90-year-old lesbian women finally get their dream as they marry in church

The couple 
By: Anika Rao

It’s never too late for love.

Two lesbian women finally got their dream of marrying each other.

The brave women, Vivian Boyack, 91, and Alice Dubes, 90, of Iowa, got married in front of friends and family members at a church.

Although same-sex marriage in their state only became legal in 2009, the two women lived together for the past 72 years.

Boyack and Dubes were married on Saturday, at the First Christian Church in Davenport. They sat next to each other in wheelchairs during the ceremony.

“This is a celebration of something that should have happened a long time ago,” Rev. Linda Hunsaker said while marrying the women.

The women first met in their hometown of Yale, Iowa, and moved to Davenport in 1947, where Miss Boyack was a teacher in a local school and Miss Dubes worked in an office.

Dubes said that they have enjoyed their life together and over the years, they have traveled to all 50 states and to all provinces of Canada. They also traveled to England twice.

Woman forces boyfriend to wear t-shirt with photos of her so he doesn't cheat

Leon Connolly with the shirt 
By: Anika Rao

A possessive woman is making headlines after she ordered her man to wear her face on his t-shirt.

The woman of England, wanted to make sure her boyfriend does not cheat while he was on vacation without her.

20-year-old Abbie Bartlett, ordered the t-shirt for her boyfriend of six years to wear when he was alone.

Bartlett had the t-shirt custom-made with 4 photos of them together. She then took a photo of her boyfriend Leon Connolly, 24, wearing the shirt.

The photos were not all. The woman made sure that girls stay away from her man while he was on vacation in Spain, by adding a bizarre message: “I love my girlfriend Abbie, I hate the girls in Ibiza, so please stay away from me.”

The couple, who have a 5-year-old daughter together, are treating the incident as a joke. The woman posted the photo of her man wearing the shirt on Facebook, and it has since gone viral.

Woman arrested after leading police on high speed boat chase down a river (video)

Alicia Johnson 
By: Devansh Dutt

A woman got into trouble after she stole a boat and took it for a joyride.

The woman of Oregon, was arrested after leading police on a high speed chase in the middle of the Willamette River.

Deputies arrested 28-year-old Alicia Johnson on Friday night. She is accused of unauthorized use of a vehicle, unlawful use of a weapon and attempting to elude police.

Employees of the Sportcraft Landing in Oregon City, said that Johnson entered the boat harbor, threatened and cursed employees as she made her way to nearby boats.

Johnson then went looking for a boat that had a key. The employees tried to detain the woman, but said that she threatened them. That is when they called the police.

At the edge of the pier, the woman found a set of keys that were in an old boat. She jumped into it and drove off.

Deputies were hot on her trail, but Johnson was still screaming while on the boat. After a few minutes, the engine overheated.

The woman was not ready to give herself up. She jumped out of the boat and began swimming. When she reached the shore, deputies were there waiting for her and took her into custody.

Johnson was taken to a hospital before being booked into jail. Her bail was set at $37,500.

Man arrested after cooking and eating meal made from a rare turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A man arrested after enjoying a meal of turtle meat.

The man of Texas, has been arrested for possession of an endangered species.

Longview Police said that 36-year-old Timothy Anderson, was arrested on a warrant, which was issued by the Gregg County Game Warden, for possessing an Alligator Snapping Turtle.

Officials said that the failure to pay the fine resulted in officers going to his home.

When rangers arrived at his home, the rare turtle was dead. Anderson said that he had eaten the turtle. The ranger took the shell of the turtle so that Anderson could not sell it on the black market. The officer said that the shell will be used for educational purposes.

The rangers found out about the incident when Anderson boasted about having the turtle and a local newspaper published the story.

Anderson was charged with a misdemeanor and could face jail time, fines and civil restitution.

Dog eats couple’s wedding cake while they tie the knot

The bride, groom and the cake 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

Dogs love wedding cakes too.

A couple in England, was surprised when a dog ate their cake before guests arrived.

Matt and Kelly Gamblin of Dringhouses, got married at York Register Office, and held their reception in a marquee in the stunning grounds of the Skipwith Hall.

However, while they were getting married a dog had made its way inside the tent and ate their red velvet cake, which was made for them with love by the bride's grandfather, Richard Varley.

The dog ate half of one tier and left the rest covered with dog hair. At first, the couple thought that the cake got ruined while it was being transported.

However, they confirmed their suspicions about the dog being the “cake thief” after seeing a trail of paw prints on the dance floor.

The couple did not let the spoiled cake ruin their special night. Someone reportedly went to the local supermarket and bought a cake so that the coupe can follow the tradition of cutting the cake together.

Man arrested for vandalizing Miami synagogue with swastikas and KKK graffiti (video)

Maximo De La Cruz De Jesus 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of criminal mischief after allegedly spraying a swastika on a synagogue sign, police in Florida said.

The Miami Dade Police Department said that they arrested 43-year-old Maximo De La Cruz De Jesus, in connection with the vandalism of the sign in front of Temple Emanu-el.

Investigators said that the man was identified through fingerprints found on the sign. He was also positively identified by a witness.

He faces a charge of criminal mischief in a place of worship.
Police said that the incident began when they received a call just before 3:00 a.m., about someone writing graffiti on the sign of Temple Emanu-el at 1701 Washington Avenue.

When officers arrived they found a swastika, the letters "KKK," number 33 and number of other words. Surveillance camera video shows the man with a backpack walking up to the building to draw the swastika.

Two weeks ago, a hateful letter was left in the bathroom of the synagogue. When police were called they said it was not serious.

"The Anti-Defamation League is outraged and deeply concerned about the recent wave of apparent hate crimes against two synagogues in Miami-Dade. Given these new incidents in conjunction with other recent incidents in Miami-Dade and the upcoming Jewish High Holidays, the Jewish community is understandably shaken" the Florida Director of the Anti-Defamation League, Hava Holzhauer, said.

Last month, a Chabad rabbi of Brooklyn, New York, was murdered while walking to a North Miami Beach synagogue on Saturday morning. No arrests have been made.

Hamas begins digging new tunnels from Gaza to Israel (video)

Inside new Hamas terror tunnel 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) Just a few weeks after the Israeli-Gaza war ended, Hamas is digging new terror tunnels between Gaza and Israel, a video uploaded to the Internet by MEMRI showed.

Islamic Jihad said it began the reconstruction of the underground tunnel system in Gaza, according to a report translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

In the video, a blindfolded reporter from Al-Jazeera, was taken to the tunnel under construction.

A masked fighter digging the tunnel said that he is a member of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

"We are now inside one of the tunnels of the Al-Quds Brigades, where we began working when the Gaza war ended and the ceasefire was declared," the masked fighter said.

Israeli soldiers destroyed 30 tunnels bordering its territory during Operation Protective Edge, which lasted 50 days.

In the video, the Islamic Jihad member said that the group is preparing for the next round of the battle, and the tunnels in question would be used to launch attacks and artillery fire against Israel.

Newlyweds Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie become real Mr. and Mrs. Smith as they take Israeli Krav Maga fighting lessons

By: Devansh Dutt

Newlywed couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, began taking Israeli Krav Maga defense lessons.

Krav Maga is a form of unarmed military combat.

The couple, who married in France last month, have been practicing the self-defense program to help them prepare for their next movie.

Jolie previously learned Krav Maga, and she loved it. Meanwhile, Pitt has lost over 10 pounds after only three weeks of taking training classes.

The couple’s children are also taking the Krav Maga lessons.

Pitt has been doing Krav Maga for 45 minutes a day, and has lost weight and strengthened his muscles for the upcoming movie.

Pitt and Jolie starred in the action movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Israeli soldiers fatally shoot 22-year-old Palestinian terrorist who attempted to throw bomb at them

Issa Khaled al Qitri 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A Palestinian terrorist was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers after he attempted to throw a bomb at them, the Israeli military said.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday, during a raid on a West Bank refugee camp.

The Israeli soldiers were at the refugee camp in order to arrest a Hamas terrorist. About 50 Palestinians surrounded the soldiers and threw stones, Molotov cocktails and burning tires at them.

Palestinian doctors identified the man as 22-year-old Issa Khaled al Qitri, and said that he had been shot at the Al-Amari camp near Ramallah.

Qitri was transported to a hospital in Ramallah, where he was pronounced dead. He was set to get married next week. An Israeli army spokesperson said that he was shot after trying to throw a bomb at soldiers.

Israel’s elite dogs fighting terrorists in Gaza

Whiskey with its handler 
By: Hydar Tomar

A group of elite dogs helped the Israel Defense Forces fight terrorists in Gaza, the IDF Blog reported.

During Operation Protective Edge, the dogs of the IDF’s Oketz unit battled terrorists in Gaza.

Many of the dogs were wounded in combat, but that didn’t stop them from continuing the fight.

Only ten days after suffering a severe injury in Gaza, Whiskey – a dog in the IDF’s Oketz unit – eagerly returned to the battlefield.

Whiskey wasn’t alone. During Operation Protective Edge, several of the IDF’s dogs were wounded in clashes with Hamas terrorists. Like Whiskey, many of them continued fighting despite their wounds.

Oketz is the IDF’s elite canine unit and the best of its kind in the world. The unit’s soldiers undergo intense training to lead infantry forces and special units into battle. They prepare year round to join IDF troops in all sorts of situations, from basic missions to the most complex operations.

“Our dogs are filled with motivation, and they rarely reveal that something is wrong with them,” explained Major A, one of the unit’s senior veterinarians. On the first day of the operation’s ground phase, a bullet entered Whiskey’s leg near a major artery. Despite the injury, the dog continued to carry out its mission alongside IDF soldiers.

More than two hours after Whiskey’s injury, its handler noticed that it was limping and needed urgent medical attention. IDF soldiers immediately evacuated it to a hospital in Israel, where veterinarians performed surgery and saved its life.

Only ten days later, Whiskey returned to the battlefield. Kimba, another of the unit’s canines, and its handler were wounded after terrorists fired a mortar in their direction.

After suffering shrapnel wounds to the head and chest, Kimba underwent surgery in an Israeli veterinary hospital. Throughout its period of recovery, it received regular visits from its IDF handler, who insisted on coming to see the dog despite his own wounds.

The IDF honors its canines much like its soldiers. When four dogs were killed in Gaza, Oketz held a moving ceremony in their memory. Dozens of handlers came to pay their respects to the fallen canines, a sign of the strong bonds between the unit’s handlers and their dogs.

Brooklyn Jews angry after the United States Postal Service suspends mail deliveries (video)

Borough Park post office branch 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) Jews in Brooklyn, New York, are angry after the United States Postal Service announced that it is suspending mail deliveries to certain areas due to unfriendly mail slots.

Borough Park residents were told by their local post office branch that their mail slots are too low.

They also received letters saying that their mailboxes have to be relocated. "We do not want our employees to get injured," the letter states.

"We're not trying to cause any unnecessary expense, but we need this fixed," the letter concluded. Residents were told that their mail will not be delivered until the boxes are fixed.

Until the issue is fixed residents will have to wait on long lines at the post office to get their mail. Residents believe that the delivery personnel do not like to climb the stairs to reach the mailboxes.

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind called the behavior of the post office outrageous.

"Many of these residents are elderly, and they rely on their social security checks and medications that are delivered to their homes on time, as they always were," Hikind said in a statement.

"Moreover, almost all residents are concerned about installing external mailboxes, exposing their mail to theft," Hikind also said.

Hotel destroyed by explosion after customer rams car into building (video)

By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A hotel was completely destroyed after a customer rammed a car into the building, causing a gas explosion, firefighters in Kentucky said.

According to investigators, the car hit a gas meter after which it exploded, causing the Fairfield Inn in Lexington, to collapse on Sunday night.

Although the building was destroyed, there were no reports of any serious injuries. Hotel employees managed to evacuate guests before the gas meter exploded.

Two firefighters were taken to a hospital as a precaution after the explosion. Their injuries were described as not serious. One elderly man suffered minor injuries.

The fire department received a call from a private alarm at the Fairfield Inn just after 6:00 p.m. When they arrived, they found the gas leak.

About 10 minutes later, the explosion occurred. Several cars were damaged and were under the rubble of the building. The 60-room hotel, was 70 percent occupied.

All guests were relocated to nearby hotels on Sunday night.

Founder of elephant facility crushed by one of his animals

James Laurita 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A man was crushed to death by an elephant he cared for.

56-year-old James Laurita, opened a home for retired circus elephants.

Laurita lived in Hope, Maine, with his wife and two sons. Their home was close to the elephants shelter so he can look after the animals.

Knox County authorities said that Laurita tripped and fell in the yard where the elephants were housed.

While he was down, one of the two Asian elephants stepped on top of him, crushing his chest and cutting off his air supply.

Laurita had originally built the 1,200 square foot barn and rehab center for retired circus elephants named Rosie and Opal. He later took in other elephants and opened the place to visitors.

The Medical Examiner said the cause of death was “asphyxia due to multiple fractures and chest compression.”

He said that he does not suspect “any aggressive behavior by the elephant.”

“This is clearly a tragic accident,” Medical Examiner Mark Belserene said.

The two Asian elephants weighed about 8,000 pounds each, according to the website of the institution.

Laurita sold his veterinary practice in 2011, to establish his non-profit organization and to focus on the care of Rosie and Opal.

Police officer’s 2-year-old son fires gun at Wendy’s hurting himself and two women

Wendy’s restaurant illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A police officer is under investigation after his son fired his weapon inside a Wendy’s in Florida.

The sheriff's deputy had the gun in his pocket when his son reached into it and pulled the trigger.

The incident took place while they were waiting in line at Wendy’s in Middleburg.

Sgt. Matthew Magish of the Clay County Sheriff's Office, was not hurt, but his son was hit in the leg. The boy’s grandfather and two women were also hurt from bullet fragments.

According to the officer, he was waiting in the line at Wendy's with his son and the child’s grandparents when the 2-year-old boy reached into his pocket in search of a snack. That is when the .380 caliber semiautomatic weapon went off.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured and their was no damage to the restaurant.

The gun was not a service weapon. It was a private gun that Sgt. Magish was carrying legally, according to Clay County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Mary Justino.

Sergeant Magish remains in service pending an investigation, Justino said. Sergeant Magish has been with the police department since 2001.

Man puts his life in danger to save life of missing woman found in dog cage (video)

Ron Higgs rescued the woman 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A woman was freed by a brave man after she was held captive for two months.

The young mother of Indiana, was forced to wear a dog collar and was kept in a wooden cage built by one of her “sadistic” captors, police said.

Joelle Lockwood, 30, of Indiana, was beaten and raped until a stranger risked his own life to rescue her, authorities said.

Police said the victim’s ordeal began when the 30-year-old woman left her apartment in Evansville, which she shared with her ​​boyfriend after the two had an alcohol-fueled argument.

After a while, she met Ricky Jr. House, 37, a man who was familiar to her. House offered her to sleep at his home and she accepted the offer.

Three days later, police said the woman's mother reported her missing after she failed to appear at a family reunion. House drove her 40 miles to the mobile home he shared with his 47-year-old girlfriend, Kendra Tooley, in the small town of Stewartsville.

When the victim decided she wanted to leave, the man put chloroform over her mouth and nose causing her to lose consciousness. The victim, who is a mother of two children, awoke to find her clothes cut up and she was tied to a bed in the couple’s trailer.

Her captors treated her like a dog, forcing her to wear a dog collar and leash, and forced her to sleep in a closed wooden cage, which House built, according to court documents.

Her suffering came to an end when Tooley’s former husband, Ron Higgs, came to the home and House showed him the woman in the cage.

At first, Higgs thought that the woman agreed to the bizarre arrangements. However, after he came to the home a second time, the woman managed to talk to him.

Lockwood begged the man not to leave the home without her. The man agreed. Higgs would not say how he rescued the woman, but somehow managed to free her while House threatened him with a gun.

83-year-old New York woman arrested for killing her 89-year-old husband (video)

Phyllis Eson 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman was arrested on charges of manslaughter after allegedly killing her husband, police in New York said.

New York State Police said that they arrested 83-year-old Phyllis Eson, after being accused of fatally beating 89-year-old Norman Eson, in their home.

Phyllis Eson is being held without bail after pleading not guilty to manslaughter in New York State Supreme Court. Phyllis Eson is a Canadian citizen who overstayed her visa.

On the day of the murder, police arrived at the home and found Phyllis Eson, covered in blood. An autopsy showed that Norman Eson, died of a head injury.

Norman Eson suffered from dementia, according to health records. The two lived most of their lives in Montreal, Canada.

They recently moved to New York, to be closer to relatives.

24-year-old man shoots his brother in the stomach after fighting over $2 debt

Cardarrio Watson 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly shooting his brother over a $2 debt, police in Louisiana said.

Caddo Parish Police said that they arrested 24-year-old Cardarrio Watson, after being accused of shooting his brother in the stomach on Monday.

Police were called to Watson’s home shortly before 12:00 p.m., where they found 28-year-old LaMichael Watson, suffering from a gunshot wound in the stomach.

According to the police investigation, the two brothers argued over $2 before the disagreement turned violent.

Cardarrio Watson fled the apartment after the shooting and was captured by police about half an hour later in a wooded area.

Cardarrio Watson was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center, and was charged with aggravated battery. LaMichael Watson was taken to University Health hospital, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

50-year-old woman arrested after sitting on motorcycle and pleasuring herself in front of children

Karen Dilworth 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman was arrested on charges of public indecency after allegedly sitting on a motorcycle and pleasuring herself, police in Florida said.

Volusia County Police said that they arrested 50-year-old Karen Dilworth of Michigan, after receiving a call from a neighbor that she was pleasuring herself in public.

The witness returned to her home along with her partner and a child on Saturday just before 7:00 p.m., when she noticed the suspect sitting on the bike in a driveway.

She was facing the street, and children who were passing by, were able to see what she was doing, the witness also said.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found Dilworth in the driveway.

Dilworth denied the allegations, saying that she was just smoking cigarettes and drinking a few beers.

Dilworth was charged with felony lewd and lascivious exhibition because the alleged act was seen by a 13 year-old child.

She was booked into the Volusia County Jail, and released after posting $1,000 bond.

Biker survives crashing into tractor trailer by landing on large pile of cow feces

Motor bike illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A biker is lucky to be alive after crashing into a tractor trailer, rescue workers in the United Kingdom said.

The biker landed on top of a large pile of cow feces after crashing in Warwickshire.

The driver, who was uninjured, had lost control of his bike after a tractor trailer overturned and spilled tons of manure in front of him.

The bike stayed upright in the pile of feces, but apparently, the driver was flung over the handlebars from the impact, according to rescue workers.

Rescuers helped the injured 30-year-old tractor trailer driver, and transported him to Warwick Hospital, where he was treated for neck and back pain.

The 35-year-old bike rider was hosed down by firefighters.

2 female tourists injured after being attacked by cows in Switzerland

Cows illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

Tourists who were exploring Switzerland, were attacked by wild cows, rescue workers said.

The incidents occurred in the Swiss Alps, and local officials have warned tourists to be careful when hiking through fields with cows, particularly when they are with their young offspring.

On Sunday, tourists were hiking in Graubunden, where they encountered livestock. They walked around a cow with her calf, but ended up being attacked by other cows in the herd.

A woman was knocked down and suffered minor injuries. She was transported to a hospital in Davos, for treatment. The day before, a 45-year-old woman was seriously injured by a cow in La Punt-Chamues-ch.

The woman was leading a herd of cattle through the grass with a farmer when one of the animals, protecting her young calf, attacked the woman and threw her to the ground.

The woman suffered serious back injuries, police said. She was taken by a helicopter to a hospital in Samedan, before being transferred to a hospital in Chur.

Officials warned tourists who walk in the Alps, that they must pass cows quietly and avoid getting too close to them. "Cows, especially when accompanied by calves, may act aggressively when disturbed," an official said.

2 witches arrested after fleecing naive followers of $90,000

Witches illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

Two witches and their accomplices were arrested on charges of fraud after they allegedly fleeced from their naive followers about $90,000 - police in Nigeria said.

Ogun State Police said that they arrested the two women, who call themselves "white witches,” and two other members of their gang.

Risikat Oriyomi, Sola Babalola, Shehu Salam, and Wasiu Ajani, were arrested while a fifth suspect - Baba Awotola, who was said to be the ringleader - fled before being apprehended by the Anti-robbery Squad.

Ajani named himself after a popular dead Islamic cleric in order to fool his victims. Ajani dressed in Islamic robes and hung nine different prayer amulets around his neck.

The two witches, who claimed to have descended from heaven, demanded money from their followers to fly back to heaven and fix things for them.

The five suspects all charged their victims large amounts of cash for their services. In total, they have managed to fleece $90,000.

Police officer threatens 53-year-old woman with $1,200 fine for shopping without clothes

Woman without clothes on street illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

A woman who was shopping without clothes, received a threat of a large fine from a police officer, police in Austria said.

The 53-year-old blond woman was seen shopping in Pernitz, and she has stirred local residents.

For the past few weeks, the woman has been going to the gas station and convenience store wearing nothing but a pair of white sneakers.

Police have been trying to locate her, but she always managed to disappear from the scene before they arrived.

Police Chief Harald Windbichler finally spotted the woman when he stopped on a road and noticed the nude woman running on the bike path.

The woman did not resist, and she was let go with a warning. The officer warned her that next time, she will receive a fine of 1,000 euros (1 euro = $1.29).

The woman, who works in Vienna, said that she just feels more comfortable without clothes.