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Neo-Nazi fuming after clinic accidentally sent her sperm of black donor causing her to give birth to black girl

By Mason White 5:33 PM January 15, 2015
Black child illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A woman in Ohio, is fuming after giving birth to a black baby girl, who she named Watermelon.

Molly Cram, who defines herself as a neo-Nazi, complained that her 2-year-old black daughter, Watermelon, is a contradiction to her beliefs.

“The neo-Nazi community does not want me now. My daughter is black,” Cram said about her daughter who was born by artificial insemination.

Cram received her sample from a black donor from a clinic in Chicago, Illinois. She said that her life has been a nightmare ever since.

“My boyfriend left me because I have a black child,” Cram said about her partner John Steelhammer.

The clinic sent an apology letter to Cram and returned her money. However, she claims that the clinic intentionally sent her a sample of a black person because of her beliefs.