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Boy Scouts volunteer accused of sexually assaulting 12 children while camping

By Mason White 4:33 PM January 8, 2015
Camping illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A Boy Scouts volunteer was arrested on charges of sexual assault after allergen sexually assaulting 12 children while camping, police in Zimbabwe said.

Harare Police said that they arrested 25-year-old Blessing Hove of Epworth, after he was accused of abusing numerous children.

According to the police investigation, Hove sexually abused 12 boys last month, while working for a school as a Boy Scouts trainer.

Hove invite children, aged between 9 and 14, for a night of camping, during which time he asked them to undress in the dark.

Hove then proceeded to sexually abuse them. Hove was charged with aggravated indecent assault.

Prosecutors told the Harare Magistrate’s Court that detectives have interviewed and recorded statements from 7 of the 12 children violated by Hove, and will interview the remaining 5 victims shortly.