Anti-Semitic vandals spray paint swastika on Borough Park synagogue

Scene of the incident 
By: Aarav Sen

Police in New York, said that anti-Semitic vandals spray painted a swastika on a Borough Park synagogue, reported.

The New York Police Department's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the bias incident.

Members of the synagogue discovered the swastika etched into the wall of the synagogue. The incident unfolded on Sunday night around 7:00 p.m. at the Yoka synagogue, which is located at 1243 55th Street.

Several members of the Shul expressed shock at the heinous act, especially as this was done just three days before the Jewish New Year holiday.

Police believe that the incident happened on Sunday morning. The rabbi of the synagogue is a Holocaust survivor. Police said that they are investigating the incident as a hate crime, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Nazi gas chambers discovered at Sobibor concentration camp where hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered (video)

By: Hydar Tomar

(Scroll down for video) Researchers have discovered Nazi used gas chambers, which was used to murder hundreds of thousands of Jews in Poland.

Researchers working at the site of a Nazi concentration camp in Sobibor, said that they have discovered the gas chambers, which the Nazis tried to destroy before leaving the site.

“When they closed it, German soldiers tried to remove all traces of the camp. The camp was closed after an uprising by prisoners on October 14, 1943. German forces destroyed the camp and built a road on top of the remains,” researchers said.

Archaeologists excavated under the road and found lines of bricks, which they believe were the walls of the gas chambers.

They have been able to establish how large the camp was, and the new information will help build a more accurate picture of how many people were killed in the camp.

Excavations revealed that there was a total of eight gas chambers. Yad Vashem estimates that 250,000 Jews were killed at the camp.

Archaeologists said that among the personal items that were found buried in the ground near the gas chambers was a wedding ring bearing the Hebrew inscription: "Behold, you are betrothed to me."

British political candidate suspended after urging ISIS to destroy Israel because they are the real enemy

By: Anika Rao

A British political candidate who is seeking a position in the Parliament, was suspended after launching an anti-Israel tirade on social media websites and urging ISIS to attack Israel.

Labour Party candidate Vicki Kirby, has been suspended after calling Israel evil.

Kirby, 34, also said on her Twitter account that Hitler could be the Zionist God.

“We invented Israel by saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher. I will never forget and I will make sure my children teach their children how Israel is evil,” Kirby wrote.

"You can ask questions IS / ISIS / ISIL. Why are they not attacking the real oppressors #Israel?" She also wrote.

Jews angry after Hipster Hitler comic book portrays Hitler as cool geek (video)

Hipster Hitler 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A new comic book called Hipster Hitler, portrays the Nazi leader as a cool geek.

The new book shows Hitler wearing black-rimmed glasses, eating cashew nuts, playing Pac-Man and riding a bike with a basket on the handlebars.

A group of Jewish activists said that they are committed to destroying all copies of the comic book, claiming that it is anti-Semitic and sick.

23-year-old Shania Angel, whose grandmother died in the Holocaust, said the group plans to boycott stores selling the book.

“The book is a disgrace and should be banned. Hipster Hitler turned Hitler into a cute and fashionable character. It's offensive to people like me who have had family members killed in the Holocaust,” Angel said.

The authors of the book, James Carr and Archana Kumar of New York, said that the book is a parody and does not intend to offend anyone.

“None of the opinions expressed is to be confused with the real opinions of the authors, advertisers, the hosting company, any service provider or the owner of this domain name. Everything is intended as a parody and satire. We make no claims as to the accuracy of our satire. uses the names of public figures only for the purpose of satire,” the company website states.

Muslim kids throw stones and paint at school bus in Jerusalem

Paint illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A bus carrying Jewish school children was attacked by a group of Muslims, Israel Police said.

The Jerusalem Police Department said on Sunday, that two buses were stoned.

One bus that was carrying Jewish school children, was attacked with stones and paint. The windows of the bus were damaged. The children were very scared, and they had to be taken by their parents.

The incident unfolded in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

One mother said that when she arrived at the scene, the children were crying and several passersby were trying to calm them.

Police launched an investigation into the incident, but so far, no arrests have been made. Last week, a bus carrying Jewish students were stoned near the Tomb of Samuel.

Israeli courts will no longer release children accused of throwing stones on bail

Muslim children throwing rocks illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

Starting this week, children who are above 14 years old, will no longer be eligible to be released on bail if they are accused of throwing rocks at Israeli civilians, prosecutors in Israel said.

As a result, the children will be incarcerated for up to two months, awaiting trial.

Under the new guidelines, children who are suspected of throwing stones or disturbing the peace in other ways, will be held until the end of their criminal proceedings.

The prosecutor's office said the policy does not differentiate between Muslims and Jews, but in the case of Jews, the courts are usually willing to entertain an alternative to jail.

Unlike the Jewish prisoners, Muslims often have no relatives outside Jerusalem, where they can be held under house arrest until the end of their processes.

According to attorney Mohammad Mahmoud, 58 Muslim children are currently under arrest for participating in riots. Among the 760 suspects taken into custody during recent riots, 260 were minors.

Most were accused of charges ranging from rioting to assaulting police officers and endangering lives.

Israeli population jumps to 9 million as Tamar and Yosef become most popular names (video)

Jews at the Western Wall 
By: Anika Rao

(Scroll down for video) The Israeli population soared to almost 9 million as the Jewish state gets ready for the Jewish New Year holiday, the Population, Immigration and Border Authority reported.

On Sunday, the population stood at 8,904,373 - which is 173,811 more than the same period last year.

The number of new immigrants to Israel during the last Jewish calendar year was 24,801. 176,230 babies were born. Of these, 90,646 were males and 85,584 babies were girls.

“For the first time ever, Israel’s Jewish population topped 6 million, a psychological number given the Holocaust that took the lives of 6 million Jews,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Nearly 8 million foreigners visited Israel during the past year.

The top ten names for girls are Tamar, Noa, Shira, Adele, Talia, Yael, Lian, Miriam, Maya, and Avigail, while the top ten names for boys are Yosef, Daniel, Uri, Itay, Omer, Adam, Noam, Ariel, Eitan, and David.

Israeli soldier recalls horror of seeing terrorist grabbing woman as human shield

Israeli tank leaving Gaza 
By: Hydar Tomar

An Israeli soldier spoke about the moment he witnessed a terrorist grabbing a woman to use as a human shield, the IDF Blog reported.

Sergeant Avi, the commander of the IDF Sniper Squad Paratroopers Brigade, entered Gaza with the purpose of dismantling Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure, including the vast underground tunnel network built to infiltrate and attack Israel.

“My soldiers and I were prepared, both mentally and physically. We knew why we were going in,” said Avi. “The company commander got on the radio and said, ‘pick up your bags’ and we started walking. It didn’t feel real until we passed the security fence. Even though nothing really changed, you could feel something different in the air. As the sun began to rise, we reached our first operational area. We knew that there were two tunnel shafts in the area, and we ended up finding two more – altogether four shafts,” Avi also said.

“On our second day inside Gaza, we moved to a different house. It is not safe to stay in the same place,” Avi continued. “We were taking turns keeping watch, and I decided to join the round so that my soldiers would have more time to rest. I had just finished my shift when I realized that the soldiers were tense. One of them heard a person speaking Arabic outside the house and spotted suspicious movement,” he said.

Realizing that there were people in the area, Avi and his soldiers heightened their awareness. “I joined my soldiers on the roof. After a few minutes, a 40-year-old man walked out of a house nearby, and then I saw that he was holding a woman, using her as a shield. That was the first time I saw with my own eyes someone using another person, a woman, as a shield. I’d seen videos at home, I’d heard about it on the news, and I had believed it, but now, I was seeing it with my own eyes. I can see very clearly that the woman doesn’t want to be there and he’s pulling her with him. Only after he finally let go of the woman could we neutralize him,” Avi concluded.

Man inserts 10 metal balls into his privates by himself to have great sex

Metal balls illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) A man was looking for superpowers to please women.

The man from Malaysia, implanted 10 metal balls at the base of his privates to enhance his sexual skills.

However, after having great results for a while he was forced to have them surgically removed as the metal balls began to rust.

The man, identified as 44-year-old Ramli, said that a friend told him that he had successfully used the metal balls in his privates to increase his sexual stamina.

Ramli followed his friend's advice and inserted the 10 metal balls. At first, his privates were swollen for three days, but he endured the pain and did not see a doctor.

He said that when the wound healed he found the method to be effective, but a few months later, he discovered that he was unable to have an erection.

Ramli was forced to see a doctor, who told him that he will he will have to remove the metal balls surgically or risk erectile dysfunction.

When the balls were removed, Ramli found that the metal balls became rusty while inside his body.

Student left disabled after teacher offers money to jump from second floor window

Classroom illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

A teacher was fired and may face charges after he offered money to any student brave enough to jump out of a window.

The teacher in China, was fired for encouraging his students to jump from the second floor of the school for cash.

The incident, which took place in Wuhan, Hubei, left one student severely injured. The teacher offered 50 yuan (about $8) to students who were willing to jump from the second floor window just for fun.

A12-year-old student took the challenge and was badly hurt. He was treated for a severely broken leg, an injury that doctors say may leave him disabled.

When the boy agreed to jump out the window the teacher took the other students outside to cheer him on from below.

After he was fired, the teacher has disappeared, school officials said.

The family spent more than 20,000 yuan (about $3,200) for medical treatment. The school had refused to compensate the family for the injuries as they placed all the blame on the teacher.

However, a judge ruled that the school is responsible because the incident occurred during school hours and on school grounds.

Man jailed after trying to arrest prostitute for being very ugly

Prostitute illustration  
By: Aarav Sen

A man was jailed after he pretended to be a police officer when an ugly prostitute showed up at his hotel room in China.

Police in Yantai, Shandong, said that the man solicited the prostitute and then harassed her because she was “ugly.”

The 24-year-old man who was identified as Gao, was sentenced to 15 days in jail for impersonating a city official.

According to the report, Gao met the woman in a chat room on Thursday morning. The two arranged to meet that evening at a local hotel.

Gao told police that the woman, who identified herself as a 22-year-old sales assistant, provided him with a photo. He agreed to pay 300 yuan (about $50) for sex.

However, when Gao met the woman, she was dressed in pajamas and looked nothing like the picture. Gao became angry and flashed a fake police identification card, which he had bought online.

He then ordered the woman to come with him, and an argument broke out between them. Hotel guests heard the argument and called police.

According to the report, Gao posed as a police officer because he was not satisfied with the woman’s appearance and he wanted to vent his anger.

He was arrested and later found guilty of impersonating an officer.

30-year-old man offers $160,000 to woman willing to be his mother

Kuan-Yin Tsui in the park 
By: Hydar Tomar

A man is looking for a woman willing to act as his mother.

The man of Sichuan, China, wants a mother so badly that he is offering one million yuan (about $162,000) to any woman willing to take on the role.

Kuan-Yin Tsui, who is in his 30s, has become an Internet sensation in China, following his strange proposition.

Tsui sat in Fanghu Park with a bowl of cash, with the hopes of finding a mother.

Behind him was a red flashlight with his phone number on it. He also placed a large poster showing the conditions for a woman interested in being his mother.

The woman had to be at least 57 years old, well educated, and without a history of drug use. The final decision he wrote, would depend on whether the two feel a connection.

Juan Lei, who was visiting the park, took pictures of the man and posted them online. She then went over to the man to have a chat.

“He told me that I was too young for the job and that he was looking for an older woman,” Lei said.

Lei asked the man why he wanted a mother. “He said that he had grown up in an orphanage, and after making a success of himself, he felt that he was losing out by not having a mother who is proud of him and treat him as a
son,” Lei explained.

“I felt really bad for him. He looked very lonely, but this is not the way to go to fill that void in life,” said Lei.

Lei suggested that Tsui get married and share his wife’s parents, but he wasn’t impressed with the suggestion and he is willing to pay a lot of money to find a woman he can call “mom.”

Company sends grieving widow a rope that her husband used to kill himself

Rope illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A woman is angry after she got a package containing a thick rope that her husband used to commit suicide.

The widow of the man who hanged himself at work, is taking legal action against his employer after receiving a package in the mail with his shirt, socks and rope that he used to hang himself.

Lysiane Reboul claimed that her husband had been bullied by his peers at work in a factory near Calais, France.

Reboul said that she had written several letters to the factory asking for her husband’s personal belongings from his locker.

However, she was surprised when she opened a package sent to her home to find a long thick rope that her ​​husband used to kill himself.

In the package was a shirt, socks, a bag of pencils and the rope. Reboul said that she is suing the factory and hopes to have her husband's suicide recognized as a work-related death.

The manager of the factory reportedly admitted that sending the rope was a “serious error,” and explained that investigators asked them to put all the man’s personal belongings together while they were investigating the death.

“When we were asked for his belongings we sent the entire package without checking,” the company said in an apology letter.

Company allows consumers to buy leftover airplane food delivered straight to their homes (video)

Airplane food illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

(Scroll down for video) Consumers who are in love with airplane food, can now purchase a meal, which is then delivered to their home, Air Food One said in a statement. of Germany, partnered with LSG Sky Chefs, the catering arm of Lufthansa and Air Food One, to bring airplane food to customers.

The company makes deliveries once a week in the Dusseldorf and Cologne regions of Germany, and plans to expand if there is enough demand.

Menus include steaks, chicken in pepper sauce and fried cod. Each meal costs about $13. There are also vegetarian options.

The meals appeal to working parents with children and busy business travelers who may not want to eat cold sandwiches.

Air Food One meals are better than the in flight meals because they are delivered fresh to customers, who heat the food themselves instead of being cooked and packed in metal boxes used by caterers, the company said.

Woman run over by lifeguard while sunbathing at beach just days after her wedding

Lorae Bermudez 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A woman was hospitalized after being run over by a lifeguard at a beach in California.

The 26-year-old woman was sunbathing at the Venice Beach on Monday afternoon, when she was struck by a Los Angeles County lifeguard vehicle.

Lorae Bermudez of Whittier, was relaxing near a lifeguard tower with her newlywed husband. About 4:00 p.m., he went into the water while his wife remained on the sand.

The driver of the vehicle apparently did not see her and ran her over. The driver immediately stopped, and called for help while he administered first aid to Bermudez.

She suffered fractures and lacerations to her internal organs, Officer Liliana Preciado said. Bermudez was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Florida woman charged for kicking police officer in the head

Caitlyn Worthen 
By: Anika Rao

A woman is facing a host of charges after she kicked an officer in the head.

24-year-old Caitlyn Worthen of Okaloosa County, Florida, is accused of kicking the officer in the head while being arrested.

Police officers were called by a witness, who reported that Worthen was arguing with her ​​boyfriend and she was throwing trash at a store window, according to the arrest report.

The officers tried to calm her and asked Worthen to tell them what was going on while they walked towards the patrol vehicle.

Worthen responded by using profanity and ignored the officers. One officer then grabbed Worthen by the shoulder. She turned around, and punched the officer in the chest and cheek.

She continued to fight until the officers handcuffed her. Once she was restrained, the officer took her to their patrol vehicle.

While officers tried to get her into the vehicle, Worthen began to kick. During the struggle, Worthen allegedly kicked with enough force that the officer's glasses were knocked off his face.

Worthen is charged with battery on an officer, resisting arrest with violence and resisting arrest without violence.

Teen busted with drugs after writing on toilet with permanent marker

Graffiti in public bathroom 
By: Devansh Dutt

A teen was arrested for drug charges after he vandalized a bathroom and fled the scene.

Police asked a judge for an arrest warrant against 18-year-old Donavan Gutierez of Florida, after he allegedly entered the bathroom in Crestview, and drew on the toilet seat and walls with a permanent marker.

He then left the bathroom, closed the bathroom door behind him and left the store, the report said. While investigating the incident, officers found residue of marijuana in the bathroom sink.

After searching the teen, police found a marijuana smoking pipe and marijuana residue, according to the police report.

Gutierez was charged with criminal mischief and possession or use of drug paraphernalia.

Police buy little girl new bike after man slashes tire of her old bicycle because she ran over his foot

Michael Rapaglia 
By: Anika Rao

A man was arrested after cutting the tires of a bike that belongs to a little girl, police in New Hampshire said.

Franklin Police said that they arrested 39-year-old Michael Rapaglia, for threatening the 10-year-old girl and damaging her bike.

According to the police investigation, the incident began when the girl ran over the suspect’s foot. Neighbors said the girl was riding on Spring Street, when Rapaglia, a person she knew from the area, walked near her.

After she ran over his foot once, he threatened to slash the tire. When she drove over his foot again, Rapaglia pulled a knife and cut her tire.

Witnesses said the girl got scared from the knife and immediately ran to her uncle, who said he had thought that Rapaglia was joking.

The police were called and Rapaglia was arrested. A court ordered Rapaglia to stay 300 feet away from the girl. Franklin Police officers gave the girl a new bike.

Drug dealer arrested after police find dead fetus inside her freezer (video)

Freezer illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on drug charges after police officer who were searching her apartment, found a dead fetus inside her freezer, police in Nevada said.

Metro Police said that they have also arrested a man on various charges after they said they discovered that he was selling marijuana from the apartment.

The incident began when officers were investigating a shooting in the area on Wednesday night.

Officers received a tip, which led them to the apartment of 25-year-old Carlena Walker, located near Rainbow Boulevard and Washington Avenue.

Police said that there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the house at 6666 West Washington Avenue. Walker's boyfriend, 24-year-old Preston Caudle, and their son, were inside the house.

Officers found vials of marijuana hidden under a baby crib, a loaded gun and drug paraphernalia, including scales and bags.
During the search, police also found a large glass jar in the freezer, which Walker said contained the remains of a fetus.

Walker told police that she had a miscarriage last year, and held the remains of the 8-week-old fetus in the jar. A coroner said that the no crime was committed against the fetus.

13-year-old boy arrested for raping 8-year-old girl

Sad girl illustration 
By: Aarav Sen

A young boy was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly raping an 8-year-old girl, police in Delaware said.

Harrington Police said that they have charged the 13-year-old boy on Thursday, in connection with the rape of the girl.

The child voluntarily surrendered to police. The suspect was booked into the Stevenson House Juvenile Detention Center in Milford, and his bail was set at $5,000.

The girl told someone that she was raped in the boy’s home. The Division of Family Services was notified and they contacted the police to report the assault that took place at the home on the 200 block of Delaware Avenue.

In August, a 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged with rape after she was accused of raping a 4-year-old boy, according to police reports in Texas. The mother of the girl who was accused of raping the boy in her apartment complex, said that police officers have it all wrong.

"She was just being a kid, having fun and playing," she said. "She did not know that she was doing something wrong," she also said. According to the mother, the girl has been accused of raping the boy in the courtyard of the complex.

Houston Police confirmed that the rape incident was reported. A sex crimes investigator was assigned to the case and the arrest was made.

2 dead babies found in train station locker

Lockers illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar

Police officers were horrified to find two dead babies inside a train station locker, police in Germany said.

Hamburg Police said that the bodies of the two babies were found on Thursday morning.

One person, who is being treated at a psychiatric hospital, was arrested. The babies were in a bag, which was placed inside a suitcase.

It is not clear whether the babies were born alive or dead. Lubeck Police said that they are investigating a 39-year-old woman on suspicion of murder.

The woman’s friend tipped off police, saying that she was pregnant and her baby was nowhere to be found. In 2011, the woman was investigated after telling police that she gave birth at home, but the baby was stillborn.

She buried her baby in a cemetery without telling anyone.

Kidnappers free woman after discovering that she wasn’t a virgin

Sad woman illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

A group of kidnappers allowed a woman to leave after they realized that she wasn’t a virgin, police in Nigeria said.

Now, Plateau State Police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Maimako Shepang, for selling his wife to religious fanatics.

The incident began when Shepang lured his wife to a secluded area, where he handed her over to members of the religious cult.

The masked men dragged the woman to their sanctuary. The leader asked the woman if she was still a virgin, to which she replied that she is not.

She said that the man who brought her to them, is her husband. The angry men told her to leave as they wanted a virgin for their religious ritual.

The woman ran to a nearby town where she called the police. Police have also arrested one member of the religious cult.

The suspects will be brought before the Plateau Magistrate's Court for bail hearings.

Angry woman arrested for pouring hot water on her neighbor’s breasts

Hot water illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A young woman was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly pouring hot water on her neighbor's breasts, police in Nigeria said.

Kaduna State Police said that they arrested 25-year-old Amina Muhktar, after being accused of burning Asiya Sanusi.

The incident began when the victim went over to the suspect’s courtyard to get water. When Muhktar saw the woman on her property she became angry and poured hot water over her body.

She suffered burns to her breasts and arms.

While the victim was recovering from her injuries at a hospital, her husband, Sanusi Sa’adu, filed a complaint with the police, who arrested the suspect.

The suspect was brought before the Kaduna State Magistrate's Court where she was remanded into custody.

Elderly New York man displays adult photos outside window to intimidate immigrant neighbors (video)

Window curtain illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man of New York, who wants to intimidate his immigrant neighbors, decided to display adult photos outside his window, ABC 7 reported.

The photos can be clearly seen from the Queens sidewalk, the father of a 4-year-old who lives next door said.

"He is upset that an Indian guy moved in next door," Sanjeev Aggurawal said. The elderly man, identified as Jimmy was asked why he places adult photos at the window.

"I'm drying them. They got wet last night," Jimmy said. “The photos are my artwork,” he added. The neighbors called the police several times, but the elderly man puts back the photos as soon as the officers leave.

Some neighbors put sheets on their porches so that their young children cannot see the photos. There is also a public school in the area, and children going and coming from school can see the photos.