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Two women steal people’s identities to buy breast implants

By Mason White 9:33 AM January 11, 2015
Devante Ruffin and Jamonte Booker 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Two women and three men were arrested for their elaborate identity theft scheme.

Police in Houston, Texas, said that the group found boxes of old leasing records while looking for an apartment.

Police said that when two of the men were looking to lease an apartment, when they were shown an apartment on Old Farm Road near Westheimer.

The men noticed a storage facility on the property that had several boxes of leasing records with people’s names and identifications.

The men came back later that night, and stole the boxes.

Police said that the two women, who were identified as Devante Ruffin and Jamonte Booker, used random people’s lines of credit to get breast implants for themselves.

Police also said that in less than a month, the group used the identities of 7 different people to purchase luxury cars at eight different car dealerships.

They bought 12 luxury cars for a total of $485,136. Police said that the salesman at one of the dealerships, Obinna Uzozie, became suspicious of the group.

However, rather than reporting the identity theft, he offered to supply them with passports so that they look more legitimate.

Uzozie was arrested along with Joel Cruz, Darion Wells, and the two women.

Police were also able to recover all the stolen cars, and returned them to the dealerships. Police believe that the dealerships had no idea that they were being scammed.