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Man commits suicide in jail by swallowing plastic deodorant cap after being accused of domestic violence

By Mason White 6:07 PM January 1, 2015
Albert Fabian Jr. 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man who was devastated for being accused of domestic violence, committed suicide in jail, according to court documents filed in Ohio.

Now, Cuyahoga County agreed to pay $200,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of 47-year-old Albert Fabian Jr., a prisoner who died in the county jail after choking on a plastic deodorant cap.

Fabian of Parma, died at the St. Vincent Charity Medical Center after prison staff tried to resuscitate him. Fabian was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated robbery.

The Office of the Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide. Apparently, Fabian was devastated to be accused of domestic violence.

He swallowed the plastic cap and choked to death.

The inmate’s estate filed a federal wrongful death claim against the county, the Sheriff’s Office and other staff members, claiming that they knew Fabian was a suicide risk and did not monitor him properly.

The federal lawsuit was dismissed as a result of the settlement.