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Father kills his 5 young children as sacrifice in order to gain magical powers and live forever

By Mason White 5:20 PM January 11, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
Police are looking to arrest and charge a father of six children with murder after allegedly killing 5 of his kids to achieve eternal life, police in Pakistan said.

Saeed Khan Police said that they are looking for 40-year-old Ali Nawaz Leghari, after being accused of killing his children by giving them sedatives and then strangling them.

According to the police investigation, the suspect was fighting with his wife and was also learning black magic. A religious leader told the suspect that he should sacrifice his children in order to achieve eternal life.

Leghari was conducting a 40-day spiritual journey when he tried to kill his family by poisoning their dinner, but his plan was foiled by his wife.

She fled from the home along with her oldest child. Leghari then killed the remaining children one by one. He strangled them one by one inside their rooms.

The children were identified as Haseena, 15, Mukhtiar, 12, Shabir, 7, Humera, 4, and Zameer, 3. Police found the rope that has been used to strangle the five children at the scene.

Leghari was seen taking a bus to Hyderabad. Leghari’s surviving son, Sabir Hussain, told investigators that his father is a drug addict who is obsessed with black magic.