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Drunk driver tells arresting officer everyone drives drunk at this time of the year

By Mason White 1:24 PM January 9, 2015
Drunk driving illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A drunk driver couldn’t understand why he was arrested on charges of drunk driving, saying that everyone drives drunk, police in New Jersey said.

Vineland Police said that they arrested Daniel Pratts, despite telling officer he shouldn’t be charged because everyone drives drunk.

According to the police investigation, Pratts was arrested around 12:00 a.m., after a police officer saw him go through a stop sign and nearly hitting a police officer’s vehicle.

Pratts failed a field sobriety test and was taken to police headquarters for processing. While there, he told another officer that everyone drives drunk at this time of the year.

Pratts denied drinking any alcohol, but police said that his vehicle emitted an odor of alcohol mixed with perfume. Pratts was also charged with refusing to take a breathalyzer test and reckless driving.