18-year-old Palestinian arrested for throwing bomb at synagogue in Germany

Teen throwing Molotov cocktail illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A Palestinian teen was arrested on charges of terrorism after allegedly throwing a bomb at a synagogue, police in Germany said.

Wuppertal Police said that they arrested the 18-year-old man after being accused of throwing the bomb at the synagogue overnight.

According to the police investigation, three suspects fired several incendiary devices at the entrance of the synagogue. No one was injured and it appears that there was no damage to the synagogue.

A local resident called police when he saw a fire near the building. While questioning the suspect, he told investigators that he was a Palestinian.

The other two suspects fled from the scene. Government officials said that anti-Jewish behavior will not be tolerated.

Some citizens said that they are alarmed by the anti-Israeli chants in some of the demonstrations as they are ultra-sensitive about anti-Semitism because of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis.

Dozens of swastikas and ‘dirty Jews’ spray painted through Rome

Poster showing Palestinian child throwing stone at Israeli tank 
By: Hydar Tomar

The Jewish community in Rome, Italy, is in shock after waking up to a city covered in anti-Jewish graffiti.

Police said that they have launched an investigation into the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel graffiti markings.

Dozens of swastikas, hate slogans and posters were plastered on the walls and windows of shops on Monday. At least 70 sites were vandalized throughout the city.

“Dirty Jews," "the end for Jews is near," "away with the Zionists," and "Israel executioner," were some of the slogans painted on the walls.

Some posters had a swastika and the phrase "Anne Frank storyteller." Other posters had the image of a Celtic cross and a Palestinian throwing a rock at an Israeli army tank.

Jewish leaders as well as local and state officials strongly condemned the vandalism. Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino described the incident as shameful and an insult to all Romans.

Marino expressed solidarity with the Jewish community, and declares that "Rome will and must be the capital of dialogue and peace, and not the land of barbarism."

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano promised that the police will identify those responsible and further restrict such incidents.

Britain's largest supermarket chain Tesco pulls West Bank products from shelves

Tesco supermarket location 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

Britain's largest supermarket chain announced that it will no longer sell products from the West Bank.

Tesco emphasized that the decision was not politically motivated and not related to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“It was made as part of a regular review process,” the company said.

As part of the boycott, Tesco asked two health and beauty products companies to provide a list of all their products and ingredients imported from Israel and the Palestinian territories.

“We have received some questions from customers about the products we sell, which are obtained from Israel or the West Bank,” the Tesco spokesperson said.

“To make sure that we answered their questions with the most accurate and updated information, we contacted suppliers to corroborate our own data, particularly for branded products,” the spokesperson also said.

Jewish police officer wins $540,000 after Sergeant called him a bloodsucking parasite and a f***ing Jew boy

Chicago police car illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A police sergeant in Chicago, Illinois, landed in hot water after calling a Jewish police officer a bloodsucking parasite and a f***ing Jew boy, according to court documents.

On Monday, a federal jury awarded $540,000 to Officer Detlef Sommerfield, who was supervised by Police Sgt. Lawrence C. Knasiak.

The officer sued the city and his former boss, accusing Knasiak of teasing him for years with anti-Semitic and racist remarks. Sommerfield was also greeted with a Nazi salute, according to the complaint.

On several occasions, Knasiak showed a swastika logo to Sommerfield, a German Jew who lost family in the Holocaust. Knasiak shouted these hurtful slogans in front of other sergeants, lieutenants and captains standing next to him.

It didn't happen just once or twice, but regularly, and no one told him to stop.

2 smiling thugs seen on video following Flatbush woman into elevator and attacking her

Smiling thug 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest and charge two men with assault after being seen on video smiling before attacking a young Flatbush woman in an elevator, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the incident unfolded on Avenue M and East 18 Street, when the 18-year-old victim was walking into her building on Sunday night around 7:35.

The suspects followed a few seconds later.

In the surveillance video, the first suspect can be seen smiling and talking over his shoulder while the second suspect walks in a moment later, also with a smile.

They followed the woman into the elevator.

After she got into the elevator, the second suspect grabbed her by the neck and forced her back into the hallway, throwing her to the ground.

Once on the ground, the two suspects were seen fighting with the woman and beating her. The suspects are described by police as two black young men.

One suspect is described as in his late teens to early 20s, about 240 pounds, and was seen with an orange shirt, beige shorts, white sneakers and a backpack.

The other suspect is believed to be 20 to 25 years old. On the video, he was seen wearing a shirt with white writings on it and pants with urban camouflage.

U.S. stops issuing tourist visas to Israelis

U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv 
By: Aarav Sen

A number of Israelis who applied for tourist visas to visit the United States, have said that their application was denied, Haaretz reported.

The U.S. embassy has stopped issuing regular visas and cut ongoing services to U.S. citizens, after downsizing its staff due to the security situation.

The embassy issued a statement saying that it will only issue visas for emergencies and after a thorough investigation of each applicant.

The website of the U.S. embassy provided an email for urgent applications. Those people who had appointments for visas, are supposed to receive a notice of cancellation.

Eventually, they will receive a notice of a new appointment date. The U.S. embassy said that such behavior is normal due to the security threat, and was practiced in the past.

Hamas executes 30 Gaza civilians without trials for allegedly helping Israel

Gun illustration 
By: Aryeh Savir

Hamas killed nearly three dozen people after accusing them of helping Israel, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Hamas has executed the civilians over the past few days, without trials.

Yisrael Hayom quotes Arab news sources that report that Hamas has executed some 30 Gazan civilians for allegedly collaborating with Israel.

Human rights groups report that some were executed after being caught “red handed” while marking targets for the Israel Air Force. All the alleged collaborates were summarily executed without trial.

A separate report by several new sources describes protesters in Beit Hanun, who were shot in the street by Hamas on Sunday, for demonstrating against Hamas’ leadership and the destruction caused to the Gaza Strip.

They blamed Hamas for the calamity that has befallen the civilians of the Gaza Strip. Some 20 protesters were rounded up and shot in front of a crowd.

Hamas has previously been harshly condemned by the international community after being accused by local Gazans of executions of alleged collaborators, who were shot on the basis of mere rumors or who confessed after being horribly tortured.

4,000 cell phone stick charges given to Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza to enable them to call their loved ones

Israeli soldiers showing off their cell phone stick charges 
By: Anav Silverman

After several days in Gaza, Israeli soldiers saw their cell phone battery die, leaving them unable to get in touch with their loved ones.

However, one company came to their rescue, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

For many husbands, fathers, sons and brothers currently serving in Operation Protective Edge, it's been a long few days or even weeks, stationed on the front lines or in battle.

For families back home it can feel like a lifetime - with many having gone for extended periods of time without speaking with their loved ones.

Through an initiative of Tzohar, the religious Zionist rabbinical organization in Israel, several donors have funded an effort to make it easier for soldiers fighting in Gaza and stationed at the border, to call home.

While safety concerns limit many of the soldiers from making phone calls from within the combat zone, a second limitation for many has been that their phones ran out of battery days ago, and access to charging stations is extremely limited. Sometimes, even those who want to call, are unable or have to resort to a few seconds on a friend's phone.

After discovering A.L., the one Israeli supplier who provides fully charged cell phone stick chargers (all other providers sell the product with the need to be charged upon purchase), Tzohar bought out the complete stock of some 4,000 chargers. Over the course of Friday, the chargers were delivered to soldiers on the front lines from the Golani, Nachal, Givati, Paratroopers, Tanks, Engineering and Artillery Corps, with the hope of reaching them before Shabbat.

"As an active combat reservist, I know that the IDF takes full care of any and all needs of its soldiers,” said Nachman Rosenberg, Executive Vice President of Tzohar and the organizer of this operation.

“Nonetheless, we were looking for something practical that could have a meaningful impact in boosting the morale of both the soldiers and their families. We hope that this will enable families to wish Shabbat Shalom to their sons, husbands and fathers fighting Hamas terrorists on the front lines."

After receiving his charger, Ophir, an officer in Golani, expressed his gratitude to Tzohar and all those who contributed.

“Seeing the support from all over the world, we feel like we are not alone. Being able to call home to wish a Shabbat Shalom to my mother will not only make her feel better, but renews my strength in this important mission. You have no idea how much this means to us.”

Israel treats 40 Gaza civilians at temporary hospital set up at border

IDF hospital treating Palestinian 
By: Aryeh Savir

Israel has treated at least 40 Gaza civilians, who arrived at a temporary hospital set up at the Erez Border crossing, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The IDF is waiting for further instruction on Operation Protective Edge, as it is currently at a point where it is unclear if it will stop completely or if it will be broadened to further areas in Gaza.

The IDF is asking Israel's political leadership to reach a decision regarding the next steps of the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip.

A high ranking military official spoke on Tuesday with journalists about the next stages of the operation and said that "the political leadership must decided now – either we push deeper (into Gaza) or we backtrack."

In the meantime, IDF soldiers have become more static, a dangerous situation for forces facing guerrilla fighters. Israel is continuing its massive strikes against terror targets in Gaza, as rockets continued to hit Israeli civilian targets last night and early this morning.

For the second time in 24 hours the IDF dropped warning flyers over the Gaza areas of Al-Jarara, Bnei-Sahila, Abasan al-Kabira and Khirbat Ikhza'ah, an indication of a possible broadening of the operation.

Rocket warning sirens were heard in communities in the Sderot and Netivot regions, east of the Gaza Strip, early this morning. The early morning attack came after a fairly quiet night, with no reports of rockets between midnight and 5:00 a.m. Two rockets were fired from Gaza last night before 12:00 p.m. In addition, the Iron Dome intercepted one rocket over the Tel Aviv area and one rocket in the Jerusalem area.

Meanwhile, Hamas’ military chief Muhammad Deif, has declared that Hamas will prevail because its fighters “are eager for death while Israel’s fighters are eager for life.” The only way to reach a ceasefire in Gaza is for Israel to end its “siege” on Gaza, he declared.

Despite the continues heavy fighting an IDF spokesperson announced that IDF officers transferred Palestinian patients through the Erez Crossing for further medical treatment late last night.

On July 28, a young Palestinian child suffering from cancer was treated at the IDF field hospital run by its COGAT unit. The doctors sent him for further care in Israel.

Since the field hospital opened on July 20, doctors and staff have attended to over 40 patients. Some have been treated and released, some treated and sent for additional care at a hospital, and some were sent immediately for hospital care.

Hamas has directly and indirectly prevented patients from arriving for care at the field hospital and has even shelled the hospital.

As rockets were fired at Jerusalem, tens of Muslim rioters clashed with police in East Jerusalem. They threw rocks and firecrackers at police. Police responded with crowd control means. One police officer was lightly wounded after being hit by a rock.

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, 2,612 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel. 506 of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome systems. 206 terror targets were hit last night, bringing the total to 3,950.

Israel warns Europe that Israel will protect Jews living overseas if governments fail to protect them

European ambassadors meet Knesset members 
By: Aryeh Savir

Israel has warned European leaders that if they fail to protect Jews living in their countries Israel will, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Danish, Swedish and Dutch ambassadors to Israel, as well as officials from the embassies of Britain, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany, took part in an urgent meeting with the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee on the situation of Jewish communities in Europe.

MK Yisrael Hasson of Kadima, a former deputy director of the Shin Bet internal security service, told the ambassadors: "NATO bombed 5,000 civilians in Kosovo, just because it was insulted, and 27,000 Iraqi civilians were bombed during the U.S. invasion because they posed a danger to the U.S. There is not a country in the world that can talk to us about morality."

Hasson told the foreign envoys that "if the European countries fail to protect the Jews within their territory, the State of Israel will. Jewish blood is not cheap blood."

He further warned that "if you do not stand by our side, the day when Islamic terror will reach your homes, your beds and your kindergartens will come soon."

MK Shimon Ohayon of Yisrael Beitenu, addressed the pro-Palestinian protests across Europe, and said that Israel is fighting "the war of the free and enlightened world against the darkness of Islam."

According to him, had the world truly been concerned about the violence, "we would have seen protests all over Europe against the terrible acts being committed in Syria, where 200,000 people have been raped and butchered."

MK Avraham Michaeli of Shas, noted that a quarter of the patients who are being treated at the hospital in Safed, were injured in the Syrian civil war.

Representatives of the Jewish communities in Europe, who arrived in Israel with the help of the Israeli Jewish Congress, spoke about their sense of insecurity.

"Calls of `death to Jews` and `burn the Jews in gas chambers` are heard regularly on the streets," one representative said.
Nathan Gelbert, a Jewish resident of Berlin, Germany, said that the city has seen "severe pro-Palestinian demonstrations" since the IDF launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. "These protesters don't know how to say `hello` in German, but they know very well how to shout that Israel is fascist and cruel," he said.

The European envoys condemned the anti-Semitic attacks in their countries and described the tools their governments use to combat the phenomenon. A representative of the French embassy in Tel Aviv, said that his country pledges “zero tolerance for displays of anti-Semitism,” adding that "every attack on France`s Jews is an attack on all of France."

France has beefed up security around the Jewish communities even before the recent anti-Israel demonstrations. "France is not denying that there is a problem. The French
government`s efforts against acts of racism will gradually increase," said the official.

Dutch Ambassador to Israel Caspar Veldkamp, noted that his country's attorney general has opened cases against 40 to 50 people who participated in a radical demonstration and chanted anti-Semitic slogans.

"The acts of anti-Semitism call for strong measures. Otherwise we will all slide down the slope. Europe should have exported a position of mutual respect rather than import the hate and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," he told the meeting.

Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr said: "As an ally and as a country we will not tolerate anti-Semitism. Denmark, as a country that respects freedom of speech, allows people to express their objection to actions taking place on the ground. My government`s position is that Israel has a right to defend itself."

Absorption Committee Chairman MK Yoel Razvozov of Yesh Atid, said that a distinction must be made between freedom of expression and incitement. “The European countries must protect the Jews within their territory,” he said. "Otherwise, terror will eventually reach you."

MK Razvozov concluded the meeting by saying that the State of Israel is committed to protecting every Jew in the Diaspora. Turning to the foreign officials, he said: "Take into account that if the terror groups lay down their arms, there will be peace, but if Israel lays down its arms, Israel will cease to exist. This is the sad truth."

Hamas tells its civilians to be happy to die because its a free ticket to paradise (video)

Dying during war is free ticket to paradise 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) Hamas released a statement to civilians in Gaza, stating that it is a privilege to die in the war with Israel, because it is a free ticket to paradise, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Hamas’ propaganda machine has been working relentlessly to generate a depiction of the events that suits their objectives in their war on Israel.

Using news, multimedia and social media, they have been presenting lies and a distorted account of the events to garner the population’s support for their cause.

One of the issues Hamas has been focusing on is an attempt to both justify and console Gaza's population over the many civilian deaths it has caused in the war.

While broadcasting gruesome pictures of dead civilians, including children, a TV host explained that since in Islam a person's time of death is predetermined by Allah, the people who have been killed in the recent fighting, have actually “gained.” They would have died anyway, but now they will receive the rewards of Martyrdom - Shahada - in Paradise.

Reporting on this issue, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has further documented Hamas' use of civilians as human shields, which has led to a high civilian death toll. Hamas has instructed Gaza civilians to disregard Israel's warnings to evacuate areas before they were bombed, and has decried those who have criticized the high civilian death toll.

The glorification of Martyrdom both justifies Hamas activities that led to these deaths and also may console the population. In addition, this message may convince civilians to continue endangering their lives by protecting Hamas terrorists and their terror infrastructure with their bodies.

Recently, PMW reported on a sermon by the former Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, who likewise glorified Martyrdom death as something to which Palestinians should aspire.

Hamas TV host said last week: "Every soul has its time. These people - their time had come, and they were Martyred (i.e., Gaza civilians killed in war). They have gained [Paradise]. They have nothing in this world, especially in the Gaza Strip. There's no life in the Gaza Strip. What life can we have in the Gaza Strip? Being with Allah is better. Being with Allah is better. What we see is very hard, but we won't surrender, Allah willing. The first to say it are the Martyrs' family. The first to say it are the Martyrs' mothers and fathers. Don't be disturbed by these images. He who was killed this way doesn't feel. By Allah, he does not feel. These are not my words, but the words of our beloved Prophet [Muhammad]: He who is Martyred doesn't feel. Only we suffer by these images. By Allah, [the Martyr] doesn't feel. His soul has ascended to Allah. His soul is with the Lord. His soul is inside a green bird. He is with Allah now. He is in Paradise. Only we suffer by these images. In other cities, in other countries, thousands die in earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, in ferry or shipwrecks, in natural or unnatural disasters. Thousands die. Thousands die, but we don't know what their fate is with Allah. However we [in Gaza] are Martyrs. The enemy has killed us and we are Martyrs."

The IDF has finally bombed Hamas TV and radio stations yesterday. In a sense, it may have been a life saving mission for the Gazans as well, who will not be influenced by these deadly messages anymore.

Mother abandons husband and 12 kids to be with younger man

Tabitha and Colt Nimes (left) her family (right) 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman is being criticized over her decision to leave her family for her toyboy.

Now, the mother claims that her decision was in the best interest of her kids.

39-year-old Tabitha Nimes, said that she needed a break from her husband of 19 years as their relationship fell apart, so she divorced her husband and left their kids with him.

She fled her home in Rhyl, North Wales, and married her lover, Colt Nimes, 32, in Southampton.

“I know everyone thinks I'm a terrible mother, but I left because Peter and I were arguing all the time. It was not good for the kids and it made them upset,” Mrs. Nimes said.

Her devastated former husband, 47-year-old Peter Saunders, said that her actions were despicable, and he was left to care for her 12 children.

The couple had 11 children, Rhiannon, 18, Ben, 16, Jack, 14, Josh, 13, Adam, 12, Blake, 10, Rhys, 9, Lillie, 7, Peter Jr., 6, Aston, 3, and Beth, 19 months old. She has a son Matthew, 22, from a previous relationship.

The mother explained that she did not want to go through a custody battle. She decided that she needed a clean break and thought it was best for the kids as well.

“I did it for them and for myself. I just hope they understand one day,” she said.

Mr. Saunders, who is reportedly unemployed and is a convicted drug dealer, allegedly learned of his wife's extramarital affair after finding text messages from the other man on her phone.

Texas woman arrested after attempting to molest young girl during sleepover

Jasmyne Lashay Gilder 
By: Aarav Sen

An innocent and fun sleepover turned into a nightmare for a young girl.

Now, a woman was arrested after trying to molest the child during the sleepover.

The woman of Houston, Texas, was accused of trying to sexually abuse her sister’s friend during the sleepover.

21-year-old Jasmyne Lashay Gilder, was arrested and charged with attempted indecency with a child after the incident was reported to police.

Gilder’s younger sister invited her 12-year-old friend to join her for a fun filled sleepover to create happy memories. During the night however, Gilder allegedly attempted to molest the child.

The child told her mother what had happened. The mother alerted police. The victim was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Gilder was jailed and her bail was set $5,000.

Student busted after hiding many cameras in university bathroom to record women

Javier Mendiola-Soto 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Students are freaked out after spy cameras were found in their university bathrooms.

Police found that there were at least 40 women on the recordings, which were uploaded to the suspect’s computer over a two year period.

Javier Mendiola-Soto was in the United States on a student visa and attended the University of Delaware, when he installed the spy cameras.

Mendiola-Soto, who is originally from Mexico, was arrested after a woman found the hidden camera which was linked to him.

The 38-year-old former doctoral student’s visa was revoked, and he was charged with 21 counts of felony violation of privacy. He is being held in Wilmington, on a $42,000 secured bond.

Officers have contacted the victims who were seen in the videos, some of whom were seen using the bathroom in several different videos.

The university offered counseling to these women.

Woman arrested after she was caught in possession of urine

Cindy Wingo 
By: Anika Rao

A 33-year-old woman learned the hard way that urine can land her in jail for drug possession.

Cindy Wingo of Roebuck, South Carolina, was arrested on a charge of possession of drugs after officers found urine on her.

A Spartanburg County sheriff deputy was patrolling an area when he spotted Wingo and a man hanging around an abandoned house.

The officer stopped to speak with the couple, who said that they were looking at the house because they were considering buying it, according to the police report.

However, the deputy said that he recognized Wingo from previous encounters involving drugs. He called for backup. Officers then asked to search their car.

When they consented to the search, officers found a medicine bottle full of urine. Apparently, urine of meth users have traces of the drug inside, and “experts” can remove the drugs from the urine for reuse.

Knowing this, the sheriff tested the urine and confirmed that it contained methamphetamine. Wingo was placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

Man’s pet frog swallows his fiancee's engagement ring

Frog and ring illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man’s pet frog swallowed his fiancee’s engagement ring while he was cleaning a glass aquarium.

27-year-old Roman Livane of Russia, said that he has the perfect little family. He got the frog 10 years ago. “It's like part of the family,” he said. His girlfriend, Kristina, is the only girlfriend he ever had.

However, he admits that things got a little tense when he asked his girlfriend to take care of the frog while he cleaned the aquarium.

Kristina sat at the table while she played with her ​​engagement ring.”She dropped the ring and it fell onto the table where the frog was sitting. In an instant, the frog jumped and swallowed it,” Livane said.

The stunned couple tried to get the ring back, but the frog had already swallowed it. In desperation they took the frog to a veterinarian near their home in Yekaterinburg.

Veterinary Julia Malyshev, 38, said: “I must admit that I had my doubts, but an X-ray revealed that indeed there was the complete ring with the stone in the stomach.”

Malyshev said that the ring was too large to come out the natural way, and as they did not want to kill the frog the doctor used a special hook to pull the ring out.

The ring was returned to Kristina, 26, and the couple plans to get married next month.

Company sells human skin chair and footrest for $4,000

Human skin chair and footrest 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A company created special human skin chairs and footrests so that consumers should feel comfortable in their skin.

Designer Gigi Barker of the United Kingdom, has spent a considerable amount of time trying to replicate the exact feel of human flesh with her collection of chairs and footrests.

Sitting in one of these chairs is intended to make you feel as if you are perched on top of the stomach of an obese man.

The chairs and footrests were created as part of a project called “A Body of Skin,” where she studied skin texture and body shape.

The fabric is pheromone-impregnated silicone base, which recreates the texture of human flesh and smells like aftershave. Barker believes that when a customer's skin comes into contact with the chair, a bond will form.

The chair and the footrest cost about $4,000.

Man kidnaps mother and 8-year-old daughter before raping them both at gunpoint

David Pitts 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he perpetrated a horrendous crime, according to police in Florida.

A manhunt was on for 44-year-old David Pitts, after he raped a mother and her daughter.

Pitts was waiting for the woman inside her home. When she came home, he forced her and her daughter back into their car.

He forced the woman to drive to his home.

Pitts then allegedly forced the child to watch as he raped her mother, and the mother was forced to watch as he violated her daughter at gunpoint.

The 30-year-old mother and her 8-year-old daughter were held overnight at Pitts’ home. Now, Pitts is behind bars after leading law enforcement on a hunt for four days.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies received a tip that Pitts was being treated at the Bethesda Hospital East. Authorities did not disclose the nature of his treatment.

Young man crushed to death in front of his girlfriend while enjoying elevator surfing

Tito Morales 
By: Anika Rao

A young man lost his life while playing elevator surfing in New York.

20-year-old Tito Morales, who is also known as “Beboo,” was an aspiring tattoo artist before he tragically died.

He was playing the dangerous game of “roller coaster” on top of an elevator in a Bronx housing complex early Monday morning, when he was crushed to death.

Morales became wedged between the elevator and the shaft wall between the 18th and 19th floors about 4:00 a.m.

The victim’s devastated girlfriend, Joanna Sanchez, 24, said that it was a horrible site. She saw his body dangling when the elevator went up, and he then fell.

Sanchez said that Morales was wearing slippers while riding the elevator and probably lost his balance.

Morales was pronounced dead at the scene. No crime is suspected.

Mother arrested for leaving young daughter alone in park during her shift at restaurant

Debra Harrell insert 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she allowed her daughter to play alone in a park rather sending her to a child care facility.

46-year-old Debra Harrell, is a single mother who works hard to support her daughter,

She is a shift manager at McDonald’s.

However, she was arrested at work after someone spotted her daughter alone in the park in Augusta, South Carolina, and called police.

According to the incident report, the 9-year-old girl told the witness that she meets her mother at McDonald’s, which is located inside a Walmart store about a mile from the park, for lunch.

A spokesman for McDonald’s declined to elaborate on Harrell, who has worked for McDonald’s for five years, but said that she was not fired.

Harrell allegedly admitted to leaving her daughter in the park on several occasions. She was charged with child neglect.

Her daughter was temporarily removed from the home, but has since been returned to the care of her mother.

Group of scantily clad women seen walking crab on leashes (video)

Women walking crab on leashes 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A group of young women were seen walking on the streets of China, with crab on leashes.

A restaurant in Beijing, hired the women to walk down the street as part of a promotional stunt to draw attention to their seafood menu.

The stunt was orchestrated by the same artist, who came up with a project earlier this year, called cabbage walking.

Crab activists complained that the advertising stunt is cruel, but the restaurant is happy about all the attention that the promotion drew.

"It was fun, and now everyone knows our name, and I do not care about the few people who complained that the crab were suffering," restaurant manager Peng Mai said.

“What I can say is that they did not suffer much because after they were brought back to the restaurant they had a quick wash and went straight into the pot,” he said.

Hot blond woman caught on video eating potato chips off New York City subway floor

Woman eating potato chips of subway floor 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A hot blond woman, who was extremely desperate for some potato chips, decided to pick it up from a New York City subway floor and eat it, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The woman, who was drunk according to commuters on the train, also ate a $5 bill before picking up the potato chips from the floor.

Mary Massey of New York, said that she recorded the unidentified woman picking up crumbs by hand and stuffing it into her mouth.

The incident unfolded on the Metro North Railroad at 8:30 p.m. on Friday. Another woman is heard asking: “that's good?” Massey uploaded the clip of the event to her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Massey said that the woman looked to be very drunk. “When I asked if she was okay, she asked me if I knew who she was,” Massey said.

Popular Berlin hotel puts toilets in front of large windows allowing passersby to watch guests doing their business

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin guest using toilet 
By: Aarav Sen

Guests at a popular hotel in Berlin, Germany, are baffled after realizing that the public has a full view of the toilets.

For some reason, the architect who designed the Monkey Bar restaurant at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, thought that the bathrooms should be placed next to the floor to roof windows, despite the fact that the building is only about 100 feet high.

The hotel, which offers magnificent views of the Berlin Zoo, also provides pedestrians with views of gusts doing their business in the toilets.

Several passersby on the street below took snapshots of guests using the toilets, which has led the hotel to post signs saying: “Please be careful. Not only the monkeys are watching.”

However, the sign does not convey the message clearly, and guests are still using the toilets oblivious to the public below.

So if you are staying at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, and feel a sense of urgency, maybe just wait until you are back in your room where the toilets are not situated at windows.

Angry female mob strips and beats young woman who was rumored to be a mistress

Mistress being pulled by the hair 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman was brutally beaten by an angry mob after she was accused of being the mistress of a married man, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The shocking footage of the vicious beating that occurred in Guangxi, China, has gone viral on the microblogging site Weibo.

The video shows the unidentified woman being stripped and physically attacked by the group of at least four other women. Some women pulled her hair while the others kicked her in the stomach.

Passersby did nothing to help the woman. They just stood there and watched. The helpless victim wore a black top and gray leggings before being stripped.

She laid down on the floor, covering her chest while the other women pulled off her clothes.

The attackers justified the assault by saying that the young victim was a mistress, and one of the attackers was a woman seeking revenge for her husband’s cheating ways.

Viewers of the video wondered why no one stopped the assault and why there were no police at the scene.

Man kills his family’s dog because he wanted to feed dog meat to his grandchildren (video)

Salvador Martinez 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after allegedly killing his dog to serve the meat to his grandchildren, police in New Mexico said.

Heath White, a member of the Torrance County Sheriff, said that it is extremely disturbing to know that someone would be so brutal with the family pet.

The incident unfolded on Friday, when Torrance County police officers were called to a house in Edgewood.

A woman told police officers that her boyfriend, 46-year-old Salvador Martinez, killed the family dog​​, identified as 9-month-old Onyx.

Police found the body of the dog in the freezer.

According to a criminal complaint, Martinez admitted that he killed Onyx, explaining that he did not have enough food for the grandchildren.

His girlfriend later told investigators that he had plenty of food.

Martinez explained that he had taken Onyx to the yard, stabbed it in the heart with a screwdriver, stripped it and then placed the body in the freezer.

Martinez then went online to find recipes for dog meat. Martinez also suggested that he can take the dead dog over to his mother’s house for a barbeque.

It is legal to eat dogs in New Mexico. Martinez was charged with extreme animal cruelty, a felony, and child abuse. Martinez was charged with child abuse because children were present in the house when he slaughtered the dog.

Young woman killed after her long blond hair gets caught in car’s steering wheel

Caterina Alzetta 
By: Anika Rao

A young woman is dead thanks to her long blond hair, police in Italy said.

The woman’s father, who is the head of the town’s ambulance service, is devastated after his daughter's long blond hair became entangled on the steering wheel of her car.

20-year-old Caterina Alzetta, and her brother Pietro, were driving in Montereale Valcellina, when she lowered the window and the high wind cause her to become stuck in the steering wheel.

She tried to pull free. That is when she caused her Ford Fiesta, to veer into oncoming traffic. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but her brother survived.

“My daughter's hair was thick and long, but tragically her hair became entangled in the steering wheel. When she moved her head, the car was veered of course,” Michele Alzetta the father of the victim, said.

She is survived by her four brothers, her father and her mother. Two passengers in the other car, 40-year-old brothers, were taken to a hospital, but are expected to recover.

Cute cat seen on video drinking cold water from water cooler

Peaches drinks from water cooler 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A cute cat was seen helping itself when it became thirsty, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

As the temperature rose outside, the smart cat has discovered the clever trick to keep cool.

The video that was uploaded to YouTube, shows the cat named Peaches, balance on its back legs while using its front leg to dispense cold water from the cooler machine.

The pet owner is heard giggling while the cat was busy licking the stream of water. “Peaches what are you doing?” The woman said while capturing the moment on camera.

At first, Peaches was sitting at the base of the machine. Later, it jumped up and pressed the lever with its paw for a quick drink.

When the cat had enough, it stepped down and left. The video of Peaches in action went viral on the Internet, and was viewed more than 150,000 times on YouTube, since it was uploaded.

Many viewers have praised the ability of the animal.