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Man takes his goldfish for surgery after it suffered from constipation

By Mason White 11:38 AM January 2, 2015
The fish being monitored before surgery 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A pet owner of England, spent a lot of money on surgery to save his goldfish after it became constipated.

The man took the fish to a veterinary clinic in North Walsham, Norfolk, after noticing that the fish was struggling to eliminate waste.

He had hoped it would be a simple procedure, but was informed by the staff at Toll Barn Veterinary Center that the fish required delicate surgery at a cost of £300 (about $465).

The pet owner agreed to pay the fee and surgery was performed on the goldfish.

Veterinarian Faye Bethell, 29, carefully administered an anesthetic before using tiny instruments to remove two lumps of waste from the fish.

She used a mini heart-rate monitor to check the fish before using a miniature scalpel to remove the waste. She then sewed each cut with three stitches before using a special glue to cover and waterproof the fish’s scales.

The procedure lasted for about 50 minutes, and the fish made a full recovery.

“The actual surgery is quite simple, but the administration of anesthesia is quite complicated,” Bethell said. She also said that if left untreated the fish would have died.