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White horse suffers from depression after thief cut off its hair

By Mason White 4:29 PM January 8, 2015
White horse illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police are looking to arrest and charge a thief with robbery after allegedly breaking into a farm and stealing a white horse’s hair, police in Canada said.

Princeton Police said that Randy Ferrell was inspecting his farm when he realized that his 25-year-old white horse was missing about three feet of hair.

Ferrell believes that someone cut his horse’s tail after jumping the fence of his farm. He said that although the horse wasn’t injured it still suffers from depression.

The horse became shy around people and has also lost weight. Due to the age of the horse, its tail will never grow back. Ferrell said that he believes the thief stole the hair in order to sell it.

Hair from horses is used in musical instruments, jewelry and hair extensions for humans. It can also be used for show horses.

Police asked anyone with information to come forward.