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Elderly man smears human waste on face of EMT

By Mason White 6:33 PM January 12, 2015
George Daniel Edwards 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly smearing human waste on an emergency medical technician (EMT), police in Georgia said.

Floyd County Police said that they arrested 64-year-old George Daniel Edwards of 306 Elliot Drive, after being accused of smearing the EMT in the face.

Edwards was at his home when he smeared the human waste on the face of the first responder. He faces one charge of simple battery.

In October, 26-year-old Alec Hatfield of College Station, Texas, was arrested after he spat on an EMT at a hospital. Hatfield was taken to the hospital by ambulance from the Northgate area.

The police were called after he became unruly and intentionally spit in the face of the EMT. The EMT was treated at the scene for possible exposure to communicable diseases.

Hatfield was charged with harassment of a public servant.