Comcast gets man fired from his job after complaining about fraudulent charges

By: Mahesh Sarin

A man said that he was fired from his job after calling Comcast to complain about his bill.

The man said that Comcast contacted his employer and got him fired.

Conal O’Rourke of Oakland, California, complained to Comcast after he was billed for services he did not really have.

Following his complaint, the company promised him additional TV channels, but instead, he was sent a variety of equipment that he did not want.

Conal complained again after he was billed $1,820 for hardware.

Conal, who works for a large accounting firm, drew a spreadsheet, showing each charge that he had received from Comcast, and sent it to the company.

Comcast apparently refused to reverse the charges. The man threatened to get the authorities to investigate the company. In return, Comcast contacted the employer of Conal.

Shortly after that call, Conal was dismissed from his job.

New York surgeon slaps behinds of sleeping patients to test strength of anesthesia

Sleeping patient illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

People are angry after a New York hospital hired a surgeon who was accused of slapping sleeping patients.

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, fired orthopedic surgeon Michael Clarke, after being accused of abusing patients.

However, they decided to rehire Clarke, after suffering huge losses due to his absence. The hospital lost $4.1 million in the first 6 months of this year, after Dr. Clarke performed his surgeries at another hospital.

Dr. Clarke was suspended after staff members accused him of calling anesthetized patients derogatory names and hitting them so hard that he left red marks and handprints on their behinds.

The hospital initially ignored staff complaints, but later took action against the doctor. Clarke was also accused of using sexually explicit language during procedures.

Clarke defended his actions, saying that hitting patients was his way of testing the strength of the anesthesia.

New York white woman who got pregnant after watching adult movie gives birth to black baby

Jennifer Stewart 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman claims that she got pregnant while watching an adult video.

The white woman of New York, said that she conceived the black baby while watching the 3D adult movie.

The woman’s husband, Eric Johnson, who is a soldier, was serving in the military and was stationed in Iraq, when the woman became pregnant.

When Johnson returned home he found a black baby crawling around the house. His wife, Jennifer Stewart, who was 38 years old at the time, told him that the baby was conceived while she was watching the 3D adult movie.

She said that she watched because she was starved for sex.

Interestingly enough, her husband believes her. “I see no reason not to believe her because these movies in 3D are very lifelike. With today’s technology anything is possible,” Johnson said.

He has since registered the baby as his own son. Stewart said that she had gone to the adult video Cinema in New York, with her friends when she became pregnant.

She also claimed that the child looks exactly like the black man in the video.

“A month after watching the movie I realized I was pregnant. I'm going to sue the cinema and the producers of the video. Fortunately, my husband believes me. It could have ruined my marriage, but he knows I'm faithful to him,” she said.

Couple sentenced to jail for having sex in police car after being arrested

Husnik Travis and Heather Basten 
By: Feng Qian

A couple decided to make the best of their trip to jail by having sex in the police car.

The man and woman of Wisconsin, were sentenced for having sex in the backseat of the police car while being transported to jail.

33-year-old Husnik Travis, and Heather Basten, 29, had been arrested after they were stopped by police for driving drunk in Oconto County.

Husnik of Luxemburg, and Basten of New Franken, were placed inside the officer’s car. On the way to booking, the intoxicated couple got hot and heavy, and began having sex in the car.

The deputy stopped and ordered the man to pull his pants up. He also ordered him to sit in the front passenger seat.

Travis and Basten were both charged with lewd behavior and disorderly conduct. The woman, who was driving the car when the couple was pulled over, was sentenced to 48 days in jail and received nearly $500 in fines.

Husnik was sentenced to 90 days in jail because he was on probation at the time of the incident.

Boy from poor family seen sucking milk from stray dog like a puppy

Chotu Kumar with his dog friends 
By: Mahesh Sarin

People were horrified to see a hungry child suck milk straight from a dog like a puppy.

The six-year-old child, who was affected by poverty, was seen sucking milk from the stray dog ​​to suppress his hunger.

The shocking photo shows Chotu Kumar of India, holding the leg of the animal so that he can drink from its teat.

Kumar lives with his mother, Shanichari Devi, 37, his grandmother, Amiya Devi, 60, and his two brothers, Bola, 14, and 3-year-old Mahesh, in Jharkhand.

After his father's death 4 years ago, the family fell below the poverty line.

The boy’s older brother was forced to go work at a nearby hotel to help feed the family.
His mother and grandmother go out to the forest and collect firewood to sell, but their average daily meals consist of vegetables and roti, which is a homemade Indian bread.

Meanwhile, Kumar spends most of his time playing at home. He did not go to school and had no friends, and the stray dogs had become his friends.

The dogs began coming to the family’s home more often. Then the boy began imitating other dogs and began sucking milk from the dogs.

When locals in the village learned about the 6-year-old boy’s behavior they became angry and worried that other children were at risk of an outbreak of rabies.

Finally, villagers reported Kumar to local officials. Officials intervened and Kumar now attends school where he gets a free lunch. Authorities also gave his family a food card, allowing them to obtain food for free.

The dogs continue to visit Kumar to play with him and he still drinks their milk as it became a habit.

Man ties up girlfriend on her birthday and eats live fish from her tank while assaulting her

Charles Clay Jackson 
By: Feng Qian

A man tied up his girlfriend and ate live fish from her tank, police in South Carolina said.

North Myrtle Beach Police said that they responded to a call from a home where the woman said that she was tied up and assaulted by her former boyfriend.

She also complained that he was eating raw fish for her tank, according to the police report. 44-year-old Charles Clay Jackson came to the woman’s house on Friday night, and wanted to celebrate her birthday with her.

When the victim asked Jackson to leave, he grabbed her by the throat, forced her to the bed, put on his black leather belt around her neck and choked the victim to the point where she passed out.

Jackson used some type of cotton thread to tie the victim's hands behind her back. The police report said that Jackson began hitting the victim in the face with his fist.

Jackson pulled a knife from the back of his pants and held it to the victim, saying that he was going to kill her.

Jackson took fish from the tank, and while the fish was still alive, put them in his mouth and began to chew before swallowing the fish.

Jackson later apologized to the woman for what he had done. The victim ran to a neighbor's house, where she called police.

The victim suffered swelling and bruising to both eyes, redness around her neck, and a large bruise on her upper right chest. Jackson told police that the victim attacked him using broken glass as a weapon and tried to cut his entire body.

Jackson charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.

Man obsessed with women's toes touches woman’s feet outside ShopRite without consent (video)

Toes illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman was horrified when a man bent over and began touching her toes, police in New Jersey said.

Women of Mount Laurel, are nervous after the man was accused of stalking the woman and touching her toes.

The incident occurred outside the ShopRite located on Ark Road on Saturday night just after 10:00 p.m. Police said that the woman was loading groceries into her car, when the man touched her toes.

Investigators said that the man told the woman he wanted to talk and compliment her toes. Police also said that the woman told him to stop.

The suspect admitted that he is obsessed with toes. ShopRite turned over its video surveillance to police. The victim described the suspect as a black male with short hair, weighing about 250 pounds, and wearing a white shirt.

Groom and best man die on the day of wedding which was also groom's 34th birthday

Accident scene illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A groom and his best man were killed while getting ready for the wedding.

Bongani Pampiri was excited for his big day, which was not only his wedding day but also his 34th birthday.

Sadly, this day turned into tragedy as he died on Saturday, after his Chevrolet Spark crashed into a Mini Cooper in Batho, near Bloemfontein, South Africa.

His father Johannes, 59, said that his son was about to get married and it was his birthday. What started out as the best day of his life ended in death.

The groom’s relative, Granny Magano, said that they had already put the finishing touches in the hall in Thaba Nchu, for the wedding when the tragic accident occurred.

A witness said that the bodies of the groom and his best man, 33, were trapped under the vehicle. Locals tried to save the man, but when they were pulled out from under the car the two were already dead.

The driver of the second car was slightly injured. Police spokeswoman Colonel Thandi Mbambo said that they were investigating the incident, and that the driver of the second car may face charges of manslaughter.

Woman and her teenage son sentenced to jail after they were caught having sex

Couple in bed illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man walked in on his wife and son having sex in the son’s bed.

Shuvai Mudzingwa, 33, and her 18-year-old son Michael Tuesday of Zimbabwe, began a prison sentence of three years each after admitting to incest before a magistrate in Gweru.

Prosecutor Chipo Matshe told the court that the two lovebirds’ illicit relationship "fell apart after they became reckless - and had sex while her husband and two children slept nearby.”

The court heard that on the night they were caught, Shuvai slipped out of bed just after midnight, leaving her husband snoring in bed.

While in the act, Michael's father woke up and heard love making noises coming from his room. He found his wife and son having sex.

The two physically overpowered the father, forcing him out of the house and told him to leave them alone, according to court records.

Police conducted an investigation and Shuvai was arrested. In court, the woman admitted to sleeping with her son four times. Now, she and her son will spend the next three years in prison.

Desperate prostitutes now selling sex to any man with ‘buy now pay later option’

Prostitutes working in Pinetown 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Residents in South Africa, are frustrated with the influx of prostitutes in their neighborhood.

People have jokingly renamed the street to “street sex.” This is because the corner of Park Lane and Club Lake streets in Pinetown, has become a hotspot for prostitutes.

The women wander around the street, offering to sell their bodies and are harassing men into having sex with them.

Residents said that the influx of prostitutes began about four months ago.

The women try to pressure men into having sex with them by offering a “buy now pay later option.”

“They tell men that they can have sex now and pay them at the end of the month,” a witness said.

“Now people are afraid to walk on the street because they are harassed by the prostitutes,” another witness said.

One of the prostitutes said that people should mind their own business. “This is our street, we have a lot of customers here compared to the other street where we used to operate. We will not move,” she said.

Grandmother takes bullet while protecting her grandson saving his life

Shopping mall illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A grandmother’s love was tested when a man armed with two guns began shooting in her grandson’s direction.

Grandma Tania Thornton of New Jersey, was walking with her grandson to a store in Newark, when a man walking toward them with two guns in his hand began shooting.

When the man began shooting in the direction of 6-year-old General Burke, the grandmother immediately placed her grandson behind her back.

As she did so the bullet struck Thornton in the leg. “I fell, to the ground and I pushed my grandson’s head down. I put my body on top of his to protect him,” Thornton said.

“All I thought of was protecting my grandson. I did not want him shot,” Thornton added.

Mrs. Thornton spent a few days in a hospital. While recovering, family and friends came to visit and called her a hero. “I am not a hero, I am something much better - a grandmother,” she said.