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Man bites into 3-inch drill bit while eating chicken bought from fast food restaurant

By Mason White 6:36 PM January 4, 2015
Drill bit illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
An angry fast food restaurant customer in the United Kingdom, filed a complaint with health officials after biting into a 3-inch long drill bit, which made its way into a piece of chicken.

The man said that he almost broke a tooth on the piece of metal.

Now, Top Kebab and Pizza received a 7,500-pound ($11,500) fine after health inspectors found drill bits stored next to food items.

The store of London, was undergoing renovations at the time that the inspectors visited.

They also discovered electrical equipment, screwdrivers, drills and decoration materials stored near where food was being prepared.

The owner of the restaurant, Nehmatullah Jamalzadah, was found guilty by the Romford Magistrate’s Court of violating the Food Safety Act 1990.