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Man and woman throw dog waste at each other while high on meth in front of their children

By Mason White 12:37 PM January 16, 2015
Terri Patterson and Nicholas Schelb 

By: Chan Yuan
A man and a woman were arrested on charges of assault after throwing dog waste at each other in front of their children, police in Indiana said.

Evansville Police said that officers responded to the home of 23-year-old Terri Patterson, after she complained of being locked out by her partner, 29-year-old Nicholas Schelb.

When officers questioned Patterson as to why she was covered in dog waste, she explained that she and Schelb had fought over who should wash the laundry.

During the fight, Schelb collected dog waste from the floor and rubbed it in her face, and then threw it at her. Police entered the home and found broken glass, a broken coffee table and dog waste.

One of the couple’s children was also covered in dog waste. Schelb told police that he and his partner were doing methamphetamine.

Schelb and Patterson were charged with battery. Child services removed the children from the house.