Man commits suicide after accidentally shooting and killing his friend while showing off his gun

Jerrod Taylor (left) and Dominique Barnett 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Two families are devastated over the loss of two friends.

The men of California, were hanging out with a group friends outside of a Los Angeles home when one of the men took out his gun.

24-year-old Dominique Barnett was showing off his weapon to a group of about 10 friends, who were hanging out in front of the home belonging to Jerrod Taylor, 23, in Willowbrook early Sunday.

Taylor allegedly attempted to take the gun away from Barnett. While doing so, the gun suddenly went off, hitting Taylor.

Emergency workers were called and Taylor was rushed to the hospital, but he later died of his injuries.

Overwhelmed by guilt for what he had done to his close friend, Barnett shot himself in the head at the scene.

Those who knew them, said that the pair had been best friends since they were 11 years old.

Taylor was described as a hard working father. He leaves behind a young son.

Man becomes stepfather of his sister after marrying his own stepmother

Elizabeth Lorentz and Eric Holder 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman divorced her husband and married her son.

48-year-old Elizabeth Lorentz married her stepson, Eric Holder, 45, despite a French law banning marriages between stepchildren and stepparents.

The couple of the small village of Dabo, got married after struggling for months with the French authorities for the right to marry.

Lorentz met Eric’s father in 1989, when she just was 24 years old. The couple had a daughter in 1997. Eric is not only a step brother to the girl, but also her godfather. Eric also had a daughter with his partner, at the same time.

In 2003, Lorentz’s husband wanted a divorce and left her to care for their daughter, who was nine years old at the time of the separation.

“Eric was a great support to us and our relationship has evolved,” said Lorentz.

“When my father left my mother, I felt abandoned. I knew how she felt,” Eric said.

Eric and Lorentz’s friendship soon turned into love and it was not long before he proposed. Eric’s father, who is Lorentz’s former husband, reportedly attended their wedding along with about 100 guest.

Father rapes and impregnates his biological daughter at knifepoint after they reunited

By: Feng Qian

A father invited his daughter to live with him so they can bond after being apart for many years.

The 16-year-old victim of Igbeti, Nigeria, lived with her mother for the past thirteen years, and was eager to reunite and get to know her father.

The man, who was identified as 42-year-old Segun, divorced his wife when his daughter was just three years old. His former wife had custody of the girl and he married another woman.

After the man separated from his current wife, he invited his daughter to live with him. While she was at his home, the father entered her room and ordered his daughter to remove her clothes.

When she refused, her father furnished a sword and threatened his daughter harm if she did not obey. The father then proceeded to have sex with the girl a number of times and eventually impregnated her.

The father was arrested, but denied all the allegations made against him. However, when the baby was born, he looked just like his father / grandfather.

2-year-old girl gets her head stuck in Minnie Mouse toilet seat

Teagan Culverhouse 
By: Chan Yuan

A little girl who was using a Minnie Mouse toilet seat, got her head stuck in it and firefighters were called to free her.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, when the parents of 2-year-old Teagan Culverhouse, brought home the new toilet training seat.

While playing with it, she pulled the toilet seat down over her head and could not get it back out. Her parents, David and Emily, struggled to free her by using butter, olive oil and dishwasher soap.

After all their efforts failed, they dragged the embarrassed child down the street, knocking on doors to ask residents if they had any cutting devices.

Eventually, they called firefighters, who came to their home in Frome, Somerset, and freed the girl from her unwanted necklace.

The seat cost the couple 9 pounds (1 pound = $1.60) and a lot of heartache.

A spokesperson for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said: "The girl was not in danger, but was very happy to be freed from the toilet seat."

Drama as polygamous groom's wife interrupts wedding and asks priest to stop the wedding ceremony

The couple (left) Thobile Cele causing chaos (right) 
By: Wayne Morin

A man decided to marry the love of his life before divorcing his first wife.

However, that did not go over well with his wife, with whom he shares a two-year-old son.

The bride and groom of South Africa, decided to keep the plans of the wedding secret. They informed family and friends of their weekend wedding on Friday.

Somehow, the man’s first wife learned about the wedding and decided to show up.

When the pastor asked if anyone was opposed to the marriage of Richard Cele, 39, and Fikile Dube,29, the first wife spoke up.

Thobile Cele, 29, interrupted the wedding, which took place in an open field in Umbilo Park, south of Durban on Saturday.

Thobile directly addressed the pastor and showed him a marriage certificate, which shows that she was married to Richard.

“Sorry pastor, but this marriage is unlawful and cannot continue,” said Thobile. Chaos erupted at the wedding and the pastor tried to calm the situation.

Since the wedding was ceremonial rather than legally binding, the pastor said that it was up to Richard to decide if the wedding should continue. The humiliated groom announced that the wedding will go on.

Richard said that he has since filed for divorce from his first wife.

Chef kills and cooks his hot-looking wife

Mayang Prasetyo 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man killed his sexy wife and then cooked her body.

Neighbor’s who smelled a bad odor coming from the apartment, called police.

The woman - who lived with her husband in Brisbane, Australia, at the time of her death - has been identified as a transgender woman. She was born and raised in Indonesia before moving to Australia.

Neighbors said that 27-year-old Mayang Prasetyo, was often seen with her husband, Marcus Peter Volke, 28, and they seemed very happy together.

However, police found that the Volke, who is a chef, dismembered and cooked his wife. Officers found some of her body parts in a pot on the stove.

When police arrived to the couple’s home, Volke fled and hid inside a dumpster where he committed suicide shortly thereafter.

The couple met at their job on a cruise ship, where Volke worked as the chef.

Teacher jailed after hypnotizing student and sexually assaulting him

Hypnosis illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A teacher was arrested, charged and convicted of sexually abusing a student, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

The incident began when the teacher of South Africa, fled to the United Kingdom, after being accused of hypnotizing the student in order to perform a sexual act on him.

Despite the charges, he spent the last twenty years working in prestigious private schools. However, last week, 53-year-old Stephen Grobbelaar was banned from teaching for life.

Grobbelaar worked as head of history at the prestigious Windlesham House School in Pulborough, West Sussex, when the allegations came to light.

His victim, who was 16 years old at the time, described how Grobbelaar hypnotized him, claiming it will help with math. Instead, the boy said that the teacher performed a sex act on him.

Three years later, the boy was able to recall the incident and went to the police in South Africa. The teacher fled from the country before he was arrested.

He got a job at the Dorset House School in West Sussex, before moving to Windlesham, where he also taught religious studies.

Several months ago, the boy emailed the school, to alert them about the allegations.

The teacher admitting to the allegations and resigned.

Man surprised to see black bear enjoying his backyard swimming pool (video)

Swimming pool illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was surprised to see a black bear enjoying his backyard swimming pool in Pennsylvania, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The man and his family learned about the bear’s adventures on Thursday, when they watched video footage captured by their surveillance cameras.

The video showed that the bear did not take just a quick swim, it swam in the pool at three different times. The bear managed to get into the backyard and went straight to the pool.

The bear can then be seen approaching the pool and drinking some water before jumping in.

Dominic Lombardi said that he was surprised that his pool did not collapse under the heavy weight of the bear that weighs about 200 pounds.

The only damage the bear caused was busting a beachball that was floating in the swimming pool. After the bear has enough of the pool, it quietly left.

Young woman survives after being found on park bench with long kitchen knife protruding from her head

Alcileide Rodrigues dos Santos in the hospital 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young woman miraculously survived being stabbed with a large kitchen knife by her angry former boyfriend, police in Brazil said.

The woman of San Pedro Town, was found on a park bench by passersby with the huge kitchen knife lodged in her forehead.

Luckily, she survived her injury and was able to identify the suspect. The incident happened to 22-year-old Alcileide Rodrigues dos Santos, just after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

The officers took the woman to the PM Central Police Station, where rescuers took her to the Estadual Mario Covas Hospital.

Police said that dos Santos was conscious and was able to identify her former boyfriend, 19-year-old Jose Roberto Martins dos Anjos, as the attacker.

Pimp beats and dumps prostitute after he finished using her

Prostitute illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A pimp dumped a prostitute like a piece of trash after he was done using her, prosecutors in Nevada said.

The Las Vegas District Attorney’s Office said that they have indicted 28-year-old Robert Sharpe III, after being accused of beating the prostitute with an iron bar over several weeks.

He was charged on Friday, with 17 counts, including kidnapping, assault and sex trafficking. The woman lost a finger and part of her behind after being beaten over an eight week period.

The woman was dumped across the street of a hospital and was found by passersby. She underwent 12 surgeries for her injuries.

The woman told police that she was beaten with an iron rod, burned, and had lemon juice and hot sauce poured on her open wounds.

Sharpe of North Las Vegas, was booked into jail and is being held on $1 million bail.

Bridesmaids beat up woman because she bought a hot dog

Hot dog illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was severely beaten because she decided to purchase a hot dog, police in Washington said.

The Seattle Police Department said that the woman was attacked and assaulted when she ate her hot dog too close to the bridesmaids.

They bridesmaids ripped out her hair, and stole the woman's phone and wallet. Later that night, her credit card was used at a gas station and the suspects were captured on video surveillance.

Police do not know why the suspects became angry about the hot dog. Witnesses said that the woman ate the hot dog too close to the bridesmaids’ faces.

The victim said that the beating was so severe that she cannot remember much about the incident. Police are looking for four to six women.

Witnesses have described one of the assailants as wearing a floral dress and had facial scars. The others were all wearing black dresses.

Man kills his girlfriend's mother because she called him a n****r (video)

Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man, who became extremely angry at his girlfriend’s mother because she called him n****r, decided to kill her, police in Indonesia said.

Bali Police are investigating the death of the woman, who came from Chicago, Illinois, with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend.

Her body was found inside a suitcase. The woman's daughter told police that her boyfriend killed her mother after she used a racial slur against him.

Video surveillance of the Bali hotel in which the three stayed, showed that 62-year-old Sheila von Wiese-Mack, was attacked with an iron fruit bowl.

19-year-old Heather Mack, and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Tommy Schaefer, are being held as suspects in the murder of the woman.

Mack told police that Schaefer became angry when Wiese-Mack called him n****r. The badly beaten body of Wiese-Mack, was found stuffed in a suitcase into the trunk of a taxi at the St. Regis Bali Resort.

Investigators also said that Mack watched her boyfriend kill her mother.

When hotel staff noticed blood stains on the bags belonging to the couple, they told their taxi driver to go to a police station, where officers opened the suitcase and discovered the body.

Police found a bloodstained jacket belonging to Schaefer, when police caught him at another hotel in Bali. Laboratory results showed that the blood matched the blood of Wiese-Mack.

Five teenagers die and 16-year-old driver seriously injured after crashing their BMW

The victims 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) It is a very difficult time for students, who lost five friends in one car accident.

The teenagers of California, were on their way home from the Knott's Berry Farm amusement park in Buena Park, when their BMW crashed into an embankment.

As a result of the crash, the car burst into flames, killing the passengers inside. The 16-year-old driver, who police said did not have a license, was the sole survivor of the crash.

According to police, the incident took place about 2:15 a.m. on Saturday, on the Interstate 5 in Irvine. The driver was either thrown from the car or got out before the car burst into flames.

He was taken to the hospital with severe injuries to his head. Two of the victims were identified as Jenny Campos and Jenny Bahena, both 14 years old. The three boys who died were said to be 14 and 15 years old.

Airplane makes emergency landing after man was seen masturbating in front of passengers

Airplane illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A plane full of people, were horrified to see a man masturbating during the flight.

The unruly passenger forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Nebraska.

Doug Adams of California, allegedly tried to force open a door in the back of a Virgin America flight from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, after his seat was changed for allegedly masturbating.

Passengers reported that Adams wore a hospital bracelet, and was muttering to himself and arguing with another passenger before attempting to open the door.

He was held down by an off-duty Boston police officer until the plane landed in Omaha, where Adams was removed from the plane.

Omaha Police said that Adams was on drugs and experiencing a mental episode. He was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation.

The plane, carrying 108 people, took off again after Adams was removed from the plane.

Married businessman dies while having sex with his lover

Lovers illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A woman in Zimbabwe, was shocked to learn that her husband died while having sex with another woman.

Lovemore Mlambo, a prominent businessman in the Makwasha suburb Zvishavane, collapsed and died while allegedly having sex with his lover.

Sources said that Mlambo lied to his wife and told her that he was going to Harare, so he could get supplies for his the store he owned.

However, rather the going to Harare for business the man went to his lover, Venencia Moyo, for pleasure.

The two reportedly engaged in two rounds of sex, and during the third round, Mlambo collapsed and fainted.

The woman ran to get him water and to call for help, but when she returned, Mlambo was no longer alive.

Authorities suspect that the man may have suffered a heart attack.

600 pound woman looking for husband to help her pile on more weight (video)

Gabi Jones 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman who loves her big body, is looking for a man who will encourage her to eat more, so she can get even bigger.

29-year-old Gabi Jones is nearly four times the weight of an average woman her age.

Jones of Denver, Colorado, weighs 620 pounds and is considered morbidly obese, but instead of trying to lose weight she is deliberately trying to add more weight.

Jones sees her body as a piece art. Since reaching 250 pounds, she became obsessed with getting even bigger.

Her condition is known as a “gainer,” which is a person who embraces being overweight and strives to be even bigger.

Jones sees herself as sexy. “It’s about me growing softer. It‘s about the added pounds and my arms getting jigglier,” she said.

“For me gaining weight is art, it's beautiful. I'm like a Picasso, I want to change society,” she added.

“I know people who are larger die younger, I have accepted that. A lot of people told me that I would not reach age 25, but I'm already 29 and I think I will live until at least 40,” she explained.

Jones allows her fans to have an active part of her life. In the video below you can see her wrestling with a fan. In another incident she ate her food while sitting on top of a young man, and she used his face as a table for her food.

Man who managed to smuggle himself into Europe turned into police by woman who pretended to help

Jacky Goodfellow with the illegal immigrant 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man smuggled himself in Europe, and thought he reached freedom, only to be handed over to police by a woman, according to a BBC report.

When a mother of six children returned home from the Tesco supermarket, she found a young man sitting in her driveway.

Jacky Goodfellow questioned the man and learned that he was an illegal, who has just reached the village of Elvington, near Dover, Kent.

She gave the 23-year-old man food and chatted with him while her daughter called the police.

“He was a nice young man, but obviously he should not be here,” Goodfellow said.

The man, who is from Eritrea and speaks English, said that he had a degree in science and wanted to seek asylum in the United Kingdom, so he can be a teacher.

He explained that he walked from Africa to France. There he hid under a truck and went unnoticed by sniffer dogs at the port of Calais.

The migrant crossed the channel on a ferry and then got off the truck near a field. He walked to Elvington in the hope of finding a police station where he can seek asylum.

The 23-year-old man will be handed over to the custody of the Home Office Immigration Enforcement.

Two judges refuse to preside over case of teacher in underage threesome because her father is a judge

Shelley Dufresne 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Two judges have recused themselves from presiding over a case of a high school teacher, who had a threesome with her student.

Shelley Dufresne, 32, of Louisiana, was accused of having a threesome with her underage student and another female teacher.

However, two judges have refused to handle the case because Dufresne’s father is one of three elected judges in St. Charles Parish.

The St. Charles Parish District Attorney Joel Chaisson, said that he is not giving up and he will not drop the charges. Instead, he handed over the case to the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the teacher.

As we reported earlier, two hot-looking blond high school teachers of Louisiana, have been arrested for having a threesome with the 16-year-old student after a football game.

34-year-old Shelley Dufresne of Montz, who is a married woman and a mother of three children, was the victim’s teacher at Destrehan High School, when the incident took place.

Her 24-year-old colleague, Rachel Respess, was also charged for participating in the threesome. Respess was the boy’s teacher last year.

Police allege that Respess invited Dufresne and the 16-year-old boy to her home in the 1300 block of West Esplanade Avenue, for group sex.

Dufresne and Respess were charged with one count of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, which means that the teen was a willing participant. However, due to his age, he cannot legally consent to having sex with an adult.

The incident came to light when the teen bragged to his friends about his sexual experience with the two teachers and school officials called police to investigate.

Both teachers have now been suspended without pay.