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95-year-old husband dies after his 96-year-old wife was taken from him by family in fight over inheritance

By Mason White 1:29 PM January 1, 2015
Edith Hill and Eddie Harrison 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man died of a broken heart after his wife’s daughter took her away from him in a dispute over her inheritance.

The 95-year-old man died weeks after his 96-year-old wife was taken from him.

Eddie Harrison died on Tuesday at a hospital in Virginia, after his wife was taken from him against her will.

Apparently, he became distressed when his wife’s daughter took her mother, Edith Hill, to live with her in Florida, in an attempt to protect her assets.

The couple married in Alexandria, Virginia, earlier this year after being friends for over a decade. That’s when the problems started.

Hill’s estate including property is worth about $475,000 – according to real estate appraisals.

One of Hill’s daughters, Rebecca Wright, supported the marriage and helped care for the couple, but her other daughter, Patricia Barber, contested the marriage.

Barber went to court and asked a judge to nullify the marriage on the grounds that her mother had been declared legally incapacitated several years ago.

A judge appointed a new guardian for Hill, to protect her interests. The judge removed Barber and Wright as the legal guardians, but decided to leave the marriage intact.

A few weeks ago, Hill’s guardian took her to Florida. Hill was told that she was going on a vacation for two weeks.

Police were called to the house after Hill refused to go without her husband. She was finally persuaded to go to Florida alone.

When Hill did not return home as planned after two weeks, Harrison realized that she would not return to him.

Daisy Birch, a friend of the family, said that Harrison was heartbroken. He became weak and sick, and was admitted to the hospital with the flu.

Sadly, he died shortly thereafter. The dispute continues between Barber and Wright, over Hill’s affairs and place of residence.