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Woman walks her dog by attaching leash to her Mercedes

By Mason White 1:40 PM January 2, 2015
Dog walked while chained to Mercedes 

By: Chan Yuan
Dog lovers Italy, are outraged after seeing a woman walk her dog by attaching its leash to her luxury car.

Animal rights activists in Kottingbrunn, condemned the actions of the woman who was caught walking her dog while sitting behind the wheel of her Mercedes.

The woman was seen by several witnesses dragging the dog next to the car with a choke collar on a leather leash. The dog was being dragged along the side of the road as the woman drove her car.

When confronted by concerned citizens, the woman explained that she recently had back surgery and could not walk her dog.

The Association Against Animal Cruelty (VGT) filed a complaint with the police against the woman on charges of animal cruelty.