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Vial of urine gets stuck in man’s behind after trying to cheat drug test

By Mason White 5:07 PM January 6, 2015
The urine vial after being removed from patient’s behind 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was rushed to a hospital after getting a vial of urine stuck in his behind, doctors in Canada said.

Doctors at the St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, said that they recently removed the urine bottle after the man hid it in his behind in order to cheat a drug test.

The patient admitted that he had inserted the clean urine sample of his friend in his behind in an attempt to use it during the drug test.

However, the patient forgot to take out the vial and was rushed to the hospital after suffering stomach pain. Doctors were able to remove the jar, and the patient recovered.

Dr. Hin Hin Ko, who removed the urine vial from the man, said that he sees patients with items stuck in their behinds two or three times per year.

One patient came in with a carrot in the behind, claiming to have slipped and fell on it. Dr. Ko warned that placing items up the behind can cause serious internal damage and can also lead to infections.