Hospital slapped with lawsuit after conspiring with doctors to perform needless heart surgeries (video)

Doctors illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A hospital in Indiana, was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit after allegedly conspiring with doctors to perform needless heart surgeries on patients, according to court documents.

28 people signed onto the lawsuit filed against their cardiologist.

The plaintiffs claim that the hospital allowed the doctor to perform needless surgeries for years. One man died just a day after receiving a pacemaker, which was implanted at the Munster Community Hospital.

The operation was performed by an associate of Dr. Arvind Gandhi. Gandhi, his practice and the hospital are being blamed for the man’s death because that procedure was not necessary.

All plaintiffs claim that Gandhi recommended or performed hundreds of unnecessary heart surgeries, and they accuse the hospital staff of knowing about it.

Gandhi pockets millions of dollars after performing the unnecessary procedure, according to the lawsuit.

Woman gives birth after claiming to have been pregnant for 5 years

By: Feng Qian

A woman claims that after five years of pregnancy she finally gave birth at a church in Nigeria.

Adenike Kolawole said that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy after trying to have a child for the past 27 years.

Kolawole delivered the baby on Sunday, at the Evangelical Church of Cherubim and Seraphim, which is located in Lagos. Kolawole said that when she found out that she was pregnant, she was very happy.

However, she became nervous when she did not give birth after 10 months of pregnancy. The pregnant woman visited many doctors, but no one seemed to be able to help her.

That is when she sought a spiritual solution. On Sunday, during services at the church, she went into labor and gave birth to her boy.

The baby’s father thanked the church members for their support, and he said that he is very happy about being a father after all these years.

Man ordered to pay $30,000 in child support for kid who is not his or face jail time (video)

By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in back child support for a kid who is not his or face jail.

The State of Michigan ordered the Detroit man to pay $30,000 in child support for an adult.

Carnell Alexander said that he learned about the paternity case against him during a traffic stop in Detroit. The police officer told him that he is a deadbeat dad, and he had a warrant for his arrest.

Alexander told the officer that he doesn’t have a child, but he was taken into custody. The state claims that Alexander had a child many years ago, and ignored a court order to pay child support.

Alexander has never met the alleged child. Alexander managed to get a DNA sample of the child, and it showed that he is not the father.

Alexander explained to the judge that the child is not his, but nothing helped. The judge warned him that he will be jailed if he doesn’t pay up.

Alexander was first listed as the child’s father after the child’s mother applied for state benefits and listed him as the father.

Groom and bride slam into cement floor while making grand entrance to wedding (video)

Julia Magdaleno and Chad Kannard 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A bride and groom were left with sore bones after slamming into a cement floor while making a grand entrance to their wedding ceremony, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The video that was uploaded to YouTube, shows the groom running with his bride in his arms before falling forward onto his beloved wife.

The incident unfolded at the Jackpot Ranch in Camp Verde, Arizona.

The bride, 25-year-old Julia Magdaleno, and her groom, 27-year-old Chad Kannard, said that they suffered sore bones in the days following the incident.

The bride and groom were on the floor just a few seconds, before Kannard was able to get back up on his feet with his wife in his arms.

Kannard absorbs the brunt of the impact as his arms were beneath his wife. The bride said that the fall did not dampen her mood, and she enjoyed her wedding.

Paraplegic man caught at border with meth taped to his legs

Arturo Chavez Solis 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A paraplegic man who crossed into Texas from Mexico, was caught with meth, which he taped to his legs, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said.

41-year-old Arturo Chavez Solis of Aldama, Chihuahua, was the only passenger in a car crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, when he was caught with the illegal drugs.

A Customs and Border Protection officer noticed suspicious bulges on the thighs of the passenger and patted him down. The officer also places Solis on his wheelchair, and took him to a safe area.

Officers found two packages of meth, which were glued to his thighs. Solis was arrested and turned over to agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Solis told ICE agents that he thought he was smuggling marijuana, and he was paid $200 for his efforts. If convicted, Solis faces 10 years in prison.

Bus driver pleasures himself while driving children to school (video)

Robert Bertart 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A bus driver was arrested on charges of public lewdness after allegedly pleasuring himself while driving children to school, police in New York said.

Ramapo Police said that they arrested 60-year-old Robert Bertart of Orangetown.

Police said that Bertart never touched the 14-year-old child, who was on the bus while he pleasured himself. The student saw the driver through the large mirror used to watch students on the bus.

The bus was near the school when the student observed the driver’s activity. After being dropped off at school, the student told school officials and parents what the driver did.

The bus company suspended Bertart, after they learned about his arrest. Bertart had been driving for the company for six years without incident.

Young woman recorded having sex with 3-year-old boy and dog

Angeline Lodice 
By: Feng Qian

A woman was arrested on charges of sexual assault after allegedly being recorded having sex with a young boy and a dog, police in Louisiana said.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said that they arrested 26-year-old Angeline Lodice of 148 Newman Avenue, after detectives saw videos and photos, showing the woman performing sexual acts with the boy.

Another video shows her having sex with a dog.

The abuse came to light after the boy's father was contacted by a relative of Lodice, who said that he received the photos and videos of Lodice and the child.

Detectives said that the woman admitted that it was her in the videos, but said that he could not identify the child because she believed she was drugged.

Lodice was arrested, and she was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on charges of aggravated rape of a victim under age 13, the participation of minors in pornography, crimes against nature and sexual assault.

Lodice faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted of aggravated rape.

Man wakes up to find his best friend’s wife on top of him

Megan Davis Hoelting 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested on charges of sexual assault after breaking into the home of her husband’s best friend and sleeping with him, police in Texas said.

Williamson County Police said that they have arrested 31-year-old Megan Davis Hoelting, after being accused of breaking into the home on Monday night.

According to the police investigation, the woman entered the victim's house through an open door. Hoelting was dressed in her nightgown, and she took it off once she got inside the home.

Hoelting got into bed with the man, grabbed his private parts and performed a sexual act. The victim was asleep at the time.

The victim woke up to find the strange woman on top of him.

The man used his phone light to see through the darkness. That is when he realized that the woman was the wife of his friend.

The man ordered Hoelting to leave.

When she refused, he called the police. Hoelting was arrested and booked into the Williamson County jail.

Hoelting has been a bad girl this month, as she was arrested three times on charges of assault, public drunkenness and theft.

Married pastor caught having sex with police officer’s wife in car in broad daylight

Car parked in wooded area illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Two love birds were arrested after having sex in broad daylight.

The man is a married, and according to his Facebook page, a pastor of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.

Reverend Norbert Chivese left his wife at home and drove his car to meet a married woman for sex. The two then drove to a wooded area.

The woman, Fortunate Safuri, is married to Allen Tafirei, who is an officer with the Beatrice Police Department. Safuri and her husband have been married for about 8 years.

Police said that they spotted the car bouncing and walked over to see what was going on. The reverend spotted the officer, grabbed his clothing and attempted to jump over to the front seat.

Officers ordered the lovers out of the car. The woman who was without her clothes, was given a few moments to get dressed before being arrested.

The cheating couple was escorted to the police station in Beatrice, where they were charged with public nuisance. They were fined $20 each.

Woman spends $175,000 to win $250 lawsuit from Starbucks

Starbucks store illustration  
By: Wayne Morin

A woman spent a whopping $175,000 and two years in court only to win a meager $250.

Pam Montgomery of Okemos, Michigan, sued after Starbucks stopped making coffee for a single serving machine.

Montgomery said that she bought a Tassimo coffee maker by Kraft Foods, because it was able to make her favorite Starbucks coffee. However, Starbucks ended its agreement with Kraft, which made the T-Discs for the Tassimo machine.

Instead, Starbucks made its own machine, and continues making T-Discs, which are compatible with their machines.

The woman accused Kraft and Starbucks, of misleading her and other consumers by making them buy the machine and then discontinuing the product.

However, after two years in federal court in West Michigan, a judge refused to make this a class action case.

Attorney Edward Perdue of Grand Rapids, who represented Starbucks, said that the woman does not deny that she was able to use the Starbucks T-Discs when she purchased her machine, and she does not claim that Starbucks promised to sell those T-Discs forever.

“Business agreements end, and products are discontinued all the time,” Perdue said.

The woman and her lawyer finally settled the case for $250 plus attorneys fees. Montgomery's lawyer, Timothy McCarthy Jr., said that his fees have reached $175,000.

A judge will determine how much of the lawyer's fee Starbucks should pay.

School teaches kids to wash their nose after snorting cocaine

Drugs illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A school in Scotland, is causing controversy after it published books to teach kids the correct way to take drugs.

The pocket sized booklet, which is given to students as young as 13 years old, lists “safety tips” on how to take illegal drugs.

The booklet was produced by the Edinburgh Council and the city's Drug and Alcohol Project. It includes the street names of drugs, the effects and risks of taking them, and safety tips on how to use those drugs.

Students are advised to sleep well before and after using cocaine. Avoid mixing cocaine with alcohol and to wash their nose after each session.

When taking MDMA or ecstasy, users are told to start with a half a pill and wait at least two hours, before taking another dose and to sip water regularly.

Cannabis smokers are advised to take short puffs when inhaling and not to share rolled-up bank notes while snorting cocaine to prevent infection.

Critics said that this booklet will make it seem fine for kids to smoke drugs. “I ​​do not know why anyone would put a pamphlet telling teenagers to take drugs safely. There is no safe way to take drugs,” Agnes Morrison said.

“The only safe guide is to not take drugs at all,” Morrison added. The council claimed that it was important to give children all the facts.

Gorgeous woman with blue eyes put up for sale on ebay to find a boyfriend

The ebay advertisement 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Do you want a good-looking girlfriend, just browse ebay.

A man was frustrated that his gorgeous and kindhearted sister was not finding a good man, so he put her up for sale on ebay.

27-year-old Maalem Sammy, who lives in Cardiff, Wales, has been unlucky in finding love. According to her brother, men take advantage of her.

She has been single for the past year, because of her experience with men. According to her brother, Sammy had been cheated on was dumped by men.

Kyle, 28, decided to help his sister find a good man by selling a date with the beauty to the highest bidder.

The “date my sister” online advertisement reads: “First this is a serious ad. My sister is 27 years old, originally from London, but now lives in Cardiff. She is thin and curvy, 5 feet 4 inches tall, dark hair and blue eyes.

“She is very bubbly and outgoing. She is not a party animal and very faithful. No kids, but would like kids eventually.

“My sister is unlucky with finding a real man. So me and my family are looking for someone who is a great guy, and is genuine as well as loving, faithful, normal and just very down to earth.

“The man must have a job and be decent looking. Sammy prefers men taller than 5 feet 8 inches. The man must be kindhearted and genuine.

“Must be aged 27 to 35. Must be family oriented as we are also a close family. No silly boys. No one night stands. No one who is confused if they are straight or not. No weirdos. No married or engaged men. No overseas and must be within a 150 mile radius.”

Sammy's mother Natalie, 52, who has been married for 30 to her husband Simon, 54, spoke highly of her daughter and said that she would make the perfect girlfriend for the right person.

New York police sergeant accused of watching woman having sex with baby wearing diapers

New York Police car illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A New York police sergeant was arrested after authorities found child pornography on his computer.

Federal prosecutors have also charged a woman in Colorado, on charges of conspiring with the police sergeant to molest a one-year-old boy.

Sgt. Alberto Randazzo of Queens, is accused of using Skype to direct the woman to perform sex acts on the child, who is still in diapers.

This is not the first time that Randazzo, 38, was arrested. In February, he was arrested for downloading child pornography.

While he was out on bail, Randazzo allegedly asked the woman to sexually abuse her children while he watched. Authorities said that Randazzo, was heard speaking in the video.

Investigators found at least 11 files of Skype video chat sessions involving Randazzo, the woman and child.

Randazzo, a 15 year veteran of the Midtown North Precinct, was suspended from the force without pay.

Highly educated man stabs wife and two teenage daughters before hanging himself

The Lad family  
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Four members of one family, were found dead in their home in England.

Police said that the father stabbed his wife and children to death in their beds.

The father then stayed at the family home with the bodies for several days, before hanging himself in a bedroom.

Jitendra Lad, 49, is believed to have killed his wife, Daksha Lad, 44, and their daughters, Trisha, 19, and Nisha, 16, in his family house in Clayton, Bradford.

The motive for the killings remains a mystery. Police have not yet found a suicide note in the house. Neighbors were shocked with the deaths of the family as they were very respected people.

Mr. Lad was a council worker and school association chairman. His wife was a clerical officer with the local council.

A concerned neighbor called the police after not seeing the daughters leaving from the house a few days. Officers broke in and found the bodies.

A post-mortem examination confirmed that the father died by hanging on Monday.

The autopsy revealed that his wife and daughters have been stabbed to death in their sleep sometime during the weekend.

19-year-old Trisha was in her second year at Leeds University, studying for a degree in biochemistry. The daughters were described as very intelligent and inseparable.

DNA from feces in toilet helps police catch thief who stole $250,000 worth of jewelry

Ramon Herrera insert  
By: Wayne Morin

A man who relieved himself during a robbery, forgot to flush the toilet, police in New Mexico said.

Police in Albuquerque, arrested the man who robbed a home. The man made a clean getaway with the stolen goods.

However, he left one piece of smelly evidence behind, his feces in the toilet.

Police caught Ramon Herrera, for the robbery after testing the DNA he left in the toilet. Police said that the 33-year-old man relieved himself after stealing $250,000 in jewelry from the house while the owners were on vacation.

Police said that Herrera also took a soda from the refrigerator, drank from the can and left his DNA on it.

Investigators said that the DNA from the can and from the toilet was matched to Herrera. He was arrested and booked into the Bernalillo County jail.

Couple arrested for having sex with their dog and posting video of it online

Brenda and Robert Mettler 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A couple was arrested after authorities found a video of the woman having sex with the family dog.

The video was traced back to the couple of Oklahoma, and they were arrested.

Police searched the home of Brenda Mettler, 42, and her husband, Robert, 44, in Claremore, and found a video showing a dog performing oral sex on the women.

Deputies also found videos showing various breeds of dogs, which perform sexual acts on different women.

Robert allegedly told police that seeing the heinous acts was a fantasy fulfilled. Brenda allegedly said that it was a one time deal. However, she had no idea that the video was posted online to a bestiality website.

Robert denies posting the video. He claims that someone must have hacked his computer and stole it.

Regardless of who posted it, the act was done to the poor dog that had died since then.

The couple faces charges including cruelty to animals, crimes against nature and distribution of obscene material.