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Teen wakes up in middle of brain surgery and asks doctor how procedure is going

By Mason White 4:41 PM January 5, 2015
Iga Jasica 

By: Chan Yuan
A doctor in Poland, who was performing brain surgery, was horrified to see his patient wake up during the procedure.

19-year-old Iga Jasica woke up despite being under general anesthesia, and was alert enough to ask the surgeon how the surgery is going.

Jasica was having a cancerous growth removed from her brain in the Central Clinical Hospital in Katowice. Her brain was exposed at the time she woke up, and she chatted with the medical team about cats.

Despite waking up, the woman did not feel any pain.

It is possible that the surgery caused her to wake up, but doctors are also investigating whether the anesthesia was administered correctly.

After the surgery, Jasica said that she does not remember waking up and she feels great.