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Man severely beaten after being caught raping his nephew’s girlfriend

By Mason White 6:44 PM January 4, 2015
William Mattson 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was severely beaten after he was caught red-handed raping his nephew’s girlfriend.

The man of South Carolina, was arrested on sexual assault charges after being accused of sexually assaulting his nephew’s girlfriend.

Police arrested William Mattson, 52, of Conway, on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, and he is being held without bail.

According to the police report, the nephew and his girlfriend spent the night at his father’s home after the two attended a party.

The nephew was out of the house, and when he returned he heard moaning sounds coming from inside the room he shared with his girlfriend.

He told police that he kicked the door down and found his uncle, Mattson, who also lives in the house, on top of his girlfriend. He then beat his uncle, leaving his face badly bruised.

While the nephew was giving his statement to the police, the uncle came home and told police that his nephew had dropped off his girlfriend and left.

He and the girlfriend were drinking together. Mattson told police that he began to hug and kiss his nephew’s girlfriend while she was naked under a blanket, but he was fully clothed. He claimed that the act was consensual.

His nephew then came back and hit him repeatedly, according to the report. Officers spoke with the girlfriend, whose age was not revealed, and she said that it was not consensual.

Mattson was arrested and held without bail. The nephew was not arrested for assaulting and injuring his uncle.