family members of Abbas. Choudhry, who lives in Flatbush, engaged in telephone conversations with a co-conspirator in Pakistan.

Later, the father and sister of Abbas, were shot to death. Choudhry denied the allegations, saying that the family members of Abbas may have been killed over a land dispute.

Governor Mike Huckabee warns Palestinians of grave consequences if abducted U.S. yeshiva student is not freed

Mike Huckabee with Bring Back Our Boys poster 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) Governor Mike Huckabee, a former U.S. Presidential candidate, warned Palestinians of grave consequences if a kidnapped U.S. yeshiva student is not freed, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Huckabee is currently on a week long visit in Israel on what has been defined as a fact-finding tour, focused on the challenges facing Israelis in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, as well as the threat of anti-Israel delegitimization efforts such as the BDS movement.

Huckabee, immediately after landing in Israel, went to the home of Avi and Rachel Frankel, parents of Naftali, one of the abducted teens. “I went to offer support, to give them strength,’ Huckabee said on Tuesday.

“I went away with them giving me strength. They are a remarkable family, a family of faith, and their faith gives them a real sense of optimism,” he added.

Huckabee was asked how he would act in regards to the current crisis in Israel if he was president.

“Naftali Frankel is a U.S. citizen. Because he is a citizen we have not only an emotional response but a constitutional duty to ensure that the whole world understands that this takes it to a new level for the U.S. You kidnap a U.S. citizen, all bets are off. You hurt that kid and you don't want to know what the results would be. One of the sides is a kidnapped child. The other is a kidnapper. The two sides here are good and evil. Evil kidnaps children. Good does all it can to get those children back and to punish anyone who would be a part of that,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee said that he would offer all the resources and intelligence at his disposal and other forms of assistance as requested. He believes a clear message should have been conveyed in support of an abducted U.S. citizen, a message the Obama administration failed to communicate.

He condemned the Palestinian Authority-Hamas unity government that was recently established, stating he was appalled by the union.

"How can the U.S. approve of, and work with a government that’s made up in part of a terrorist organization? We say we don't negotiate with terrorists, we certainly shouldn't fund them,” Huckabee added.

Huckabee believes the U.S. should have cut off all funding to the PA after the unification. "It is beyond me to understand why there would not be worldwide condemnation. I think we see the worthlessness of the U.N. through all this that it has remained incredibly silent,” he said.

He praised PM Netanyahu for his actions regarding the PA-Hamas unity government.

Huckabee had very warm words for Israel, praising Israel's advancement, development and technology, as well as its democracy and society, which enable equality of rights for everyone.

His visit included a stop at the Sodastream factory which has been the recent target of BDS activity. “It should be obvious to anyone that the company provides extraordinary opportunity not only for work but for social gatherings. It should be given national and international awards instead of being targeted by BDS, which is inexplicable to me.” He described BDS as an “irrational, anti-Semitic effort on the part of some organizations and nations.”

Regarding the Presbyterian Church’s decision to boycott companies providing services in Judea and Samaria, Huckabee shared that he was embarrassed by the decision, calling it absurd. "Who can possibly be behind such an absurd decision that has no basis in good policy, good economics, or good sense?" Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, believes that this decision, together with other factors, is bringing to the decline of the Presbyterian Church.

One of the goals of his visit is to raise awareness regarding the three abducted students in the U.S. During his visit on Monday with the two Chief Rabbis Huckabee stated: "It's one thing if people hear that three Israeli soldiers have been kidnapped or captured. That gets our attention, but this hits our hearts very differently. When a person who is American hears this story, they don't react as an American; they don't react as a Zionist. I'm both, I react as a father.” Both chief rabbis thanked Huckabee for his efforts to bring knowledge of the present crisis to the American public.

Regarding his political future, Huckabee said he has not yet decided whether to enter the U.S. presidential race of 2016. He stated financial issues were a determining factor.

Barrage of missiles rain down on Israel as Air Force pounds Gaza

Terrorists launching rockets at Israel 
By: Aryeh Savir

The Israel Air Force is retaliating to a barrage of missiles by shooting targets in the Gaza Strip, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Terrorists fired five rockets during the early evening hours on Tuesday, at southern Israel, sending tens of thousands of civilians running into bomb shelters in the highly populated Ashkelon area.

Two of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-rocket system. No injuries or damage were reported.

The Israeli Air Force retaliated by attacking seven terror targets in the Gaza Strip, including five hidden launching pads. An IDF spokesperson announced that the IDF holds Hamas responsible for all terror activity emanating from the Gaza Strip, and will continue to operate with decisiveness to protect the State of Israel.

For more than a week, terrorists have continuously fired rockets at Israel. Over 20 rockets have been fired at Israel since the beginning of Operation “Brother's Keeper” to find the three abducted yeshiva students, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer, and Naftali Frankel.

Over 200 have been fired since the beginning of 2014. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 8,000 rockets. Over 3.5 million Israelis are currently living under threat of rocket attacks.

Ungrateful homeless man has sex with child after being allowed to sleep at her home

Homeless man illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A homeless man of Michigan, has betrayed a family in an unimaginable way.

For the past 10 years, a good hearted family allowed 54-year-old Kim Thomas, to eat and sleep at their home, located in Freeman Township, whenever he needed a warm place.

Now, he betrayed their trust and hurt them badly. He allegedly had sex with their young daughter. Police arrested the homeless man for sex crimes with the 14-year-old child.

When the girl told her parents about the sex abuse they demanded that Thomas leave immediately. Police said that Thomas had sex with the girl several times while he stayed in the house over 10 years.

Police located Thomas and arrested him. He was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct. He was taken to the Clare County Jail and his bail was set at $500,000.

Man hospitalized after ram he was about to kill takes revenge and head butts him

Ben Meat Processing Company 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man was taken to a hospital after a ram did not want to die and apparently showed that it is the boss.

The man of Dayton, Oregon, is in the hospital after being head butted by the ram on Thursday morning.

Dayton firefighters were called to the Ben Meat Processing Company, where they found Kelly Duval, 49, laying on the ground with serious injuries.

A worker at the meat processing plant said that Duval stuck his head inside the pen to remove the male ram so it can be slaughtered. The ram assaulted him in the face with its horns.

The owner of the meat processing company, Ben Montelongo, said that Duval has worked for him often in recent years. Montelongo also said that he heard Duval screaming and ran to his aid. He found Duval laying on the ground with injuries to his face so he called 911.

According to authorities, Duval was taken by helicopter to the Oregon Health and Science University, where he was in serious condition and is being treated in the trauma unit.

Montelongo reportedly said that he might let the head butting ram live because it fought to stay alive.

Mother seen hugging daughter’s killer in courtroom

Ady Guzman-DeJesus and Jordyn Howe 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman surprised everyone in a courtroom when she got up and hugged her daughter’s killer.

The mother of Florida, decided to forgive the teen who shot and killed her 13-year-old daughter.

The woman also agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors so that the killer avoids jail time.

The incident began when Jordyn Howe, was heading to school. While on the bus, he was showing off his stepfather's handgun to other students.

The weapon discharged, hitting 13-year-old Lourdes Guzman. She was rushed to a hospital, but died of her injuries.

Now, two years after the shooting, Howe, 16, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The victim’s mother, Ady Guzman-DeJesus, hugged Howe after he accepted a plea deal to avoid prison. Howe apologized to the mother for the grief he unintentionally caused her.

Howe was friends with the victim, and her mother said that she did what her daughter would have wanted her to do.

Howe will attend a youth camp for a year after which he will speak at schools together with the victim’s mother, Guzman-DeJesus, about the dangers of guns.

Transsexual model talks about her sexual encounter with the husband of Kendra Wilkinson

Ava Sabrina London 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A transsexual woman claims that she had sex with the husband of Kendra Wilkinson.

The woman’s claims were backed by surveillance video, which appears to show Hank Baskett arriving at the condo of the transsexual in Calabasas, California.

Wilkinson, who is a U.S. television personality, a businesswoman, glamour model and author, had recently given birth to Alijah Mary. The couple also has a 4-year-old son together.

Wilkinson's husband Baskett, has been hit with allegations that he paid for a sexual encounter with the transsexual model, amid reports that their marriage is in trouble.

Now, the transsexual model, Ava Sabrina Masaniai, who goes by the name Ave London, has spoken about her encounter with Baskett.

London said that Baskett first contacted her to set up a meeting after watching her videos on YouTube. “He contacted me through a video that was posted on YouTube and we exchange information,” London said.

She said that the former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver knew that she was a transsexual. “He told me that I was the only transsexual he has ever been with,” London said. “He thought I was beautiful,” she added.

The model below describes in graphic detail a sexual encounter with Baskett, but she insisted that it never culminated in actual sex. She however, makes it clear that her client was “very satisfied” after they both stroked each other’s privates.

Baskett allegedly took a shower to clean up after the 20 minute session and paid $500 before leaving, according to London.

Man accidentally hires undercover agent to kill young girl after sexually assaulting her

Ryan Heith Darter 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man is facing a long prison sentence after he tired to have a girl killed.

The man of Virginia, was initially arrested after he was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the girl.

When he was freed on bond, 27-year-old Ryan Heith Darter, decided to kill the girl so she cannot testify against him.

Darter thought he found someone willing to do the job and kill the girl for him. However, that man turned out to be an undercover agent of the Virginia State Police Department.

According to police, Darter wanted the victim dead so she cannot be a witness in the case pending against him in Roanoke County.

Darter was arrested and charged with abduction with intent to defile and animate object penetration, according to court records.

When State Police first learned that Darter was looking to hire someone to kill the alleged victim they knew that they had to act fast.

An undercover agent contacted him by phone. Over the course of four telephone conversations, the undercover agent told Darter that the price for his “work” would be $2,000 - with a 10 percent down payment.

Darter agreed to those terms and told the undercover agent he was working to get the money. Darter was arrested again and was charged with soliciting a murder for hire.

Darter's lawyer, Melvin Williams, said that the case began with a tip from a confidential informant, but declined to give more details.

Bride-to-be killed in car crash on the way to her bachelorette party

Collette Moreno, Jesse Arcobasso, and son Brayden 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A family is devastated over the loss of a young woman while on the way to her bachelorette party.

What was supposed to be a fun filled celebration turned into a tragedy.

26-year-old Collette Moreno of Missouri, was driven to her bachelorette party by her best friend, Ashley Theobald, 26, when she collide with an oncoming car on the crest of a hill, killing the bride-to-be.

Moreno and Theobald were having fun and taking selfies as the were traveling on Lake of the Ozarks on Missouri Highway 5, in anticipation of a weekend full of fun before crashing.

Theobald told the police that the pair were behind a large truck. Smoke from the truck reportedly bothered Moreno, who suffered from asthma.

She started coughing, so Theobald decided to try to pass the truck on the two lane road.

The friends thought the coast was clear when they overtook the truck. However, they apparently did not realize that they were approaching the end of a hill.

As she was trying to pass in the opposite direction she realized that a Dodge Ram was coming head on. Both cars tried to swerve out of the away, but the Ram struck the passenger side of the car.

Theobald and the driver of the Ram, 25-year-old Melvin Garber, only had minor injuries. Moreno however, was not so lucky. She was rushed to a hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Theobald is facing charges for careless and imprudent driving.

Friends and family are still trying to come to terms with the tragic and unexpected loss. Moreno was set to marry the love of her life, 28-year-old Jesse Arcobasso, during a dream wedding in Jamaica. She left behind her 5-year-old son Brayden.

Man places girlfriend in suitcase and carries her home after she tried to break up with him

Wang seen with the suitcase 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on kidnapping charges after he placed his girlfriend in a suitcase and took her home.

The man of Liaoning, China, was arrested for packing his girlfriend in the suitcase and taking her home after she tried to break up with him.

The man who was identified as Wang, did not want to break up. He tied up his girlfriend and placed her in the suitcase. The woman who was identified as Mu, is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Wang traveled with the woman from Xi'an to his home in Liaoning. Wang was arrested in Liaoning.

The police had received calls about the kidnapping after two people heard crying sounds coming from the suitcase.

CCTV images showed Wang checking into a hotel with his girlfriend about 10:00 a.m. The woman was seen walking behind Wang as the walked up the stairs and into the hotel room.

About 3:00 p.m., Wang was seen leaving his room. He looked nervous and left the hotel through a side door with a seemingly heavy suitcase. Officers then discovered that his girlfriend was inside the suitcase.

Wang told police that he and Mu were a couple. However, Mu told police that she wanted to break up with him. Wang did not agree, so he tried to forcefully take her to his home.

California man arrested for placing pinhole camera in airplane restroom during his flight

Liu being questioned by police 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A man was arrested for recording people using the bathroom on an airplane.

The Taiwanese-U.S. man was arrested by airport police for allegedly installing a camera in the bathroom of the airplane, flying from San Francisco, California, to Taiwan.

While repairing a faucet in the business class bathroom after the eight hour flight, one of the China Airlines cabin crew members found the pinhole camera between the garbage can and the wall.

The crew memeber removed the memory card from the camera and he placed an “out of order” sign to prevent other passengers from entering so that they can catch the perverted man.

After a while, the flight attendants saw 51-year-old Liu, entering the bathroom. When Liu found that the camera had been tampered with he left.

The flight attendants then informed the captain, and Liu was arrested when the plane landed at Taoyuan International Airport.

After his arrest, Liu was found in possession of six pinhole cameras, including memory cards and hard drives with footage of five passengers and a female cabin crew member.

Liu admitted to taking pictures only after the memory card that had been confiscated from the bathroom was presented to him. Liu said he was just “testing” the pinhole cameras.

Liu denied the assistance of the U.S. Embassy in Taiwan, because he did not want his wife and children, who are in the United States, to know about it.

A detective in Hong Kong, said that it is very easy for people to buy pinhole cameras on the streets.

Since Liu frequently travels for business, police suspect that he has pulled similar stunts on previous flights without being caught.

Daycare slammed after duct taping sleeping child to mat on floor (video)

Sleeping child duct taped to floor 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A daycare is under investigation after a photo circulated on the Internet, showing a sleeping child duct taped to the floor, police in Texas said.

The incident occurred at the Heart 2 Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park.

The photo sparked concern and anger among parents. The photo in question was publicized by a former employee of the daycare.

The child apparently was not hurt, but it seems that the photo has damaged the reputation of the daycare. “Staff members have the best interests of children and parents in mind, and this is our highest priority. The daycare has a history of exemplary performance. We are cooperating fully with any investigation,” the daycare said in a statement.

Heart 2 Heart was inspected five times and was cited once. The citation involved a worker who failed to update their fingerprints with the FBI.

4 men kidnap 12-year-old girl and rape her for 3 days

Anti rape protest 
By: Anika Rao

Two men were arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape after allegedly raping a young girl for three days, police in Nigeria said.

Zamfara State Police said that they arrested 25-year-old Hamza Musa, and 18-year-old Lawali Sarki, after being accused of kidnapping and raping the 12-year-old girl.

Both defendants face two counts of rape and kidnapping. Prosecutors told a court that a neighbor of the men reported the incident to police.

According to police, while the girl was on her way home from shopping, the two defendants conspired with two other men to abduct and rape the child. The other two men are still at large.

The men took her to a house where they kept her for three days. The defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Both are being held without bail.

Female circus performer embarrassed after splitting her pants while attempting to ride on camel (video)

Female circus performer splits her pants 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A female circus performer was left embarrassed after her pants split open while attempting to ride on a camel, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

This video showed the moment the circus performer split her pants while trying to ride the camel.

After splitting her pants, she crashed into a group of men while hanging from a wire. The incident happened at an event in Russia, after the woman was asked to ride on the animal.

After sitting on the animal, she struggles to get a firm grip before her pants split in full view of the audience. There is a roar of laughter throughout the incident and it did not stop when she landed on the floor.

In a hurry to get off stage, she is catapulted back by the safety cable that was still attached to her. There seems to be no end to the shame as she took down two workers as if they were bowling pins.

Nursing home employee jailed for raping 92-year-old patient

Samuel Onyenweaku 
By: Aarav Sen

A nursing home employee was arrested, charged and convicted of rape after raping an elderly patient, prosecutors in Ohio said.

The West Chester District Attorney's Office said that 22-year-old Samuel Onyenweaku, was charged with rape, criminal assault and abuse of patients.

According to the criminal complaint, Onyenweaku raped the 92-year-old woman at the Amber Park Nursing Home located on E. Galbraith Road. According to the indictment, Onyenweaku worked as a nurse's aide in the home.

He was fired from his job and arrested after another nurse walked into the patient's room and found Onyenweaku in the bathroom naked from the waist down. Onyenweaku faces three to eleven years in prison.

After the rape incident, the victim was transported to University of California Medical Center for examination and treatment. She was released from the hospital to the care of Cincinnati Hospice.

Woman jailed for kidnapping baby from hospital because she wanted someone to love

Breona Moore 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman was placed behind bars after being convicted of kidnapping a baby from a hospital, prosecutors in Pennsylvania said.

The Pittsburgh woman who pleaded guilty to stealing the newborn baby from the hospital was sentenced on Tuesday, to 30 to 60 months in jail.

21-year-old Breona Moore, said that it was the biggest mistake she ever made. Moore apologized to the family of Bryce Coleman, staff at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital and her family, saying that there are no words to describe the remorse she feels.

Moore posed as a nurse and left the hospital with 3-day-old Bryce in a resealable bag. Pittsburgh Police, agents of the Port Authority and the FBI, were looking for her and the child.

Five hours later, the baby was found in the stairwell of a downtown building. The baby was not injured.

Moore suffers from mental and health problems that prevents her from having a child, and her lawyer said it was one of several factors that led to the kidnapping.

Instead of being sentenced to 60 years in prison, Moore was sentenced to simple imprisonment, followed by 10 years of probation.

She must undergo mental health treatment and must register as a Megan's Law offender for life. Before sentencing, Moore spoke about how sad it was that she could not have a child.

“All I wanted was to love someone,” she said.

Daycare owners arrested for failing to seek medical attention after child got severe burns from hot liquid

Minnie "Sue" Dupree (left) and Tara Miller 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Daycare owners were arrested on charges of negligence for allegedly not seeking medical attention after a child got burns from hot liquid, police in Georgia said.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office said that they arrested Minnie "Sue" Dupree, the owner of Discovering Basics, and her daughter, Tara Miller, the director of the site on Monday.

Police officers also arrested Eddye Pittmon, 55, on Friday, after the 16-month-old child suffered serious burns. Investigators said that Damon Gaddis, had second and third degree burns on the stomach and left leg.

The child was treated for the injuries when the mother picked him up eight hours later. Dupree, 66, intimidated employees and asked them to destroy evidence in the case.

She was accused of influencing the witness. Miller, 40, was charged with second-degree child cruelty.

Investigators said that Miller knew the child was injured and did not seek medical treatment. Both are being held in the Hall County Jail on no bond.

Woman traumatized after strange man floods her kitchen and defecates on carpet

Tricia Gillaspy 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A woman and her family are traumatized after a strange man broke into their home, flooded the kitchen and defecated on the carpet, police in Idaho said.

The family of Kuna, is still recovering after the naked stranger entered their home last weekend.

Tricia Gillaspy and her husband moved into the house just last week.

“We woke up Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m., and we saw a naked man in our room,” Tricia said. “I was screaming in panic,” she added. Police identified the intruder as 25-year-old Matthew Coomes.

He was drunk at the time of the incident. After surprising the couple he ran into another bedroom to put on his shorts.

The husband went after him with a gun and ordered him out of the house, but he refused. Only after he placed the gun to his head did Coomes leave.

Coomes left the house, but not the property. Coomes will be charged with malicious damage to property.

Coomes told police that he did not remember entering the house or flooding the kitchen. He said that he did not know who defecated on the carpet, or why his shirt and a pair of underwear ended up on the floor of the house.