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Female police officer forces man to bend over so girls can slap his backside

By Mason White 11:03 AM January 6, 2015
Virat Dhoni held down by Monica Singh 

By: Chan Yuan
A police officer carried out street justice after a man harassed school girls.

The man was accused of trying to get the attention of young women in central India.

The girls felt that they were being sexually harassed by the man so they complained to a female police officer.

The police officer decided to carry out street justice.
Virat Dhoni was forced to bend over in the middle of a public street so that the group of teenage girls could slap him in the backside.

The 23-year-old man was accused of wolf whistling to get the attention of the school girls in Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh.

According to court records, the teens told Sub-Inspector Monica Singh, that Dhoni was bothering them. That is when Singh grabbed him and carried out the humiliating punishment.

Singh encouraged the girls to spank the man as punishment for his actions.

However, Dhoni was not amused with the punishment. He filed a complaint and told a judge that the public spanking was humiliating and that the officer should not have taken the law into her own hands.

“I felt embarrassed standing there while the women beat me. I did not put my hands on them and it is not the job of a police officer to decide who is and who is not guilty,” Dhoni said.

However, the judge rejected his claim, saying that he deserved the beating and that he would not have gotten away with a simple slap on the wrist if the courts had dealt with the case.

The judge said that the punishment fit the crime as he tormented his victims in public with his whistling.