Man arrested after breaking mirrors of Jewish owned cars in Williamsburg (video)

By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of criminal damage after allegedly breaking mirrors of Jewish owned cars in Williamsburg, reported.

The New York Police Department said that they arrested 27-year-old Hunter Smart of Brooklyn early on Sunday morning, after being caught vandalizing the cars.

Smart was scene walking on Lee Avenue breaking mirrors and damaging several vehicles. Passersby called the authorities, who arrested Smart at the scene.

In total, Smart broke mirrors of five vehicles. Smart, who recently moved to New York from Missouri, was charged with five counts of criminal mischief.

In July, Hasidic Jews in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, were shocked after learning that a mezuzah was ripped off a door post in an anti-Semitic attack.

The New York Police Department said that they launched an investigation on Thursday, after they received a call about the mezuzah vandalism. The NYPD Hate Crimes Unit, is calling it a bias incident.

Police officers interviewed people and reviewed security cameras in order to track down the suspect.

"I am surprised and disturbed that a mezuzah, which is a religious symbol of profound importance to the Jewish faith, was ripped off the home of a community member last night," Council Member Steve Levin said.

"We stand united against acts of hatred, and we will pursue those responsible for the attack. Last year, multiple mezuzahs were desecrated in the same community and the criminal was found quickly thanks to the work of the NYPD. I have full confidence in the New York Police Department as they investigate this crime, and will continue to work with them through the entire investigation," he concluded.

5 Muslim children arrested for throwing bombs at Jewish homes in Jerusalem

Teen throwing Molotov cocktail illustration 
By: Anika Rao

Five Muslim youngsters were arrested on charges of terrorism after allegedly throwing bombs at Jewish homes, Israel police said.

The Jerusalem Police Department said that they arrested the five 12-year-old boys of Abu Tur on Thursday, after they were accused of terrorizing the Jewish community in the city.

During questioning, the children admitted to throwing Molotov cocktails at Jewish houses. The investigation is still ongoing and more arrests are expected, police said.

In August, a Muslim man was seen on video throwing bombs at a police vehicle and ambulance, which came to rescue an injured Muslim woman. Muslims living in East Jerusalem, often complain of not receiving vital services, but recent videos showing attacks on rescue workers reveals why.

The latest video shows a man holding two Molotov cocktails, and waiting for the police car and ambulance to pass so he can attack the vehicles.

One of the bombs lit the police car on fire, but fortunately, no one was injured. The police car and ambulance were on the way to treat a sick Muslim woman.

Fire trucks that arrived to the scene to extinguish the burning police car, were stoned and a firefighter was injured.

Black man arrested after dressing as ultra-Orthodox Jew and stealing religious items from synagogues (video)

By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A black man was arrested on charges of theft after dressing up as an ultra-Orthodox Jew and stealing religious items from synagogues, reported.

The New York Police Department said that they arrested 46-year-old Theron Rucker of Queens, after stealing items from synagogues over the past two months.

During one incident, the suspect entered a yeshiva in Far Rockaway, and stole some items. The suspect was recorded on video surveillance cameras.

On Sunday, officers arrested the suspect after he was recognized and detained by locals. He was charged with theft and burglary.

It is unknown what the suspect actually did with the stolen religious items as they are hard to sell in the secondary market. Rucker was arrested at least five times on various charges.

Man steals wallet of blind massage therapist in Flatbush (video)

The suspect (left) 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A heartless man stole a wallet from a blind massage therapist, who was walking on a Flatbush street, police in New York said.

The New York Police Department has released surveillance video showing the man, who they believe stole the wallet from the blind man last week.

According to police, the suspect, who was walking while holding a mountain bike, followed 57-year-old Mark Kamenogorsky, around Bay Avenue and Ocean Avenue just before 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

He grabbed the victim’s arm and snatched the wallet from his back pocket before fleeing from scene. The victim, who was walking with a blind stick, had about $1,000 in cash in his wallet and several credit cards.

The suspect was last seen wearing a black shirt, gray pants and black shoes. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477.

The public can also submit tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website or by texting their tips to 274637 and entering TIP577.

4 arrested after protesting college official who poured red liquid on herself to highlight Israeli war crimes (video)

By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Four students were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after disrupting a student meeting at Ohio University, police in Ohio said.

The Ohio University Police Department said that they arrested 22-year-old Rebecca Sebo of Pepper Pike, 20-year-old Maxwell Peltz of Orange Village, 20-year-old Gabriel Sirkin of White Plains, New York, and 19-year-old Jonah Yulish of Cleveland.

All four students pleaded not guilty to their charges.

The four students were arrested on Wednesday night, at the regular meeting of the Student Senate for interrupting the meeting.

The students were angered by the actions of the Student Senate President Megan Marzec, who posted a video in support of the Palestinians.

In the video, she poured red liquid - intended to portray the blood of Palestinians - over her head. She is also lobbying that the university should boycott Israel.

The four students face 30 days in jail and a fine of $250 if convicted.

Geography teacher asks students ‘who is worse Nazis or Jews?’

The Jews vs Nazis question 
By: Hydar Tomar

A teacher at a school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was fired after asking students who is worse Nazis or Jews?

The geography teacher asked: “as is known, the Jews were persecuted by Hitler during the Nazi period. Currently, a certain people is seen as a victim of Israel, having to live in settlements controlled by them. Arrived, invading lands and murdering. Who is worse? Nazis or Jews?”

The question was put before 8th grade students of Andrews College. The incident was brought to the attention of the Jewish Federation of Rio (FIERJ).

They contacted officials at the college, who confirmed the incident. Principal Pedro Flexa Ribeiro, confirmed that the teacher has been fired.

The Jewish Federation of Rio promised to bring a lawsuit against the teacher because of the episode. Students at two other schools were asked similar questions.

“We will not tolerate anti-Semitism. Coming from a teacher, this is even more serious because it can lead students to become prejudiced. If we do not fight this, we will allow past mistakes to be committed again,” The Jewish Federation of Rio President Jayme Salim Salomao said.

Veterinarian to make purses out of dog hair (video)

Doris Carvalho with purse made of dog 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A veterinarian has launched a campaign to collect funds for her new business idea, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

Doris Carvalho of Tampa, Florida, launched her Kickstarter campaign to start a new fashion craze of using dog hair to make purses.

Carvalho said that her process of making the purses does not harm any dogs. She takes the hair of dogs, which were groomed, and processes them into high-end handbags that sell for about $1,000 a piece.

Mass production can lower the cost. It takes about 50 hours to make one bag. The woman offers the option of creating a purse using the hair of the customer's dog.

Carvalho is a veterinarian and a fashion designer. Carvalho is looking to raise $15,000. So far, she has raised $455.

Black actress arrested for kissing white boyfriend after police mistook her for a prostitute

Daniele Watts under arrest 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A black woman was arrested and placed in a police car after kissing her boyfriend.

Daniele Watts of California, was with her boyfriend when police stopped them after they were seen kissing in public.

Officers assumed that she was a prostitute and demanded identification. When Watts refused to hand over ID, the officer placed her in handcuffs and put her into his police car.

After identifying her, officers allowed her to walk free. Watts is best known for her role as CoCo in Quentin Tarantino's slavery movie Django Unchained.

Her white boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, better known as celebrity chef Cheffy Be*Live, recorded the incident, which she then posted to her Facebook page along with the following message:

Today, I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.

When the officer arrived, I was standing on the sidewalk by a tree. I was talking to my father on my cell phone. I knew that I had done nothing wrong, that I wasn't harming anyone, so I walked away.

A few minutes later, I was still talking to my dad when 2 different police officers accosted me and forced me into handcuffs.

As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger, and my own feelings of frustration for existing in a world where I have allowed myself to believe that “authority figures” could control my BEING… my ability to BE!!!!!!!

I was sitting in that back of this cop car, filled with adrenaline, my wrist bleeding in pain, and it occurred to me, that even there, I still had power over my own spirit.

Those cops could not stop me from expressing myself. They could not stop the cathartic tears and rage from flowing out of me. They could not force me to feel bad about myself. Yes, they had control over my physical body, but not my emotions. My feelings. My spirit was, and still is free.

I will continue to look any “authority figure” in the eye without fear. No police officer or government official is more powerful than me. We are equals. I know that I will always be free because that is the nature of my spirit.

And moreover, I deeply enjoyed connecting with the cops who detained me. I allowed myself to be honest about my anger, frustration, and rage as tears flowed from my eyes. The tears I cry for a country that calls itself "the land of the free and the home of the brave" and yet detains people for claiming that very right.

Today I exist with courage, knowing that I am blessed to have experienced what I did today. All of those feelings, no matter how uncomfortable. These feelings are what builds my internal strength, my ability to grow through whatever may happen to me.

That internal knowing is what guides me in this world. Not the law, not fear, not mistrust of government or cops or anything else.

In this moment there is a still small voice whispering to me. It says: You are love. You are free. You are pure.

Underwater creature touching bikini clad woman turns out to be perverted man

Diver illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after hiding underwater so that he can grope a woman.

Some people might be afraid of going into an ocean for fear of encountering a shark. However, there seems to be a new “shark” lurking inside the water.

A 38-year-old woman of Taiwan, encountered an underwater pervert.

The bikini clad woman was enjoying herself in the ocean at the Land Of Peace Resort. While floating in the sea and chatting with her friends, she suddenly felt something groping her waist and legs.

At first, she thought that tropical fish were liking her, but when the “fish” began to touch her private parts she knew something was not right.

The woman began kicking her legs and hit the “creature” inside the water. Suddenly, a man came up from under the water. The pervert turned out to be a 23-year-old man of Vietnam.

The angry victim asked a lifeguard to help her catch the perverted man and they had him arrested. The woman told police that the suspect tried to sexually assault her.

Elderly demanding older people to give up bus seats to the young who contribute to society

Scene of the protest 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Elderly people went out to protest and demand that older people give up their seats on public transportation to the young.

This came after an older man died on a bus while fighting for a seat in China. The elderly slapped a younger man four times, because he refused to give up his seat before he suddenly died of a heart attack.

Following recent events, some elderly people have called into question the proper seating etiquette when it comes to young and old on public transportation.

Three 80-year-old men in Zhengzhou, Henan Province,
took to the streets with signs that read: “Elderly need to give seats to the youths.”

Liang Yongxiang, one of the men who were holding the signs on the street, said that giving up one's seat is an act of courtesy, not a responsibility, and most people should be more considerate of young people who work hard.

Senior citizens giving up their seats symbolizes a civil society, since young people need rest so that they can continue to contribute, he said.

14-year-old boy steals clothes from grandmother to pay for sex with HIV positive woman

Clothing illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

38-year-old Faith Gona of Harare, Zimbabwe, was convicted of sexually abusing two teenagers, who are 14 and 15 years old

According to court documents, the woman who lives in Highfield, is HIV-positive. She forced the boys to pay for sex. She allowed them to pay with either cash or with clothes.

The two victims were introduced to Gona by a 17-year-old boy, who slept with her on a regular basis, despite the fact that Gona claimed she was a married woman.

The court heard that each time the boys visited Gona, she asked them to pay for sex and provide condoms for protection.

The rape came to light after the 15-year-old boy had been paying for sex with clothes, which he had stolen from his grandmother.

The court heard that the boy's grandmother questioned him about the disappearance of her clothes. The teen admitted to taking the clothes and giving them to the prostitute.

Police were called and Gona was arrested. Gona was found guilty of rape and is awaiting sentencing.

Hot-looking woman gets permanent scar after dentist drill overheats and melts her lip

Jade Blinco 
By: Hydar Tomar

It was a devastating blow to the career of a gorgeous woman after a dentist melted iron on her lips.

24-year-old Jade Blinco of the United Kingdom, was an aspiring model when she was scarred for life by a faulty dentist drill, which overheated and melted on her lip.

Blinco went to the hospital in the city of Birmingham, to have her wisdom teeth removed when the tool used in her mouth overheated.

After a three year investigation, the National Health Service (NHS) found that the faulty equipment caused the injuries.

The Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust is taking full responsibility for the incident, which they admitted could have been avoided, and are negotiating an out of court settlement with Blinco.

“The last three years have been horrendous as I tried to come to terms with living with the horrible scar injury I was left with,” she said.

"I've always been afraid of dentists. I was afraid of needles and sitting in the dentist chair. I never expected that something like this could happen," Blinco said.

She also said that she had been in pain for a few months with her wisdom teeth, but was too scared to go to a dentist.

However, when the pain was too much to handle, she was admitted to the hospital where the incident occurred.

A spokesperosn for the NHS Trust, said that since the incident, they have changed all hand held equipment to ensure that this problem does not happen again.

Teacher arrested for using 3-year-old girl to steal electronics from Walmart

Amanda Jo Hammon 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A teacher of Florida, was arrested after she used a 3-year-old girl as her partner in crime.

Parents and students were shocked when Amanda Jo Hammon, resigned from her job as a high school teacher when she was arrested for a string of burglaries.

Investigators said that Hammon and her boyfriend stole the goods from Walmart, on four different occasions by slipping the items into the backpack of Hammon’s 3-year-old daughter.

Pasco County Police said that Hammon was arrested after she allegedly stole $1,700 worth of items by filling her daughter’s pink backpack and then made her daughter walk out the store with the stolen goods.

The 30-year-old woman had taught at the Wesley Chapel's John Long Middle School, for about 10 years before she abruptly resigned.

Officers were called to Walmart, after surveillance video showed the couple in action. Officers arrested Hammon along with her boyfriend, Jason Dorman.

After her arrest, Hammon told police that she was planning to sell the stolen good so she has money to buy drugs.

Man faces fraud charges after selling crushed Pop Tarts to undercover officer as drugs

Pop Tarts illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Police officers routinely go undercover to find drug dealers and arrest them.

However, one man was charged with fraud rather than drug possession after defrauding an officer by selling crushed Pop Tarts as drugs.

Cameron Mitchell of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, was arrested and faces two counts of fraud.

The 30-year-old man is not a typical drug dealer, but a hard working truck driver. One day, while making deliveries to a convenience store an undercover officer asked Mitchell for drugs.

According to police, the two entered into an agreement in which Mitchell would sell the officer drugs for a modest fee.

Mitchell then returned to his truck, pulled out a box of Pop Tarts, crushed it and sold it to the officer as drugs for $20.

Police initially wanted to prosecute Mitchell for drug trafficking only to find that the substance was not cocaine.

He was subsequently charged with selling or delivering a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a counterfeit controlled substance.

Young medical student dies while donating too much at sperm bank

Zheng Gang 
By: Anika Rao

A family was left broken hearted after their son died while donating sperm at a fertility clinic.

23-year-old Zheng Gang, a medical student, has died while donating to a sperm bank.

The student had been donating sperm when he was found dead at the fertility clinic at the Wuhan University in China, after he suffered a heart attack.

Workers became concerned after he was in the room for over two hours. A nurse who went to check on him, found Gang unconscious on the floor.

Despite attempts to revive him, Gang was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities said that this was his fourth visit to the sperm bank in 10 days.

The incident was published only recently after Gang’s family took the sperm bank to court, claiming they were responsible for his death.

His family sued the university for 500,000 pounds (£1 = $1.62) in compensation, saying that he had been pressured into donating.

The family also claimed that nurses did not handle the situation properly when he was found unconscious.

A lower court had awarded the family £19,000 plus £8,000 in funeral costs, but the family was unhappy and had appealed.

The High Court dismissed the action, saying that Gang was mature enough to make his own decisions regarding the donations.

The High Court has now upheld the lower court’s decision of the amount the family should be compensated.

Police plant bomb on innocent airplane passenger

Suitcase illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man was horrified to find a bomb in his suitcase.

Police in Australia, said that the bomb accidentally ended up with the Sydney Airport plane passenger.

The device, which was used for training, was planted to train sniffer dogs. After completing the training exercise, police forgot about the suitcase.

The bomb was real but disabled. The Australian Federal Police apologized to the woman. The device, which contained 230 grams of plastic explosive, was planted in the domestic terminal.

Police regularly plant real explosives, drugs and other items for training purposes. The woman received the suitcase after her original suitcase was damaged during her flight.

The woman took the suitcase home. When the passenger finally discovered the bomb, she handed it to the police in Cessnock.

Pastor thrown in jail for leading noisy prayer service (video)

Johnnie Clark 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) A pastor was sentenced to jail after leading a noisy prayer service, prosecutors in South Carolina said.

55-year-old Johnnie Clark of Columbia, leads the Rehoboth United Assemblies Church.

The church has been at its current location for over 25 years, but a recent development in the area has led the church into conflict with some of the new neighbors.

The church members are known for their singing, shouting, dancing and drums. Police have been called to the scene more than 50 times.

After a three-day trial, a judge found Clark guilty of illegal sound amplification. He was sentenced to two weeks in jail. “Sorry that we do not worship the Lord quietly,” Clark said.

Man dumps his biological mother after finding new mother on Facebook

By: Hydar Tomar

A man of India, dumped his biological mother after finding a new mother on Facebook.

24-year-old Vijay Maurya, a student at Bareilly College, has decided to exchange his mother with the woman of Kerala.

His bewildered parents and friends have been trying to reason with him, but he is standing firm with his new mother.

The student’s real parents began to suspect that something was wrong when they realized that he was spending more and more time on Facebook.

Brijesh Maurya, the boy's father, said that last month, the boy disappeared from his home. The family notified the police.

After a month, Vijay Maurya contacted his parents and stated that he had gone to meet his Facebook mother, a middle-aged nurse who is currently in Bahrain.

The student said that he intends to stay with his new mother. Neighbors of the parents claim that the woman, who is a Christian, just wants to convert the Hindu man to her religion.

Firefighter and his 70-year-old mother arrested after beating woman for feeding cat (video)

By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A firefighter and his elderly mother were arrested on charges of assault for allegedly beating a woman for feeding a cat, prosecutors in California said.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said that 37-year-old Ian Justin Eulian, and 70-year-old Lonieta Antonietta Fontaine, were charged with a felony count each of battery with serious bodily injury and assault likely to produce great bodily harm.

According to the police investigation, Eulian leaned on the car of 47-year-old Rebecca Stafford on the 2500 block of West View Street just after 12:00 a.m.

He then punched her. Fontaine is accused of slapping the victim several times. Eulian pulled the woman from her car and allegedly punched her once or twice more as she fell to the ground.

The mother and son helped the victim back into her car and drove to her house, where she was told that she tripped and hit her.

The assault was captured by surveillance cameras. Eulian, who has been with the fire department for more than 12 years, has been placed on administrative leave.

Eulian faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of all charges. Fontaine faces up to four years in prison if convicted. The victim told a court that she still suffers numbness in her face and back pain as a result of the attack.

Large sushi rice company slapped with lawsuit after selling sushi rice mixed with mice droppings (video)

Sushi illustration 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) A large sushi rice company was slapped with a lawsuit after consumers discovered that the rice contained mice droppings, according to court documents filed in California.

The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit said that Farmer’s Rice Cooperative, which is responsible for over 20 percent of the rice crop in California, knowingly sold contaminated rice to grocery stores.

“The defendants stored rice in a way that allowed foreign material such as insects, rodents and dirt to be present in the rice,” according to the lawsuit.

Rice brands New Variety, New Rose, New Crop, Specially Selected, Anniversary and Imperial Rose were all named in the lawsuit.

"Anyone who has been to a sushi restaurant in recent years, probably has been exposed to this type of rice," according to the lawsuit.

Farmer’s Rice Cooperative denied the allegations, calling the lawsuit baseless.

Police warn man to stop telling blond jokes to random women

Blond woman illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man was warned to stay away from women after he allegedly told them blond jokes, police in Rhode Island said.

North Kingstown Police said that several women filed complaints against the man, who stopped alongside them with his car to tell blonde jokes while they were walking or jogging down the street.

The women said that although the jokes were not of a sexual nature they still felt uncomfortable. On several occasions, the man told the joke and then left when they started to walk away.

The man also repeats the same blond joke every time.

The daughter of one of the women said that the man was seen stopping high school girls while they were jogging.

Police went to the man’s home, and in the presence of his wife, he was warned that the women were uncomfortable. He was advised to avoid the two women and the high school girls.

Police said that the man could be arrested if he kept telling jokes. The man promised that he would stop.

2 young children arrested after intentionally burning down church in Geneva (video)

Scene of the fire 
By: Aarav Sen

(Scroll down for video) Two young children were arrested for questioning after they allegedly burned down a church, police in Switzerland said.

Investigators in Geneva said that the two children, who are both under 10 years old, set fire to the Catholic church over the weekend.

The fire on Saturday, completely destroyed the church in Lignon, Vernier. One person suffered smoke inhalation from the fire that broke out shortly after 12:00 p.m., police said.

About 50 emergency service workers responded to the scene. An investigation into the incident quickly led to the two children.

Prosecutors said that given their young age, they will not be held criminally responsible. Investigators questioned the two children in front of their parents before allowing them to return home.

The destruction of the church forced the congregation to use a nearby Protestant church.