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Woman shows off the largest fake breasts in the world

By Mason White 10:25 AM January 16, 2015
Mayra Hills aka Beshine 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman is making headlines after showing off her huge breasts.

Mayra Hills is an adult model, who goes by the name Beshine.

Hills of Germany, claims to have the world’s largest fake breasts. She had many pounds of saline inserted in her breasts to make it bigger.

Hills said that she wears a size 32 Z bra, which needs to be custom-made for her. Hills loves her size and body shape. Her measurements are said to be 59-28-36.

Hills had 10,000 cc of saline implanted in her breasts, causing each to weigh approximately 20 pounds.

Despite the extra 40 pounds, which she has to carry around with her every day, Hills manages to work out.

Beshine posts photos of herself to her Twitter and Facebook pages. She also posts videos of her body to YouTube.

Some people posted positive messages, while others are questioning her judgment.

NevaRWilliams said: “Why would you do this to yourself?”

CountryLovin65 said: “Why in the world would anyone want to look like this.”

Other said that this would cause her to die.

However, the pretty-faced woman is proud of her body, and she is not shy to show it off. On Twitter, Hills wrote: “the bigger I get the more women hate me.”