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Newborn baby nearly loses her hand after parents used rubber band to keep mitten in place

By Mason White 1:14 PM January 13, 2015
Mitten illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A newborn baby was rushed to a hospital after her hand turned purple, doctors in China said.

The 9-day-old girl of Shanghai, underwent emergency surgery at the Xinhua Hospital, to save her left hand after her parents tied a rubber band around her wrist to keep a mitten in place.

Doctors performed a fasciotomy in the baby’s arm to relieve pressure in an attempt to save her hand. The parents brought their baby, identified as Yuanyuan, to the hospital after her hand turned purple.

The rubber band had been on her wrist for about 16 hours.

After surgery, doctors said that they were confident that they had saved the hand, but were not sure about how much damage was caused.

Doctors hope that her hand will function properly as babies are resilient. The child has been in the hospital since her surgery, and will remain under observation.