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Man wakes up from coma after smelling cash placed near his nose (video)

By Mason White 5:25 PM January 14, 2015
Xiao Li awake at a hospital after smelling cash 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man in China, who fell into a coma more than a year ago after staying awake at an Internet cafe for a week, finally woke up after smelling cash, doctors said.

30-year-old Xiao Li of Shenzhen, awoke after nurses put 100 yuan notes near his nose as he lay unconscious in his hospital bed.

Li fell into a coma after spending a week at an Internet cafe without sleep. He passed out as he was researching business ideas.

For months, doctors looked for a way to awaken Li, but to no avail. When his family revealed that he loved money more than anything in the world, doctors finally found the key to success.

Nurses took several new 100 yuan notes and crumpled them under his nose. After a few minutes, he woke up. Li is still recovering at the hospital and is making good progress.