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Man lives with piece of car metal in his arm for 50 years (video)

By Mason White 6:38 PM January 4, 2015
Arthur Lampitt with his wife after doctors removed
Thundered turn signal from his arm 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man of Illinois, underwent surgery to remove a piece of car metal that was embedded in his arm for more than 50 years, doctors in Missouri said.

The incident began 51 year ago, when Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, crashed into a truck while driving a 1963 Thunderbird.

During the accident Lampitt broke his hip, diverting attention away from the arm that healed. 10 years ago, while trying to enter a courthouse, Lampitt set off a metal detector alarm.

An x-ray showed that a thin object the length of a pencil was embedded in his arm. However, since it did not cause any pain, doctors told Lampitt to leave it there.

A few weeks ago, while carrying bricks, his arm began to hurt. Lampitt, 75, decided to undergo surgery.

He checked into the City Place Surgery Center in Creve Coeur, Missouri, where doctors removed a 7-inch long piece of metal that was once the turn signal of his Thunderbird.

Dr. Timothy Lang said that it took doctors 45 minutes to remove the object.