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Groom dumps bride before wedding and marries another woman the same day

By Mason White 9:07 AM January 14, 2015
Smashed wedding cake illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A bride was dumped on the day of her wedding and discovered that her groom married another woman the same day.

The woman of Hunan, China, was dressed in her gown and waiting for the love of his life so they could get married.

The bride, Xiao Qin, and her family, waited quite a long time before they received a call from the groom, letting them know that he will not marry her.

The groom gave the bride a story, saying that he was arrested after getting into a fight and could not get to the wedding venue.

However, rather than rescheduling the wedding, he called off the wedding, and told his heartbroken bride to get a refund from the wedding hall.

After feeling bewildered and hurt, Qin went to the hotel were their wedding was supposed to take place to let them know that the wedding was canceled.

However, when she got there, she saw her groom all dressed up and exchanging vows with another woman.

Furious, Qin ran to the police station, still in her wedding dress, to file a lawsuit against her former fiance for “breach of promise.”

It turned out that the groom’s father did not like Qin, and forced his son to marry the other woman, whom he thought was better for his son.

In fact, the father had booked the wedding and reception at the same hotel on the same day for his son and the other woman.