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Father sends his 3-year-old boy to school with lunchbox full of cocaine and knives

By Mason White 5:23 PM January 14, 2015
Lee Webb 

By: Wayne Morin
A young father was arrested, charged and convicted of drug possession after sending his son to school with a lunchbox full of cocaine and knives, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

According to the police investigation, 23-year-old Lee Webb of Burrow Road, Folkestone, dropped his son off at a daycare in the morning.

Instead of giving his son’s teachers a bag of lunch, Webb gave them a bag containing cocaine, drug paraphernalia and knives.

After realizing his mistake, he asked for the bag, but the staff refused and called the police.

Webb was arrested the same day, and during his detention, officers noticed that Webb had written the number of an attorney on his hand.

Officers found two plastic lunch boxes containing white powder, which turned out to be cocaine and mephedrone, with an estimated value of $15,000.

Police also found scales and two knives.

Webb pleaded guilty to one count of possession of cocaine with intent to supply and one count of possession of mephedrone with intent to supply.

He appeared before the Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday, where he was sentenced to four years in prison.