Israeli military calls up 10,000 reserve soldiers in preparation of recapturing Gaza

Israeli soldiers in Gaza 
By: Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

As Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israeli civilians, the military has called up thousands of reserve soldiers in preparation of a second ground invasion of Gaza, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Israeli cabinet approved the mobilization of 10,000 IDF reservists, following two days of a continuous barrage of rocket fire by Hamas.

The terror group broke the latest ceasefire on Tuesday, with a barrage of medium-range rockets on Be'er Sheva, followed by dozens of rockets at targets throughout southern and central Israel.

Meanwhile, cabinet ministers began calling for a ground offensive aimed at recapturing Gaza. The rocket fire has continued throughout Wednesday and Thursday, with over 200 launches from the Gaza Strip since the latest outbreak.

The sudden and powerful return to violence by Hamas, has exasperated members of the Israeli cabinet, several of whom have called for a renewed ground offensive and even the recapture of the Gaza Strip.

On Wednesday, housing Minister Uri Ariel told Israel's Channel 2 News that “the actions until now did not bring quiet. It’s clear there is no choice but a ground offensive."

Communications Minister Gilad Erdan told Israel Army Radio, that the resumption of rocket fire from Gaza has inched Israel closer than ever to a decision to fully retake the territory.

“Will this happen tomorrow? It’s not certain, since the price for this will be high, but we are closer today to a ground operation than we have been at any point since the start of the operation,” said the minister.

Hamas admits to murdering 3 yeshiva students calling it ‘blessed heroic act’ (video)

Hamas taking responsibility for murdering 3 Israeli yeshiva students 
By: Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

(Scroll down for video) For the first time, Hamas claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli yeshiva students, calling it a “bless and heroic act,” the Tazpit News Agency reported.

A senior Hamas official said on Wednesday, that Hamas was responsible for the June 12 kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish teens near Hebron.

The three were picked up while hitchhiking at a junction in the West Bank, south of Jerusalem, sparking a nationwide manhunt that ended when their bodies were discovered several weeks later.

The admission by Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri, came during a conference of Muslim scholars. In a recording of the conference, al-Arouri is heard praising the "kidnapping of the three Hebron settlers," describing it as “blessed heroic action,” which was “carried out by the al-Qassam Brigades,” Hamas' military wing.

The terror group has a large political and military presence throughout the West Bank. Hebron has long been a Hamas stronghold, leading Israeli intelligence to suspect that Hamas operatives were located in the vicinity of the attack, and to the subsequent roundup of hundreds of Hamas members throughout the region.

Hamas retaliated to the arrests with a continuous barrage of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip aimed at Israeli civilians throughout the country, compelling Israel to launch Operation Protective Edge to defend its population.

Hamas announces zero tolerance policy towards collaborators with Israel as they execute three men without a trial

Gun illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

Hamas has executed three citizens for allegedly collaborating with Israel, despite the fact that they have not received a chance to defend themselves in court.

Hamas has also arrested seven men on Thursday, as part of their zero tolerance policy for collaborators.

A Hamas official said that the three men were killed after "revolutionary methods" were completed against them. The official also warned that zero tolerance will be shown to those who collaborate with Israel.

The killings and arrests followed the assassination of three senior Hamas military commanders on Thursday morning. In July, Hamas killed nearly three dozen people after accusing them of helping Israel, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Hamas has executed the civilians over the past few days, without trials. Yisrael Hayom quoted Arab news sources that report that Hamas has executed some 30 Gazan civilians for allegedly collaborating with Israel.

Human rights groups report that some were executed after being caught “red handed” while marking targets for the Israel Air Force. All the alleged collaborates were summarily executed without trial.

A separate report by several new sources describes protesters in Beit Hanun, who were shot in the street by Hamas on Sunday, for demonstrating against Hamas’ leadership and the destruction caused to the Gaza Strip.

They blamed Hamas for the calamity that has befallen the civilians of the Gaza Strip. Some 20 protesters were rounded up and shot in front of a crowd.

Hamas has previously been harshly condemned by the international community after being accused by local Gazans of executions of alleged collaborators, who were shot on the basis of mere rumors or who confessed after being horribly tortured.

Hamas launches record 168 rocket at Israel on Wednesday hitting children’s home (video)

Gaza rocket hits Israeli home near Gaza 
By: Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

(Scroll down for video) Hamas fired a record amount of rockets for one day on Wednesday, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

While Hamas intensifies its latest wave of rocket fire, Israel continues its humanitarian commitment to Gaza, agreeing to Turkish requests of transferring another group of Gazans, who were wounded in recent fighting.

The level of daily rocket fire has swelled in recent days to levels unseen since Israel's August 3 ground pullout, with a record 168 rockets launched on Wednesday.

Thursday morning, a mortar struck an Israeli children's home in the Eshkol region near Gaza, seriously wounding a passerby. The 33-year-old man sustained shrapnel injuries when he pushed a female caretaker out of harm's way, saving her life.

Rocket attacks continued throughout the morning on Gaza-adjacent communities. Around 11:00 a.m., Hamas expanded the range of the morning's rocket fire beyond the Gaza-adjacent communities, with landings in open areas reported near Be'er Sheva.

Meanwhile, despite Hamas' two-day-long violation of a ceasefire consisting of some 200 rockets aimed at Israeli civilians, Israel continues to extend humanitarian aid to Gazans.

Israel's COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories) said that it has kept the Kerem Shalom Crossing open in recent days, and has overseen the entry of 256 trucks carrying 4,770 tons of goods.

These included 134 trucks carrying 2,842 tons of food, 4 trucks carrying 26 tons of medicine and medical supplies, 44 trucks carrying 380 tons of humanitarian supplies and 3 trucks carrying 19 tons of agricultural inputs.

Israel's Foreign Ministry also reported yesterday that COGAT has agreed to fly an additional group of 17 Gazans wounded in the conflict to Turkey for medical treatment, part of Israel’s international humanitarian cooperation policy during Operation Protective Edge.

Last week, Israel responded to Turkey's request to receive wounded Gazans by sending a flight of 19 civilians. The Ministry reported that the patients were diagnosed in Gaza hospitals by Turkish physicians, who evaluated their medical condition and determined their ability to be flown.

In July, Hamas leaders, frustrated with Egypt's oversight in their Cairo negotiations with Israel, reached out to Turkey and Qatar to mediate the conflict. Hamas' hope of cooperation and representation by Turkey, together with Turkey's humanitarian involvement in Gaza, have helped fuel suspicions of collusion between the Turkish government and the terror group.

Killed Hamas leader tell Israelis ‘we love death for Allah as you love life’ (video)

Hamas leader saying he loves death as Israelis love life 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A Hamas leader told Israelis that Palestinians love death for Allah as Israelis love life, the IDF Blog reported.

Hamas’ Military Wing, the Al Qassam Brigades, recently published a tweet that exposes their fundamentalist and radical Islamist ideology.

“We are continuing our struggle. Allah is our goal. The prophet is our leader. Jihad is our way, and death for Allah is our most exalted wish,” the Al Qassam Brigades tweeted.

This tweet, published earlier this week, is taken nearly word for word from the terror group’s infamous charter, which was written in 1998.

In Article 8 of the charter, under the title “The Slogan of the Islamic Resistance Movement,” it is written: “Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, and the Koran its constitution. Jihad is its path, and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes,” according to a translation by Yale Law School.

This recent tweet serves as a reminder of Hamas’ radical Islamist nature that is enshrined in the terror group’s charter.

Hamas leaders have made many statements saying that they seek death as the Israelis seek life, such as in the commander of Hamas’ military wing, Muhammad Dief, speech last month.

As seen by Hamas’ cruel use of civilian infrastructure during Operation Protective Edge, endangering the residents of the Gaza Strip, these are not just empty words.

Moreover, though this recent tweet is quoted nearly verbatim in Hamas’ charter, it has a much earlier source. The words “Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, and the Koran its constitution. Jihad is its path, and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes,” is the slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood – the transnational Islamist organization founded in 1928 in Egypt.

Therefore, this recent Al Qassam Brigades tweet also serves as a reminder that Hamas is a political satellite of the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, although the Muslim Brotherhood’s top leader renounced violence many years ago, violence, such as kidnappings and indiscriminate rocket fire, continues to be the modus operandi of Hamas.

New declassified photos and videos show how Hamas uses Gaza civilians as human shields (video)

Rockets launched from hotel and U.N. refugee camp 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Newly declassified photos and videos show how Hamas uses the civilian population in Gaza as human shields, the IDF Blog reported.

The Israel Defense Forces has published the new declassified report that exposes the extent to which Hamas illegally used public infrastructure during Operation Protective Edge.

The new report utilizes intelligence maps, photographic and video evidence to mount a serious case against Hamas’ illegal use of public infrastructure.

The report shows Hamas’ use of U.N. facilities, schools, graveyards, mosques and power plants, among other civilian areas.

According to the report, Hamas has launched more than 1,600 rockets from civilian sites.

Large Palestinian flag flies over Manhattan Bridge in New York City (video)

Palestinian flag on Manhattan Bridge 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Photos emerged showing a large Palestinian flag flying over the Manhattan Bridge in New York City.

The New York Police Department said that they launched an investigation on Wednesday night, after pro-Hamas groups managed to fly the Palestinian flag on the Manhattan Bridge.

The Palestinian flag was seen shortly after 7:00 p.m. "Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions," was written on the flag. At 7:20 p.m., police removed the flag from the bridge.

Pro-Hamas groups vowed to cover the Brooklyn Bridge in a sea of ​​Palestinian flags to show support for the Palestinian resistance against Israel.

A march began at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, and ended at One Police Plaza in Manhattan. Police said that the incident of the flag is not being considered a security breach.

The Palestinian flag was preserved as evidence, and so far, no arrests have been made.

Top Hamas leader behind Gilad Shalit kidnapping killed by Israeli airstrike (video)

Israel bombs terrorists in Gaza 
By: Anav Silverman

(Scroll down for video) Israel has announced that its military has managed to kill the top Hamas leader behind the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

In a pre-dawn airstrike, three top Hamas commanders were killed when a four-story building near Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip was blown apart.

The three senior Hamas leaders were responsible for dozens of deadly terrorist attacks including the 2006 kidnapping of Shalit. They were also responsible of the recent Gaza tunnel infiltrations into Israel.

The Shin Bet confirmed that it had targeted two Hamas leaders, Raed Al-Attar, and Mohammed Abu Shamaleh, early this morning.

“The strike was the result of intelligence and operational activities, which led to the detection and attack on two central operatives from the heart of Hamas’ leadership,” the Israel Security Agency said.

Hamas named the third prominent commander who was killed in the strike, as Mohamed Barhoum.

Both men share a long history of carrying out attacks on Israel, beginning in the early 90’s when Abu Shameleh was involved in killing an Israeli soldier in Rafah.

In 1994, Al-Attar also killed an Israeli soldier on the Egyptian border. In June 2006, Al-Attar planned the Hamas tunnel infiltration near the Kerem Shalom crossing and the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Two other Israeli soldiers were killed during that attack. He was one of the Hamas terrorists who held Shalit during the five years of his captivity and was featured prominently in video footage showing the return of Shalit to Israel in 2011. Israel exchanged 1,027 Palestinian terrorists for the release of Gilad Shalit in 2011.

Most recently, Al-Attar, who served as the Hamas commander of the Rafah region in Gaza, was responsible for the abduction and murder of Lt. Hadar Goldin during Operation Protective Edge. According to the Shin Bet, Al-Attar’s Rafah troops perpetrated the deadly attack and were involved in other attacks that wounded IDF soldiers.

Al-Attar is also one of the key architects of the construction of cross-border tunnels into Israel. Abu Shamaleh was most recently involved commanding the infiltration of 13 Hamas men into southern Israel, near Kibbutz Sufa on July 17. The IDF thwarted the attack.

Barhoum, who was considered a lower commander, had been in a meeting with Abu Shamaleh and Al-Attar when the Israeli strike took place on Thursday morning.

Last week on August 16, Hamas’ military wing, the Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, released a message on their Twitter account stating: “We are continuing our struggle. Allah is our goal. The prophet is our leader, Jihad is our way, and death for Allah is our most exalted wish.”

Hair salon slapped with lawsuit after feeding elderly female customer marijuana cookies

Chocolate chip cookies illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman said that she inadvertently ate marijuana cookies while getting her hair done at a hair salon, according to court documents filed in California.

72-year-old Jo Ann Nickerson, sued Blush Salon, which is located at 22539 Ventura Boulevard in San Fernando Valley, claiming that she ate marijuana cookies that were on a tray left out for guests.

She is suing for negligence, strict product liability and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Nickerson said that she developed a severe reaction, including hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, confusion, disorientation, dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision, tingling, headache and nausea about an hour after eating the cookies.

She was unable to speak and felt completely incapacitated. The old woman thought that she was having a heart attack and was hospitalized.

A blood test found THC, a chemical responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana, in her system.

Man fatally stabs his 1-year-old niece after wife dumped him because she was punched in the mouth (video)

Arthur Hapgood 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A man who was dumped by his wife because he punched her in the mouth, became extremely angry and fatally stabbed his 1-year-old niece, police in Connecticut said.

Bristol Police said that the murder suspect told them that he was high on drugs when he stabbed his niece in the stomach.

36-year-old Arthur Hapgood was arrested on Monday night, on charges of murder.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene of the stabbing, found Zaniyah Calloway unresponsive with a stab wound in the stomach.

She was first taken to Bristol Hospital, and then to Connecticut Children's Hospital in Hartford, where she died. Hapgood told police that he had used all types of illegal drugs before the stabbing.

An 11-year-old girl was also at the home and saw the murder. Police said that Hapgood punched his wife, Estacy Riquelmy, in the eye and mouth.

She did not want him at the house anymore, so Hapgood went to live with his mother, Roberta Hapgood. The next day, Riquelmy and her daughter stopped by the mother’s house to drop off some clothes.

Hapgood tried to apologize, but Riquelmy said she was leaving. That was when the husband became very upset. Hapgood cornered his wife’s daughter, who was holding his 1-year-old niece.

Zaniyah was stabbed at the time. Hapgood was charged with murder, reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor. He is being held on $2.5 million bond.

7-year-old boy tells police how his mother cooks meth

Briana Buchanan 
By: Devansh Dutt

A woman was arrested on drug charges after her young son told investigators how she cooked meth with materials she kept in a car trunk, police in Florida said.

Volusia County Police said that they arrested 26-year-old Briana Buchanan of Edgewater, after her 7-year-old son saw her cook and use methamphetamine.

The incident began when the boy told his uncle that his mother was cooking something really bad. On Friday, the boy took his uncle to his mother’s car and told him to look in the trunk.

Inside was drug paraphernalia, sitting right next to some toys belonging to the child. The uncle shut the trunk, went back inside the house and called police.

When police arrived, they found dozens of items inside the trunk used for cooking methamphetamine. The boy also described how his mother manufactured methamphetamine.

The child said that his mother puts the ingredients into a soda bottle and shakes it. Then she removed the bottle cap to let some air out.

Buchanan was charged with child neglect, possession of chemicals, possession of methamphetamine and manufacture and delivery of methamphetamine.

The child was handed over to the custody of his grandmother.

Small boy living with huge hands weighing over 60 pounds speaks about being beaten by other kids (video)

Mohammad Kaleem 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A small boy of India, spoke about the difficulties of living with two huge hands, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The hands of 8-year-old Mohammad Kaleem, are so large that he cannot feed himself, has trouble dressing and cannot even tie his shoes.

Each hand weighs 30 pounds and measures 13 inches long. Teachers at school told him not to come because the other children are scared of him.

Kaleem was often beaten in school, as the other children picked on him because of his big hands. The child’s mother revealed the Kaleem was born with very large hands.

The hands were twice the size of a normal baby, and they just kept getting larger, the mother said. The father of the child however, is determined to help the boy live a normal life.

He said that when he saves up enough money he will take the child to a hospital where he will be cured of his deformity.

Doctors remove baby living inside woman for 38 years

Pregnant woman illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was carrying a baby inside her abdomen for nearly forty years, had her baby removed, doctors in India said.

Doctors removed the baby skeleton from 62-year-old Jyoti Kumar.

At 24 years old, Kumar was told that her baby was growing outside the womb, and that the baby had little chance of survival.

Fearful of surgery, Kumar fled from the hospital and went to a small clinic to find a treatment to cure her abdominal pain caused by ectopic pregnancy.

Once the pain subsided, Kumar assumed that there was no reason to worry. 36 years later, Kumar experienced constant abdominal pain again.

When the woman was checked into a medical clinic in Nagpur, it was revealed that she was still carrying her unborn child.

The woman complained that she had been in constant pain for the past two months, and found a lump on her abdomen. The woman feared that she had cancer, but a CT scan revealed that the lump was calcified material.

In fact, it was the skeleton of her child. Doctors removed the mass containing the skeleton that was trapped near the uterus, intestines and bladder.

2 female prison employees arrested for sleeping with the same inmate (video)

Brett Robinson (left) and Jill Curry 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Two female prison employees were arrested on charges of official misconduct after allegedly sleeping with a prison inmate, police in Oregon said.

Washington County Police said that they arrested 32-year-old Brett Robinson on Tuesday, for having the intimate relationship with the inmate.

Robinson was charged with six counts of custodial misconduct and six counts of official misconduct.

The misdeeds of Robinson came to light while police were investigating 38-year-old jail employee Jill Curry, on similar charges for sleeping with the same inmate.

Robinson is currently on unpaid leave based on the seriousness of the charges.

Man tells police that his wife deserved spanking on her behind because she called him names

Spanking illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of assault after spanking his wife’s behind because she disrespected him, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

The Skegness Magistrate’s Court heard how 60-year-old John Smith, ordered his wife Kim to bend over, and hit her behind five times in a dispute over money.

When police officers arrived at the scene, Smith said that she deserved it. The court granted Kim a restraining order against Smith.

The couple has been married for eighteen years. According to the police investigation, the violence erupted after an argument over a loan became heated.

Smith grabbed his wife by the arm, held her face down on a couch and hit her several times on her behind, according to the police report.

Smith told the court that he spanked his wife after being called mean names. Smith complained that the words she used were unnecessary and uncalled for.

Kim Smith runs a U.S. style restaurant in the seaside resort of Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire, while her husband runs a separate business in Hayes, London.

Smith pleaded guilty to assault by beating, and was given 12 months probation. He was also ordered to pay 85 pounds (1 pound = $1.66) in court costs and a victim surcharge of 15 pounds to his wife.

Woman horrified after finding strange naked woman sleeping in her bed

Woman sleeping in bed illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A woman nearly jumped out of her own skin after she saw a strange woman sleeping naked in her bed, police in Germany said.

The retired woman of Baden-Baden, called police after seeing the 57-year-old female intruder sleeping in her bed.

According to the police investigation, the drunk suspect wandered into the house after deciding that it was time to sleep off the alcohol.

She even left the door open to allow fresh air into the house. Once inside the home, she undressed, took a shower, dried herself and laid down on the bed to sleep.

The resident of the house was home the entire time and was in a state of shock, unsure how to react to the uninvited guest, police said.

Only after the woman had gone to sleep did she call a neighbor to come over and help her out. Officers at the scene woke up the sleeping stranger and took her to the police station after giving her time to get dressed.

During questioning, the suspect told officers that she thought it was her friend's house.

Lesbian Muslim couple from Iran tie the knot in Sweden while expecting their first child

The couple 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A lesbian Muslim couple was married in Sweden, with the blessing of an imam.

The in-love couple decided to move from their hometown of Iran, so that they can have an open and loving lesbian relationship.

Sahar Mosleh, and Maryam Iranfar, got married in Stockholm by Imam Ludovic Mohammed Zahed,
who is originally from Algeria, but lives in South Africa, to avoid being prosecuted in his hometown as he is gay.

Zahed said that he may face 10 years in prison for being openly gay. He is close with the LGBT organization and offers to counsel and help gay couples.

The couple could also have been subjected to 50 lashes if they were caught together, which could be fatal for Mosleh, who suffers from congenital brittle bones.

The couple held their wedding ceremony during the Stockholm Pride. The couple, who met online, are already expecting their first child together. Maryam Iranfar is carrying the child.

At 3:35 in the video below, you can hear the imam talk about the wedding in English.

Grandmother shoots 7-year-old grandson late at night after mistaking him for intruder

Linda Maddox with the twins 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A young boy was shot by his own grandmother while she was babysitting him.

63-year-old Linda Maddox, shot her 7-year-old grandson after mistaking him for an intruder at her home in Florida.

Tyler Maddox remains in critical condition after his grandmother shot him once in the upper body inside her home in Tampa, around 1:00 a.m.

Linda had been taking care of Tyler and his twin brother at night, after their father, Reginald, went to work.

Before she went to sleep, Linda placed a chair against the handle of the front door for added protection, but when she heard the chair sliding across the wooden floor, she thought an intruder was entering her home.

She grabbed a loaded .22 caliber revolver, which she kept beside the bed, and fired a shot in the direction of the door in the dark, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff.

Seconds later, she heard her grandson screaming, and she realized that he had been shot. He was struck once in the upper body and was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital, where he is in critical but stable condition.

Linda was not arrested and so far, no charges have been filed. Deputies are continuing to investigate the incident.

Two farm workers arrested for killing colleague with oranges

Oranges illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A 38-year-old man was found dead under a pile of oranges.

Now, his colleagues were arrested for his death, police in South Africa said.

The two farm workers of Johannesburg, have been arrested this week, after being accused of killing their colleague by pelting him with oranges.

The fight took place on a farm outside Tzaneen, Limpopo, and turned deadly when the two men, 27 and 30 years old, armed themselves with the oranges, Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said.

38-year-old Babanto Chauke, died during the fight when the two men threw oranges at him, said Ngoepe.

Paramedics who were called to the scene, found Chauke dead under the pile of oranges. Police said that Chauke was hit very hard by the fruits.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. The two suspects were arrested at the scene.

Newlywed husband and wife of Russia look like identical twin girls

Husband Exy Davis (left) and Allison Allure 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A husband and wife are making headlines after they got married wearing identical wedding dresses.

At first glance, the two look like identical twins or as a lesbian couple, but they are not.

In the photos of the wedding, it appears as though the two young women are tying the knot in a marriage between two people of the same sex, but the reality is more complicated.

This is because they are actually a heterosexual couple, with the man dressing and living as a woman, while his wife was born a woman.

The couple had a hard time getting a marriage license in Russia, where gay and lesbian marriages are prohibited and frowned upon in public.

However, they ultimately received the license despite being dressed as woman, because they are heterosexual and can legally marry each other.

23-year-old Dmitry Kozhukhov, who goes by the name Exy Davis on Facebook, labels himself as “androgynous,” which means that he doesn’t fit neatly into one gender identity.

Davis feels more comfortable as a woman, but is strongly attracted to other women. Davis tied the knot with his bride, 19-year-old Allison Allure, while wearing identical wedding gowns.

Pastor’s daughter has sex with her 15-year-old student in her father’s home

Jennifer Caswell 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A pastor’s daughter was arrested after having sex with her student on several occasions.

The English teacher of an Oklahoma high school, turned herself in to police after she was accused of having an affair with the boy.

28-year-old Jennifer Caswell, whose married name was Sexton, had reportedly divorced her husband before she began a relationship with the student.

According to the student, the two had sex at the home of her father, who is a pastor.

Caswell is also accused of following the 15-year-old boy to his summer vacation. She allegedly traveled 650 miles away to Mississippi, where she and the boy had sex in a hotel room.

Caswell left her job at the Hollis High School, after rumors began to surface over the inappropriate relationship. At first, police were unable to charge the teacher as the boy was uncooperative.

“The boy claimed that nothing was going on, and that she is just a good teacher,” Harmon County Assistant District Attorney Eric Yarborough said.

Now, the unidentified victim has finally agreed to speak with police and revealed several sexual encounters with Caswell, leading to her arrest.

Caswell, a mother of one boy, faces three counts of second-degree rape, two counts of enticing a child and forcible sodomy count.

8-year-old boy shows off his huge 60 pound hands (video)

Mohammad Kaleem with his mother 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A boy was asked to stop coming to school because his classmates and other children get frightened by his huge hands.

The eight-year-old boy of India, has left doctors baffled after his hands swelled to gigantic proportions and now weigh about 30 pounds each.

Mohammad Kaleem was born with big hands, twice the size of an average baby and it keeps growing rapidly, leaving him unable to perform simple tasks, such as eating and tying his own shoes.

His mother Haleema, 27, and his father Shamim, 45, are poor and unable to pay for specialists to get a proper medical diagnosis and treatment for their son. Kaleem’s body is the size of an average eight-year-old boy with only his hands growing rapidly.

The family went to see Dr. Ratan, the director of the local hospital, and he said that this is an extremely rare condition.

“I have not seen a case like this in medical journals or on the Internet where only the hands grew to such a large size,” the doctor said.

“Until we have done proper testing we will not be able to know exactly what is causing this deformity,” he added.

Scientists claim urinating in ocean is good for marine life (video)

Beach illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Are you going to a beach with no bathroom in sight? Don’t bother holding it in because scientists said it is fine to urinate in the ocean.

A video uploaded to YouTube, shows why it is fine and even beneficial for people to urinate in the ocean.

The video was posted by Reactions, a series from the American Chemical Society (ACS), that uncovers the chemistry in everyday life.

They claim that from an environmental perspective, it is absolutely fine to pee in the ocean.

The first reason is that urine is mostly water. The average human’s urine is 95 percent water. Urine also contains sodium and chloride ions.

By comparison, sea water is about 96.5 percent water and contains sodium and chloride. Both also contain potassium, so urine won’t dramatically alter the sea water.

Another factor is urea, which is the main waste product in urine. “As our bodies break down proteins in food urea is the leftover compound that gets rid of the excess nitrogen in our bodies,” said the ACS.

The amount of urea released, especially in proportion to an entire ocean, is miniscule.

In addition, urea contains a lot of nitrogen, which combines with water to produce ammonium. Ammonium, in turn, feeds ocean plant life - meaning it is actually beneficial.

The video also points out that every animal in the ocean pees in the water. A whale for example, can let out 970 liters of urine per day.

They warn however, that one should not pee in smaller bodies of water such as swimming pools.

Drunk judge arrested for assaulting officers after mistaking them for taxi drivers

Police car illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A judge was arrested in front of his children after police officers refused to drive him home.

The judge was so intoxicated that he mistook the police officers for taxi drivers.

The judge was arrested and charged with assault after punching officers and trying to bite them because they refused to take him to his vacation home.

The judge of France, had reportedly been visiting his three children at the home of his former wife in the southern city of Montpellier, when he tried to hail a cab to take him and his children to his home.

During the incident, the judge stated: “I am a deputy presiding judge, take me home.” The judge was arrested and his children, ages 7, 8 and 10, were returned to their mother.

The following day, the judge admitted that his level of intoxication led him to believe that the blue lights of the police car were that of a taxi.

Even after the officers told him that they were not taxi drivers and tried to reason with him, the judge hurled insults at them and struck one of the officers in the groin.

He then tried to bite other police officers before being arrested and taken to a police station. The 48-year-old judge, who has not been identified, was placed in police custody for the night, before being charged with assault.

In addition to the criminal charges, the judge is expected to face professional disciplinary proceedings.