McDonald’s plays adult movies on large screen while children were eating burgers and fries

Adult movie playing at McDonald’s 
By: Wayne Morin

Parents are outraged after McDonald’s played adult movies on a large screen while their kids were eating dinner.

The incident unfolded over the weekend at a branch in Zuchwil, Switzerland.

One diner reported that she went to the restaurant with friends for burgers, when they got more than what she ordered. She said that several x-rated movies were shown on the large screen in the store while kids were present.

The adult movies were broadcast instead of the usual sports. However, employees at the restaurant did not notice what was being shown on the screen.

Eventually, an employee realized what was being shown on the screen and changed the channel. McDonald’s said that they ordered employees to leave the TV on the sports channel.

However, sometimes workers change the channel to satisfy customers.

A spokesperson for the company said that the employees were busy serving customers and they did not realize that adult movies were playing in the store.

Man finds $3 million in cash hidden under Ford truck

Cash illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was shocked to find a large stash of cash hidden under a Ford truck, police in Venezuela said.

Anti-drug agents discovered at least $3 million hidden under a false compartment of the truck that arrived on a ship from Miami, Florida.

The ship carried a Lebanese flag. The cash was discovered by an agent, who performed x-ray scans on the ship at Puerto Cabello, Carabobo.

49-year-old Arquimedes Jose Rondon was arrested in connection with the incident. Police said that they received a tip about the cash smuggling.

It is believed that the money was going to be sold in the black market, where U.S. dollars are sold at 26 times above the official rate of 6.3 bolivars per dollar.

Angry female executive expels flight attendant from plane for serving her nuts in a plastic bag (video)

Heather Cho 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A female airline executive flew into a rage after a flight attendant served her nuts in a bag instead of placing the food on a dish.

40-year-old Heather Cho, the head of in-flight services at Korean Air, ordered the pilot back to the gate in order to kick off the flight crew.

Korean Air apologized for the incident, which unfolded in New York at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Cho - the daughter of Yang-ho Cho, the president of the airline - will remain the vice president of the company.

She resigned as the head of in-flight services. The Airbus A380 jumbo jet was ready for takeoff to Incheon, Seoul, when the fight erupted.

Cho was sitting in first class when the flight attendant gave her macadamia nuts in a bag. Cho was outraged for not being served in a dish.

The flight arrived in Incheon, 11 minutes late. The Ministry of Transport in South Korea, said that it was investigating the incident.

Girl wakes up and is horrified to see strange man sleeping on her couch (video)

Sleeping man illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A girl freaked out after waking up and seeing a strange man sleeping on her couch, police in Hawaii said.

Waimanalo Police said that this is the second time this year, that a stranger was found asleep in the home by the girl.

In May, the girl saw a man she did not recognize, sleeping in the second bed in her bedroom. The girl had to call police four times and wait 45 minutes, for an officer to arrive at her home.

Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha apologized for the delay in response and promised an internal investigation. John Fritz was arrested and he pleaded no contest to charges of unauthorized entry.

On Saturday, the girl woke up and went into the living room to see another stranger asleep on the couch. Donald Crummer, the father of the child, said that he cannot understand why this keeps happening to his daughter.

Crummer said that he was at work on Saturday morning, when he received a call from the police. According to the police, the girl woke up at 9:30 a.m., went into the living room and saw the man.

She grabbed a stick, which she uses in martial arts, and barricaded herself in her bedroom before calling police. Police arrived after three minutes.

Police do not know how the suspect got inside the home as there were no signs of forced entry. Police arrested 21-year-old Bradley Lindsey, on charges of unauthorized entry.

His bail was set at $20,000.

100 men kiss one another at Burger King after security guard ordered gay couple to leave restaurant

Gay kiss-inn at Burger King 
By: Chan Yuan

A group of men stormed a Burger King in Spain, and staged a kiss-in protest after a security guard allegedly ordered a gay couple to leave the restaurant.

About 100 men participated in the kiss-in protest that took place in Madrid, after an LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) rights group filed a complaint against the security guard.

The security guard ordered the couple to leave after a married man and father of three children complained about them kissing in front of his kids.

Burger King staff and customers applauded the 100 gay men as they were kissing.

The fast food chain admitted that the expulsion of the two young men was an isolated incident, which does not reflect the long history of Burger King’s support of the LGBT community.

Diners who were present when the security guard told the couple to leave, said that they urged them not to leave. However, the couple left as they were angry and hurt.

The restaurant manager said Burger King supports diversity, and in no way support any homophobic behavior by a member of its staff.

He stated that the security guard had acted without his permission, and he encouraged the young couple to return to the store so he could apologize to them in person.

Woman sexually assaults her son before killing him and dumping his body in river

Veronica Panarello and Andrea Loris Stival 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing her son and throwing his body into a river, police in Italy said.

Sicily Police said that they arrested 25-year-old Veronica Panarello of Santa Croce Camerina, after she was accused of sexually assaulting her son.

She is also accused of murdering her son, 8-year-old Andrea Loris Stival, and dumping his body in a canal. His body was found by passersby and a murder investigation was launched.

The Medical Examiner revealed that the boy was strangled with a cable tie. Panarello denied the allegation. Panarello claims that she took her son to school in the morning of his disappearance.

However, video surveillance shows that the boy returned home from school and his mother later driving to Vecchio Mulino, where his body was found.

Man calls police and asks them for the quickest way to reserve a cell in prison

Jail cell illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police officers were shocked to receive a phone call from a would be criminal to reserve a cell in prison, police in Germany said.

Police in Bavaria said that the phone call came in on Sunday.

The caller, who refused to identify himself, dialed the emergency number and asked for the quickest way to reserve a cell in prison.

The suspect told the officer who answered the phone, that he had already been convicted of a crime, but had appealed to a higher court.

However, he changed his mind, and wanted to go straight to jail.

When he was told that officers cannot reserve a cell in prison, he threatened to go the nearest police station and cause a disturbance.

A few minutes later, the 35-year-old man appeared at the police station in Krumbach, and insisted on being arrested. The officers spoke with the man, and advised him to return home, think about it and talk to his lawyer.

Man horrified when his wife’s secret boyfriend walks into bedroom while sleeping with her

Cheating couple illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man flew into a rage when his wife’s secret boyfriend walked into his bedroom while he slept with her, police in Zimbabwe said.

Victoria Falls Police said that they arrested 22-year-old Calvin Murapata of Chinotimba Township on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., after he was accused of destroyed his wife’s clothes.

The wife was identified as 21-year-old Nomagugu Ncube. Ncube works as a model and won a local beauty pageant.

Murapata said that the incident unfolded when Munyaradzi Nananga, the secret boyfriend of his wife, walked into his bedroom while he was laying in bed with his wife.

Murapata said that Nananga, quickly left the room and fled from the scene. When he asked his wife who the man was, she said that he was a maid.

In anger, Murapata slapped his wife several times and he ripped her clothes. She fled from the house and went to the police to file a report of domestic violence.

Ncube recently gave birth to a girl. Ncube said that she hooked up with her boyfriend because her husband was too busy with his cars.

Ncube estimated that the damage to her clothes amounted to about $1,000.

Judge releases man who raped 7-year-old girl from prison because it is ‘unlawful’ to keep him locked up (video)

Prison cell illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Prosecutors in the United Kingdom, were shocked to learn that a judge has released a child rapist from prison because it is “unlawful” to keep him locked up.

48-year-old Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn of Cardiff, is a serious risk to children because of his violent history of raping youngsters.

He already served time in prison for raping a 9-year-old girl when he was sent back for indecently assaulting a 7-year-old girl.

A judge at the Cardiff Crown Court, considered him a very dangerous criminal and sentenced him to indefinite prison. However, Goodwyn was released after a higher court ruled that an indefinite prison sentence is unlawful.

Such sentences allow authorities to keep the most dangerous criminals locked up indefinitely, until they are proven safe to be released into the public community.

Lord Justice Coulson said that indefinite prison sentences can only be given for crimes that occur after April 2005, when the law was passed.

The Court of Appeal heard that Goodwyn, admitted to twice assaulting the girl when she was seven or eight years old, putting his hand down her pants and touching her inappropriately.

He was in prison two years before being released.

Male student feeds his female teacher pot brownies during class

Pot brownies illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A female school teacher fell ill after being fed pot brownies during class, police in Maryland said.

Annapolis Police said that the incident unfolded on Monday, when the 17-year-old boy was eating pot brownies in class.

The teen panicked when his teacher asked him for a piece. He reluctantly gave her a slice, and he did not tell her that the brownies contained marijuana.

She began to feel ill and disoriented.

She was taken to the nurse's office at the Broadneck High School, where it was determined that she suffered for the effects of marijuana.

The teacher told police that a student gave her a brownie during the third period. The 16-year-old girlfriend of the student also fell ill after consuming pot brownies.

The student was arrested on charges of administering a hazardous substance, assault and reckless endangerment.

Female postal worker steals 2,000 pieces of mail because she was bored (video)

Mail illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was arrested on charges of theft for allegedly stealing mail, said that she did so because she was bored, police in Michigan said.

The Detroit Police Department said that Sharon Berrien, who worked in a mail processing center, was accused on Monday, of stealing thousands of pieces of mail.

She allegedly took home about 2,000 pieces of mail over a period of two months. Police began investigating the mail processing center, when someone found mail laying on the I-94.

The man said that he found the mail scattered on the side of the road while walking on Pelham Road. He said that it was not the only time he found mail on the road.

His wife had also discovered mail in the area in October.

Police searched the processing center and found that Berrien worked on each of the dates that the mail was found on the road.

Police also said that the area where the mail was found was directly between the center and the home of Berrien. Police found about 800 pieces of mail in the garbage bin outside the house of Berrien.

Police questioned her, and she eventually admitted taking the mail to her house, hiding the mail in her closet until her husband went to work and then opening and removing the contents of the mail after he left.

Berrien said that she removed the cash, but not gift cards or checks. “I was bored,” Berrien told police when asked why she took the mail.

She told police that she did not need the cash and has no financial problems. She took about $1,500 in cash from envelopes.

In court, the woman pleaded not guilty to the charges, and she was released on $10,000 bail.

Police officer mauled by lions after jumping into enclosure at zoo (video)

Justo Jose 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A police officer is in serious condition after jumping into an enclosure populated by lions at a zoo, rescue workers in Spain said.

Barcelona Police said that the 45-year-old off-duty officer is in critical condition at a hospital on Monday night, after he climbed into the lions' enclosure at the main city zoo.

The incident unfolded on Sunday about 12:00 p.m., when Justo Jose, who was dressed in military clothes, climbed the fence separating the lions from the tigers.

It was a holiday weekend and the zoo was crowded with families who watched in horror as he was attacked by one lion and two tigers.

People threw stones at the animals until emergency services dispersed them with hoses and fire extinguishers. It took rescuers about a half hour before they were able to get to the man and transport him to the hospital.

High speed chase ends with driver fleeing on skateboard (video)

The suspect on the skateboard 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A high-speed chase in California, ended with the suspect riding away from the scene on a skateboard.

The suspect was being chased by police after he was accused of stealing a BMW sedan.

The man, who led police on a chase in Van Nuys, tried to escape on a skateboard before being blocked by a good Samaritan in a red van until officers arrived.

The suspect exited the 405 Freeway at Victory Boulevard after 3:30 p.m., and fled from police at high speeds, reaching up to 90 miles per hour at times.

The suspect crashed into the rear of another vehicle, which was stopped in traffic. The suspect then jumped out of the BMW and ran into traffic with a longboard skateboard in his arms.

He jumped on his skateboard and attempted to escape, but was unable to keep himself steady after riding it for less than half a block. The suspect ran into traffic again and onto a sidewalk.

A driver of a red pickup truck saw the suspect, and drove onto the sidewalk to block him. He pinned the man against a wall. The suspect was arrested by police without incident.

Police officer kills himself after two male relatives accused him of sexual abuse

By: Wayne Morin

A law enforcement officer of California, committed suicide after being accused of abusing relatives.

The body of Dennis Derr, 52, was found in his car in the parking lot of a Walmart in Palmdale. Derr died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

Derr was never formally charged of the crimes as the investigation was still in the early stages. Brian Hudson, a sergeant in the Special Victims Bureau of the Los Angeles County Police, confirmed that two adult males made accusations of sexual abuse against Derr shortly before he committed suicide.

Philip Derr, the son of detective Derr, said that the two adult men claimed that Derr had molested them when they were teenagers.

One of the relatives said that he had been abused repeatedly, while the other remembers one instant of abuse a few years ago, Philip Derr said.

According to Philip, the two relatives recently told the detective's wife about the alleged abuses. The woman wrote a note to her husband while he was sleeping, saying that she was aware of the allegations, and then left the family home.

The next morning, Derr wrote an email to members of the family, in which he denied the sexual abuse and referred to a plan to kill himself.

Members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff went to the home of Derr, a 17 year veteran with the force, to check on him, but he was not home.

His body was found a few hours later in his car in the parking lot of Walmart.

Derr, a detective since 2006, was assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Van Nuys Division, and for the past few years, he worked with a team of investigators who handle cases of sexual assault, department records show.

Man arrested for urinating on police car

Royal Canadian Mounted Police car Illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was taken down by a police dog after he urinated on a police car.

22-year-old Dany Lafrance, was arrested for urinating on the police car and attacking a police officer while drunk on Sunday morning, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The incident began when police tried to break up a group fight outside a bar in Beaumont, Alberta, police said. Authorities were called to the scene by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, after an inspector observed people drinking alcohol outside the bar.

After police arrived, Lafrance of Edmonton, urinated on the driver's side door of the police car, authorities said.

When police tried to arrest him for mischief, a fight broke out and Lafrance assaulted the officer before fleeing the scene, police said.

The assaulted officer was not seriously injured. Officers used police dogs and the help of a local taxi to find Lafrance, and arrested him without incident.

Lafrance was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and mischief.

Mother of 3 children dies after surgeons refused to operate on her because she had head lice

Lindsay Swanson 
By: Chan Yuan

A husband in the United Kingdom, is angry after doctors refused to perform surgery on his wife, which ultimately led to her death.

The mother of three children died after doctors canceled two vital operations because the woman was suffering from a severe case of head lice, an inquiry has heard.

Lindsay Swanson, 34, was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis caused by gallstones, and doctors said that they would have to remove them within six weeks, a court heard.

However, on two occasions, surgeons refused to perform the operation because Swanson had lice.

Dr. Clare Brown, who was the chief surgeon at the General Hospital of Leicester, said: “It's less than ideal to operate on someone with severe infestation of lice.”

She said that microscopic wounds on the head from scratching could lead to infection.

The woman’s partner, Lee Dunning, said that he tried to treat the lice, but it caused her hair to fall out.

Dr. Yazdiwe, who worked in the pre-op assessment unit, said that they were concerned over Swanson’s head lice and her faster than normal heartbeat.

The doctor wanted to discuss the matter with Swanson's general doctor, but she refused to give them permission.

After she was sent home, Lindsay was taken to a hospital by ambulance and tragically died a few weeks later.

Pathologist Lawrence Brown found the cause of death as multi-organ failure caused by pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas.

Father regains custody of daughter after burying her alive for being born with deformity

By: Wayne Morin

A man in Cambodia, buried his daughter alive after she was born with a deformity.

Now, the newborn baby girl, whose father left her for dead, will undergo surgery to correct the problem.

The baby named Kong Put Samnang, was born with a cleft lip. Shortly after her birth, the child's father, 29-year-old Kong Sokthy, buried her in a pile of dirt near a hospital.

The baby was found by a group of boys who were playing in the area. The baby was saved and is doing well.

The father was arrested, but all the charges against him were dropped after doctors announced that the baby was doing good and she will survive.

The baby’s mother and father regained custody of the child despite the fact that they wanted her dead due to her deformity.

The baby's mother, Heng Dany, said that she did not know that a cleft lip can be fixed.

Dany said that Sokthy’s feelings toward his daughter have changed since he buried her alive. “He loves our daughter very much,” she said.

Samnang, who is now 7 months old, will undergo a surgery that will take approximately 45 minutes, to correct her cleft lip.

According to reports, one of every 500 children in Cambodia, are born with a cleft lip. It is a highly stigmatized deformity, and it is not uncommon for parents to abandon their children who are born with the condition.

Doctor arrested for choking woman by forcing her to swallow abortion pill

Dr. Thomas A. Pfeiffer 
By: Wayne Morin

A New York doctor was arrested for forcing a woman to take an abortion pill.

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office arrested Dr. Thomas A. Pfeiffer, 44, of Red Hook at 7:00 p.m.

Pfeiffer was charged with the violent felony of Strangulation in the Second Degree, felony of Abortion in the Second Degree, the misdemeanors of Assault in the Third Degree and Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree.

Deputies responded to a residence on Dewitt Mills Road in the Town of Rosendale, to investigate a 911 hang up call.

After deputies arrived at the residence, they learned that Pfeiffer was involved in a violent dispute with a woman. During the course of the dispute, Pfeiffer choked the victim and forced her to consume a pill that would cause an abortion.

The victim sustained injuries to her throat and neck. The victim was transported to Health Alliance Hospital in Kingston, and was treated and released. Pfeiffer was taken into custody by deputies. Additional charges are pending against Pfeiffer.

Dr. Pfeiffer was arraigned in the Town of Kingston Court. He was remanded to the Ulster County Jail in lieu of $50,000 cash or $100,000 secured bond.

Police officer faces punishment for refusing to use Taser on suicidal man

Mahesh Sarin 
By: Taser illustration

(Scroll down for video) A police officer who refused to use “excessive force” on a suicidal man, is facing punishment and may be fired.

The police officer, who also works at the California State University Monterey Bay, was placed on leave and is under investigation for not shooting a student with a Taser.
The incident unfolded when the CSUMB officer and three Marina police officers responded to a call about a suicidal student.

The CSUMB officer who arrived at the scene, successfully defused the situation and was able to help the student calm down. He then went to get the student a cup of water.

During his absence, the three Marina police officers began physically restraining the student. At that point, the student became irritated again. The Marina officers ordered the CSUMB officer to use his Taser on the student.

However, the CSUMB officer did not see the need to use excessive force and refused to use his Taser.

Marina Police Chief Edmundo Rodriguez said the failure to act led the Marina police to file a complaint against the CSUMB officer.

The father of the student said: “It defies logic and is extremely disappointing that at a time when law enforcement is under fire for using more force than necessary, an officer is being terminated for attempting to use civilized methods to resolve a situation.”

The officer, whose name has not been released, is a 20 year law enforcement veteran. He has been with the University Police for the past eight years.

Woman arrested for beating twin sister in fight over adult toy

Heidi Creamer and Holly Creamer-Ryan 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A fight over an adult toy and a man, landed a woman in jail, according to police in Florida.

Heidi Creamer of Palm Bay, was arrested for beating her twin sister, Holly Creamer-Ryan.

The 48-year-old woman hit her sister in the face with a closed fist in a home that the sisters share with Heidi's boyfriend. Holly tried to fight back, but was punched to the ground.

Heidi continued to punch her sister before she scratched her face, causing it to bleed. She also pulled her hair.

Heidi then grabbed some of her belongings and stepped out of the home. When she left, Holly closed the door and locked it.

Holly ran to the balcony and screamed for her neighbors to call the police. The first officer to arrive on the scene, saw Holly with blood all over her face. He went upstairs and saw Heidi banging on the door, shouting and waving.

She was handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car, where she told the officer that she was fighting with her sister over an adult toy and her boyfriend.

Heidi was charged with domestic assault. She was booked into the Manatee County Jail. Heidi has a long criminal history including battery and drunk driving.