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Man in trouble after his young child draws strawberry on his passport

By Mason White 3:00 PM January 14, 2015
6-year-old girl drew strawberry on father’s passport 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was slapped with a fine after his young child drew a strawberry on his passport, police in China said.

Shanghai Police said that the suspect identified as Wang, has been fined for asking his daughter to scribble on his passport in order to deceive customs agents.

According to the police investigation, Wang overstayed his visa in the United States, and upon entering the country, he asked his 6-year-old daughter to scribble on the passport’s stamp in an attempt to escape punishment.

Inspectors found several drawings, including a strawberry and an apple. Wang said that they were the work of his daughter.

Police determined however, that Wang told his daughter to draw on his passport in order to obscure that date on the stamp.

Wang was issued a fine on charges of causing an international incident by deceiving the United States.